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The Black American Male’s Extinction: Will Black America Allow it to Happen?

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(ThyBlackMan.com) In a Comedy Central TV special, comedian DL Hughley lobbies the EPA to have Black African-American males declared an endangered species. Although DL Hughley’s “The Endangered List” reduces the severe possibility of the Black man’s impeding extinction to a comedy skit, this is a very serious and weighty matter. The problem with attempting to bring attention to substantial issues using comedy is that the issue will be taken as a joke, fall upon deaf ears and blown off nonchalantly as a fictitious story made up just for kicks. As such, those at the crux of the joke—Black America in totality—will also be taken as a joke. DL’s approach is reminiscent of White America’s belief that Black people are light-hearted fools who are happy with the way things are.  

There are many contributing factors which lend to the very real possibility of Black American males becoming extinct. Some of the primary factors include black on black crime that ends all too often in tremendous amounts of bloodshed and death or life-long prison sentences; as well as mediocre to poor health due to unhealthy eating habits; carelessness about or a reactive (rather than a proactive) nature toward tending to one’s health; self-destructive, reckless lifestyle behaviors; and having no or limited access to medical care. Other situations that will effectively sponsor this sad affair include womenblackmale using  abortions as a form of birth control—which further leads to increased reproductive and mental issues; rampant drug abuse throughout the entire race; and same sex marriages. All of these issues are bound to have an adverse effect on population growth.

Speaking of population, grippingly, the United States holds less than five percent of the world’s population, but it possesses almost a quarter of the world’s prisoners. Interestingly, America is supposed to be the most civilized and organized country in the world, operating under the premise of the so-called justice system, yet America’s prison population is the largest in the world.

A number of statistics are available breaking down the make up of the prison population, and a few particularly stand out: The prison population grew by 700 percent from 1970 to 2005. According to the 2010 census and Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), blacks comprised 13.6% of the US population, yet accounted for 39.4% of the total prison and jail population in 2009. Statistics further dictate that one in every 15 Black/African-American men are currently incarcerated, and that, at a minimum, one in every three black men can expect to go to prison at some point in their lifetime. As for other races, only one in every 106 white males are incarcerated, and one in every 36 for Hispanic males are locked up.  The prison industry is big business.

Young men of color have a disproportionate number of encounters with law enforcement, indicating that racial profiling continues to be a problem. This is just one example of White America feeling like it has an unmoving commitment to fulfill its quota of jailing black men, and don’t be deluded about it, the prison cells will be filled by any means necessary.  A report by the Department of Justice found that Blacks and Hispanics were approximately three times more likely to be searched during a traffic stop than white motorists. African Americans were twice as likely to be arrested and almost four times as likely to experience the use of force during encounters with the police.

When considering all the emotional stress and the effects it has on the human mind and body, it’s little wonder that young black males have the shortest life span of any group in America—another factor contributing to the group’s human extinction.

Add abortions into the mix and the odds of extinction increase exponentially.  Black America accounts for roughly 13 percent of the population and has 37% of the abortions.  Eighty percent of Planned Parenthoods are located in minority neighborhoods, and the purpose of its existence is controversial to say the very least.  Founder Margaret Sanger’s belief and acceptance of Eugenics has given her the reputation of advocating Black genocide.  One thing is certain there is an extermination of black babies taking place, and Planned Parenthood is right in the midst of it all.

So, why these statistics? Why do “experts” speculate and actively pursue this type of continual demise for the Black community? How is that not only does the black man make up more than a third of the current prison population, but even greater, more negative predictions for disaster are made about him before he can even set foot to make a mistake? And if current trends continue the way they have been going, why is it that in the face of this type of report and revolting expectation, Black America continues to lead ill-fated, self-deprecating lives?

First off, causes leading up to the Black man’s ill-fated situation does not strictly hinge on issues of poverty, unemployment, and drug abuse, etc. all of which are prevailing concerns in the black community. Rather, these factors are symptoms, not the cause; but these symptoms have heavily contributed to the state of Black America and Black men. Even further, though, Black America continues to lean on the systemic crutch as an excuse for allowing these symptoms to uncontrollably plague the community, which too, must be addressed.

Blacks are in their current position because they have been socially engineered into their dilemma.  Most Black/African-Americans have been systematically locked into a NO-WIN situation.  Black people, collectively, DO NOT own a significant amount of anything to be able to control their own lives. Whites in America control almost 100% of the income, wealth, power, resources, businesses, privileges and all levels of government.  In knowing this, it seems strongly impossible to compete against such overwhelming odds.

Since 1860, inherited wealth has been locked into the white culture. This means that all the wealth and power in this country for the past 400 years has been systematically piloted into the hands of the majority white society, and, thus, blacks come into the world with 0 per cent wealth.  To add insult to injury, mentally-crippled black folks, who account for the majority of the black community, use their poverty or victim card as a free pass to ignorance. They are content with proudly walking around poking out their chest, boasting how they OWN the n-word (n**ga/n**ger), claiming this as their wealth. Such imbecility makes one want to throw up.  

Rather than Black America continuing to fall like marching soldiers over a cliff head first into the lifestyles that have been handed them by a system meant to destroy the race, Black America—especially the Black men who are supposed to be the leaders of the community, must come to their senses and find methodical and strategic ways to circumnavigate this detrimental landscape. It is up to Black America to lasso the chaos as much as possible to make sure Black America sups its full portion of life’s glories even though the cards were never dealt with black people in favor.

In many ways, the Black male is thriving (socially and economically) as he never has before, but he faces, at the same time, an assortment of conditions. These conditions, experts say, indicate that the species “is definitely threatened” and possibly endangered. This threat of extinction is real, and, yes, Black America to some extent responsible for its own demise.

Black/African-Americans are the only group on earth who do not think in terms of GROUP survival, although at one time we did.  But now, totally consumed by individual successes and “getting my own”, Black America has allowed itself to be blinded by the entrapment of integration which has obliterated all instincts for group survival.  

Black America must decide that extinction will not be a truth, move from living in captivity—mentally and physically in jails and prisons, and turn attention and real effort to fixing the root causes rather than wallowing in the symptoms. Black Americans are the only ones who can solidly work toward re-establishing itself as a pure and unified race who refuses to be wiped away from God’s green earth by self, man or any other man-made force.   A good place to start is the pursuit of self-respect and respecting each other, referring to one another as n**ga/n**ger is not a sign of respect but that of self-hatred, contempt and acceptance of a diminished image; no matter how use of the term is rationalized laying claim to it in ANY manner is self-defeating.

Staff Writer; H. Lewis Smith

This talented brother is the founder and president of UVCC, the United Voices for a Common Cause, Inc. ( http://www.theunitedvoices.com );  and author of “Bury that Sucka: A Scandalous Love Affair with the N-Word“.

Also follow Mr. Smith on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/thescoop1   





19 Responses to “The Black American Male’s Extinction: Will Black America Allow it to Happen?”
  1. Zhivago says:

    Perhaps the attempt at genocide, against our people, will backfire. Of course, the author (perhaps rightly, too) would not be satisfied with leaving the lives of our people at the hands of “Perhaps.” Personally, I do not pretend to have a CLUE as to how to create a plan, or a program, or a movement, or WHAT that will turn our situation in this country around 180 degrees. I do not.

    I am telling myself, hopefully from strong intuition, and not just wishful thinking, that the negative energy and utter hatred that has been thrust upon our people for hundreds of years, non-stop, will soon [SOON] begin to find their way back to their OWNERS.

    I have already admitted that I have no idea of a “plan.” But, I DO wonder, sometimes [indeed, I’ve already started doing this] about the COLLECTIVE attempt at what I call the practical use of Consciousness. I am not speaking about anything murky, as I have proven, to myself, through actual experimentation, that Consciousness can be used as a tool [weapon].

    I wish I had time. But, I’m old and I’m tired. I give a suggestion to young people:

    Create a “room,” on the Internet. Then fix TIMES, in that room, when black folks can “gather” there, from wherever they are in the world, every day. If someone can’t make it Monday, maybe they can on Saturday.

    At the gathering, everyone recite, verbally or mentally, “I turn the hatred of our people back to its owners. I turn the hatred of our people back to its owners. I turn the hatred of our people back to its owners…”

    Any religious person who doesn’t like that, need not participate. But, the words are NOT negative. And this has nothing to do with “black magic,” although, quite frankly, I doubt that there’s a single thing wrong with so-called “black magic.”

    What this simply does is return an energy back to its source, that’s all. You’re not wishing that anyone be hurt, necessarily. The hatred against you does NOT belong to you. And yo mamma raised you right, and told you to not take something that doesn’t belong to you.

    So, you’re simply GIVING BACK, to its…ahem…rightful owner that which does not belong to you–his hatred (or HER hatred).

    Listen to me, young people, do not sneeze at this. The study of quantum physics has proven such exercises as REAL–as real as the sun that rises in the East and sets in the West.

    In such disciplines as Mindscape, white folks are doing some REMARKABLE stuff for their improvement. They keep those classes very expensive for the average person, but if you can muster up the dough, DO SO.

    A lot is being done on a DIFFERENT LEVEL now. And you can FORGET about anything military. I wish I could tell you how to prove practical Consciousness for yourself. But, I can’t say too much. But I CAN say this: IF you want to know, then move your mind; move your spirit TOWARDS what you want to know, and you’ll find it. Keep an open mind.

    The fight can be moved to a much higher level.

    Oh, one REQUIREMENT: You can’t f_ck around. You HAVE to be righteous. I didn’t say RELIGIOUS. You have to strive to be clean in thought; clean in your physical health. And [and this is the HARD one, at least for me] you have to remove all hatred of others, no matter how they’ve treated you. out of your entire bodymind complex. You HAVE to.

    When you do that, you will be on the right road, and you will discover practical Consciousness, as I’m preferring to call it–Consciousness you can USE.

    Listen to me. Create that “room” I mentioned above. Call it the Shift room, or name it something that is meaningful.

    And if all this sounds like junk, then I ask you: Got any OTHER ideas? We’ve tried them all.

    To you Christians: It is YOUR “son of God,” the man supposedly named “Jesus Christ” who said that, if you have faith as small as a grain of mustard seed, then you can do greater works than he did.

    Then WHY are you WAITING for HIM to “come back?” Why?

    What he said is 100? true: You CAN, and now you MUST do greater works than he did, otherwise YOU’RE DEAD. You’ll be genocided, as this gentleman in this article has hinted.

    Get the Shift Room going. Set the times to meet there. No exchange has to take place. Just DO IT.

    Such a thing is already being done, but for a different purpose, at the Global Coherence Care Room:


    Don’t belittle this stuff. This might be the ONE thing that our people have not tried: use the collective energy of our MINDS and SPIRITS, or just of our minds. I would think that this could be an idea that could spread.

    I wish that our people still had our old Black Grapevine. We didn’t have to show boat, when we had that. And it was OURS. We didn’t ADVERTISE it. The black butlers and maids in the WHITE HOUSE would keep us informed, and that’s not BS.

    The Black Grapevine was the most effective form of word-of-mouth communication that existed in this hell-hole called the United States. How did we lose it? In part, because of the ILLUSION of “having finally become free.”

    I remember when Dick Gregory would come to my grandmother’s house, and NOT because she was ANYBODY AT ALL. But, there was a time when we had no one except EACH OTHER. So, when entertainers came to town, they could NOT stay in the hotels. They HAD to stay with US–the community.

    Jo Williams would stay with us at my daddy’s crib on 51st, in Chicago. When Dick FIRST announced he was off of pork, and showed up at my grandmaw’s house, she went, “Boy, what the HELL you doing,” and MADE him eat!

    He was just getting started with his shift, so he just smiled, sat down, and ATE.

    What happened? Do young black people know about the Black Grapevine, one of our previous SURVIVAL tools? God help us.

    Now you have the Internet. What is the excuse?

    Make the Shift Room. Just DO it, and have some faith in your OWN powers, especially your collective powers.

    You will NOT find this message repeated anywhere on the Internet. This is it. I’m tired.

    God bless and keep all of you.

  2. phillip a gary says:

    hello ms jennifer! i just want to comment on your statements, about the
    black man does not believe in god or not taking care of his kids. you have
    forgotten why you are here. in accordance to jeremiah 31:22 to make
    a long story short; you are supposed to remind the men to glorify god’s
    holy name since eve took away adman’s relationship, his salvation and
    eternal life from god. ever since then man refused to glorify god’s holy
    name. a man’s respnsibility is not to take care of kids, instead, it is
    to glorify god’s holy name. almighty god made man out of his own likeness
    and image so that man can glorify his holy name, and if he does not, god
    holds him without excuse. next, woman was created from man. jeremiah 31:22
    says a woman will compass a man. will, thats whats happening right now.
    your god is in The Womens Liberations Act and women are the majority in the
    us. almighty god is passing the man’s domain on to the women, but the women
    refuse to remind the men to glorify god’s holy name. the glory of god is
    man, god loves man more than he loves you, simply because you are the gift
    that god gave to man. a woman can never say that she is the glory of god.
    only a man can. just tell your man to be a man by glorifying god’s holy name;
    dont forget your son. you and your man are supposed to understand this prior
    to having kids. aman?

  3. Jeane Harris says:

    Excellent article. I think you forgot to mention the black male gay role in fewer African American children. So many blacks males are not having children because they dont like women. You also left out the part about the blatant hatred of black men against black women. Black women have noticed the extinction long before this article, but I must thank you for acknowledging it as a fact. The new Black baby is now half black. Its the new trend. More rampant than red bottomed shoes

  4. Rick says:

    H. Lewis Smith, this is a good article. You speak very eloquently about the black condition in America. But, there is something you don’t say. You don’t say about the black condition truly is. What you speak about in your article is SLAVERY. That’s the black condition, Slavery. We are enslaved, right know. I’m sitting in my home office, typing this comment about your article, right now. It might appear that I’m free. But, I’m not. I’m being influenced/controlled by media, price controls, hatred, drugs, education, and government regulation. We as a race of people are not getting the whole story. We are being lied to. Rip-off! Hoodwinked! Bamboozled! Run-a-muck! And, we are blaming each other for it. That’s the plan. The plan is to keep you thinking that you are a slave, by influencing you to think you are free. You have to open your minds and seek out the truth. What this article depicted is the condition of present day slavery. We are slaves. I will end this comment with the immortal words of Harriet Tubman (if you don’t know who Harriet Tubman is Google it). “I could have freed more slaves, if they knew they were slaves.” Recognition is that damn important.

    Rick Brandon

  5. phillip gary says:

    wait a monent! it sounds like all of you hate each other. all of us are
    here. the major reason why we are here is because of god. all god wanted
    is for someone to glorify his holy name. so, he made man. do the women have
    a problem with that? god made man for himself, and from his own likeness
    and image, so that man can glorify his holy name. if man refuse to do that
    god hold him with out excuse. dont blame each other for whats going on, blame
    god. go back to adam and eve. to make a long story short. eve is the one
    who got fooled by the devil and bit the apple. after eve bit the apple she
    saw that she and adam were naked, but adam did not know because he had not
    bitten the apple yet. eve was trying to influence adam to bit the apple for
    what she saw. adam refuse at first but listened to eve and bit the apple.
    and lo and behold they had sex. after having sex they were ashamed of
    themselves because both of them were disobedient to god. almighty god talked
    to adam and asked did you bit the apple when i told you not too? adam
    stated yes. almighty god cursed both of them. god told eve, eve since you
    have done this thing you will have more sorrow in your child barrowing. you
    will submit otherself to your husband, and he will rule over you all the days
    of your life. to adam the almighty god stated, adam since you listened to
    the voice of your wife and did not listen to my voice as to what i told
    you to do, you will eat the dust of the field all the days of your life, for
    dust are you and dust you shall return, and you shall eat the herbs of the
    field for the replacement of the tree of life.

    so, can this be turned around. all it will take is for one righteous man or
    woman to stop or change it. if one righteous man or woman should pray, and
    ask god to stop letting the women have female babies all of this will stop.
    i think god will know what to do when it comes down with the last woman and
    man on earth.

    after adam and eve, man did not glorify gods holy name. in jeremiah 31:22 god
    wants women to remind man to glorify his holy name. but the women, just like
    man, does not want to remind him. before god created that verse of scripture,
    jeremiah got down on his kness to ask god not to destroy man again. jeremiah
    being a righteous man, god granted his request. i know its got to be one
    righteous man or women somewhere in the United States of America that can
    pray to prevent the extinction of the black man’s race. if not then i believe the black man will go into nonexistence because we can not get along with each other. be cool and god bless the black man.

  6. phillip gary says:

    i read some of the comments posted about the destrubing situation extinction
    black man. but this extinction is nothing new. its been going on ever since
    the day the white man brought us to this country. the first day that the
    black women created a mix child started the black man’s extinction. i’m
    mixed myself.

    i think the key to all of this are the laws. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. hit
    the nail on the head when he started a movement to address the unjust
    treatment of minority people. as time went on he talked about the laws.
    Dr. King gave us a warning that The Constitution of the United States does
    not exist for the black man. he also asked congress why are you passing The
    Womens Liberation Act and The Freedom Information Act when these two laws
    are already covered under The Constitution of the United States and The
    Declaration of Independance; and, if these two laws are passed they will
    create many routes to practice racism and discimination against the
    minority people. now, since these two laws has been passed outside of The
    Constitution of the United States and The Declaration of Independance the
    black man’s values goes down, gets thrown in jail more often, his substance
    are taken away, he is obsolete in the society, going into extinction, he is
    antagonised, and racism and discrimination is practiced on him much more
    than it was prior to the civil war up to where Dr King was assissinated.
    the peroid of the civil war up to were Dr. King was killed had less racism
    and discrimination practiced on the black man than the time period where
    Dr. King was assissinated up to this time of just 42 years ago. it looks
    like to me that The Womens Liberation Act and The Freedom Information Act
    were very busy back then and now going into overdrive. the reason why
    racism and discrimination is going at a fast pace is because i think the
    bosses of these two laws intimidate the women. i say this strongly.

    its not the black woman and the things she’s thinking about with The Womens
    Liberation Act, The Freedom Information Act, The Gay Rights Act and other
    laws that she can take advantage of to obtain prosperity, liberty, and justice
    for herself thats on her side, its not the black man, white man or some
    other minorities that did wrong to her. its the laws which were delibertly
    passed by congress to make all these things happen in america. all of this
    is to cause the women to help practice racism and discrinination on the
    black men without them realizing that its happening. so, what do the women
    has to say about it. i know they are not but thing about it though.

    the hint that Dr. King was making, of which he was being real nice about
    when he said it, that The Womens Liberation Act and The Freedom Information
    is a license to be antagonistic and practise racism and discrimination
    against the black men today. all the things that Dr King warned us about
    those two laws are happening today. in other words Dr. King saw these two
    laws in action before they were passed.

    the reason why Dr. King was making his movement nonviolent is because of
    history. history show that The Black Man is one of the most vicious fighters without anything in his hands. now, these two laws are a cause of us fighting
    each other. that same viciousness was shown in the civil war fighting for
    his freedom.

    what we should do is ask congress to amend the laws which are outside The
    Constitution of the United States, pass a liberation act for the black man
    to keep us out of extinction, counterattact the unscrupulous of those two
    laws, and if anyone found practicing racism and discrimination is a
    criminal act. i think this is what the black man must do.

  7. toomanygrandkids says:

    become infected with this deadly virus. What about the faithful black men who received tainted blood during an operation. I know there’s a small % of faithful men but they do exsist. Do you hate them too?

    You shouldn’t be angry and mad at EVERY black man b/c of what some black ‘men’ have done to you. It causes you to be that angry black woman that causes a decent and caring to not even acknowledge.

    Do yourself a favor, young lady. Get out of that dark place and step into some sunshine. It doesn’t hurt and it won’t cost you a thing. Peace.

  8. toomanygrandkids says:

    WOW! Explosive and informative.
    @Jennifer….You sound very angry and bitter. I know I’m late joining this discussion, but your comment jumped out at me. Who are these ‘men’ you speak of? Do they live in your neighborhood? Are you intimately involved with them? Are they the ‘men’ you view on the news or in newspapers getting arrested and going to jail? At anytime, are these ‘men’ a part of your inner circle of ‘friends’? The reason for all the ?’s is b/c it sounds as though YOU have been around too many of the wrong type of ‘men’. Sane women DO NOT desire to be in the company of a bunch of no-good, pathetic ‘men’. The guys you described are ni**ers in my eyes. There are still decent black men in this world, thank goodness. But back to you, Jennifer.

    Personally, I don’t know you, where you live, or work. However, I get the feeling you’ve been hurt and betrayed so many times, you’ve lost count. Many of us have been there, done that. Hell, at times I still find myself in that place. It’s an ugly, lonely place for anyone who resides there. Really. Make an attempt to get out or step out into some sunshine once in awhile. You’ll like it.

    You don’t believe HIV/AIDS was the greatest thing created. The angry, bitter you is saying that. If you truly believed that, Jennifer then you have the exact same mindset of those who infect innocent ppl on purpose. Let’s see:

    DL dudes–low down selfish dudes who will infect someone knowing their lifestyle puts ppl at a high risk of being infected with HIV/AIDS. Jennifer, the level of hatred DL dudes have within them to purposely infect anyone is of the same intensity of the KKK, or other white supremecy group. Is that your level of hatred? If so, you are excately like the black ‘men’ you are complaining about.

    You say that HIV/AIDS purges the whores, gays, and unfaithful from us. Well Jennifer, they’re not the only ones who contract HIV/AIDS. People who don’t even live a promiscious lifestyle

  9. Andre says:

    Speechless. I’m about ready to leave it all behind and go start over in another country. I fought back and brought myself a good ways but it always feels like destruction is just a step behind me. Some sick shit they planned.

  10. Rameses says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5R1jddzm4ic (Tupac Speaks at Malcolm X Grassroots Movement)

    I put this up because this brother basically broke it down what the problem is in a nutshell. What you have in the so-called black “community” is either a criminal element (that exists in the streets) or the intellectual criminal element (niggas with degrees). Now let me explain. Black people (not me cause I don’t follow them) have Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton (nigga with fried chicken hair), Michael Eric Dyson, Cornel West, Tavis Smiley (more than likely gay) and a whole host of niggas who pontificate about black people’s struggles all the time. The problem is not one of these niggas have solved any issue for you all. Show me one issue that these Civil Rights parasites have solved for you. Have they shown you how to own businesses? Have they shown you how economy works? Have they given you one tool that’s gonna allow you to go out into the world and produce for yourself and your family and overall community? Hell no!!!! So if this is the case, why are they your leaders? When did black people get together and say these are their leaders? I don’t see white people, as a collective, needing leaders. So why do you black people. These intellectual criminals are a sideshow. A circus. They keep you in a emotional traumatic state by always talking about how much of a struggle you are in. How much slavery has affected you. Some of you would be very surprised to see your ancestors who owned slaves themselves. Some of you might come from bloodlines in which your ancestors weren’t even owned at all. Being a descendant of slaves is a state of mind that you choose. Because you make it seem that’s where you history starts and that’s false. They found a black woman who is purported to be a 2 billion years old. Blacks weren’t slaves like that. Slavery is just apart (a tragic part) of the history. It’s not the entire story. But these niggas, instead of telling you to go out here and become the next Ben Carson, or Mae Jemison (first black woman accepted into NASA’s space program), they always talking about the poor black people all the time. For what? Let them fools (women included) destroy themselves if they choose to do so. Move away from them to get some peace. The root of black people’s problems are black people!!!!! They are the source of their own misery and failings. You complain about bad schools. Well who makes your schools bad? You do with your criminals and hoes in training. It’s gotten so bad that these fools have put daycare centers in high school for these tramp girls. I mean really. Is that a way to solve problems? I remember when they wouldn’t allow pregnant girls in high school because they didn’t want them to influence the other girls. These black children of this day I hate these lil bastards because you can’t tell them shit. And I see where they got it from: their sorry ass parents (most of the time their mothers). These mothers be the first one to say “don’t put your hands on my child.” Yet they out here fighting other people’s kids with assistance from their kids. You can’t discipline their children at all because they are ready to fight you. So they give their children the impression the rest of the world is like that, only to find their sons shot up for running their mouths disrespectfully, or their daughters beat down by a Man who refused to be disrespected. Ask yourself black people one question: in your lifetime, who have you had more conflict with? Black people or white people? See you’re under the impression that white people have been the source of all your problems because you’re always looking at things historically and when you see slavery, you can’t do anything but get all emotional. But take that away for a second. Who cause you more heartache and pain than black people? Who? The reason why I love Django Unchained is because he refused to let himself be defined by other people. Even though Stephen’s hateful ass wanted him to be a slave, it was the white man willing to do business with him. It was only when Stephen’s hateful ass enlightened him onto who Django was when Django had problems. I found out that the more civilized I became, the least amount of problems I had with white people. Matter fact, I actually found out that they are much more willing to help when they see you trying to achieve something for yourself. And I don’t mean in a condescending tone way either. As an adult, I can’t recall ever being disrespected by a white person. If they did, it didn’t stand out. However, when it comes to black people, I have a laundry list of complaints. I’m not saying white people are perfect by any stretch of the imagination. But neither are black people. I mean it would be bad if it was adults killing each other on daily basis in Chicago. But kids? I mean show me any other community of people that do this. If the majority of black people want to be generational welfare recipients, then let them. All this talk of “we gotta talk nice” shit is over as far as I’m concerned. When kids are murdering kids, playtime is over. I don’t give a damn how many Ph.D’s a nigga has when this is happening and I will not be lulled to sleep by tiresome rhetoric. You have all these so-called “scholars” and no builders. It’s funny how these people like Watkins blast white people for not doing enough. But where did they get their education from? White institutions mostly. There are white people who are defending you in the military but you want to bash them as a whole? Seriously? Even Malcolm had to grow away from this doctrine, yet these niggas want to keep you in that black/white matrix. I looked up Dr. Mae Jemison to see what she has been up to and sister is doing some good work. Here’s an interview of her on youtube that I think people should check out if they are tired of seeing loser niggas destroy their lives http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&feature=endscreen&v=uZITbCtNfJE. Also Neil DeGrasse Tyson as well. Very intelligent brother as well in the sciences and very slept on in our community http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gK2EEwzjPQ. I’d rather focus on those blacks who are achieving than the underachieving. Life is too short to be disappointed by niggas who will never change. In Malcolm’s time, they pushed dope. And after all these organizations, niggas still push dope and many black women still sell their bodies. So what else is new. Let them. Nature has a way of weeding out the weakest in the gene pool anyway and I support it because it’s nature. Anything that goes against it’s nature should be destroyed anyway.

  11. Lady Dee says:

    We are also afflicted with the disease of speaking down on one another, we look at what has happened in an individuals life yet we do not question the ‘whys’. Cause and effect is a reality! We are afflicted with the disease of going for self, we do not care for one another and there is a sense of wanting to be “better” than the next person… never for a higher purpose but rather in seeking material gain and status. We have to begin highlighting the positives within our communities! When you continue to give all the attention to the “bad” child the “good” one will begin to act out as well. We, as a race, give black males few options to look forward to. You have black women on this post bashing black men all the while being mothers, teachers, aunts, cousins, etc…. how does this attitude improve the status of our black brothers? If there are chasing “tail” its because its readily available, if they are abandoning their families it’s because the 2nd, 3rd, 4th woman continued having children by him although he wasn’t taking care of the first. As a race have difficulty accepting personal responsibility. If the black man is near extinct, the black woman isn’t far behind.

  12. Rameses says:

    Mr. Smith…..if they never were getting caught up in the juvenile system, would there be cash for bodies system? I mean you can’t sell bodies to prisons if there aren’t any chattel slaves coming through right? So I guess they abducted them in the middle night, and placed them in the courtroom huh? What if one of thee lowlifes took one of your dear relatives life? Or a child? Or a wife? Would you be so quick to defend them? These bastard sons roam the streets and cause plenty of trouble (see Chicago). And it doesn’t matter if you’re 13 years old: when you shoot a gun, the bullets still hurt. Chances are, when a youth is involved in crime, chances are when he’s older, he will be as well. Don’t give me statistics. Give me the root of the problem and please don’t say it’s the white man either because he has his own problems to deal with. What are black people doing, amongst themselves, to solve their economic, educational, health, and spiritual issues on their own? I heard of that story years ago. But I also have heard many stories of teenage bodies lying dead in Chicago streets as well. Are you saying you want people who have no regard for their own lives, let alone someone else’s loose on the street? And don’t say these kids don’t know right from wrong because if they didn’t, why would they hide what they’re doing? If selling drugs wasn’t bad, then why do they hide it in their socks from the police? Because they know it’s wrong and if their parents have not prepared them to be in a world where they can provide for them, then why are they here. If my parents had me selling drugs at 11, I would be like “why did you bring me here?” Black people judge themselves by white people all the freaking time, as if whites are the standard of civilization. HELLLLOOOO!!! They are not. If they were, why did they come study with highly spiritual, and scientific minded Egyptians? Because they wanted to learn from the masters. Blacks are so preoccupied with whites, they don’t pay attention to Chinese, Koreans, Indians, and other groups of people who are beating you at this game called “commerce.” Do you know what a trust is? Do you know what a nonprofit is? 501 C (3) anyone? Do you know of the many investment vehicles out here that will allow you to accumulate wealth? If Boyce is “for the people” like he says he is, then tell the clown to stop swinging on white men balls for a second and explain to you all some business concepts. How is complaining putting money in your pocket? Have you ever went to the Secretary of State’s office and incorporated? If so, did they reject you based on your political affiliation “black?” I know they did not. Matter fact, you can do it online these days. Walllah. Right at your fingertips. And Negroes are still too lazy to get off this sob story known as slavery and Jim Crow. Bunch of twentieth century coons who should have been left there instead of bringing their sorry behinds into the 21st century. I don’t do complaint politics because it looks like slaves looking for a handout to me. Did you know that Governor Cuomo has made certain parts of New York “hot spots” for startup businesses in which they can do business there tax free? Now I don’t live there (in Atl) yet I know this. Why? It’s called staying abreast of what’s going on in the world. Instead of wasting my time trying to explain why black people suffer (what is it now posttraumatic slavery disorder lol), I worry about how I can create wealth and pass it down when I’m gone physically. That’s it. Something as basic as the family structure, negroes can’t get that right. Negroes would screw up breathing if they could but God had to draw the line somewhere. For all the hate megachurches get, they definitely have a tight business model that creates wealth. Don’t be surprised to see me operating one one day. LOL. All you people do on this site is search for the bad. Go visit some colleges and see what some of the few black people with sense left are doing. Or some of the young entrepreneurs are doing. Why are you people infatuated with losers? Who wants to be the underdog all the time? I would rather be expected to win than have people surprised when I do. Like my brother said a few years ago “black people are in love with the nigger too much. Once they let the nigger go, then they can move forward. Until then, they will stay stuck.” I completely agree with this notion. I mean seriously, I don’t care about teens being sold to the prison industry because the people that created them didn’t care enough to put into the society kids who behave responsibly and they put themselves in that predicament through their criminal activity. Think of those black parents who have been arrested for actions their kids committed. Skipping school and all that. I don’t do criminals. I would give they criminal behinds to the state if they want to be criminals. Now if they want to be productive then they can stay. Mothers putting up their houses as bond for niggers who go right back out there and commit crimes and their mothers lose their homes. But I’m supposed to have mercy on those types of fools huh? I am a grown ass Man and I would never suggest to any black woman to involve herself with a lowlife black man. If he doesn’t have a plan that she can invest in, her legs should remain close. Frankly I don’t see how black women deal with weak niggas in the first place but that’s their choice. I have invited black men to come to the library with me, where we can discuss business and devise strategies to getting money for about a year now and you know what I found out? They don’t want money. They want vagina instead. If black men chased money like they chase tail, we could really get some work done. But not one dude has sat down with me, including close friends I had to cut off because I don’t plan on being 55 working in McDonald’s. I really don’t trust any man who is comfortable working for another man myself. What real Man will allow another Man to direct his livelihood? That’s weak to me. Sorry. Females complain. Men plan. And if your only plan is to sell drugs to buy you some new Jordans, then you don’t deserve the finer things in life and deserve to be a servant/slave in this world. I don’t care what your color is. All these schools in America and the only thing black men and women can do is sell ass and drugs? You think freed slaves wouldn’t love to be here right now in this position? You think you want to go to Africa huh? With that corrupt leadership there? Ok. WHere they hack off kids arms that are not even in there teens yet. Raping adolescent girls and forcing boys to sleep with their own mothers. But the white man is the devil huh? Well who created the devil? You guessed it? Negroes. Oh you didn’t know? Yes your people created white people. But that’s another story for another time. These people are doing (not theorizing) about time travel and traveling to other interstellar systems while black men have to beg their kids mothers to see their own children. Black people are the instigators of the hate that exists in this world whether you know it or not. Remember, we were the first ones to conduct civilization so the only thing that could have brought black people to this low level of being is hate. Love definitely did not bring black people to this level. I found it so ironic that during Katrina, the very people who hated the US government and white folks, were begging these same white people to bail them out. But before Katrina, they were down there murdering each other like dogs. At one point, they were thinking about passing a law that made child molestation a death penalty offense. But only white people molest huh? It’s just the Catholic church and their white priests huh? Get off your high horse and light a fire under your people’s asses before they wipe themselves out. All this hate whitey stuff is just hot air really. Look at how hating whitey turned out for Malcolm. I implore black people in all seriousness, let the nigger go. Then, and only then will you be able to reshape yourselves into a proud people again. Until you do that, things will never change for you.

  13. Mark Ciavarella Jr, a 61-year old former judge in Pennsylvania, has been sentenced to nearly 30 years in prison for literally selling young juveniles for cash. He was convicted of accepting money in exchange for incarcerating thousands of adults and children into a prison facility owned by a developer who was paying him under the table. The kickbacks amounted to more than $1 million.

    The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has overturned some 4,000 convictions issued by him between 2003 and 2008, claiming he violated the constitutional rights of the juveniles – including the right to legal counsel and the right to intelligently enter a plea. Some of the juveniles he sentenced were as young as 10-years old.

    Ciavarella was convicted of 12 counts, including racketeering, money laundering, mail fraud and tax evasion. He was also ordered to repay $1.2 million in restitution.

    His “kids for cash” program has revealed that corruption is indeed within the prison system, mostly driven by the growth in private prisons seeking profits by any means necessary.

    Source: Blacknews.com – Wednesday, May 1, 2013

  14. Rameses says:

    Interesting article…..However it’s much more of the same rhetoric…..The “oh Woe is me” motif has ran it’s course as far as I’m concerned. It’s always what the white man is doing to me what I hear from blacks. Let’s say it’s true. Wouldn’t that make it more imperative for black people to collectively invest in one another when survival is at stake? @Deanne, the comments you make are well-received, but a big part of me tends to agree with Jennifer. However, we won’t let her off the hook either. She says black women are better off marrying African men since they respect their women more than black men in America. Well, last time I checked, many African men are Muslims and they run a tight ship. And these men don’t operate with a notion that you will call the police on them because they wee raised to raise a hand against a woman who is disrespectful You literally are their property. Is this better than dealing with men who are more willing to compromise with you. Even the Christian Africans are this way as well. Has Jennifer seen the Africans in Africa (Sudan, Rwanda, etc) who mutilate little girls and hack off limbs. Is this better treatment? There have been black women who thought they were gonna get a African male, only to get beat up, and run back to black men in America. Now I find it very interesting that this woman said black men in America are better off dead. I was talking to this black woman a few months back online, and I said to her “there are not enough responsible black women in media coming out against this appalling behavior being exhibited by many black women.” She responded “I am not speaking out against these women. These women will violently attack you. This generation of black women is better dying off anyway. They aren’t worth anything.” I was floored to hear another black woman say this about black women. She has more insight into black women behavior because she is one and can see things I can’t because I’m not in certain spaces and for her to say that was really scary. Now Jennifer, you say that black men leave their communities behind right? Ok. Well explain why in the twentieth century, there were countless black organizations that had black men speaking on behalf of their communities? From the Nation of Islam, to Garvey’s Universal Negro Improvement Association. Hebrew Israelites. Nuwabians. Ausar Auset. SCLC. SNCC. And everyday people in your local communities teaching you how to be right. But you really showed your and when you said “they praise women of other races more than their own men do.” You seem to be upset that black men are dating other women from other races. But why? I see women who are extremely attractive in Atlanta who are single. Why do you think this is? You think men here don’t approach attractive women here? I am here to tell you that the average woman here is not interested in marriage at all. I was talking to an Old School dude a month ago who was about 58. I asked him how were the black women when he was coming up. He said “they were like they are now. Horrible.” I said “really?” He replied “that corporate office has made them horrible mates because they are more loyal to their corporate office than their home.” I was like “wow.” See what you fail to realize @Jennifer is that black men have been defending you and their communities as a whole (including other woman) for a long time. But what have they gotten in return. What has Malcolm X gotten in return for his defense of black people? He not only was shot in front of his family, but he do black people, who wear tshirts with his face on it, really follow what Malcolm taught? No. What did Garvey get in return when he sailed those ships to Liberia o do business with the African nation? He got betrayal and was turned away and was mocked for not getting the job done. What did Booker T Washington get in return for his struggles? Black people, have allowed themselves to be on the bottom of the economic pole. Now you say that black men should be exterminated. fair enough. Some of that I can agree with. But you only go as far as your teacher takes you. The mother is the teacher of civilization. So when your mother is psychotic, and she is the only one raising you do to her own misdeeds, isn’t it fair to say you will be psychotic as well? I appreciate Deanne’s notion of wanting to see the best in people in general. However, you have to acknowledge the part of God that destroys disobedient children. God does bring wrath upon those who are wicked and I’ll be the first to say black people have become a wicked group of people. But the way black women have displayed themselves in public is appalling. It’s amazing you have so many black women out here criticizing black men, yet you don’t see any black women of any notoriety (including Michelle Obama) criticizing the behavior of black women. I saw on facebook the other day this black chick who let her 4-5 year old daughter pose for a picture, in which the little girl, dresses in skimpy clothing and pose with the facial expressions of an adult woman who wants to have sex with you. Now I know the author of this article has a problem with Planned Parenthood but I don’t because I believe in eugenics. Not racially based, but genetics based. Some people out here should not have children at all. They are not mentally, spiritually, or economically mature to take care of them. This nation is filled with young girls who are either getting pimped because they live in homes where their mothers are so busy taking pictures of themselves in tight clothing in their bathrooms, they lose sight of their daughter and what she is doing online and in the streets. These girls are stripping in clubs at 15 years old and helping their mothers pay bills with their donations. Where is the scathing attacks against these mothers Jennifer? You say father abandon their children huh? When have these women ever asked these men to be fathers in the first place? Many of these women get pregnant by men and don’t even know the man’s last name!!!! How many black women ask black men what kind of fathers would they be if they were to get them pregnant? You lie down with men in the bed, but never have a conversation about parenthood? Jennifer, does this make sense? A friend of mine said this girl in high school, who was really loose, they later found out her grandmother (a black woman) used to pimp her out to grown men because she had a woman’s body in high school. The reason why Chinese sons are well-balanced is because their mothers defer to them which is why their sons later in their life provide for them and help them and reciprocate what they did for them, especially when their husbands die. Chinese men adore their mothers because their mothers adored them when they were children. They don’t beat them silly or tell them they aren’t shit like their fathers and destroy their confidence so by the time they’re adults, they’re either emotionally wrecked beings (like their mothers), or gay. I’d be the first to say that I can’t stand as we call them (bitch ass niggas.) But note the term “bitch ass niggas.” We use “bitch” to note that a male acts like a woman first, before he acts like a man. This dude said on youtube said his grandmother said “half the black men in the grave have been put there by black women.” Now if you could prove to me that majority black women are loyal to black men, then I would wholeheartedly agree with what you said. But, we know this isn’t the case. Ask the average black man if he feels (keyword feels) black women are loyal. And ask them to be really honest. If you can handle the truth, you will hear mostly no. I am here to tell you that most black women, that I have encountered, fight men who demonstrate leadership qualities in black men. Now they don’t fight white men who display these qualities at all. Matter fact, if she can’t control or run the situation, most black women don’t want to be in the relationship with black men. Look at the comments made by Deanne. Look at what she stressed. ” His choice is simply not to deal with complaining, bitter, ungrateful people — HIS CHOICE, defining his world. Thus, a complaining, bitter Black woman would not even have a chance to get to know him.” Have you ever put yourself in a black man’s shoes? The black woman has become so separated from her men, she doesn’t even know (or care for that matter) what he goes through on a daily basis. Black men hold so much pain inside because they don’t have a female counterpart (which is balance to him) to share it with. To get it off their chest. My friend just moved to Brazil last week. He had Brazilians trying to talk to him thinking he was Brazilian himself. He already has 3 Brazilian women who are eager to teach him the language. He is actually staying with a Brazilian woman he met in 2005, and who let him stay in 2006 when he came back. Although he has the ability to pay for his own place, she refused to let hi stay by himself. She refused to let him stay by himself, in a new land. She made him come stay with him. Now, when you have black women who refuse to open their doors to black men (and I don’t mean sorry ones either), and you have almost complete strangers opening their doors to us globally, who do you think we are going to? Mind you, my friend is a businessman, and could not find any black woman who would compliment him in his business endeavors so he could be successful and share with her. I remember when he was dealing with a black chick who was Ph.D holder in African-American studies. She knew all about our history and things we went through collectively and all that. Do you think they worked out? LOL….This was probably one of the worse chicks I seen him deal with. This chick was mean, bitter, hateful, disrespectful said purposely hurtful things only because he wouldn’t bow down to her. Most men she dealt with bowed down to her, but he didn’t. One day, in bed, she told him “I don’t see you being with a black woman.” She knew she wasn’t good enough. Jennifer, the future of black women is looking real bleak right now because of the same mentality you exhibit. Some of what you say I agree with. However, you defend black women at the expense of securing yourself. I’ve heard black women for years they couldn’t be friends with black women because how treacherous they are. Now that black men see this in many of them and call it out, we praise other women. Why do black men praise other women? And when I say praise I mean marriage. When you truly praise a woman, you’re willing to marry them. That’s the highest praise a man can give a woman. Why do they praise these women? Because they are treated with care, love, honor, and trust from these women. Ask the average black man if he would rather be with black women and he will say yes. That’s nature. You prefer to be with someone that looks like you because there is comfort there. Theage black man does he trust the average black woman to do right by him and you will get a response you never thought you would see. Tupac made songs about black women but who helped get Tupac locked up? A black woman who later recanted and said he didn’t do what he she accused him of. If black men are not willing to fight on behalf of black women (or the black community in general) can you really blame them when you have black women like yourselves saying they should be exterminated? I feel like this, if you don’t plan on being productive in this world, then you will need to be subsidized in some kind of way to live. So based on your logic, black women on welfare should be exterminated too right. Now if you would have put these women in the pot too, I would have wholeheartedly agree with your premise because it would have been balanced in its approached. You mean to tell me you’re gonna give a free pass to these types of female and don’t say that they were abandoned either because there are plenty of black women who consciously make the choice, to steal seeds from men, to either get money from them, or to get welfare. Many don’t want husbands at all. They want money. I’ve seen so many black females in Atlanta with their hair done, yet their daughters’ hair a mess with a runny nose and dirty looking clothing. You don’t have a problem with these women? But as soon as Farrahkhan calls these types of women out for their behavior, the first thing these black women will say to avoid accountability is “he’s Muslim.” Now many African people practice genital mutilation as well as mercy killing for women who are immoral and have been found guilty of doing immoral things. Do you think your past deeds can live up to that type of scrutiny? Many of these men will not deal with you if you aren’t a virgin. Can you live up to that as well. Many African women do not care for black women from the states because they refer to black women as “kasha.” A term that denotes many of you are loose and have tattoos on your backs. African women don’t respect American black women because they feel that black women are untrustworthy and whores and will try to have sex with your men. Black women in the States said this about each other for many years. I support destruction when it wipes out filth on both sides. If you have a problem with black men, then by your definition of them turning away from God, you should have a problem with black women too right?

  15. Black men are not likely to become extinct; it is very hard to wipe out half a billion people around the world. In the United States, it is true that our people are in trouble, but the high caliber of Black men I know suggests that all is not lost here either. By the way, some of the fine men I know are ex-felons who have turned things around for themselves and their families. Black men are not down for the count yet, although undeniably, we ARE in trouble in this country in terms of our having the spiritual and moral discipline, even more so than the economic skills, that we need to not just survive but thrive. I have the feeling we are going to endure severe losses among both our men and women in the coming years… but we as a people are going to make it!

    Now, Jennifer, I have to address you on behalf of my father, grandfathers, great-grandfathers, employer, mentors, cousins, dear, dear friends, and well-brought up boys who are or will become Black men. I love these men, and I covet every minute of their lives… so I almost came at you REALLY hard. But, that would not do either of us any good. So, let me gently reason with you about, “why the black man, let me rephrase, the black “American” man wouldn’t be better off dead.”

    First of all, it is true that there are a good number of Black men who are indeed weak and immoral, but God Himself said He came to seek and save that which was lost. So if He has not thrown even the worst of Black men away, how dare we even presume to do so — and dare further to use Him in such an argument? I know several men whom you would condemn as worthless and better off dead who are now loving, caring, strong family heads; thus I know that God has not given up on Black men, no matter their problems. My God is a God of mercy and grace in addition to being a God of holiness and righteousness; He has neither given up on weak Black men OR bitter, disrespectful, equally weak and immoral black women, and that is a good thing…

    Second of all, I am sorry that your circle is so narrow; there are plenty of Black men in this country who are excellent men. I descend from at least five generations of such men, men who built their families’ future at incredible sacrifice. The spiritual descendants of such men still live in this country. At a phone call’s distance I know Black men that are raising, either as family heads or as single fathers, excellent sons and daughters; I know Black men of incredible talent who are laying their gifts at the service of their community’s needs; I know Black men who have risked their lives for the well-being of their families both actual and extended; I know Black men who have built and are building businesses for the employment and betterment of their community; I know Black men who are servants of the Lord every day of the week, both in church and out, serving God by serving His people day by day. These are men of the highest moral character and discipline, and to a man, regardless of their age, I observe that they do not admit disrespectful Black women into their circles, no matter how churched, how accomplished, or how physically attractive those women may be.

    I speak briefly now about the most excellent Black man I have ever met, with whom I share a deepening bond of mutual love. Unknown to me, he was observing me for more than a year while I interacted with things and people under his authority before he made his interest in me known in even a limited way, and nearly a year more would pass before he told me why he had started paying attention to me — he saw in me faithfulness, humility, and character, and he told me in detail what exactly in the community I had been doing that had shown this to him. And then he invited me to join his innermost circle of work and responsibility … and observed me even more closely during that entire time period. Looking at his world from the inside out, I did some observing myself. From his close associates down to the 80-100 Black folks that in certain seasons work under him, male and female, there is harmony and unity, where acts of old-school character are common and drama is largely banished. When I first observed this and commented on the apparent rarity of it, he smiled and contradicted me. It is not that such things are so rare, but…”It all depends on who you’re dealing with, Deeann.” His choice is simply not to deal with complaining, bitter, ungrateful people — HIS CHOICE, defining his world. Thus, a complaining, bitter Black woman would not even have a chance to get to know him.

    I also could have been embittered, Jennifer. I have met and been hurt by the other type of Black man too. I can tell you the age I was — 25 — when God made it clear that I had a choice to make. God hates pride and bitterness — in His Book those are the worst kinds of immorality. I had a choice, therefore, to become an immoral woman in His eyes or to follow His leading, remember my father and forefathers, and remain open in my spirit to the Black men of excellence He surely still had in the world. At that time, remaining open was entirely a matter of faith… but God has rewarded my faith many, many, many times over. And also He has led me to make MY CHOICE to order my life and my attitude so that trifling Black men have no place in my world, but that instead I have the company, the respect, and the love of excellent Black men. What I suggest then, Jennifer, is that you trade in your “Who gives a s—?” attitude for repentance of your own pride and bitterness before the God you claim as proof of your argument, and allow Him to lead you to a place in your life in which an excellent Black man can receive you into his circle. At that point your eyes will be opened to the blessings all around you — but not before.

  16. Dcarter910 says:

    President Obama gave a speech publicly praising Planned Parenthood for all the great work they have done and are doing. And you say that Planned Parenthood’s are purposely place predominantly in the black and minority communities….hmmm…its not like Obama doesnt know about PP reputation and even Margaret Singer’s history of anti-black writings and speeches on how to control the “undesirables” through such government funded organizations.

    Sounds like Auschwitz all over again…but instead of Nazis and Jews, its government funded organizations like Planned Parenthood and minority babies.

    Silly colored people….smh….waiting for a savior in the White House.

  17. Ford says:

    ….four hundred years….whites own everything…..Nope. My great, great grandfather was on the right side of history in the civil war even reenlisting in the middle and fighting to the end. It’s a wonder I even exist. As to owning something check out whats thought of as the hood. You can buy a house there for almost nothing. I did. Then I fenced off the back and side to keep people from using my lot as a sidewalk. There were some angry kids at first but that went away.

  18. Jennifer says:

    Who gives a shit. I’m a black woman and every black man in my life and every black man I personally know would be more productive dead anyway. They’ve abandoned their children, abandoned their women, most don’t want to work, the vast majority are criminal minded and have never known God and don’t want to know God and they praise women of other races more than their own men do – so tell me again why the black man, let me rephrase, the black “American” man wouldn’t be better off dead?

    Most died a looooong time ago to their women and children and judging by the numbers in prison to society too.

    Black men have forsaken God. They have turned perverse and shown that they are very weak willed and weak minded. It’s sad that they are so physically strong but have let women run their homes and the white male dominated criminal justice system discipline their sons.

    We have an entire continent p black men in AFRICA dying to get to the United States. I suggest black women start marrying them. Travel to Africa. It’s filled with Christian churches full of eligible black men who don’t run behind and worship women of other races the same way black American men do.

    I think AIDS/HIV was the best thing EVER created because its cleaning the immoral out from our race. The whores, the gays, the unfaithful- it is purging them from us. Instead of complaining about AIDS/HIV we should be HAPPY!

    And if black women don’t want to be with Africans, date other races of men. It seems they treat us better than black men do anyway.

  19. Steph says:

    Excellent article! Our people have to see the documentary Maafa 21!!!

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