Double Standard Of Sexual Promiscuity.

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( There is an immense double standard for judging the sexual exploits of men and women. Males who are sexually active with numerous partners are hailed as ‘ladies’ men’ – seducers of the female who are unable to deny their charm, looks, or fame. On the other hand, women who have numerous partners are labeled negatively as a whore, jezebel, or the new contemporary term ‘thot.’

Why is it that male promiscuity is praised while female promiscuity is shamed?

This double standard originates in the sexist political, social, and religious doctrines that govern American society. America has continued the standards of its sexist European heritage, which views females as second-class citizens. Chauvinism led to the implementation of laws that denied women access to education and ownership of property. Despite America’s worship of material things, it was captured by Europeans that professed to worship Christ. The Christian religion has been detrimental to those of the female gender due to its sexist mythology, blaming woman for Adam’s banishment from the garden. Christianity and the Christian church have denied women positions of leadership on the sole basis of their gender. Numerous women have been held captive in abusive relationships, believing they are holding true to the Christian doctrine of avoiding divorce.

Between social sexism and religious sexism we have created an environment in which women are socially ostracized for sexual expressions. I am not condoning promiscuous behavior, I am only questioning the double standard of categorizing the sexes. Both should receive equal praise, or equal shame.

Infamous womanizers John F Kennedy, Bob Marley, Warren Beatty, Wilt Chamberlain, and Jack Nicholson draw praise for their sexual exploits in internet articles and documentaries. We never hear of their insecurities and childhood trauma that lead to such behaviors. Yet, when one hears stories of public figures Kim Kardashian, Madonna, Marilyn Monroe, or Lil Kim, who have experienced numerous men, there is an elaborate dialogue, speaking of their insecurities  or childhood abuses. The women who have experienced numerous men are labeled whores, sluts, loose, and home wreckers. Society has created a dichotomy that never equates the actions of ‘male whores’ as a detrimental trait but a praised vice.

Sexism and male domination is not new to mankind or America, but for a ‘progressive’ society it is destructively prevalent in all gender relationships. Despite persecution and disenfranchisement, women have the same capabilities as their male colleagues in all aspects of life. But they still receive a lower wage than their male colleagues of equal education and work experience. One does not have to delve deep into history to see the unequal citizenship that stifled the progress of women, relegating them to mimic the portrayal of the perfect housewife propagated during the sixties.

Why are women who experience numerous sexual partners denied similar praise as the male ‘ladies’ man’? Why is her promiscuity not praised but shamed? What is the difference in her actions then that of a man, who is publicly praised for his sexual exploits? Are not both trying to fill a void with sexual pleasure? Are not both at high risk of contracting an STD? Are not both playing a role in hurting their partner due to their disdain for commitment?

America and its mass medium of propaganda must begin a new chapter of equally praising or equally shaming those who are promiscuous from both sexes. Women need not be shamed for the same actions men are praised for, for the double standard is unjust and illogical. A whore is whore. If we as a society have disdain for promiscuity, then let’s equally condemn it.

Staff Writer; Linton Hinds Jr.

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