Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Stevie J. Lands in Court.

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( Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Stevie lands in court. Stevie J, officially Steven Jordan is accused of owing $1.2 million in back child support. Stevie J is well known for his role in the VH1 reality television show “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta”.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Stevie J recently reported to federal court to face charges revolving around unpaid child support payments due to his former live in girlfriend. Obligations are due for support to their 17 year old son and 15 year old daughter.

Apparently according to TMZ Stevie J’s property could be seized and sold stevie-j-2014to pay off the $1.2 million he owes in back child support. Child Support isn’t the only government entity he owes money to. He also has four IRS tax liens against him totaling $371,000.

When leaving court reporters caught up with Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Stevie J to ask questions about the financial quandary he seems to have found himself in. Instead of discussing his child support woes he chose to plug his soon-to-be-released song with rap icon Snoop Dogg. Ironically the single is called “DNA”.

On top of his financial woes Stevie J apparently flunked a drug test during his arrest for non-payment of child support. He was tested for drugs, which lead to cocaine and marijuana found in his system. I guess when it rains it pours.

He was let out on bond, but that does not leave him out of the dog house. It looks like Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Stevie J will have to straighten up and fly right. If doesn’t pay his child support and stay clean he may just end up behind bars.

It’s been reported that Jordan makes $27,000 per episode on the show “Love & Hip Atlanta”. But obviously this amount is not nearly enough to maintain his lifestyle and his mounting Child Support obligations. Hopefully Stevie J’s single “DNA” will be a big hit for him and Snoop Dogg. He’s defiantly going to need the extra income.

Staff Writer;  Carla C.