Is Black History Important in 2017?

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( It is no lie that each day the world is changing and evolving, though we want to believe that racism is dead we all no there is no truth to that statement. Many years ago our ancestors were forced from their land placed on ships uncomfortably on top of each other left to lie in their own urine and feces. It was a long journey and those women, children, and men on that ship were mistreated in multiple ways they were beaten, raped, and some even thrown overboard. Since the beginning of time “Europeans” have been treating us like trash but it is not because of anything we caused but due to their own insecurities.

They feel as if they are superior to the African American race, and that we are less than dirt in the eyes of them. The real reason they do not want us to succeed is because they know we have the power to build great things and also make great changes so they decide to put stepping stones in front of our feet. From 1898 up until 1915 the grandfather clause stood in the way of the African American community getting ahead, now we have different things that limit us such as laws and regulations. Whites wanted separate but equal, and though this was done away with many years ago it is still going on. Though we no longer have “whites” and “colored” signs anymore, many individuals are still divided.

I feel as if black history should continue all year round and not be dedicated to just one month. Our ancestors have done great things for this country, they labored on fields to both grow as well as pick crops. They raised the children of the whites and treated them as good as their own. They made great profits for the white man while all along they treated us like animals.

For all the hardships we’ve faced at the hands of the white man I feel everyday should be about black history. The history book do not tell the truth of the matter, students are not taught about the real history of blacks and they basically get the “watered down” version of the truth. It’s sad that I’ve even asked some of the younger generation in my family what they know about black history, and they tell me the history books version of the slave trade as well as a few details about Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, and George Washington Carver.

They teach us what they want us to know, and they have been doing this for years. Why do they refrain from teaching about Nat Turner and the rebellion he led and how strong of a man he was that he fought for what was right. They do not want us to know what we possess, if we knew about all these rebellions and the great things our ancestors did to fight for what was right we would not be so blind to the lies of the white man. Black history month is underrated and we are not given enough credit for the contributions of our ancestors and the sacrifices they had to make each and everyday in order to survive. Why should we only have a month to celebrate our greatness?

Staff Writer; Myra Moore