Mr. Obama’s Immigration Position Hurts African Americans While Helping Republicans!

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( That is right! Sounds incredible, does it not? What is suggested here is that the two major political parties are literally working together when it comes to the immigration issue. The end justifies the means, as the old saying goes. What is going on in Washington D.C. is nothing more than theatrics being played out on a national stage for a gullible electorate. What is presented to you in this piece is a line of facts, not opinions, which even the most dedicated of you, whether you are a Republican or Democrat, should give you some pause and insight into how politics work. If you can, please refute the information that is presented here in the comment section. Otherwise, embrace it as understanding. 
The question you have to ask yourself is who benefits if five to six  million illegal immigrants (not four million which is being represented in the press) are freed to pursue the rights of citizenship in the United States, which is the estimated amount of people the executive order  signed by Mr. Obama will legitimize? Both major political parties benefit handsomely! However, it is the American worker who stands to lose the most once the executive order is enforced.

Therefore, this charade is not about what is good for the American worker but what is good for the two dominant political parties and “their fat cat corporate supporters.” The whole thing amounts to a dirty, stinking deal of expediency, which works its way around and bypasses open political debate and public scrutiny. This is governing by fiat. The democratic process is being usurped and the facts surrounding this deal are not being properly aired. An executive order is not debated but becomes law upon signing by the president.
So why would a Democratic Party President do this! What’s in it for him and his party? Well, it is because Latinos or the Spanish speaking community is the nation’s fastest growing minority and in recent elections have as a bloc voted for Democratic Party candidates. Essentially, the Obama administration and Mr. Obama in particular, as head of the Democratic Party see the road to the White House in 2016 going through the Hispanic community. Hispanic immigrants will be grateful to the Democratic Party for generations to come for having legalized approximately five to six million of their own.

Therefore, Democrats anticipate being rewarded in the 2016 presidential election with the Hispanic vote. But what about the Republicans, what are they going to get out of this? What is in it for them? Republican presidential administrations under Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush have presided over  draining the reserves of the Social Security trust fund in the amount of $2.7 to $3.0 trillion dollars over the last 30 years and now that venerable program faces some serious funding issues, if not outright bankruptcy. It is predicted to go into the red in either 2015 orobama-immigration-2014 2016 at the latest. Going into the red means incoming payroll taxes paid by the current working force will not be sufficient to cover the retirement benefit outlays of retiring Baby Boomers. There are no reserves! One of the ways to fix that problem without exposing the Republican Party’s hand in extracting or mismanaging these funds is to add five to six million new paying customers. As the illegal immigrants are added as potential citizens, they will be given Social Security numbers and cards.

Payroll taxes and penalties will be extracted from their wages now that they will be legal and funneled to the Social Security Administration to satisfy the retirement demands of the Baby Boomer generation who are retiring at a rate of 10,000 per day. Therefore, as stated what is going on in Washington is nothing more than theatrics. Each party gets something they desperately need. The Republicans get to continue the cover-up of the mismanagement of the Social Security trust fund payroll taxes and Democrats get to add the Hispanic community to their column of voters. There maybe some hemming and hawing among Republicans and a few might even speak out loudly, but look for the Republican leadership to rein in those renegades and squash any outright rebellious actions against this executive order.
Now add to this mix of players, the corporations in America. They BANKROLL both parties’ elections, as we well know. They made it known to political operatives of both parties they wanted immigrants granted citizenship and they also let it be known they wanted a more liberal visa policy for high-tech workers. Mr. Obama’s new immigration policy as the corporations have requested, will also create visas for immigrants who can show that they are economically investing in the United States and for workers in high-tech fields. Thus, corporate America now gets to recruit from abroad as many high-tech workers as they desire, without having to invest in the training of American workers for those jobs.
In the meantime, there are nine million Americans as of October 2014 who are currently unemployed based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Official numbers are generally conservative, so it could be more. Nevertheless, the nine million figure is big enough that it begs for a national job creation plan ( which neither party or candidate of either party has in the offing. Of that nine million, the BLS states 32 percent or 2.9 million are long term unemployed; that is those jobless for 27 weeks or more.

Additionally there are seven million Americans employed part-time who are looking for full-time work. These are people who are counted as employed and are a part of that decrease in the unemployment rate, although they are part-time workers. They are working one, two or more part-time jobs to make ends meet. This is the dismal state of the American job market. Now into this job market comes five to six million illegal immigrants. Does anyone think these newly minted citizens are going to stay down on the farm having acquired the legal right to compete within the American job market with impunity? Of course not! They are going to go after and attempt to secure for themselves the best job opportunities they can, which should be logically expected.
African Americans who have the highest unemployment rate among tracked worker groups will feel the impact most as these new workers thread their way through the American economy. The economy currently is not creating enough jobs to handle the current work force as indicated by the high number of unemployed. Blacks are in trouble as a worker group because this move by an African American president signals the declining political status of blacks. There is no question about it! The question of when blacks will wake up to this new reality is important in turning around their decline. Even the Congressional Budget Office projects lower wages will result initially as immigrants compromise the wages of all American workers as they seek employment in this anemic job market.
There you have it. Let us watch and see how representatives of the Republican Party react to Mr. Obama’s executive order in the coming weeks and months. We all may learn something as a result.
The Davis Job Creation Plan is at – there, you will also find a button for a petition requesting President Obama adopt this plan to create jobs now! 

Staff Writer; James Davis
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