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The Truth of Genesis: The Muslim Is A Greater Fool Than The Atheist – Part 1B.

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( In the Bible, Psalm 53:1 says “The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. Corrupt are they, and have done abominable iniquity: there is none that doeth good”.  We last spoke of the willful blindness of the atheist, who refuses to acknowledge his Creator. They believe in the ridiculous concept of evolution, which has no explanation for the beginning of life, and how fruits, nuts, vegetables, vitamins, minerals, and herbs for our health were provided.  As foolish as the atheist may be, there is a group that’s even more foolish: they are the Muslims.

Let’s start with the Moon, for it is what the Muslims worship.  It is the largest relative satellite in the solar system.  From when the renewed Moon (lower crescent) is sighted in Jerusalem, to the next sighting of the renewed Moon, is about 29.53+ days.  During the months of October to March, the Moon is closer to the Earth, and has a shorter (smaller) orbit around the Earth. 

During April to October, the Moon is farther away from the Earth, and has a longer (larger) orbit around the Earth, and increases its velocity.  It does this in order to remain in sync with the Earth’s distance from the Sun,GENESIS-2014-OK maintaining its apparent equal size with the Sun, as viewed from Earth.  The Atheist thinks that happened by random chance.

Gentiles, in their foolish ignorance, invent several different things to worship.  They imagine that there is a god of the river, a mountain god, a valley god, a fish god, a sea god, a sun god and a moon god. In the Arabian city of Mecca, there were about 350 different gods imagined by the people.  One of which was the “moon god”, which came to be known as “Allah”.

False (brain-washing) belief systems often have a RED agenda.  They Redefine the truth, they try to Exclude the truth from being discovered, and they Deny the truth which has been given. 

Islam was started by a man named Muhammad Bin-Abdullah, who was an epileptic marauder, born in April, 570 AD, in the Makkah Province in Saudi Arabia.  Since Europeans seemed to loosely embrace “a god” that was worshiped by the Jews, Muhammad wanted to establish an Arabian god, to be worshiped worldwide.  Of course, he established himself as “Allah’s messenger”.

At the time, Arabs worshipped some 360 pagan gods housed at a stone temple in Mecca, called the Kabah. According to archaeologists, the chief deity of the city of Mecca was the moon-god, called “al-ilah”, from which Muhammad obtained the name “Allah”.  Starting in 609 AD, Muhammad claimed that the angel Gabriel (from the Bible) came to him, saying that God wanted him to be His new messenger, since all other existing religions had become corrupted.

Yehovah, spent 1600 years, revealing His word to over 40 different men, as recorded in the Bible.  But Muhammad claims that “Allah” revealed his words in one man’s lifetime, and millions have been injudicious enough to believe that lie.  Muhammad performed no miracles, but performed acts of evil.  In the Quran, “Allah” never speaks to anyone, does not deliver those that believe in (it) him, and is actually an avenue for Satan to do his dirty work.  The Quran has no national history, no examples of deliverance, and no messages of hope.

Just like the book of Mormon, the author of the Quran takes a few words from the Bible, and forms false and misleading doctrines, in order to establish a fake religion, claiming that the words were translated from (missing) gold plates that never existed.  There are those that are foolish enough to believe that Lucifer is the brother of Yeshua (not knowing that Yeshua is Yehovah), yet there are those that are even more foolish to incite our Creator to anger, by performing blasphemy, insulting the Creator of our universe, and violating the first  commandment given to Israel, in the worst sort of way.  Exodus 20:3 says “Thou shall have no other gods in my face”.  At least the atheist does not put another (fake) deity ahead of Yehovah (other than themselves).

On the left ring finger of the current President of the United States, is a ring that has certain inscriptions on it.  I have been told that it says “Allah is greater”.  If that be the case, who is “Allah” supposed to be greater than? Greater than our Creator?  Greater than Yehovah? 

Greater than the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob?  There is only one God, and He now goes by the name of Yeshua, which is the short form of “Yehovah is our salvation”.  You mean to tell me that the Muslim thinks that a fictitious “moon god”, invented by a delusional, epileptic, evil gangster, is greater than Yehovah?  I pity their souls in the Day of Judgment, when all of (remaining) mankind that has ever lived on the Earth will be judged, probably during the fulfillment of Yom Kippur, in 3028 AD.

Any person, in the Western world, that knows of Yehovah, and yet would wear such a ring, and embrace such a foolish belief system, is brainwashed, and/or of a reprobate mind, and has no business holding public office in the United States.  If you elect a reprobate to office, you will get reprobate results, such as same-sex marriage and economic lost.  If you knowingly re-elect a reprobate to office, you suffer disaster from which you can never recover, then your eyes become opened afterwards, when it’s too late.

Such a reprobate does not believe in the Bible, and would swear falsely upon it.  Such a reprobate would avow that they are “a Christian”, and that they believe in traditional marriage, and would uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution before taking office, yet “change their mind” and do the opposite after taking office.  They would not believe in who God is, and would disrespect the Constitution and laws established using the commandments of God. 

Such a reprobate would try to “redefine” history, promote an evil degenerate religion, restrict access to the truth and worship of the true God.  Such a reprobate would directly defy most all the principals that this country was built upon, by “fundamentally changing America”. What happens to the people when a person is driving the bus on the highway, who is blind, and under illegal influence?  There is a crash, along with death and destruction.  When the blind lead the blind, they both fall in the ditch.

For the sake of your own souls, I plead with all who have been indoctrinated into such a corrupt and evil belief system such as Islam, to at least have enough wisdom to diligently inquire whether there be any Deity other than Yehovah.  Insist upon evidence and historical proof.  For the existence of Yehovah, there is Mt. Sinai (in NW Saudi Arabia), the Ark of the Covenant, and the nation of Israel.  What does any other (fake) deity have?

Written By Herman Cummings
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14 Responses to “The Truth of Genesis: The Muslim Is A Greater Fool Than The Atheist – Part 1B.”
  1. NegroMonger says:


    They make “Muzzie” prayer to the criminal con-man Elijah!

    Stupid Terrorists! 🙂

  2. Douglas says:

    Not only have you gotten reamed about the moon, You obviously have never read the Bible. At what point did Yeshua say that He was Yehovah? Yeshua said he was sent. He said his God was in heaven. Only a lunatic would pray to themselves! And if Im not mistaken, Yeshua died. Jehovah has no beginning or end. In fact Psalms 83:18 clearly states Jehovah ALONE is most high over all the earth. So….Yea. Yeshua did say though that these things would be revealed to the simpletons and not the “intellectuals”, or at least people who think they are.

  3. Huey says:

    Where did you get the idea that Muslims worship the moon ? Please do some research before you talk about something which you have absolutely no knowledge. I don’t mean to be rude but clearly you’re an idiot.

  4. Valiant Dancer says:

    I think you are missing the point here, Herman.

    The apogee and perigee are for a single body. You have conflated apogee and perigee of the Earth’s orbit (December/July) with the orbit of the moon.

    The Moon itself has an apogee and perigee. The moon maintains a cycle of 29.53 days roughly. During this time, it moves faster at the moon’s perigree and slower at the moon’s apogee. This averages out to 29.53 days.

    You research in other areas is lacking. Allah is not a moon god. And the Qu’ran was developed independantly of the Bible. Since both are Abrahamic religions, they will have similar stories and teachings.

    The “Obama is a Muslim” lie has been debunked many times.

  5. Rick says:

    So is this ridiculous, error-filled article going to be retracted or corrected?

  6. Jim says:

    I am not sure where you got the idea that the moon is closer to the Earth during October to march. The moon makes a complete orbit around the Earth every month, and during that orbit will pass through both perigee (when it speeds up) and apogee (when it slows down). So each month averages out to the same 29.5 days.
    Perhaps you got confused with the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. The earth is closer to the Sun in December (perigee) and farther away in June (apogee). So it is the Earth that moves faster in winter and slower in summer. Since the earth is dragging the moon along with it, the moon will move faster relative to the sun in the winter and slower relative to the sun in summer, but the speed of its orbit around the earth will be the same summer or winter.

  7. Epinephrine says:

    Mr. Cummings,
    Rather than attempt to answer in text, I will simply point you toward the wikipedia article on planetary motion,
    One way to think of it may be to consider that when an orbiting body is far away it has more potential energy; this energy becomes kinetic energy as the body approaches. Just like dropping an object on earth, the orbit speeds up as gravitational potential energy is exchanged for kinetic energy.

  8. Herman Cummings says:


    Thanks for the comments. I submit this observation. If the Moon travels faster at its perigee, and slower at its apogee, how is it that the Moon maintains its phase cycle of 29.53+ days? During March to October, the days should be something like 30.2+, and November to March, 28.8+, should it not?


  9. Muslim says:

    Seems like you are the fool if you believe that Muslims worship the moon.
    The greatest unforgiveable sin in Islam is shirk (idolatry)- its the issue Muslims have with trinitarian Christianity and its worshipping the creation (Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him)

    Please educate yourself

    Muslims don’t Worship a Moon God

    Do Muslims Worship The Moon God? Refutation To The Myth By Etymological Evidence

  10. BM says:

    Idiots write misleading articles, but they only work on other idiots. Poor job, poor representation of Christian believers. Show me where muslims believe Allah to be the moon…… Idiots

  11. Richard says:

    pretty hateful article

  12. jatheist says:

    I really hope that you aren’t actually the “scholar for black America” because our black Americans deserve MUCH better! As the 2 previous comments pointed out – you can’t even get the basic science right… what a sad “scholar” you turned out to be!

  13. Jim says:

    You need to check your source of information on the Moon. The mistakes you make in describing it weaken your whole argument. The moon travels fastest when it is closer to the Earth, and slower when farther away. This speed change is described by Kepler’s Laws of planetary motion, and has been repeatedly verified by observation. While Kepler was a religious man, his scientific laws are not; they are very basic scientific laws accepted by all astronomers regardless of religious affiliation.

    Also, you are incorrect about the relative size of the moon to sun always being the same. The relative size changes as the moon moves closer or farther from the Earth. This is just simple geometry, and is also easily verified by observation of solar eclipses.

    Christian, Muslim, atheist, Buddhist, Jewish (and every other flavor of astronomer) accept these laws because the laws of nature do not depend on religious faith. They depend on observing nature.

  14. Cuttlefish says:

    Mr Cummings, you might want to check your science.

    Any satellite (including the moon) in its elliptical orbit does not move faster when it is at its apogee (furthest distance); its fastest speed is actually at its perigee (closest distance). This is, you will note, the exact opposite of what you claim here. So… which is wrong? Science, or you?

    You might also want to take a look at the beautiful phenomenon of the annular eclipse, in comparison to the total eclipse. The sun and moon do not, as you claim, maintain an apparent equal size, but vary enough for a spectacular variation in eclipses, depending on whether the sun or the moon appears larger (for annular and total eclipses, respectively). Again, you will note, this is the exact opposite of what you have written here. Will you change your claim? Or will you deny the evidence of the very sun and moon themselves?

    If I cannot trust you to speak the truth about these simple, obvious things, why on earth should I trust you on anything else? For instance, it is easy to check your “I have been told” story about Obama ( If you are so gullible when the evidence is easy to see, is there something about 2,000-year-old information that somehow makes it *more* reliable?

    If I sound harsh or impolite here, please understand, I am responding to a post that A) calls me a fool, and B) does so based on clearly false information, which C) is very easily checkable.