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Bill O’Reilly: Keep Those Right-on Commentaries Comin’ White Boy.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) As a black conservative tea party activist, I am extremely excited about Bill O’Reilly’s recent series of commentaries and TV shows addressing the hypocrisy and exploitation by the American race industry that has and continues to devastate the black community.

Bill O’Reilly boldly called out all of the usual suspects, Sharpton, Jackson, the Congressional Black Caucus and Obama.

Eric Holder and others on the left have been whining and arrogantly scolding us saying, “We need an honest discussion about race in America.” Whenever despicable race hustlers such as Holder suggest that we talk about race, it means they want to further the false narrative that America is still racist andBillOreilly somebody needs to get paid; more entitlements, growing government bigger and increased deficit spending.

Well, Bill O’Reilly called Holder and company’s hand and “honestly” addressed race in America and the Left are out of their minds with rage. Why? Because like the famous line in the movie, the Left “can’t handle the truth”.

In fairness, Rush Limbaugh has been taking enormous heat for courageously and honestly addressing race issues in America for years on his radio show. However, O’Reilly is the only white host on a number one TV show with the stones to address the huge elephant in black America’s living room. Why is black America a mess?

Bill O’Reilly tells it like it is: fatherless homes, out-of-wedlock births, high rate of school dropouts, drugs, crime and high unemployment in the black community. http://bit.ly/13VhTy7

Arrogant racist white liberals have been patting themselves on the back for their superior compassion for minorities for years. Their crappy entitlement programs and insulting lowered standards have clearly destroyed the black family.

In reality, Bill O’Reilly and Limbaugh are the guys who are expressing real compassion for black Americans. The first step to fixing a problem is to acknowledge that there is one.

Laura Ingraham guest hosted on the O’Reilly show. In her discussion with a black pundit, Ingraham stated that Al Sharpton’s hypocrisy injures blacks. The idiot pundit’s reply was , “How dare white people tell us who our leaders should be.”

What a racist stupid response. I thought, “Madam you and your ilk are the problem. You are the reason why blacks continue to die via black on black crime, suffer broken families and end up in jail. Get off of my TV you vile human being!” Yes, I grabbed my remote and muted her.

Folks, my passions are high because this is serious business. Black lives are being destroyed while white limousine liberals feel good about themselves and black liberal sell-outs get rich.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media or generation-of-vipers as I like to refer to them, punishes and seeks to destroy anyone who dares to honestly address the issues fueling the extinction of blacks in America.

Yes, with blacks killing blacks in record numbers and half of black pregnancies ending in abortions, we blacks are well on our way to self-induced genocide. http://www.blackgenocide.org/black.html

Bill O’Reilly’s revelations about what has gone terribly wrong in the black community are not new. Myself along with other black conservatives have been fighting on the front lines writing articles and books, giving speeches and more confronting these issues for years.

But with the mainstream media’s boycott of black non-liberal voices on TV, exposure of our ideas have been extremely limited.

Bill O’Reilly’s rant has unquestionably brought the source of the problem and our ideas front and center. Finally, a broad audience of Americans, black and white, have a rare opportunity to hear the truth.

I am prayerfully optimistic that O’Reilly’s “honest” conversation about race will spark positive change; saving black lives and the futures of black youths.

Thanks Bill. Keep those right-on commentaries comin’ white boy.

Staff Writer; Lloyd Marcus

Chairman of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama.

Please help me spread my message by joining my Liberty Network.

Lloyd is singer/songwriter of the American Tea Party Anthem and author of Confessions of a Black Conservative, foreword by Michele Malkin.



29 Responses to “Bill O’Reilly: Keep Those Right-on Commentaries Comin’ White Boy.”
  1. Wattree says:

    Lloyd Marcus,
    Every time I come across you I have to stop and scratch my head. Everyone but the most profound idiots in the Black community know that the following is true:
    To Professor Claude Henschel and All Other Social Bigots – You’re Only Fooling Yourselves

    Claude, you said,
    “He [President Obama] has actually caused me not just to totally dislike him and disrespect his leadership abilities, but now, because of him, I have the same feelings about Muslims.”
    First, you and you’re GOP counterparts aren’t fooling anybody. You don’t disrespect President Obama’s leadership. In fact, just the reverse is true – you are shocked, awed, and severely dismayed over how much more competent and intelligent this Black president is over any White man you’ve ever known, and it’s causing you to struggle through a severe case of cognitive dissonance, because it forces a reality down your throat that you’d rather die than accept – that there’s nothing special about being born White. Now, that isn’t to say that there aren’t many very special, and brilliant, White men and women, but they didn’t get that way by virtue of being born White. They got that way through a personal investment that they made in themselves.
    Secondly, President Obama is not responsible for you’re distaste for Muslims. You were probably a bigot long before Barack Obama was born. So don’t try to lay your backward-thinking, bigoted attitudes at Barack Obama’s feet. You’re a bigot because you’re ignorant, the poster child for profound mediocrity, and your self-esteem requires you to desperately hang on to your delusional belief system in order to maintain any sense of significance whatsoever.
    So again, what you – and the entire wing-nut fringe of the GOP – actually dislike about Obama’s leadership is that he causes you to experience cognitive dissonance. All your life you’ve been able to delude yourself into believing that regardless to how drenched in mediocrity you might be, you could always take comfort in the fact that you are superior to Black people. But now, these ‘uppity’ Black people like Barack Obama – and myself, by the way – have come along and thrown a pie in the face of your delusions of grandeur. Don’t you realize that there are literally millions of us out here who KNOW how miserable that makes people of your ilk feel? And we’re getting a very special kind of joy out of watching it?
    And Claude, now that we’re having this discussion, I want to take this opportunity to express my personal gratitude to you and all the people like you. Because you people literally created me, and many more Black people just like me, who are quietly investing in themselves and growing in cocoons all across this nation. Due to your constant need to validate and reinforce your delusion of superiority, you’ve indulged in the studied propensity to constantly focus on the most dysfunctional 10 to 15% of the people in the Black community, and you’ve totally ignore the very people that you should have been watching – the highly functional 85% of Black people – and that, has been a grievous error on your part, an error that Barack Obama’s appearance on the scene – seemingly from out of nowhere – clearly demonstrates.
    Oh, wait a minute! You didn’t think Barack Obama was an aberration, did you? Not hardly, buddy. There are tens of thousands of Black people across this country who are capable of wearing your ass out – intellectually, professionally, or in any other way you choose to compete. In fact, every Black person that’s considered your professional peer is actually, more often than not, your superior, because they’ve been forced to spot you 20 yards and run against you in lead boots, and they’ve still managed to remain competitive. So many of us – the Black silent majority – have prepared our entire lives for this marathon. Personally, I can assure you that I have invested in myself with a fierce and dedicated determination for my entire adult life to make you feel just like you’re feeling right now, and believe me, it feels wonderful – it’s right up there with sex.
    So let there be no doubt about it, Barack Obama is getting a very special kind of joy out of watching all you bigots struggle with your self-esteem. He’s taking your unfounded delusions of superiority and beating you about the head with them, just like I do with you routinely, professor.
    So don’t you think for a moment that you’re jumping up-and-down about Obama’s ” incompetence is fooling anybody in America but yourself, as evidenced by the last election. We all know what’s going on – including many White people. You’re in absolute misery, and we’re taking great pleasure in watching your agony. Because we know why you’re ACTUALLY screaming. You’re not screaming over Obama’s alleged corruption or incompetence; you’re screaming in agony over having the hell beat out of you with your own bat, and it’s an absolutely exhilarating thing to watch.
    Consider this a teaching moment, professor, and take special note of this bludgeoning:

  2. Dcarter910 says:

    Thanks Robert. I would just like the conversations around her to focus on responsibility, self reliance and non-handout based solutions.

  3. ROBERT says:

    TO BRO DCARTER910. WE are all familiar with these type of horror stories in our communities and there is no justification for this type of behavior.
    YOU have to understand black AMERICA’S condition in its totality because what happened to us didn’t happen overnight.
    WE are the only racial group in AMERICA who’s leaders were targeted for assassination and who’s civil organizations were disrupted and destroyed by our government and thereby denying us our natural leadership.
    LEADERSHIP is everything this is why AMERICA spends so much time and money overthrowing governments throughout the world simply to control their leaders.
    IN the last 40 years the major weapon that our government has used to destroy us was the so- called war on drugs. WE now know from the author ALFRED McCoy who wrote the book [THE POLITICS OF HEROIN] that our government was involved in the illicit drug business from its inception and we also know from the author GARY WEBB in his book [DARK ALLIANCE] that the black community was targeted for the crack epidemic.
    OF course black people played their role in the drug war but no government who is involved in distributing drugs to its citizens has a moral right to prosecute them but that’s what our government is doing.
    BLACK AMERICA started off like every other racial group here we had our own businesses ;social organizations religious institutions had we not been molested we would have made it here like everyone else.
    SOMEWHERE along the line some powerful people in this country decided that we could not become a socially and economically viable community and they used various means to make sure that did not happen.
    WHEN you post these type of articles about black crime it also has to come with the understanding that we didn’t get here by ourselves we had a lot of help. HAVING said all that its still our responsibility to fix ourselves.

  4. Rameses says:

    I just read all three stories dcarter….all I can say is wow….you can’t even have a meal at a restaurant without even getting shot. Then this monkey rides away on a bicycle….it’s only fitting because he’s a freaking child…..black people ought to be embarrassed at the state they are in…..forget Bill O’Reilly…..this is way bigger than the comments he made even though he was spot on and I totally agree with him…..this is the best you coons can do? Shooting someone as they eat a meal? beating someone and breaking their jaw stealing their cell phones? I mean these cats are raised by unmarried black females, so according to you’ll argument, these sons should be raised to be strong. It’s strong to go murder someone in cold blood. Then the grandmother says they need to bring the national guard in to protect them. DAMN!!!!!!!!!! You niggers are turning cities literally into middle eastern war zones. While Jesse jackson Jr and his wife trying to “ball out” like rappers, your city might be declared a military zone. And it needs to be. You niggers have become the worse of humanity. Hate to say it but it’s the truth. Thank God I don’t live around you’ll I would have serious problems for real. Gangs terrorizing old people who just trying to make it but you negroes wanna talk about Bill O’Reilly!!!! Stop trying to deflect attention from who needs to be receiving it. He lays the blame where it belongs: black mothers. They are literally producing sons who wage war against other bastard sons over gang affiliations. When you have children you can’t care for, it does breed poverty. I knew cats who sold dugs to help their mother with money because they felt it was their duty!!!! No the hell it ain’t your duty to take care of your grown ass mama. It’s the other way around!!!!!! Damn you’ll niggers make me sick with your excuse making. So let me get this straight: the whole world is wrong and the black woman is right? Other ethnic groups get married, and have children in a family setting, yet the black woman doesn’t, begs for welfare, and has sons who become criminals and daughters who become strippers, yet she’s right? I will use a street term to describe you dudes: bitch niggas. That’s what you’ll are. Everybody else is wrong, yet she is right. Boy black people and their stupidity is paranormal…it really is

  5. Rameses says:

    Uncle Ruckus is waiting right here for your answer too 🙂 lol

  6. Rameses says:

    @Marcus calling me Uncle Ruckus accomplished what? Did it give you an intellectual erection? Did it show that you’re more intelligent than me? Oh I get it. You’re the negro that’s gonna implement a strategy that’s gonna save negroes? LOL…don’t make me laugh. See let me put you onto some information you need to embrace: revolutionary people usually are killed by their own. If you’re Christian we can throw Jesus in there. Malcolm. Khalid Muhammad. Malachi York. Clarence 13X. Ghandi. Patrice Lumumba. Fred Hampton Jr. Revolutionary people expose the weakness in the people they attempt to save. Explain to me how one percent of the population can rule over 99%? Huh? Did they do it with force? Hell no it’s impossible.

    They did it by putting in your face what your heart desires. See many negroes desire big booty. They can;t live without it. So therefore an industry called the media put booty in videos to satisfy the thirstiness many negroes possess. Are they wrong for that? Nope. Why? Because you can always turn it off. Likewise, black women spend billions of dollars trying to look European. Is anyone forcing them too? Nope. I’ve never seen a commercial that says “hey black woman get rid of your naps.” Matter fact I just saw a hair commercial (I think by Clairol) that had Jonelle Monae in it with her natural style hair being celebrated. But because their hearts desire to look caucasian (thus rejecting not only themselves but their people as you’ll like to claim) then she gets herself into trouble. See what you negroes don’t understand is that there is something called “natural law.” See your degrees don’t mean anything to me because more than likely, you were educated in liberal institutions that only create zombies. I went to school before I went to school and it was called “hardknocks.” You can’t go against natural law and think you will prosper. It doesn’t work like that.

    These women have the freewill to look like white women all they want to and it has nothing to do with black men wanting white women either. It has everything to do with the fact that these women hate themselves. Period. If you hate yourself, how can any assistance I might be able to give to you help you when you won’t allow it to get in? How in the hell can you fix a people who don’t believe that they have a problem? These black women don’t think there is anything wrong with getting perms and lightening their skin color. But I’m Uncle Ruckus huh? Why because I lived around negroes long enough to recognize their pathology and refuse to accept any excuses from them? I remember when I was having this conversation with a caucasian for about a two span. And after we concluded he said “you’re one of the most intelligent men I’ve ever met.” This dude was about 15 years older than me.

    He appreciated the fact that as a Man, I held black people accountable for their actions and didn’t try to place them at the footsteps of white people. It’s funny how you negroes got so much to say about the Caucasian from Europe when it comes to slavery, but are deathly silent when it comes to holding African people just as responsible. Why is that? It’s because you limousine liberals have this narrative that you want to promote that everywhere “whitey” is, he is a troublemaker. You support loser people like the Palestinians and say they are victims of American hegemony but the same arabs you love so much came to Egypt and burned thousands of books because they felt the Quran was the only book necessary, even though their religion was created by the Vatican!!! LOL!!!! Look how many cities that have black people running it and that are doing well. Especially the major ones. Look at Chicago. You got negroes who chastise Barack Obama for not coming to Chicago to do anything about the gun violence, but they don’t say anything to their local government officials. Their aldermans, city council members, state or House representatives, or mayors. This man has to worry about Russia, China, desert niggas (arabs) and a whole host of other things.

    You mean to tell me these black people, who were elected to do a job, can’t do the job? Yet always want to defend affirmative action? But you call me Uncle RUckus? It’s funny how black men like Herman Cain (businessman) and other Republicans, who tell black people to be responsbile get attacked for being married and positive (I don’t think for one second that Cain did whatthey say he did to his wife). Yet, when it comes to these wild negroes who murder, rape, rob, or these fluzy black chicks who have babies they can’t afford, you negroes defend them to the death!!!! You reject the ones who say be responsible and show hatred towards them, but you love these degenerates. You negroes love Bill Clinton because he has negro tendencies.” He come on Arsenio Hall and play the Saxopohone and you niggers get weak in the knees!!!! LOL!!!!! No black people ever came out to criticize Toni Morrison for dubbing Bill Clinton the “first black president.” Why? Because so many black women like Bill Clinton type niggas because many live like Monica Lewinsky!!! LOL…

    However, in the black “community”, instead of his name being Bill, his name is Tyrone!!! LOL….I’m beginning to see the theme now: when you tell black people be responsible, they automatically resort to name-calling. They hate those who demand the highest from them (herman Cain, Bill Cosby, etc.), yet love those people who tell them that their stupidity is not their fault (white and black liberals). You negroes hated Bush but he tried to give you school vouchers so you could take your kids out of crumbling schools so they can actually learn something, yet you hated him/ Why? Oh he was Republican and demanded accountability. Same thing again. Same narrative we keep coming back to: negro don’t wanna take responsibility. The black man wanna get by on a big penis and the black woman wanna get by on a big booty. Both are stupid. LOl!!!! I know you niggers don’t like to hea the truth but it’s coming razor sharp. Black men and women are more interested in going to the clubs than libraries and I know cause I go to library and Starbucks and Whole Foods to study and I don’t see niggers there like that. A few yeah. But I see other groups on computers studying computer programming and other sciences. Niggers think they gonna shuck and jive through this existence but got another thing coming. Call me Uncle Ruckus all you want. I take it as a compliment.

    I know you niggers through and through. You the same dudes who see these chicks living foul, yet instead of saying something that is critical (yet helpful), you placate their feelings. You tell them “that nigga ain’t worth shit. You shouldn’t deal with a man like that.” And not because you care for them. You bash another brother to make yourselves look good so you can get a sniff. When the reality is, that brother treated that woman how she presented herself, which is usually like a whore. Real men let their women know there will be consequences for irresponsible behavior: not giving them an excuse by saying it’s because of slavery why they do what they do. I see black women with tattoos on their necks, face, sides of their head shaved like they were in the movie “mad Max” with Tina Turner. I’m not just talking about young silly girls. I’m talking about grown women. I was in church last week and this black woman who had to be at least 40 had her hair dyed blue. I’m like WTF?

    This is how you try to get attention? I mean looking absolutely ridiculous. Now this is the same type of woman who would complain about their not being any good black men around. However, what she doesn’t recognize is that a man like me has a standard, and that she will never have a chance with me. Once I see that, any potential i saw in her would immediately evaporate. This black woman preacher said on the state of the black union in 2006, moderated by tavis smiley, that is black women forced brothers to wait til they got married to have sex, marriage would be on the rise. This was a black woman saying this. Even she knew. But we know that is a far-fetched reality for the negress because she can’t wait to twerk for not only black men, but for the entire world. Everyone knows that the black man, for the most part, is a sex-crazed buck who can’t control himself around booty. I was talking to this female and she said “I don’t want us to have sex.” I responded “I never asked you to have sex. I don’t want to have sex with you because you can’t handle it.

    Why would you just assume that I want to have sex with you?” Do you know, that after that conversation, this black woman stopped calling me? She assumed that I was like every other dude and thirsty but I told her in no uncertain terms I didn’t want to have sex with her. When she saw she couldn’t manipulate me with the thought of having sex with her, she vanished like a ghosts. I disarm black women from the door by letting them know they can’t manipulate me with sex. If I want easy sex, I pay for it. If I meet you in public, as a woman, I expect you to stingy with your body. And the reality is, I can tell anyway once I slide up in there because if it’s not tight, it’s not right!!!! LOL!!! See marcus, the negro can’t out-think me nor bamboozle me with his victim doctrine. I don’t fall for it. That’s why you hate the Uncle Ruckus character: because he exposes the negro/negress for who they really are: scum. What I’ve been saying about black women for ten years has been proven by social media. They don’t care how they present themselves to the public.

    When I step out in public, I make sure I’m dressed business wise because I want to project that I am about business. If a chick comes out in public damn near naked, what is she trying to project? She’s open fo sex. She can say “I should be able to wear what I want to wear” but we all know as men that this chick is an easy mark and the old folks back in the day, including the women would say the same thing. Funny thing the old folks had no degrees, stayed married 40-50 years, you niggers got all the Ph.D’s you can handle yet can’t even date consistently, let alone be married. I got a marriage under my belt and plan on getting married again, but it won’t be with no trashy ass black woman I can tell you that. I’ve seen some trashy black women destroy some good brothers. I will not get swallowed up in that black hole. When I saw a carnival float in Brazil in 2005 have Malcolm X on the front of it, I knew where I needed to go. You cats can keep trying to save this dead carcass known as black people if you want, but when you’re 70 years old, and you see these niggers doing the same things they doing now, you will remember what I said.

    When you have women who will get a perm, and refuse to work out because they don’t want to sweat it out, you have some serious problems. Me and the white girl got more in common than black females because I value marriage and family and she does too. I value staying in shape and so does Becky. These are two things that we both know black women don’t value as a collective. Yeah there are some black women who work out but not enough. They did a study and said that the healthiest people in America are in this order: black men, white women, white men, black women. Now this might not mean anything to you cats but it’s very important to me. I refuse to marry an out-of-shape woman.

    Or one who weighs more than me. All that thickness is not attractive to me. It’s disgusting. My values are what I’m loyal to first: not booty. See that’s a standard marcus. I’m not ruled by what’s in my pants but what’s in my head and heart. I have good sense. I damn sure got good sense to leave Bigger Thomas and his woman alone. I will continue to let curious george and georgette destroy themselves because it’s what they do best. They can’t help it. But Uncle Ruckus, that’s cute. Like I always say “no man should ever get offended by what I say. But only the bitch in you will.” You have to be a man to possess and enforce power, yet we see the american male negro can’t do either. His woman is manlier than he is. No wonder their so-called “community” is so screwed up.

    Even though slavery ended, the way of relating to one another between black women and men is the same. She is still under the impression the white man loves her more than he loves his white woman. This is why she does all she can to look like barbie for him. Black women can’t live without their white savior. But they sure can live without the american male negro, even if it means getting that welfare check. That woman you think is yours has not been yours for centuries. You just to dumb to see it. They did the doll test in 2007 or 2008 and these girls are still choosing the white dolls as pretty and th black dolls as ugly. LOL!!!! After all of your Elijah Muhammads and Malcolms, and Garveys, niggers are still fighting the same battles that should have been over with. We still talking about good hair and dark vs. light skinned in 2013!!!! Damn I see why Tupac felt hopeless in his teens and early 20s. He knew these niggers would never change. Truth spoken out the mouth of a babe right there.

  7. Linda says:

    I agree with Robert, “BLACK AMERICA was systematically destroyed by the policies and tactics of the U.S government. ITS easy to beat up black people especially if you are a big powerful white media personality because there is no one there to challenge you.
    AT anytime we black AMERICANS could take this government before the U.N and have it charged with genocide and we will have more than enough evidence to prove our case.”
    And add to that fact the reality that….
    we can’t grow cocaine in our backyards….and many of us don’t have the means or passports to go to Mexico, Columbia, etc. and bring millions of dollars of drugs back into our communities …so who is really responsible for bringing it to us…I think we should have a conversation about that O’Reilly!

    We don’t own record distribution companies so who’s really behind putting out all the negative rap music that taking over our small children’s minds so that when they grow up all they want to be is a ‘thug’… And why are these record companies paying these negative rap artist such an enormous amount of money to sing these degrading songs..and whose behind glorifying them and awarded these artist with fame and fortune….BET (Black Entertainment Network) has been white owned for some time…let’s have a conversation about that….this is not rocket science! It’s systematically being perpetuated!

    We could go on and on,….the high cost of a good education is out of the reach of most black americans which means the likelihood of a good paying job will not be had….

    The low paying jobs which does not support a decent livelihood and which does not keep up with the high cost of living in this great nation….so here we are…..

    the Declaration of Independence clearly states that:

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

    So Bill O’Reilly can easily judge black americans actions because he is not black…he is a very, very rich white man who’s life, liberty and pursuit of happiness has not been trampled upon. His sole intention is to keep his wealth growing and to continue to get paid very, very well for his demeaning messages about black life in America.

  8. Marcus Vessey says:

    Ramses, you have turned from someone with some times sound points but a little aggressive to the equivalent of Uncle Ruckus.

    Terrance, I just shot you a follow up email. Sorry for the delay, I forget to check that account.

  9. Marcus Vessey says:

    Wow, dude is out of his mind. Remember, describing a problem is not the same as correcting the problem, or determining how the problem arose.

    Conservatives are very good (as most folks) at describing the problems, IE Black on Black violence, single parent homes. What they refuse to do is acknowledge the genesis of the problems and intelligent solutions to correct the problems.

  10. Rameses says:

    @ terence…..that’s where you and I differ fundamentally. You say whites have raped on every continent. Ok. People with a high melanin content have not? Did you forget that it was those kings and queens in Africa that negroes love to claim they descend from who sold many of their ancestors into bondage (business). All the evil black people accuse whites of, they have practiced it themselves, including in ancient times. The problem is is that when you diagnos the problem with black people, you do it from a helpless position. I don’t. I don’t go to sleep and have nightmares about what white people doing to me and what they won’t let me do. I used to buy into the grievance politics but it got me nowhere. Now since I’ve done a complete 180, I am accomplishing way more than I did having meetings with negroes who had no plan of wealth creation. The question on the table is what will you do presently to get your familial, economic, spiritual affairs in order? We can sit here and point fingers at white people all day. What is it getting you? Let’s say you’re completely right and I’m completely wrong. What currency are you gaining from blaming white people. If white people can make black people act a fool the way they do then there is no chance for them is there? I mean are white people forcing black people to perform in the minstrel show called their lives? I’ve found out that the less black people around me, the more I accomplish because it’s less attitudes and ready-to-quit attitudes many negroes possess. The black man/woman are their worse enemy, not the white man. I mean it’s 2013. Not 1813. You cats complain as if you gotta travel with your slave papers. You have all the free movement you want yet negroes won’t make a move. If they think they will act holier-than-though and accuse the “cracker’ for all the world’s evils and take no responsibility for their own actions on this planet, then they have another thing coming. Freedom is a responsibility. Can’t twerk yourself to the “promise land.” Can’t sell crack to get there either. You have to earn your way there. You can love black people all you want but if they don’t straighten up you will not save them. How can you save a people who crave destruction anyway? Free Will is a beautiful thing when used properly but deadly when not

  11. Satchel says:

    @Terrance Amen..I certainly do appreciate that you have’t given up on us, I believe you expertise is vital to our community, financial literacy is key to unlocking a power we have, but don’t use. Keep the good work up and don’t be distracted. When you walk to help us people, you can not stop along the way to throw rocks at every dog that barks, or you will never reach your destination.

    Financial independence and choices.

  12. @ Ramses

    I am working on a plan that will help most of our people. No, I’m not a liberal because I believe my people can change to be the best they can be (Malcolm X) instead of the worst. I think independently, which is why I’m working along with other Brothers and Sisters who haven’t given up on our people because they see what they can become instead of what they are. As far as whites telling people what our problems are, considering they created them.

    They really need to ask why they slaughtered, raped, tortured, and stole on every continent they’ve put their foot on. As I’ve said many times in our conversations, I don’t disagree with a lot of what you say, but you seem to focus more on the problems rather then the solutions. Thinking the way you do about my people is not going to change the situation and it doesn’t help you either.

    Black Unity means financial independence and happiness

  13. ROBERT says:

    I don’t mean this in a disrespectful way but by reading RAMESES comments I always assumed he was a white man who is refers to blacks as DARKIES!

  14. sha says:

    Why is oreilly addressing the problems of black people , why dont he look at the problems of white people….. who is behind all of this anyway????, they always blame the victims, Who is oreilly, he is not our savior, what he is saying is not going to correct the problem at all…….resources, jobs, love of self will correct some of those problems in the black community

  15. Rameses says:

    Well Terence, when you design a program to stop black women from spending billions of dollars on products to stop their self hatred (weave, fake nails, contacts, etc.) then you can talk to me about self-hatred. When I see the negro in his circus state, I don’t see myself in him therefore it can never be self-hatred. When I look at myself in the mirror everyday, I don’t hate what I see. You, like most black people think truth is something that’s supposed to be something you like instead of it being something you need to hear but we know you liberal cats want us to say things in such a way so we don’t “hurt your wittle feelings. (elmer fudd voice). LOL. This color paradigm (race) that you black people operate from, is a color schematic that you didn’t even create yourselves. “Black” people never got together and agreed they would call themselves “black.” Yet we’re supposed to love all black people and there behavior no matter what they do? Dude I see principles first. Everything else is secondary. For instance, I was watching CNN International yesterday, and they did a story on Muslim rebel forces who raped women in Mali. One woman was walking with her child and was accosted by two rebels. One held her chld while the other took her in the bushes and raped her. The other one did the same thing and one of them impregnated her and now she has to live with the shame of this forever. One female said she had been raped by 10 different men. And then they said a six year old was raped. Now, I’m not naive and I know bad things happen in war. But when is rape a prerequisite to fighting a war? These dudes were raping women because they were just evil like that. These monkey niggas, who terrorize their nation, are destroying these women who are way better women than the ones here in terms of being marriage material. These women try to eke a meager existence and have to worry about being assaulted by some sex-crazed maniacs. The same mentality these monkeys have, is the same mentality that many of these clowns in the states possess. I have been in the bed with women who were naked and didn’t want to have sex and I never had the notion of raping them and flesh was staring right at me. These women are wrapped up, very modest, not exposing any flesh and these dudes violate Godly women. Self-hatred is a very strong word “my brother.” Better know when to use it properly. If criminals are your people or hoes who can’t even spell virginity let alone know the definition of it then we will see how far you get in life with your mission. While you spend your life trying to save niggas who are already damned to hell because of their hearts, I’ll be getting this money. See what really confounds you is the fact that I can say the same things what you call a racist white man can say without flinching. Why do you ask? Because I have a basic standard in operating as a Man. If a thug murders someone and kills them, and someone like Bill O’Reilly says “their a wild animal” is that racist? No. It’s the proper assessment. Because I will say the same thing. You take someone’s life with no regard, you’re a wild beast to me. No matter if you’re ray ray or Jeffrey Dahmer. White folks didn’t come to Jeffrey Dahmer’s defense, especially educated ones. But black people’s so-called educated class (talented tenth) are the only educated folks who actually come to the defense of black people’s actions when their totally indefensible. Yet the very people you try to defend have come on here and mocked you for your very efforts when referring to some of your video content on your site. You think because someone has melanin we share the same values? That would basically say that I support the seeds of Satan in their raping those African women in Mali. I don’t support that weak shit dude. I defend women (women only) when they’re worthy of defending. Me defending some welfare queen. who uses her womb as a lottery scratch off ticket is someone I will never defend. i don’t care what her circumstances are. Period. Her family won’t defend her then that’s on them. They created the mess they need to clean it up and stop having this exectation tht “society’ asissts them through their self-imposed afflictions. If you can’t understand that “my brotha” then we exist on two different frequencies and I suggest you communicate with someone who thinks more on your level. Like I told a close friend of mine a year ago “it’s not the man in you that has a problem with what I say. It’s the bitch in you that has the problem.” If you really consider yourself a man “black man” then you should have no problem with what I say. If you do, then it means you have not removed the “bitch” inside of you. That sounds like a personal problem to me.

  16. @ Ramses

    Your self hatred is showing. What good does it do to talk about our people in the worst way possible? You sound like a racist white man when you say things like that. There is truth to some of the things you say, but your hatred for our people super seeds the truth you speak. I know you have a right to your opinion, but I know you can do better than this.

    Black Unity means financial independence and happiness

  17. Rameses says:

    Damn you’ll are some sensitive people for real….anyone with half a brain would know that what isaid only applied to those who thought like children and the ones who think like children….point proven…..like the old folks used to say: a hit dog will holla…..lol….good luck eating your master’s scraps…..any group of men who sit around and complain about how much another man holds them down are not even fit enough to call themselves men at all….ex-slaves asked for opportunities…modern negroes ask for handouts….but you call yourselves men….I can’t tell…..if black men chased money like they chase black women hips and ass, they’d be billionaires but we know that charade will not be stopping anytime soon because ass is the black man’s kryptonite and crack and he loves it!!!!! if you think congrssional black caucas represents you then cats are better off tying some grass around your genitalia and go back to the jungles of Africa and sing songs….we all know how much the negro loves his song and dance routines

  18. sha says:

    same ole situation, the white man is always right, what you are witnessing in the black community is the effects, what is the cause behind all of this????
    Bill O’reilly is always poing the finger at us and always will, he is not our savior, and never will be

  19. ROBERT says:

    TO RAMESES . THANKS for telling us how you really feel about us we appreciate the honesty!

  20. Rameses says:

    Black people are better off resurrecting jim jones and asking him to mix up another batch of kool aid and taking themselves out their misery…they have no chance at success……the oly thing black people are fit to be is wage slaves…..good luck darkies…..and good riddance

  21. Rameses says:

    The same Farrahkhan that said nothing about Malcolm being murdered in cold blood in front of his family and the same one who has the nation attached to the church of scientology or the leader of the same nation that welcomed jim jones (kool aid) guy into the temples after Elijah Muhammads death? lol….boy black people would let a 5 year old lead them and it makes sense because majority think on a 5 year old’s level….the old white social scientists were right: black people are a child like group of people who who would drown themselves drinking a cup of water and couldn’t did themselves out a one foot hole!!!!! lol

  22. Satchel says:

    Lloyd Marcus the singer/songwriter and man of God, has been using Thy Black Man, to promote the Tea Party and their counterfeit Patriotic agenda and that is not against the law. He doesn’t bother to respond to criticism or questions, so why bother.

  23. Papacool says:

    Just a good ole boy, doing his job. Get O’Reilly to go toe to toe with a pro Black panel featuring Farrakhan and Sister Ali, and even Maxine Waters to name a few and let America see it in its entirety without censorship. They can get Brian Williams to moderate the panel and ask all of the that get submitted without sanitizing anything. This would be better than pay-for-view and in light of all the negative buzz surrounding race relations would put America on point that our people are not going sit around doing nothing when it comes to being unfairly treated. Still Bill has always talked about it, but has never openly put his money where his mouth is. He could start by donating to any Historical Black College of his choice and establish a scholarship foundation with some of his Fox monies and get Juan Williams to join him to let people see brotherhood can exist. And also get Paula Deen to provide the snacks for the audience so she can openly show that she can still be fried and put to the side. Gotta go, food is calling. Peace out, Papacool.

  24. what says:

    The same United Nations that is turning a blind eye to the genocide taking place across Africa?

  25. ROBERT says:

    I would be careful not to find myself in alliance with a scientific racist and master propagandist like BILL O’REILLY even when he saying things that are obviously true. ANYONE looking at black AMERICA can see we are a destroyed people the question is who responsible for our destruction.
    BILL ‘OREILLY’S audience is white AMERICA and his remarks about black peoples condition are directed at them and are designed to absolve whites of the responsibility of destroying black AMERICA.
    BLACK AMERICA was systematically destroyed by the policies and tactics of the U.S government. ITS easy to beat up black people especially if you are a big powerful white media personality because there is no one there to challenge you.
    AT anytime we black AMERICANS could take this government before the U.N and have it charged with genocide and we will have more than enough evidence to prove our case.
    BILL O’REILLY’S job is convince you as well as white AMERICA is that what happened to us was our fault and that is not true.

  26. for real says:

    @Dennis Beard**spoken like a true “white” liberal**

  27. Dennis Beard says:

    Bootlickers like Lloyd Marcus are the problems..Him and his ilk talk down to his owb for sone scraps and a pat on the head from the white man. Makes em feel all warm and fuzzy inside… Good Negro.

  28. Rameses says:

    Thanks bro…..glad to know I’m not the only one out here swinging the scimitar sword of consciousness

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