Vote For “You” In 2016.

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( This country is about to elect a new President. The problem is both Trump and Clinton are awful choices for a variety of reasons. Hillary Clinton’s scandals stretch from Travelgate to Filegate to destroying files to emails to Benghazi to her praise of Margaret Sanger who was a follower of Hitler and a believer in the destruction of African Americans. Donald Trump, on the other hand, a narcissistic bully agitator who discriminates against African Americans, Muslims, Mexicans and talks about the handicapped and women while he is likely a sexual predator with neither experience nor temperament to be President.


My solution? You need to vote for you. That means prepare yourself either way, no matter who wins. Voting for you means that you should not expect the next President to solve your problems or change your life. A President is not a god, a magician or a king. In fact, most of the changes that impact the lives of private citizens begin at the local level with mayors, city council members and county commissioners.

I made the same point when President Obama was elected but people did not listen. President Obama himself stated it would take black-men-voting-booth-2015all of us, but many people ignored that and waited on him as if he was a savior. And while President Obama had successes and failures, he was not the total solution to your problems. Nor was he ever supposed to be. Nor will the next president be. Neither the President nor the federal government, for example, are the major creator of jobs. Jobs are created by the private sector and specifically by small business. Neither candidate dares to mention that jobs are disappearing in part because of technology. Today we need fewer bank tellers, grocery cashiers, factory workers etc. Technology will continue to replace human workers because technology does not get sick, take time off, celebrate holidays, require health insurance or goof off.

The most powerful person in your life is you. And once you realize that, things will change.

What if Trump became President? He is not going to build a wall and get Mexico to pay for it. He is not going to deport 11 million people so you can have their jobs. He is not going to stop immigration into this country based on one’s religion because the INS does not have the manpower to enforce that, a religious vetting test would not be full proof and it would cause an outrage with the Islamic countries that are allies with the United States.

He is not going to bring most of the jobs back because penalizing corporations will only make those corporations go up on their prices and we, the consumers, would pay the increases. The corporations would simply pay the penalties then pass the cost on to consumers. Trump is not going to eradicate ISIS because it is in over 30 sovereign countries and you cannot kill an ideology with a bullet or a missile. Trump is not going to help you and his talk is just that, a lot of talk.

What if Hillary wins? Hillary Clinton is not going to wave a magic wand where the money appears out of nowhere to pay for free college. If she wins, you can forget the traditionally family which needs a mother and a father to raise balanced children. If Hillary wins, you can rest assured that the killing of unborn children (abortion rates) will increase, even though abortion is the number one killer of African Americans and has exterminated more African Americans than AIDS, cancer, police brutality and black on black crime combined.

You are the president of your life – not Donald Trump and not Hillary Clinton. More importantly than healthcare insurance – you are the president of your health. More than vetting immigrants and stopping terrorists – you are the president of your safety. More than the government stopping murderous police officers – you are the president of knowing your rights, surviving the encounter and using legal recourse. More importantly than minimum wage increases – you are thee president of your career and your finances. The point is that it is more up to you than it is up to them.

Knowledge is power but it is dormant power that does nothing until you unleash it and use it to win the election of your life. This is your presidency and making things happen is up to you. So stop waiting and hoping. start making things happen because you are the president of your life.

Act like you know.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw