The Dark Side Of Hip-Hop – Corporate Hip-Hop.

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( Whenever little black kids get up and put earphones in their ears on the way to school these days, 9 times out of 10, they’re listening to messages that are unhealthy and harmful to them.

If I was a young black kid today, here are the lessons that I’m getting from corporate hip-hop that’s constantly played on the radio.

1. I wanna stay high and drunk as much as possible – it’s seen as a source of “pride” among many young black men who are brainwashed to believe that they just have to stay high and drunk all the time. I have seen up close what alcohol and drugs have done to my older brothers and many other of my relatives.

2. I can’t under any circumstance respect women, particularly black2016-CoporateHipHop-BoycottCommercialRadiowomen – I see a lot of brothers that constanly repeat messages they hear on the radio like “The B*****s Ain’t S**t” or “These H**s Ain’t Loyal“, it shapes their mindset immediately to a negative view of black women in general.

3. I wanna go out and shoot another brother – when brothers hear messages like “I’mma shoot 100 rounds straight at your face” or “Try to run down and you can catch a shot, n***a “, that sinks into their subconscious that wanna make them go out and shoot another brother to earn “street cred”

4. I wanna engage in criminal activity that’ll make me think that it’s “cool” to go to The Pen – when brothers hear messages of “I’m in love with the coco“, it makes them wanna go out and sling poison to young black boys and even to their own family members. This is all designed by The System to incarcerate as many brothers as possible to continue to make money of their free labor, like The NCAA does.

5. I am supposed to sleep with everything that approaches me from within 100 feet – when brothers hear messages like “I wanna sleep with every girl in the world“, it makes them wanna go out and have sex with every woman that approaches them. In fact there are a lot of brothers like football player Janoris Jenkins who has 5 kids through 4 baby mamas and I was thinking “Having that many baby mamas will eat away his financial security for the rest of his life“. This is also heavily promoted in the mainstream sports industry.

6. When I get money, I’m supposed to immediately waste it – when brothers hear messages like “I make it rain at the club“, it encourages them to be financially irresponsible by buying overpriced Eurocentric stuff, throwing money in the air at the club, etc. There are so many black athletes that are broke because of extreme financial irresponsible behavior from Vince Young to Allen Iverson.

The Conclusion – It’s always important as parents to surround your kids with music that brings out positive vibes that will empower and uplift them as opposed to negative vibes that could destroy them.

Staff Writer; Joe Davis

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