For We Walk by Faith, Not by Sight.

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( I’m pleased to share Napoleon Hill’s second principle; the topic is faith. Though you’ve read my reflections on the subject of faith often in this column, I can’t help continuing to try to reach as many new readers as possible. This is the third time that I’m sharing these principles. Please understand I’m sharing with readers what I’ve learned; it helped me in my thinking process, and it will help you too. During the 20 years of research compiled by Hill, his faith caused him to travel across America interviewing successful leaders. He got up early and studied the holy Bible three hours morning and night daily. In his book, “Think & Grow Rich,” Hill shares what he learned, and he had absolute faith his own son born without ears would hear someday. It worked.

Scripture speaks about peace more than 400 times; it is a benefit of faith. All we get is one day at a time. Be at peach every day. What we do today will shape our tomorrow. Do you want more of the same? Then keep doing what you’ve always done, operating without faith, and you will keep getting what you’ve always gotten. It’s called 123-FaithInGodinsanity.

Those without faith are like the mice in the story “Who Moved My Cheese.” Pick up a copy and read it. You might see yourself.

When negatively thinking mice realized all of their cheese was gone, they went into shock and disbelief, were sad, cried, pouted, had temper tantrums and determined to find out (as an example) why they got laid off from their job. Do you hem and haw, feel paralyzed and spend too much time trying to understand what happened to you? Do you say, “Why me?” Or you might say, “But I was doing so well. Now this!” We cannot change what has already happened, but it up to us to make positive corrections in our actions for a better tomorrow.

The success-minded mice, on the other hand, in “Who Moved My Cheese” discovered that all of their cheese was gone too; however, they became determined to find new cheese (income source), maybe multiple streams of income. They did not waste one moment. They got busy seeking paths to find their way; they looked in the dark and went up and down unfamiliar alley ways. It worked for them too.

First, finding small amounts of cheese, enough to keep them alive and working, and feeling grateful. More cheese was found, as they continued to work. Then one day, these busy and active mice doubled their cheese supply, or it may be income to you.

Scripture has many faith stories, servants willing to give their lives for the faith they had in God. If you look around, there are also many men and women today who walk by faith and not by sight.

In the book of Job, the Scripture tells Brother Job’s story of patience and faith. Though he was a very wealthy man, he lost everything. his family, thousands of cattle, land and his health, even until most of the flesh had fallen from his bones. His wife said to him, “Why don’t you curse God and die?”

Brother Job said “Naked I come into the world and naked shall I return. All the days of my appointed time, will I wait until my change come.” God rewarded Brother Job for keeping his faith. He got his health back, and his wealth doubled. What a mighty God we serve.

Hebrews 11:1 states, “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and it is the evidence of things not seen.” Believing, even when you see absolutely no signs is called faith.

Written by Lyndia Grant

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