Real Mind Control Is Being Used On You. .

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( What if all of your thoughts are not your own? The Bible tells us we are to take thoughts captive that exalt themselves above the knowledge of God, but what if man has discovered a way to block you from doing just that? What if ideas can be implanted in your mind that you think are your own? What if your behavior or the behavior of an entire population can be controlled?

If you ever watched movies such as They Live, you probably laughed at them and thought mind control was a joke or just some story cooked up by writers for our entertainment. Wrong! Mind control is very real and it is used on you and everybody around you every single day. Forms of mind control include indoctrination, brainwashing, subliminal subconscious program and frequency programming. I am sure there are more kinds, but many of the methods like NLP fall into one of the categories I just mentioned. Mind control can be covertly subtle or overt, visible and direct. So keep reading because I am going to give you proof, tell you who is using mind control, why and what you can do about it. Conspiracy theory is now conspiracy fact.

Here is a little background. When World War II ended, the United States brought several of Hitler’s Nazi scientists to this country. Many of them went to work in aeronautics and aviation, but others went to work on mind control for the powers that be – powers some call the Illuminati. Hitler was a puppet for the Illuminati. And the Illuminati basically stole their knowledge(and religions) from places like Sumeria, Babylon and Ancient Egypt (Kemet). The background goes much deeper but let’s get to the evidence.

Click or paste the link below to read about the man who created a method of bypassing our resistance to mind control. He created/discovered the “Lilly Wave” Also see Youtube or Google on this.

Click or paste this link to read about his work with mind control. Scroll down and play the videos.

So you want proof, do you? Go to the United States government patent and trademark website at and do a search on “mind control“. You will find several patented mind control devices. Then go to Youtube or Google and type in “HAARP“. This is a system based in Alaska but tuned to the same frequency as the human brain. Imagine if you tune in to the same radio station I am listening to, you can then hear what I am hearing or access what I am accessing all through frequency. While you are using the search engine, also type in ‘MK-ULTRA“. Walt Disney, a 33 degree Mason, made sure to embed and use mind control throughout the Magic Kingdom and in Disney’s children’s books and movies. There is a ton of research and proof of this as well.

Human beings have electricity (electromagnetic waves) running through our brains and our bodies. We are walking, talking supercomputers and they have found out how to program us by accessing our frequencies.

Who is using mind control? In order to determine who is using mind control on the unsuspecting public, you simply have to look at who would have the most to gain by manipulating the thinking and behavior of the population or community. Over the2015-mindcontrol-2015 last few years we have seen an increase in strange behaviors and random shootings of large groups of people. If you check, you will find out that many of the perpetrators had no mental, medical, drug or criminal history. I suggest you watch The Manchurian Candidate starring Denzel Washington. The Illuminati uses mind control. Advertisers use mind control through subliminal advertising which bypasses your conscious mind and programs behaviors or desires into your subconscious. We are lab rats much more than you are aware of. Control over a person’s fear, anger or anxiety can accomplish quite a bit when such control is in the hands of powerful people, Illuminati families and scientists with an agenda. And because so many people think this is nonsense, those who pull the strings are able to do so even more easily than in the past.

Click or paste the link below to see 23 verifiable mind control devices.

Why is mind control being used? If they control your thoughts, they control your actions. If they control the actions of a group of people, they control a community or a city or a nation. It is easier for the powers that be to simply control people instead of winning the allegiance of the people. It’s an elaborate plan that has been in place for a long time. But with the increases in technology, computers, cell towers, retina display, 3D and digital television, HAARP and decades of perfected research, they can use it on us more than ever before – and with our clueless help.

What can you do about mind control? What you have just read only scratches the surface. But now that you know, you can do something about it. Get off Facebook, cover the webcam on your laptops and tablets or buy a device without one. Be careful what information you put on the internet. Disable the automatic tracking on your phone or GPS. Tell others. Watch the movies I recommend in this article, They Live, The Manchurian Candidate and Enemy of the State. Do not listen to so much music from the standard African American stations on the radio in your car. You are also mentally what you eat. Don’t have others follow you on Twitter – helloooooo. More people are following you than you realize and in ways that would shock you. And while you might say you don’t care because you are not doing anything wrong, that’s not the point. Your information is being stored and a profile of your friends, habits, relatives, finances etc. is being kept. WAKE UP!

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Staff Writer; Marque-Anthony