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How Can Donald Trump Unite Us.

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( Donald Trump has won the election, and there are many that feel we should all give him a chance. This is a bit difficult for some to swallow because for eight years many of us have watched President Obama, and his family, be disrespected regularly. Many did not want to give him a chance, and blocked progress at every turn just to be spiteful. Let’s not forget the government shutdown. However, we are being told that we must put our differences aside and unify as a nation. We should all give President-Elect Trump a fair chance to lead. Okay, let’s say we agree to this…how does he expect to unite the people? Every decision he makes will tell us if unity is really attainable. Granted President-Elect Trump can’t control his supporters, per se, but he fueled their fire and must find a way to convey to them that harassing and terrorizing minorities is not acceptable.

Since Jim Crow racism in America had become very convert, and systematic. Many of us were aware that racism never left if just 33donald-trump-black-leadersbecame more institutionalized. There are many racists and white nationalists are feeling rather free, and are in a mindset that they are taking their country back. They are galvanized behind the idea that America will be great again by their standards, and President-Elect Trump is their champion.

Donald Trump ran a campaign, whether you agreed with his platform or not, that fueled deep rooted hatred in this country. It caused the evil of this country to rise to the surface in a way by which all black people could so was say “we told you racism wasn’t dead”. He must stand accountable for the overt, in your face, racism he has helped to unleashed and no one can absolve him. If he truly wants to unite the country he must face his own and tell them they are bluntly wrong and he may have to explain to them why.

Immediately after the election two things happened. Given that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote the American citizens began to protest the outcome of the election. The other thing that happened was the harassment and assault of minorities by white Trump supporters. Some will argue the people have the right to protest, but they do not have the right to harass nor assault others. Trump went on twitter to address the protesters stating: “Just had a very open and successful presidential election. Now professional protesters, incited by the media, are protesting. Very unfair!8:19 PM – 10 Nov 2016”.

The problem with this tweet is it obviously addresses protesters, but he was silent about the harassment, and assault that minorities were encountering by his supporters. He has yet to address the fear that many minority Americans are feeling. By taking his time addressing these matters it makes people feel that the fear minorities are facing is not being taken serious. It looks like he isn’t concerned, yet in his concession speech he spoke to uniting America.

Now Trump is receiving backlash for naming Steve Bannon, former president of the incendiary Breitbart News, as his chief strategist and senior counselor. Bannon is association with the alt-right, and white nationalists. Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN) is on record stating: “Mr. Bannon is adored by white supremacists, white nationalists, anti-Semites, neo-Nazis, and the KKK. It’s not hard to see why.

If the President-elect is serious about rejecting bigotry, hatred, and violence from his supporters, he must rescind Stephen Bannon’s appointment,” Ellison said in a statement. “This man shouldn’t be allowed to visit the White House — let alone run it.” How can we have confidence that he will unite this country if his choices will lead us to believe otherwise? We can only home that President-Elect Trump will look at the state of this country and realize that unity means taking a serious stand against some of his most staunch supporters.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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