Christianity: The Hidden Shocking Truth.

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( The question today is can you handle the truth? Will you check and verify or is it easier to just believe what you want to believe because you trust the people who give you the information? Clearly the Bible orders us not to believe every spirit but rather to try the spirits to see if they are of God (I John 4:1-5). The Bible then tells us how to do just that by testing the teachings of any spirit in light of scripture and in many others ways as well. It tells us we will know a spirit by its fruit – and we can start by trying spirits against the backdrop of the fruits in Galatians 5:22. The Bible tells us to study, not just read – and that proper study will help us rightly divide the scriptures. Yet so many people today are deceived because they simply listen to what the pastor says, and if it sounds “right”, they just swallow it.

Before you presume that I am trying to recruit you for some cult, I am not. Before you assume I am a Hebrew Israelite, a Jehovah’s Witness, Atheist, Agnostic,  Black Nationalist, Pan Africanist, Jew, Satanist, Deist, Mormon or Muslim – know that I am none of the above. I am a child of God because of the truth and the facts, not because of blind faith. I am a follower of the only Messiah, the Christ – Yeshua, via the New Covenant. I follow His teachings, I accept His sacrifice and I fully accept His promises. The Messiah (Yeshuah), salvation, the resurrection, eternal life through Him and the responsibility of the believer are all truths that I accept. My only motive is to present the facts and the truth in hopes that you will go and do the research for yourself, even if it is to prove me wrong. Also know that I am not racist but I am about the facts, the evidence and the truth – no matter where the chips may fall.

It’s time to wake up from deception implanted by the Christian church. We are warned throughout the Bible of “achristianity-2016nother Christ”, false prophets, another “Gospel”, the tares(religious unbelievers) who have grown up with the wheat (true believers), wolves in sheep’s clothing and the thief coming to still, kill and destroy who is actually the false minister. Read the chapter slowly for yourself and you will find the thief is the false minister while the wolf is satan. It’s interesting how church leaders distort this.

Hosea 4:6 says people perish due to lack of knowledge because THEY HAVE REJECTED IT.

The Bible warns us of “another Gospel” (  II Cor 11:3-4)  and that whomever teaches such a thing should be cursed (Eph 1:8). Paul, in Galatians 6:9 was concerned that many of us would be deceived by that false Gospel and that is exactly what has happened to many of you. That false Gospel  came from the pagan Romans who transferred it to the Roman Catholic Church who in turn transferred it to the Catholic Church. When Martin Luther and John Calvin split from the Catholic Church in the Protestant Reformation (16th Century in Europe), they would go on to start the Lutheran and Presbyterian churches. These are two doors whereby false doctrines of the Catholic church entered into what you know as the Christian church. Wearing the minister’s collar, the false name known as Jesus, the pastor as the authority of the church more so than the servant and hearing from God only through the church all are byproducts of the Catholic church.

Christianity and Catholicism, by white-washing the truth, distorting the facts, twisting the translations and creating interwoven pagan practices, has been used to neutralize your value, identity and presence in the holy scriptures of the Bible, the past history and the future.

The Catholic church operates on a high priest system that was present in the old testament under the old covenant. That changed in the new covenant through Christ but the catholic church kept right on teaching it and controlling the people. Yet the Bible said there is one mediator between God and man, that being Christ the Messiah(I Tim 2:5), not Christ Jesus and not the pope. There is no “J’ in the Hebrew alphabet whereby the old testament was translated from. Nor is there a “J” in the Greek whereby the new testament was translated from. And though ministers often say “we don’t speak Hebrew or Greek”, they ignore what the Bible says. The scriptures say we are to call upon the name above every name (Phillipians 2:9-11) so we should in truth use the right name. Yet both the catholic and Christian church have inserted the name “Jesus” where the name “Yeshua” should go.

Notice people of color are usually not even placed in movie roles where people of color actually existed. Moses, Solomon (5:10 mistranslated) and even the Christ Himself are always depicted as Caucasian. You know why. The subliminal message is “your Savior looks like the white man so follow and listen to them”. No ethnic group should attempt to transform Christ into their image, but rather stick to the facts and thus the truth.

Catholicism, along with the other pagan beliefs brought to the church and the Kingdom of God by believers as far back as those who worshipped the golden calf during the time of Moses, have infected the church and too many good people have accepted these practices. Before the time of Constantine and the council at Nicea, the Romans were throwing followers of Christ to the lions and beheading them. But it appears that latter they would find a better way to neutralize those who followed Christ. This way the Roman Catholic church and a false and unbiblical system of rules (Catechism, Mass, Sacraments, bowing to the Pope, penance, the papacy system of leadership) that did not lead to salvation. Its impact upon the church that Christ began has become a devastating infection of lies, false doctrines and traditions that work against the Messiah.

Emperor Constantine was a ROMAN emperor. The first major council to formally tamper with the Bible was the ROMAN Council of Nicea. The next was the Council of Trent, a part of the ROMAN catholic church. Bold and deceptive moves for a religion that Bible never even authorized – catholicism.

Other pagan traditions that have crept into the church were allowed because church leaders felt turning the practices away would cause the loss of new members. Many celebrate Easter even though rabbits don’t lay eggs and Easter comes from the pagan fertility goddess Ishtar. Many celebrate Halloween and all hallows eve, ignoring the Celtic, cultic origin of Samhain, lord of the dead. Many of us celebrate christmas even though Christ was not born on December 25th, the word “santa” is the word “satan with the letters switched around, satan was referred to as “old Nick” and the Bishop St. Nicholas gave gifts to young women in exchange for “favors”. He was definitely not a saint but the catholic church came up with a bogus system for pronouncing people as saints. Deacon Nicolas and the Nicolaitans were likely even more dangerous but that’s another discussion for another time. Ironically, parents professing to accept Christ readily lie to their children ever December and think nothing about it. Also you might want to google Sinterklaas.

From  white santa (or satan) to Tarzan (lord of the jungle) to Thor (son of a god) to Captain America(a white guy master race experiment)  to a white “Messiah”, there has been a deliberate effort to distort the facts, hide the truth, promote white superiority and shape African American mindsets to accept being controlled by Caucasian people as overlords  in this country. NONE OF THIS IS COINCIDENCE!

Those who accept Christ as the Messiah should not be calling ourselves “Christians”. Why not? First of all, Christ (the Christos – the anointed One) did not call his followers Christians. We were called believers, children of God and friends (Romans 8:16, Galatians 4:7). Second of all, the term “Christian” was first used at Antioch as a derogatory term by unbelievers to mock believers. For us to use that term is like being called a monkey then calling yourself a monkey. Third of all, if we are to speak the truth, follow the Spirit of truth and be set free by the Truth, we must abide in the truth and refuse to follow lies and deceptions.

The White-washing of the church and belief system Christ brought to us conveniently leaves out that Abraham’s second wife (Keturah) was of African descent and they had many children. And Abraham’s concubine (Hagar) was also African.

Calling the Messiah Jesus is not factually accurate, thus it is not the truth. Saying we go to church and building “mega-churches” when the church is no longer a building made with man’s hands is inaccurate. Calling believers Christians is inaccurate. The picture or depiction so many of our grandparents displayed of Jesus was NOT the Messiah. I do not say the Messiah was “black” because doing so would be to remake him in our image just as the Caucasian people have deceptively done. But I do state the fact that he was Hebrew and of color – just as Moses and Paul were both mistaken as EGYPTIANS. Even Christ himself was taken to Egypt as a child to be hidden from Herod. How can you hide in a group where you would stand out by your color? You can’t. Clearly the Egyptians were largely of color so to fit in and hide, you would have to be of color as well. I am not saying Christ was black but he was definitely not “white”.

What race were the Egyptians? “All evidence proves that they were an aboriginal African people, all of their text point to the Upper Nile – Sudanic and Nubian origins, and their identifiable presence as a people, city-state, and the center of their dynastic empire ranges over thousands of years in one geographic location, Africa!

Any degree of non-African blood or “non-Black blood” that was evident in Egypt came from outside the African continent, and until the Ptolemaic Greeks, most invaders presence were short-lived and eventually repelled.

From early Greek scholars and historians, to religious text, to today’s prominent researchers, all have repeatedly cited overwhelming evidence that Ancient Egypt was a product of ancient Africa and that the people were consider, Black and African…and if anyone look at the great Sphinx face and see any other features but that of an phenotypical sub-Saharan African, then they intentionally deluding themselves”.    Robert Lindsay (columnist)  quotes Writer   

European “Christianity” was forced on African brought to America. These Africans were stripped of their language, their home, their dignity, their beliefs and finally their identity. The images they saw (Jesus) needed to look like the Caucasian oppressor because it was easier to brainwash slaves into accepting their new masters. Ironically, even today, most integrated churches have a Caucasian senior pastor but rarely have an African American pastor leading Caucasian people. It has even been said that the most racist time of the week is on Sunday morning. And even in 2016, it seems Caucasian people are not willing to learn from African American church leaders nearly as much as African Americans are expected to learn from them. That is because this “Christianity” being taught is an offshoot of the truth mixed with European Catholicism, stolen Egyptian principles and symbols and other false doctrines. Do the research and check for yourself, I dare you!

I could also show you how and where European scholars mistranslated, twisted and pulled scriptures out of context in order to create the white-washed “Christianity” you hear being taught today, but there is not enough room in this article. And maybe its best we do not go too much deeper all at once. But know that the data is verifiable and the evidence is irrefutable. You do not have to believe me but I challenge you to check for yourself instead of just listening to what your worship center and pastor have been telling you.

These are the facts, as hard as they may be to accept. But now you know and c]the scary part is that your pastor likely does not know or will not admit even half of what you have just read. Do your own research and you will find the shocking truth. But can you handle the truth?

Staff Writer; Marque-Anthony