Pushing Back Against the Darkness of Ferguson and the Big Apple!

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(ThyBlackMan.com) What is occurring in communities across this nation is tragic. It is as if a dark cloud has enveloped and fallen upon this nation when it comes to homicides by whites of black youngsters and black men. Blacks in Sanford, Florida; Jacksonville, Florida; New York City and now Ferguson, Missouri have had enough. The killings were all suspicious in nature and in each instance the black victim was unarmed. Many of you know the details. Trayvon Martin, a youngster of 17 years was stalked and killed by a neighborhood watchman in Sanford as he was making his way home from a convenience store. The white watchman later claimed he did it in self defense and was acquitted by a Seminole County, Florida jury of six citizens who were all white with the exception of one mixed race person. 
Jordan Davis, another black youngster of 17 years in age was killed in a convenience store parking lot in Jacksonville over the issue of his music being to loud. His killer was put on trial and found guilty of attempted murder of three other people in the vehicle, but not for killing Davis. The guilty verdicts for the attempted murder charges were handed down because the vehicle in which Davis was riding as a passenger in the back seat had pulled away, “presenting no threat to the shooter,” yet theferguson-mo-streetview-2014 shooter continued to fire at the vehicle.

The predominantly white jury was unable to bring back a first degree murder conviction for killing Davis due to “the stand your ground laws.” In their dark thinking, by not being able to deliver a verdict of guilty for either first degree or second  degree murder or manslaughter, these jurors were saying, if you follow their logic, what a white person thinks is more important in life and death confrontations with black people then what the actual facts are. Davis did not have a gun and the witnesses in the vehicle said Davis did not threaten his killer.
Now there are two more killings of blacks, one in New York City where an illegal choke hold was used by a white police officer to kill Eric Garner (what was his killer thinking) and the shooting of Michael Brown, a young unarmed black man by a another white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri.
In both these cases, the prosecutors overseeing the cases have chosen to use grand jury hearings to determine if charges should be brought against the killers. The grand jury proceedings are secret in both these states and not open to the public. These white prosecutors have chosen to add to the darkness of misunderstanding and mistrust with these secret proceedings.  In both instances if they desired, the prosecutors could have charged the suspects themselves, by passing the grand juries. 
Thus, blacks are left with the task of pushing back against the dark tactics practiced by these insensitive prosecutors, who are elected officials, which do not add understanding or enlightenment to these ordeals. It is hard to see who is pulling the strings and who to push back against in the prevailing darkness of these investigations. If the grand juries choose not to indict in either case, who do you blame? Can you blame the prosecutors who will say my office followed the laws? Can you blame those “good” citizens who sit on the predominantly white grand juries?
How do blacks effectively dispel the bigotry and the systemic racism of these proceedings? How do blacks push back against this darkness? Blacks have to pierce into the darkness and look pass the prosecutors, pass the predominantly white grand juries and even pass racially insensitive police departments to see who the real culprits are hiding in the shadows. In Florida, it was discovered that Political Action Committees ( PAC) were the culprits behind crafting laws giving Americans legal cover for taking deadly action with guns based on their own views. These committees were also responsible for lobbying for more liberal gun laws.

Primary among the Pac’s actively working in these areas are the National Rifle Association (NRA) supported by gun manufacturers and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) supported by the billionaire Koch brothers who are principal owners of the second largest privately held company in America. Blacks are being buffeted on all sides by the actions of these and other Pac’s. Pac’s are used to support elected officials like the above prosecutors in their bids for political office. It’s all about money. Blacks however, can go on the offensive against these organizations, which are the true manipulators and major contributors to this atmosphere of hatred. They fuel and give life to racial hatred with their money.
You see black people are collectively, wealthier then they think. They are wealthier as a group then any of these Pac’s and individuals. That’s right, black people control more money as a group then the Koch Brothers, and all the Pac’s which are abusing the political process for their own selfish objectives. The estimated wealth of the black community is more then $400 billion dollars! However, the wealth of blacks is tied up in a trust fund called Social Security.

Here is the good news; the rules governing that trust fund can be changed to allow blacks and average Americans to access their wealth. Voters control the trustees through the ballot box because the trustees are Congress. Because most blacks are Democrats, and Democrats control the Senate, half the battle is already won! How do you get control of the House of the Representatives in this upcoming election cycle and also maintain control of the Senate? You do it by becoming more knowledgeable of what to expound! There is no truer verse in the Holy Bible than this one: 
Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.
Blacks can push back against the darkness of Ferguson and New York. No other mother or wife need see her son or husband die in this manner!  My brothers and sisters, please arm yourselves, not with rocks and bottles but with the knowledge of how to accomplish the task of empowering yourselves economically. These murders do not have to be in vein if you use them as a rallying cry. God has already answered our prayers! Knowledge is power!  Stop rejecting power! Read “The Fix This Time” @ http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MI3PD2M . I can assure you, you will become a convert! Once you are converted, enlighten your brother or sister. Before you know it, we will be successful in pushing back against the “stand your ground laws” and these killings. 

Staff Writer; James Davis

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