Black Lives Matter Too!

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( About a week ago, prospective Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and former Governor Martin O’Malley were on the campaign trail when Black Lives Matter protestors stormed a room at a meeting in Phoenix, Arizona and demanded that the 2016 presidential candidates say the names of black people killed by the police. Because the candidates were caught off guard neither had a politically acceptable answer that was timely and effective for the participants of the assembly. The response was swift: Bernie Sanders did it the next day. O’Malley, realizing the error of his way through the press, subsequently, walked his lame response back, “Black lives matter. White lives matter all lives matter. This writer is, therefore, proposing that in order to clarify the premise of the “movement” that it be called from this day forward “Black Lives Matter Too!” Adding this adverb will allow a separation of thought that strengthens the idea that it’s not just about being Black it’s about justice for Blacks in the criminal justice system!

Life is a gift to each individual and should be preserved no matter what the cost. Regardless of race, gender, social class, religion or black-lives-matter-2015whatsoever the difference, none is more precious than life and soul in the eyes of God. It is disturbing that one would consider themselves justifiably in a position to take another’s life in regard to the law. Unfair? That is an understatement. Recently, in the United States, the number of deaths of black people at the hands of decadent White policemen has been escalating at an alarming rate with the most recent deaths of Sandra Bland and Sam Dubose.

One of the reasons why these deaths are raising a lot of questions in society is because even though these black men and women have posed no threat to the policemen (in regards that they are unarmed), they all end up dead- some through unnecessary brutality, and some through silent torture and supposed suicide in their cells; the fate of Sandra Bland in which a traffic stop turned into a dismissed suicide in a redesigned holding cell.

What can be done to curb the innocent murders of these unarmed blacks? The likes of Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Mike Brown and most recently Freddie Gray in Baltimore Maryland, Sam Dubose in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Sandra Bland? What is more frustrating is that these killings are consecutive and no thorough measures are being taken by White politicians and or prominent White clergymen in the United States.

Remorse is comforting, but not at all enough! Gone is the era of racist domination. Crime is not predicated by color, crime is not a byproduct of black people. There is no empirical evidence to support the contention that Black men are predisposed to violence. There is a lot more pragmatic evidence, in fact, that unscrupulous White policemen are predisposed to unjustified violence and unwarranted shootings. In this era of social media and cell phone video; decadent police officers seem to ask the implausible question: Who you gonna believe me or your lying eyes?

By law, one is innocent until proven guilty by the laws of the state. These murders are unjust and voices need to be heard. Voices of the families, voices of the concerned White clergy, the unified voice of the black community! This is not the time for ingrained remorse and silence, in a time when blacks are being shot on the streets. Is it conceivable when the death of Cecil the Lion, a beloved animal in Zimbabwe, garners more support than the death of an unarmed Black man in America? This needs to end now. Policemen may be able to functionally ignore the law, but this is America. There’s one thing they can’t ignore- the voice of the people. Take a stand America… because Black Lives Matter Too!

Staff Writer; Stanley G. Buford

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