The LeBron James “Success Factor”.

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( I believe we can all learn a lesson by following the LeBron James “Success Factor.” He is a man with a plan and delivers on the WOW every time. His greatness is demonstrated in his ability to focus on essential goals to achieve results that many of us only dream about.

Not only has LeBron worked extremely hard and long to develop his skills, he has the mental capacity to block out negativity and surpass his harshest critics’ expectations. It takes an incredible mind to remain focused on the one goal, the one thing that you want achieve LeBronJames-2015in your life plan and make it happen in spite of trials and tribulations.

We see athletes get distracted all the time with drugs, relationships, injuries and poor life choices. These are young men and women who have worked hard to become the best of the best, yet miss the mark by taking their eyes off their goals.

In our everyday lives we become distracted from our goals and dreams by taking our eyes off the focus. You don’t have to be an athlete to create a WOW factor in your life, but we would be well-advised to study how great achievers become successful in their endeavors. Focus is imperative in finding and mastering the art of living your purpose. Whatever your goals, stay consistent and diligent to cultivate a life centered on achieving success.

Lastly, I want to qualify, I am not a savvy sports fan and truthfully, I am not even a big LeBron James fan. However, I am a student of studying and learning. When I watch sports, I look beyond the game and focus on the strength, will and determination.  Don’t be mad because your team didn’t win. Don’t give up because things did not work out on your personal endeavors. Get up and start over again. Be committed to be the best of the best.  Divine order contributes to right outcome.

Staff Writer; Sheila Agnew
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