Black People Donald Trump is Just Disrespectful.

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( This election season has been one big circus. Many people are completely disenchanted as it is hard to truly get behind either candidate. The rules of engagement in politics have been broken. Some may feel it’s a good thing, but the hatred that has shown itself is blatant. Many of us in the black community are not seeing anything we were unaware of, but now we can say “see I told you we weren’t being paranoid”. There are black people that support the Republican Party, and their candidate. I will assume they have their reasons, but I know I personally could not support him regardless of his politics.

You see, I can’t deal with a person that will insult my intelligence. Mr. Trump is blatantly disrespectful, and he must think black people are stupid, or can’t read. The stats he quoted regarding black people was inaccurate, and to ask us “What in the hell do you have to lose?” Well, sir I believe we have quite a bit to lose. Our people must draw the line between politics, and blatant disrespect masked as vying for our vote.2013 Miss USA Pageant

This man stood up in front of white people and basically put ALL black people in war zone neighborhoods with no education, no jobs, no homes…we have nothing. He is not concerned with the state of black people he is trying to appeal to white voters that his is not a bigoted racist. However, he has somehow overlooked the black people with education, homes, and ones that have made a life for themselves against all odds. Of course he has because it was never about us. As black people began to speak on, and review, his commentary towards us many have come to the same conclusion.

I hear him not talking to black people, but talking to white people about black people so they will think he cares about black people,” said Alexis Scott, a former publisher of The Atlanta Daily World, a black-owned newspaper. “The real thing that he’s trying to do is to try to protect some of the white vote by suggesting to them that he cares.”

Donald Trump is confident that the death of Dwyane Wade’s cousin will secure the black vote. “Dwyane Wade’s cousin was just shot and killed walking her baby in Chicago. Just what I have been saying. African-Americans will VOTE TRUMP!” This is the kind of foolishness I simply cannot abide. So, you are using the death of an NBA basketball player’s family member as reason that you have the vote. For me this is no longer about politics, polls nor stats he has shown us who he is blatantly. The arrogance of this man is profound, and he doesn’t value, nor appear to value, our ability to read nor think.

The bottom line is I could never cast a vote for this man. Donald Trump I have a lot to lose, and I wouldn’t trust you with it. He has slapped ever black person with an education and a job in the face. He has preyed upon the circumstances of the downtrodden in our community. There is nothing he can do to convince me he is worthy of my vote. I take comfort in knowing there are some people in our community that can see him clearly, and simply say HELL NO you don’t have my vote.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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