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Update: Sandra Bland Likely Committed Suicide.

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( Something was not right at the jail that housed inmate Sandra Bland but that does not mean she was murdered. In my professionally trained opinion, the jail should be held accountable for several reasons, but that is another article for another time. As a former detective, I have to look at the facts, not just what I want to think. And many rumors and speculations have been thrown out there by people who have little or no specialized training. I do not claim to know everything, but I do know how to analyze evidence, facts and data. So this article will tackle the many verifiable facts most of you did not know when you formed the opinion that Sandra Bland was murdered. At the end of this article, you may not change your mind. But you will refuse to do so regardless of the facts, not because you don’t know them.


RESEARCH: The research I compiled consisted of the official coroner’s autopsy report, the police report, the 52 minute unedited traffic stop video, speaking with the Texas State Patrol, videos from Sandra Bland’s Facebook page and other videos, the jail intake form, the video of Sandra Bland being booked once she arrived at the jail, the video recorded by a private citizen, the interview with the other woman incarcerated in the jail at that time, at least one TV appearance by Sandra’s sister and family attorney, the statements made by the District Attorney’s office, the statements made by the jail, the background of the Sheriff, the statements made by the African American female officer who transported Bland, the tape of Bland’s call from the jail to a friend and other evidence gathered.

JUDGE MATHIS’ ASSESSMENT: Before we go on, some of you will point to the analysis given by Judge Greg Mathis. But every judge does not automatically know the law as well as you might think, especially many Magistrate Judges. The analysis Judge Mathis offered was one of the most inaccurate I have ever seen and I contacted him, letting him know what was wrong with his sandra-bland-kill-herself-2015assessment. It appears that he certainly did not look up the Texas Penal Code and the laws in Texas which regulated the encounter between Bland and the trooper. I could go through the specific errors in the Judge’s analysis, but that is another article for another time.

POLICE DETECTIVE FEEDBACK: As I said, after Sandra Bland’s death, I compiled an extensive research file on the subject in order to search for the truth and to be accurate in my writings. Then I ran that information by current investigators including African-American female detectives. Our conclusions were the same, that Sandra Bland likely committed suicide. Now I will share these facts with you and even if you do not want to believe them, they are indeed accurate. Have there been many murders of citizens by police officers or unlawful deaths while they had citizens in custody? Yes, many, as seen on sites like and in cases like Freddie Gray. But every single case where someone dies in custody is not murder, like it or not. Let’s get to the evidence about Sandra Bland’s death.

PTSD: Sandra Bland stated she had PTSD I would suggest we look at the PTSD statistics in this link.   When you go to the site in the link (and there are other sites that say the same thing), look at the 35 facts about PTSD. Then pay close attention to the ones that fit Sandra Bland. They are numbers 6, 8, 12, 13 and 26. As for the other numbers, I do not know about her background as a child. Reportedly, PTSD causes 22 veterans to commit suicide every day in this country.

THE AUTOPSY: The findings by the coroner in the autopsy report do not show signs of struggle. And the report shows the cause of death was consistent with suicide. A video of the cell Bland inhabited shows a garbage can with a trash bag, not wise on the jail’s part but not against the law. Could the coroner’s report have been faked? Yes but not likely when other official agencies were watching and even present when the autopsy was completed. Furthermore, a fake autopsy report would have been very risky in that Bland’s family could have asked for a second and independent autopsy, which they did. That was months ago and the second autopsy has also been completed. If the independent autopsy requested by the family had shown foul play or smoking guns, we would have heard it by now. It would have been brought forth by the family attorney and Bland’s family.

EPILEPSY DRUGS: Sandra Bland was taking Keppra. This Keppra is a drug used to treat Epilepsy which Sandra stated in the video that she had. Keppra, according to the FDA, causes thoughts of suicide and people taking it should be watched closely for depression. Keppra also has been reported to cause rages, which explains why Sandra simply lost it in the encounter with the State Trooper.

SUICIDE ATTEMPTS: Sandra Bland, on her jail intake form, stated she had tried to commit suicide because of a recent miscarriage. She also stated that she was suffering from depression. The miscarriage was verified by her sister and the family attorney on live television. It should be noted that the jail should have monitored Bland more closely because they had this information.

BAILING OUT OF JAIL: Sandra Bland’s family was not jumping to bail her out. She was not charged with the several charges that she could have been charged with. She was charged with Assault on a Public Servant and her bail was set at $5,000. Roughly $500 or so would have bailed her out. In the TV interview with her sister and the family attorney, Bland’s sister stated that Sandra knew they would come to bail her out (paraphrase). But we should note that Bland called a male friend about bailing her out and apparently he did not do so either. We should also note Bland set in jail for days with no family paying a small percentage of a $5,000 bond – as little as 10%. And the other temporary inmate, when interviewed, stated Sandra was depressed or upset because HER FRIEND did not come to get her out. Not her sister and other family, but her friend. Therefore what her sister said was not likely correct.

THE MISCARRIAGE: Sandra Bland had recently had a miscarriage. This was verified by her sister in live television. This increased her depression and through her hormones in a spin. Hormones have everything to do with both behavior and state of mind. Combine the miscarriage with the traumatic traffic incident, the prescription drug Keppra, the likely withdrawal from the marijuana in her system, the anger towards the police (and injustice) and her ongoing fight with depression – and you have a recipe for likely suicide.

THE MARIJUANA: Sandra Bland had a lot of marijuana in her system. This was evident from the high levels of THC (which is addictive) reported on the toxicology report. Most people know the withdrawal from marijuana can drop you. Furthermore, the withdrawal from street “weed“, usually laced with rat poison, embalming and other deadly toxins, can do even worse. Those other chemical reactions combined with prescription drugs like the Keppra we know Bland was taking can make for a very bad mix. And while some people even speculated that Sandra Bland was forced to eat or smoke a large quantity of marijuana in jail, there is no evidence of that. Furthermore, if the reports about a racist Caucasian sheriff who left the position of police chief are true, it is not likely that he would have allowed an African Americans to smoke marijuana in a jail cell that is monitored and has cameras just outside of it.

THE MUGSHOT: Sandra Bland was alive when her mugshot was taken. Yes I have the video and she walked over to the wall of her own accord. Her picture can also be seen on the computer the deputy at the desk was using. Until that time, Bland was overseen by an African American female police officer (also on video). This was the same officer who arrived on the scene of the traffic incident and verified that Bland assaulted the State Trooper.

WHY THIS ARTICLE? So how can this article and these facts help us today? First we can know the truth and that is what set’s us free. Second, by debunking the rumors, this article can help people to respond to the truth accurately instead of reacting to errors and rumors with anger and violence. Third of all, this article can encourage others to do their own research, search for the facts and not to simply believe what you hear from untrained people or those with hidden motives. Fourth of all, this article can bring attention to PTSD, depression, drugs that cause thoughts of suicide and the addictiveness of THC in marijuana.

The death of Sandra Bland was a tragedy but she was also a very disturbed young lady. She was in Texas to start a part time job similar to a camp counselor, not a professor. She left Chicago after a miscarriage. And we can see she was disturbed by viewing her videos online. Most people assumed it was because she was an “activist” and angry about injustice, but the facts show it was much more than that. These are the facts and the only good news about any tragedy is what we can learn from it.

Staff Writer; Marque-Anthony



36 Responses to “Update: Sandra Bland Likely Committed Suicide.”
  1. Mother of a suicide victim says:

    Saying she hung herself with a trash bag, is total crap. In photos it shows the hanging trash bag noose intact, are we supposed to believe the ligature was not cut to “take her down”. If anyone has ever tied a knot in a trash bag to close it, they know it is easier to cut it than “undo the knot” This woman was killed and attempted to cover it up as a suicide.

  2. Kobe says:

    1. Do his facts include assumptions about her using street marijuana, and if they would have allowed/forced her to smoke/eat marijuana in jail?… Even if rat poison and all other sorts of things are in street weed, is that what they found in her system or THC in levels consistent with consumption during the time she was locked up?

    2. What is he implying when he says his family didn’t rush to bail her out… It’s only $500 (paraphrasing)…? When I was arrested my mother didn’t rush to bail me out either… I was out of town too.

    3. There were multiple forms filled out, which he failed to mention. One form was marked that she had attempted suicide and the other was marked that she had not. Many inconsistencies in the paperwork.

    4. He says she “lost it” with the officer. I’m actually confused by why he would say she “lost it” as if anyone under those circumstances would not feel the same way and potentially respond with equal or greater aggression under the circumstances. She gets pulled over for trying to move out the cop’s way, thinking he’s trying to pass. Then when she didn’t put out her cigarette, the cop got mad and told her to get out… Then threatened her in the process. But I digress.

    5. Did anyone check to see if the other inmates had trash bags in their cell? (What would they need to throw away while in jail anyway? When they feed you, don’t you just leave what you don’t eat on the tray?)

    6. Who sees the body first when someone dies in police custody?… The medical examiner… who works with the police department? Hmmm…

    7. How can he say the sister was probably wrong when she said they would have to go down to bail her out especially when her male friend did not come through? Furthermore, can you bail anyone out of any jail at any time or do you have to wait until specific times (depending on the jail, city, county, state)?

    8. Are we assuming the autopsy report is accurate? Can we assume these other agencies that are supposed to be investigating are actually seeking the truth, considering they all work under the same parent company… The US government.

    Now, none of the “facts” he stated (with his added slanted biases, minus the other omitted facts) explains fully how she committed suicide… And furthermore, how she committed suicide without anyone realizing it. How quiet can you be tying up a trash bag to hang yourself without bringing attention to the cops?

  3. Eileen Beyer says:

    Its obvious to me that Sandra went off the deep end after being stopped and she was a very disturbed person as you stated. It is so sad they she committed suicide. The female trooper stated she assaulted the police officer too. How could anybody think this was a homicide is beyond me after the information regarding the autopsy was discovered…….. very, very sad for her family. They will never fully recover from losing her.

  4. Chris says:

    Let us agree the young lady killed herself. The arresting officer did not kill her. Point, He is responible for her death. He is on a power trip. Go back and review the v-tape, would you mine putting out the cigarettes, the causes for a choice to be made, her choice was not to put it out, he should have accepted that gave her the warning and went about his business, simple as that,not go on a power trip. Point his action did not kill her, but the lead to her death. And if you look at the tape from the very beginning, he made a U-turn and follow her, she came off of the side street were he was giving out another ticket.

  5. peggy says:

    Can Black Folks stop saying Aaahhh as they speak or talk ? It sounds so dumd .

  6. peggy says:

    Where are the Black Lawyers ? They all need to get together to represent Miss Sandra Bland murder case . Mr. Lambert can use the load .May I suggest free of charge . Do it for Sandra . She deserves it .

  7. peggy says:

    Beware the KKK are putting up fake websites, to avoid getting proper attention to Sandra Bland murder . Once it goes to the KKK site they read it and delete it or they put up some shit they want you to believe that Sandra killed herself pretending like you wrote it .

  8. peggy says:

    If Sandra Bland case is being treated like a homicide and not a sucide , common sense will tell you it was a homicide . why haven’t someone been charged with her murder ? You got plentiful evidence to prove homicide .

  9. Edward Goodman says:

    @LYN – Now you’re starting to see how the real information is being withheld. This site is about the only site with anything updated regarding Sandra Bland. This website should be the first or third hit you get from a Sandra Bland google search but it’s not it’s actually missing. I wonder why? on a another note the JUSTICE OR ELSE MARCH WAS GREAT! I hope most of you attended. I hate to say it but I think there will be no charges against the cop or the state instead the state will settle the case a promise reforms and as far as the civil suit maybe just maybe the county will offer a 1 to 3 million dollar settlement with an agreement that the family can no longer discuss the case in public or to any media outlets and we will all forget about her and everything else until something else happends. Even the street being named after her is only temporary for about six months to a year I heard. Nothing will change unless there’s a united front to confront the policies and officials who do wrong. Remember our tax dollars paid for this cop to assault Sandra.

  10. peggy says:

    You can kiss my – . I’m a writer , I know what the F – I’m talking about. Do you ?

  11. peggy says:

    These peoples are humiliating Black Folks in their faces . Is that a Black woman and a black man helping these KKK cover up the murder of Miss Sandra Bland ? How much money these peoples are paid to do this ? Would you join their club for the pay ? $ 50,000.00 a year starting pay .

  12. Lyn says:

    Why can I no longer find this article in a search? I can only access it by going into my history of visited sites.

  13. toomanygrandkids says:

    There’s so much about this case that I would like to know:

    1.) For somebody who had so much going for herself, why was Sandra in jail for 3 days in the first place? The guard allowed her to use the free phone more than once, but nobody picked up to talk with her. So she left messages on their machines. Where was her family and friends when she needed them?

    2.) An inmate stated that one of the people called was some guy. Sandra was sad and depressed that he had yet to come bail her out, even though he promised that he would be there within the hour. After Sandra had called one or two times, he wouldn’t answer his phone. The inmate also stated that she heard Sandra crying in her cell.

    3.) The medical examiner stated that Sandra had a very high concentration of marijuana in her system and a drug called TTHC, or something like that. he stated that he’d never seen that much of a concentration before. If Sandra had all of these medical issues, like her family and friends claimed, then what was she doing with that much marijuana in her system?

    4.) There’s a video of Sandra sitting next to a black female guard who’s wearing gloves. She’s pulling out and asking Sandra about her medication. Shouldn’t a licensed doctor been the one talking to Sandra about her medication? Guards are not doctors.

    5.) Sandra gave the conflicting answers to the questions they asked her. She told one guard that she had an abortion. Told another one that she didn’t know the year she had the abortion. Sandra told a guard that she suffered from depression. Told another one that she wasn’t or hadn’t suffered from depression. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Sandra gave that female guard conflicting information about her medication.

  14. Marque Anthony says:

    This case, when it blows open, could literally destroy the reputation of certain agencies and it could also become a matter of my safety. Therefore I must be careful yet share enough info with those of you who will do something with it. Otherwise many of you will be too busy criticizing me, being petty or not standing together to create a unified front. And I do not plan to be hung out to dry by you guys. If you want to do something real with THE FACTS, email your name and number to me at NO GAMES

  15. Marque Anthony says:

    Edward you are on track. Let me say this, the bag was not stretched. I have to be careful at this point what I say because I have been in contact with inside connections in Texas. I will say they did not kill her. I will also say this investigation needs to be reopened. Finally, I will make a major correction at this point and I have the proof. SANDRA BLAND DID NOT COMMIT SUICIDE AND SANDRA BLAND WAS NOT MURDERED. There is another matter that has come to my attention in light of certain documents that I have just been given from key sources. This is no longer any speculation whatsoever.

    This matter is about to implicate major agencies in Texas and frankly I am shocked speechless. The Sheriff’s brother was a retired Texas Ranger, the same agency that had an officer present in the Coroner’s autopsy along with guess who, the Sheriff’s office.

    This is just a sample of the facts I now have knowledge of. Guys don’t compete with me on this one because I know exactly what I am talking about. This is about to explode and I cannot say any more at this time.

    I made my assessment based on the information I had. But in light of the new info I received, it has changed everything. And my sources in Texas are solid.

  16. Concerned says:

    I read the bag was removed and placed back around her neck after they call themselves performing CPR. I would like to see more video of that jail on that Sunday. They showed Friday, Saturday and Monday, why not Sunday?

  17. popeye4321 says:

    Edward Goodman, I found some of the questions he asked. One, why was the garbage bag put back around her neck? It wasn’t. The autopsy clearly states that the plastic bag was put in a paper evidence bag which was then placed in the body bag with Ms. Bland. He says this casts “major doubt” when it never happened. He said that there is a “notation” that strongly “suggests” that the plastic bag was placed back around her neck to make he marks. What kind of expert is this? He doesn’t say what the notation was. Furthermore, she was autopsied, the examiner would know whether the bag was placed around her neck before or after death, and what the cause of death was. Asphyxiation was determined to be the cause of death. Period. They were not guessing. This so called expert is not an true expert.

  18. popeye4321 says:

    Edward Goodman I am looking for it, can you provide a link.

  19. Dee says:

    Lyn, that’s knot visible at all on the i said it’s possible that she could have committed suicide.. But its a lot being coveted up..hanging her say semi standing is puzzling to me..with the injuries she suffered

  20. Lyn says:

    Look VERY closely at the video footage of Sandra when she enters the jail in her “Street” clothes. She comes in, walks toward the camera, turns around and sits down. She then turns her head to the left for a few seconds, to the side that the camera is on, which makes her face partially visible. If you look closely at the left side of her forehead, near to her hairline, there is a visible lump (knot) on her forehead. This injury is also visible, for only a second, when you see her receive her bedding. She is sitting down, the guard gives her bedding and she throws it on the mattress, she gets up, bends down to collect the bedding and just as she turns to walk away it’s visible. Left side of her forehead, near her hairline. Why did we not see this in the mugshot and why not in the autopsy? I wonder.

  21. Edward Goodman says:

    @popeye4321: Before you comment anymore, Did you read the report from David Fishers most recent article in the Eastern Echo yet? that autopsy report is full of cover ups. I dont like rumors but to think that know racist state like Texas who whitewashes public school textsbooks wouldn’t try to cover it up is just plain crazy. FOR GOD SAKES THEY ARE ERASING your history everyday in america. Our goverment denied they were spying on us and foreign leaders when Snowden first leak the information but the proof was already out there. Please respond to this and my previous comment because, I’m starting to get the wrong idea about you. I’m not even black and I am ashamed of you. Seems like you are forming your opinion off of Fox news. LOL.. God Bless you… I really mean it.

  22. lovelydestruction says:

    Weird. I’ve gone back and forth, but now I lean toward cover up.
    There’s enough discrepancy to support that they did all the wrong things for someone with a fresh head injury and history of epilepsy, found her dead of a seizure and altered the crime scene. Funny how their was no petechiae in her eyes..

    As far as the level of THC, it sounds like it might signal a regular user who hasn’t had any for awhile. I also wonder when she had the Keppra last.

    “But when the county finally released the toxicology report, several days after the autopsy, it revealed that Bland had 18 ¬± 4 nanograms per milliliter of blood of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, in her body. These THC levels are comparable to baseline (or sober) levels of about 10-20 nanograms per milliliter of many of my research participants, who are regular users.

    Importantly, Bland’s levels were well below the THC levels that I have found necessary, in my experimental research on dozens of subjects, to induce intoxication: between 40 and 400 nanograms per milliliter. Furthermore, the levels are far below the 150 nanograms per milliliter limit set by the World Anti-Doping Agency to indicate marijuana-induced performance alterations.”

    “The MORTality in Epilepsy Monitoring Unit Study (MORTEMUS) is a collaborative project that aims to quantify the risk of death, SUDEP, and near-SUDEP in patients with drug-resistant partial epilepsy during long-term video EEG monitoring. One hundred forty-eight qualified religions epilepsy centers participated in this study. Responses reflect an estimated total of 133,371 video EEGs and 2,814 patient-years of monitoring. Nineteen deaths were identified, of which 14 were determined to be definite or probable SUDEP. This study is ongoing and the final results are not yet published. A certain pattern has been established by observation in these patients. In most cases within 3 minutes after a seizure, a so-called shutdown of the EEG was noted, followed by asystole and, finally, apnea was the terminal phenomenon.”

    They did everything wrong.

  23. Anonymous says:

    These aren’t facts!!!! They are assumptions that lead to an improper conclusion. Please do not say you are stating facts such as Keppra leading to suicide, her depression from a miscarriage leading to suicide and a snowball effect of various symptoms (all based on assumptions) leading to a irrefutable conclusion. This is simple your interpretation of the evidence.

    I personally know several individuals that use Keppra on a daily basis (for seizures) who aren’t suicidal.. Just because it’s a potential side effect of the drug doesn’t mean she was effected by it. Also, not a fact. Come on!

  24. popeye4321 says:

    Jettaboo, you do have a point. The jail has some responsibility, but not for the reasons you state. The intake forms gave different information, and it came directly from Sandra Bland. It did not mention the meds she was taking, I am not even sure they came up in the autopsy (I don’t know). But this was a jail, not a babysitter or Dr. Phil. They asked her if she was having suicidal thoughts now. She said no. That took care of their legal responsibility at that point. There is legislature up now to change that. But. Waller Co did not meet minimum standards for jails. They did not check on her the hour before she died physically, they checked verbally, big mistake. They also could not provide proof that they had completed the 2 hours of yearly training in suicide prevention. So yes, they will have some accountability. But, they did not kill her. She must have some accountability for her actions, which she will have to take up with God. We are talking degree.

  25. popeye4321 says:

    Anthony. I do no know why you insist on putting evidence in quotations. Evidence is evidence whether you like it or not. It only smells rotten because you don’t like it. And once again, crucial evidence is being ignored (by you). If her head had been slammed against the ground hard enough to do any damage, it would have showed in one of the autopsies. That is the kind of thing they look for. It did not show in the official autopsy, and if it had showed in the one her family had done, they would be screaming it from the rooftops. You don’t claim to know the facts, and it is obvious that you don’t care what they are. You cannot charge an officer for aggravated assault for doing whatever they need to to arrest someone. He pulled a weapon. He never used it. Sandra Bland has accountability for her actions. Period. The only bias comes from people like you. You disregard every single piece of evidence that came from many sources, just because you don’t like it

  26. jettaboo09 says:

    Whether she committed suicide or was murdered, that jail should be responsible. They knew she attempted suicide before. They new of her illness and medication she was taking. Why didn’t they keep watch on her?

  27. Anthony says:

    The author(s) of this article claim to have done so much special research but this is all just a re-hash of all the “evidence” that has been put forth by so many other sources. They attempt to show how “special” their research has been, but the whole tone of this article smells rotten. And once again, a crucial fact has been ignored: that Sandra Bland had her head slammed forcefully on the ground by an enraged cop during her arrest. Nothing about this case makes sense. Sandra told the cop that she changed lanes quickly because his cruiser came up behind her car so quickly that all she was trying to do was to get out of his way. At that point the cop should have accepted her explanation and let her go on her way. His actions during the arrest were such a flagrant outrage that dismissal from the police force is not enough — he should be charged with aggravated assault at the very minimum.
    As for the alleged “suicide”, it’s so obvious (at least, it is to me) that Sandra Bland probably died from head trauma suffered during the arrest and the hanging was staged after the fact by the jail cops or by other cops called in by them.
    Yes, you can argue that there is so much “evidence” pointing to a suicide, but in that racist corner of our country it would be hard to believe much of it. Yet so many people just accept it and say “Oh, so that’s what happened.” I don’t claim to know the facts, but if you pay close attention to what happened and think about it with a clear unbiased mind the whole thing begins to smell very rotten.

  28. popeye4321 says:

    Dee, did you bother to read the autopsy report? I did. It very clearly states that there was no trauma to the head. For her to have hit her head hard enough for her to die from it 3 days later, they would have found bleeding. And no, I was not in the cell with her, if I had been she would still be alive. The problem is, there are tons of facts. But people are listening to the rumors instead. The rumors tore into the Sheriff. accusing him of murder, he never laid eyes on the woman. She also screamed that her arm was probably broken, no trauma there. Read the autopsy.

  29. Dee says:

    Well Popeye4321 apparently you were in that cell…because you saw her do it.. I never mentioned anything about her being black.. Its quite possible that she could have hung herself. I’m entitled to my opinions..she did say she was slammed on her head… I may take the cake, as your stated… A lot of things in this case are basically rumors, not enough factual info

  30. popeye4321 says:

    Wow. After reading some of these comments, I see some people will not listen to facts no matter what. They believe that she was murdered simply because she was a black person in jail in a small Texas town. Who cares about facts? The guy who believes it was a head trauma takes the cake. No evidence, he just believes it. Ok. Most of the rumors also have no evidence to support them. Just that she was black. Get real, people.

  31. Dee says:

    I honestly feel that she may have died from head trauma from the arrest… If somebody would have hung themselves semistanding, it would be a lot of commotion, noise etc.
    .. And that a cover up was created so that they would not be liable for her death.. Just my opinion, because we will never get the truth

  32. EJS says:

    The incompetent, juvenile cop who intentionally provoked her, physically manhandled her and illegally arrested her should have been summarily fired. Police Officers are supposed to be professionals, not touchy, arrogant hoodlums looking to start a fight if they are “dissed.” Nobody, black or white, should be treated like that.

  33. Edward Goodman says:

    Please see David Fishers most recent article in the Eastern Echo. I would also like to ask you (no disrespect intented) as a black man do you really believe the interviews and other information you were given are factual? All of this did occur in Texas correct? You conducted these interviews with white men/women of authority Correct? You would never get the truth from them. They see you as part of the problem not the solution. My wife is black and she does not suffer from any of the issues Sandra Bland had.And I can promise you she would have reacted the same way when facing such as injustice by law inforcement. Did she hang herself maybe, did they try to cover this whole thing up, of course. To me, it was never about if she killed herself or not, its about the interaction and deep rooted hate for people of color.

  34. Lyn says:

    Please see David Fishers most recent article in the Eastern Echo.

  35. Marque Anthony says:

    Peter, were the people you speak of the exact same weight as Sandra? I would also say they have cameras outside in the hall near her cell. As for the liner, I would have to speculate but I would say (1) where did you see this? ((2) the liner she allegedly used would have been evidence and another one would have been placed in the can. Though they should have sealed the cell and marked it as a crime scene until the investigation was complete. As for some commenting about cell checks, do these people have evidence or just talk? I am not saying they are right or wrong but I would like to see the actual evidence. Even so, none of the points you made negate all the points in this article. In the article I tackled several rumors that were incorrect. I will look into the ones you have mentioned. Feel free to send those links to me at please. But the autopsy shows no sign of struggle nor blunt trauma. Trace evidence would likely have been under Bland’s fingernails if there was a struggle.


    Peter please note it is 100% likely that if the independent autopsy completed by a doctor the family selected had turned up evidence to contradict the coroner’s findings, it would have hit the news by now. I am sure you would agree. Our people tend to want to defend Sandra Bland so we squeeze square pegs into round holes. But the article states the facts. Speculation is great but not proven fact.

  36. Peter says:

    What are your comments about the fact that some have tried to put their weight on a similar garbage bag and it fails to hold the weight of a small woman. (There is a youtube video demonstrating this.)
    Also in photos the cell had not been cleaned, as evidenced by the remains of Sandra’s dinner from the night befor, and yet the bin still has its liner.
    Additionally, some have commented about discrepencies between the reported times of cell checks and the video evidence.
    My sources are all news and youtube and must be taken in that context. I am seeking your comments, only.

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