Why I Will NOT Vote For Neither Democrips and Rebloodicans.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) These liberal and conservative pol-lie-ticians only “care” about us when it’s time to go out and vote.

To me, choosing between democrips and rebloodicans is like choosing to eat either rotten eggs or dog shit for dinner and those two parties are NOT good options to choose from.

Our community in America has NEVER really benefitted much from either of the two major political gangs.

Harms That Democrips Have Done To Our Community.

Pushed For And Supported Gayism (aka gay rights).

Wants to take guns away from decent black people who leagally election-gop-dem-elephantshave the right to own them by staging False Flags like Sandy Hook and Orlando “shootings“.

Pushed for severe sentences for first time nonviolent offenders for possessing 1 gram of crack.

Pushed for mass incarceration of black men via 1994 Violent Crime Bill.

Used integration as a strategy to cripple black businesses back then and hurt HBCU athletics greatly. Assassinated powerful strong black leaders like Malcolm X.

Southern Democrats strongly opposed any rights to Blacks at the time and for almost a century there-after. African Americans were not even allowed to officially attend the Democratic convention until 1924.

Harms That Rebloodicans Have Done To Our Community.

Initiated The War On Drugs to destabilize our family structure by incarcerating as many black men as possible.

Deliberately put the drugs and guns in our community to get us hooked and arrested for the drugs, get us killed in drug related violence, and give us longer sentences for possessing drugs.

Reagan’s “War on Drugs” helped institute the mass incarceration state, by imposing harsh sentences for non-violent offenders, but the policies that Clinton implemented in the 90s were more destructive than Reagan’s.

Those are the reasons why I will NOT vote for either Democrips or Rebloodicans in this years joke of an election.

The Conclusion – We need to create our own political party that doesn’t take money from liberal, conservative, or corporate entities that are not from our community and vote for candidates that look like us that truly have our community’s best interest at heart, not the liberals or conservatives.

Staff Writer; Joe Davis

FB Page; http://www.facebook.com/joe.davis.165470