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President Barack Obama abandons Israel!

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(ThyBlackMan.com) While Christians across America were preparing for the Christmas holiday, the Obama administration threw its sympathies and support to those who oppress Christians in the cradle of Christianity – Bethlehem and elsewhere.

The move by the Obama administration to abstain and not veto an anti-Israel United Nations Security Council resolution, unprecedented in American-Israeli relations, provides a strong hint of why Americans voted for change in November.


Because, despite President Barack Obama’s relatively high approval ratings, there has been a deep sense that something is fundamentally wrong in the country and that the ship of state needs to be pointed in a new direction.

This dissatisfaction, I think, starts with a loss of clarity of what our country is about. This flows directly from our leadership, which starts with the person who sits in the Oval Office.

The United States is supposed to be a beacon of freedom, shining inward across our land and outward across the world. This light has been flickering, as the Obama administration’s passion has been to extol the left-wing values of secular humanism, rather than the principles of a free nation under God.

Israel is the only free nation in the Middle East and is one of the freest nations in the world.

This isn’t just a matter of opinion. Freedom House in Washington, D.C., issues an annual Freedom in the World Report that rates every nation according to political and civil rights.

Nations are given a quantitative rating and then ranked Free, Partly Free, or Not Free.

Israel is the only nation in the Middle East categorized as “free” in this report. Its neighbor, only a few miles away, the Palestinian Authority, is ranked Not Free, with a cumulative score, on a scale of 1-100, with 100 being totally free, of 30.

The U.N. Security Council voted 14-0, with the 15th member of the council, the United States, abstaining, to condemn Israeli settlement activity in disputed territories captured by Israel in the Six-Day War of 1967.

If the U.S. exercised its veto power, the resolution would have been nullified. But it didn’t.

Why did the Barack Obama administration turn its back on our longtime friend, the only nation in this highly troubled region that shares America’s political, religious and cultural traditions, and instead cast its sympathies with those who point a finger at their Israeli neighbor while they oppress their own people?

In fact, by the Freedom House rating, Israel is freer than eight of the 14 Security Council member nations that voted to censure it.

Support for Israel is not a vote for oppression against Palestinians. Rather, it shows those in the world who live under oppression that the principled leadership of the United States understands what freedom is about and that these principles will not be compromised under any circumstances. This can only help the Palestinian people.

This perverse move by the Obama administration was particularly bizarre in the middle of our holiday season.

American Spectator magazine reports that, because of intolerance and oppression by the Palestinian Authority, Palestinian Christians now constitute 1.3 percent of the Palestinian population, down from 15 percent in 1950.

In Bethlehem, the Palestinian Christian population now stands at 15 percent of the population, down from 70 percent.

Meanwhile, in Israel, according to the report, the Christian population has increased by a factor of five since the founding of the country.

The beauty of freedom is the possibility for change.

Despite veering off course, Americans can enter the new year, with a new administration, resolved to get our nation back in the right direction – the direction of economic freedom, of religious freedom, of political freedom. This can only be good news for our own citizens, and for our friends around the world, like Israel.

Written by Star Parker

Official website; http://www.urbancure.org



One Response to “President Barack Obama abandons Israel!”
  1. Anirban (aka Abner) Bhattacharya says:

    Arab-Israeli dispute, unsure how to solve this problem, other than hope there can be peace between the Arabs and Jews who live there. Israel was created by stealing land from others who were there before them. The fact that the land was stolen from those who were there before you doesn’t mean that you’re disqualified to live there. But you must treat fairly the people who the land was stolen from.

    Usually don’t hear (except by some) that Jews don’t have a right to live there because it was stolen from others especially the Palestinians. It is important that the Jewish people who live there must treat fairly the people who Israel stole the land from. There’s almost no excuse to kill a 12 year old kid or any kid, unless a kid is shooting a gun @ you and you shoot back in self-defense. But if you can avoid deadly force to resolve situation, then use the non-deadly ways. If a kid is committing a violent deed, then you must use justified not excess force to end situation.

    Mission America’s Linda P. Harvey, columnist Dennis Mark Prager and Aaron Marshall Breitbart of the SWC would side with Israel or try to find excuses for Israel. If an Israeli soldier kills a Palestinian child such as a 12 year old girl, they’ll say self-defense even if the 12 year old Palestinian girl was doing nothing wrong. I have talked with Aaron Marshall Breitbart of the SWC and he is against the Palestinians regardless.

    Other things. I support a woman’s free will to wear the Burka and Hijab, but Mission America’s Linda P. Harvey and Aaron Marshall Breitbart critique the Burka. There are non-Muslim women who wear Burkas and Hijabs just as there are non-Hindu women who wear Saris. If a woman wants to wear a Burka, Hijab or veil on her own free will, then I support a woman’s choice to wear a Burka, Hijab or veil. Some women wear the Burka and Hijab because that is what they find fashionable. Incidentally on a different topic, breastfeeding is normal and a woman must be allowed to breastfeed her baby in public, restaurant, store, etc. peacefully, because breastfeeding is a normal activity.

    Back to Arab-Israeli dispute, if an Israeli soldier were to let’s say kill a Palestinian baby, an excuse Dennis Mark Prager and Aaron Marshall Breitbart would make is that the Palestinian baby would in future turn out to be a future terrorist. In other words, columnist Dennis Mark Prager and Aaron Marshall Breitbart of the SWC justify killing a baby if the baby is Arab, by making excuses.

    Dennis Mark Prager and Aaron Marshall Breitbart would get offended if you point out the fact that not all Holocaust victims were Anne Franks & both Dennis Mark Prager and Aaron Marshall Breitbart would get offended if you mention the fact that individually, some of the Holocaust victims were horrible people. If you were to see a photo of an Einsatzgruppen shooting a man in a ditch and ask, who the victim was before he was killed ?, Aaron Marshall Breitbart and Dennis Mark Prager would get offended by you asking that especially, if you imply the victim was a horrible person.

    Yes, it’s wrong to execute without a trial and it’s wrong to put people in concentration camps and ghettoes to be starved and worked to death, shot, etc. But in some cases the Nazis killed bad people and there are cases where the Nazis killed pedophiles in the concentration camps and ghettoes. A broken clock gives you the right time twice a day & out of millions killed by the Nazis, you could find cases where the Nazis killed horrible people.

    Also Dennis Mark Prager and Aaron Marshall Breitbart along with Mission America’s Linda P. Harvey would be against Replacement Theology-the belief that Christians are God’s chosen people, not the Jews. I am not Christian, but Pastor Tommy I. McMurtry and other King James Pastors say that Christians are God’s chosen people and that we need to stay out of Israel

    Finally, I didn’t care for the late Israeli PM Golda Meir’s view that Palestinians didn’t have a right to live there, but I liked Golda Meir’s honesty. Golda Meir thought Palestinians had no right to live there no matter how nice they were and that they had to leave. I didn’t like her view, but I liked her honesty. The Rabbi Meir David Kahane and Israeli PM Golda Meir were honest-their view was that even if Palestinians didn’t do anything wrong, that they must leave, because they both believed Jews were God’s chosen people. I liked Golda Meir’s honesty while not liking her view. Most people when they talk about Palestinians say that they’re terrorists, but Golda Meir was honest when she said that she didn’t care if a Palestinian’s nice or bad, that they must leave.

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