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Is Donald Trump the Candidate for Racists?

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( If Donald Trump’s such a racist candidate appealing to “white resentment,” why is he getting black support? From day one of his campaign announcement both liberal and conservative media outlets have been obsessed with ridiculing and dismissing the Republican presidential candidate. But now that Trump’s become the GOP frontrunner, sustaining his lead for the past five months, desperate times require desperate measures. Since all else has failed to topple Donald Trump, news outlets have resorted to turning Trump into a dog-whistling racist – to bring about his fall.

At a recent Trump rally in Alabama, a black protestor disrupted the event, shouting “Black Lives Matter!” Two white men became annoyed and started fighting with him. The black man alleged he was repeatedly called n*gger.

I’m in no way defending racial slurs – if they were uttered – but if the protestor didn’t want a confrontation, he shouldn’t have showed up at the rally. He got exactly what he deserved. I think many people both white and black  are frustrated by what Black Lives Matter protestors are getting away with (e.g. demands on college campuses and destruction of property).

“Maybe he should have been roughed up, because it was absolutely disgusting what he was doing,” Trump later said on the Fox News Channel.

Indeed, the black protestor stirred up trouble. Yet, most of the headlines labeled all Trump supporters racist.

Donald Trump’s white fascist brigade: His rallies are now a safe space for racism— 

Donald Trump’s Campaign of White Resentment Comes to Life Before Our Eyes—

So, if Trump is just another GOP candidate appealing to a fringe racist base, as liberals have labeled him, why is he polling 3%-10% among blacks?  Perhaps blacks are considering Trump because they think Hillary will continue the failed policies of Democrat President Barak Obama, which have harmed blacks.donald-trump-racist-hate-black-people-2015

In the last seven years, the wealth gap between blacks and whites has grown to a chasm. In 2013, whites had accumulated 12 times as much wealth, over $134,000 compared to $11,000 for blacks.

While Obama – and Hillary, for that matter – may give lip service to the Black Lives Matter, the real issue of black jobs is absent from their rhetoric. The unemployment rate for blacks is 9.2% more than double that for whites at 4.4%.

A recent poll conducted by Survey USA found that Trump would win 25% of the percent of the black vote in a match up against Hillary Clinton. This is more than 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney ever dreamed of getting close to.

I’ve written critically about some Trump supporters who call themselves #Cuckervatives and engage in disturbing racist rhetoric. However, I don’t believe Trump is a racist or a misogynist. A Washington Post article featured numerous women who worked for the Trump Organization and raved about how fairly Trump treated them and welcomed them into real estate development (notoriously a boys’-club industry). The article got no attention from the mainstream media.

Donald Trump is a candidate unlike any other we’ve ever seen.  The billionaire doesn’t need anyone’s money or blessing to run for president, and he’s appealing to a motley crew of Americans. Maybe it’s time for the media along with the GOP establishment to just accept that, and let the chips fall where they may—on voters.

Written By Crystal Wright

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  1. The Black Church has become Pathetic. Negro Pastors would lead Black folks Back to Slavery.

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