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Is Rwanda A Democracy?

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( Many people claim that Rwandans know no “democracy“, They argue that Rwanda is a Police State but what is DEMOCRACY per se?

My simplest definition of democracy is “good governance” by a government sanctioned by the will and wishes of ordinary people(ABATURAGE) whose leadership reflects social and fundamental norms and values depending on the time and place of applicability.


That is equally a relative concept but so long as an ordinary Farmer in Mahoko has access to potable water and electricity and is provided regularly with fertilizer by the Government of the day without forgetting his unparalleled proximity to a good road network, Rwanda is democratic in the Rwandan context.

His taxes are well spent and the presence periodic elections and constant change in leadership are merely a distr2016-map-rwandaaction and an unknown Western trend-not what must amount to democracy.

Is Rwanda democratic

To (we) true Rwandans who live in Rwanda, Our Leaders are responsible and live up to the rationale espoused in the SOCIAL CONTRACT THEORY-the bedrock of democracy stricto sensu.

They always have our interests at heart.

Then, Why should we change a winning team?Human Rights could be said to be universal but they must be applied in such a fashion that they do not conflict with rules and norms of the society where they ought to be applied,lest their enforcement becomes a mere academic exercise.

Rwandans are free to the extent that national interest is not compromised.

The notion of Human Rights tailored in Western style is what (we) true Rwandans are objecting to.

We know what is best for us and only that which we call HUMANE is what will be so for our country is sovereign and autonomous. The rest are merely blowing the trumpet and yet in 1994-they watched as an unworthy regime took away over a million lives of innocent Rwandans(mostly Tutsis) in what is known as the African Holocaust-the Genocide against the Tutsi..

Didn’t the foresaid possess Human Rights?

Rwanda experienced one of the worst humanitarian crisis(the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi) as a result of Western Democracy promulgated from 1990-94 by an irresponsible regime.To prevent another tragedy of the sort,Rwandans have decided to define what democracy should be in the Rwandan context-that been Good Governance as the pinnacle of the daily Rwandan life complemented by other tenets of democracy although in the Rwandan context.

Staff Writer; Lionel Nishimwe

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