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Black People Are Out Of Control.

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(  Before I state my observations, I’d like to warn you that this piece may irritate the hell out of you.  First, I’d also like to express that I am not any kind of social or political ideologue; readers to my own blog (Beyond The Political Spectrum) know that I tend reject religious-, ideological-, emotional-, or any kind of dogmatic-based thinking when it comes to analyzing social and political policies.  I tend to favor reason and pragmatism alone when taking note of observations.  Do I have biases?  Of course, as do we all.  However, I’d like to think that I’m biased in favor of clear-thinking when it comes to asserting my observations.  Lastly, I don’t see myself as an apologist for white Americans in their historical mistreatment of African-Americans by their ancestors.  The mistreatment is a statement of fact alone, nothing more or less. 

However, in a not-so-strange sense, I think I know how conservative (i.e., “angry whites”) feel when it comes to the negative attitudes many have toward black people.  For centuries in this country, whites have enjoyed the social, economic, and political benefits of their combination race-gender identity…to the social, economic, and political detriment of women (to a slightly lesser degree) and ethnic minorities.  During these earlier times in our history, when blacks were socially and politically emasculated, black men were only micrometers ahead black women in terms of our influences within these social and political institutions in America. 

But over the last couple generations, women racial minorities (and women) have made such headway into balancing the scales of the socioeconomic inequities wrought by the last couple of centuries of white (male) privilege that many whites now feel disenfranchised.  Between affirmative action policies, shifting social dynamics, the rhetorical and political pushback against ideological conservatism, and the growing attempts to curtail open gun ownership—a historical symbol of while male independence and power—whites have complained that they are now the ones who are socially discriminated against.  Formerly disenfranchised minority groups have grown in recent times to assert their socioeconomic and political clout—sometimesoutofcontrol seemingly at the expense of whites.  In fact, many white males believe that the positive gains that black and other minorities have made in these areas have morphed into a level of social dominance…that the expectations of African-Americans have rendered them somewhat out of control.  As a black male, I think I can identify with this feeling among whites—white men in particular—that African-American are indeed out of control.

 This is not a piece that I write lightly.  However, one of the lasting lessons I learned from my father growing up is that sunlight is the bet disinfectant.  Sometimes, you simply have to embarrass and shock people into doing the right thing.  In defiance of the unspoken black dictum that we as black people “shouldn’t air our dirty laundry,” I feel one of two things will happen as a result; either the most negative elements within and among the African-American community will either continue to engage in self-destructive behaviors—thus proving me right—or try to prove me wrong.  In the latter possibility, our collective communities will be better off for my efforts.       

 When say that we are “out of control,” I speak of how the most negative aspects of black life in America seems to live in the forefront of the daily spotlight.  Immediately, my hometown of Chicago comes to mind.  As of the end of January this year, the Windy City recorded some 43 murders, including the senseless murders of 5-year-old Hadiya Pendleton, who performed at one of the events surrounding President Barack Obama’s inauguration and Ronnie Chambers, the fourth and final child of Shirley Chambers—who had already lost three children previously to gun violence.  When I am forced to take not of such violence-based insanity infecting our neighborhoods, it becomes damn hard to defend African-Americans from accusations from the most conservative and racist elements within the white community who assert that “they live (and act) like animals!” 

Yes, I could respond with the predictable, “But what about white people when they…,” but such non-substantive retorts do nothing to address such problems within our communities.  Yes, we can point out the fact that the mass killings in Aurora, Colorado and Newtown, Connecticut were perpetrated by deranged white males, but what does that say about black males, the chief perpetrators whose combined violent actions within our black communities equals—in the words of President Obama—a Newtown every four months?  Where are the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons to organize marches in our communities against such black-on-black violence? 

 Black women are equally out of control.  And when I think of black women being out of control, I think of a couple You Tube videos that have gone viral within the black community.  I’m sure most of you have seen these videos, one of which was referenced here on (“You Might Walk Over, But You Limpin’ Back!”) in an article asserting the same thesis.  In one of these videos, two black women were recorded verbally harassing and disrespecting a black security guard in the worst way in front of their own children…whom they were encouraging to enjoin them in acting in the same.  In the second of the popular videos, a young black woman is recorded on a Cleveland city bus projecting the same verbal disrespect and browbeating toward another black male, a city older bus driver. 

In both videos, the antagonism provoked by these women eventually led to an escalation of these situations where both men were forced to get physical with these women.  The lack of self-respect exemplified in these instances is indicative of the general lack of self-respect and self-control that black women have for themselves, which translates into a lack of respect toward black males…and the wheels on the bus go ‘round and ‘round. 

This lack of self-respect and self-control is why it’s so easy for so many black women to objectify themselves as sexual objects in our raunchy music video culture.  And the funny thing is that most black women want to be respected as something other than sex objects…go figure.  In fact, black women have become anesthetized to the self-degradation of their image in most of today’s Southern-originating rap “music” (for want of a better term) that many are quick to overlook the misogynistic and self-degrading lyrics they dance to by asserting that “they’re not taking about me…I know I ain’t no ‘ho!’”  The problem with such a weak dissonance is that many of the same black women who are forgiving of black rappers for degrading them are suddenly offended when the Don Imuses of the world toss around the label of “nappy-headed ‘hos.”  We can’t expect others to respect us if we don’t respect ourselves.  I don’t believe is giving out free passes for disrespect just because a fellow black engages in it. 

Part of the reason that the self-image of black women (and black men) is out of control is because the once proud medium we used to convey individual talent as well as social consciousness—music—is out of control.  Just look at how sexualized black music has become in both content and delivery.  The classy deliveries and soulful likes of Anita Baker, Whitney Houston, and Luther Vandross have been replaced by the sex-drive images of Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and Trey Songz, with their leave-nothing-to-the-imagination lyrics and sexual imagery.  These new crop of “artists” (again, for want of a better term) don’t understand that many Old School artists didn’t need to use sex to sell their music; they understood that true talent sells itself.  And what could ever be said about the rappers that hasn’t been said before?  Their portrayal, celebration, and pimping of the “thug” and criminal imagery within the black community is a prime reason our children are out of control. 

So many young and impressionable black youth have taken in the artificial and counter-productive ethos surrounding these personalities and based their own identities and perceptions of the black community (and the community at large) on them.  We see this in how many black males sag their pants, in their misguided attempt to look like their favorite rapper.  It’s gotten to the point where even black males in their 30’s and 40’s have engaged in this fashion misfire.  The imagery which these rappers project is one of the reasons why our youth no longer fear jail or prison.  Becoming involved in the criminal justice system is seen as a reflection of “being real,” and a reflection of how they perceive what life is like in the black community…that everyone goes to jail at some time in their lives—just like their favorite rapper.  Thank God that “All My Babies’ Mamas’,” featuring the rapper Shawty Lo was cancelled…one can only the image of parenthood that proposed piece of trash would have put into the heads of black youth…

 And because they have such low expectations fueled by the negative imagery pimps within the entertainment industry, our schools are out of control.  Our classrooms are brimming with children raised by single mothers, who burden them with “black” names, many with hyphens, misplaced apostrophes, and foreign-sounding syllables that do nothing but telegraph the ethnic identities of their owners in a world where racism still exist, and where a “Sha’Quanda” is simply not the image a prospective employer will be willing to see greet his high-profile Anglo or Sino (in all future likelihood) clients. 

In which case, there is no chance of that happening anyway because many of the black children in our school simply do not place a high value on education anyway.  Say what you want in rejecting this observation, but I spent years a long-term substitute teacher; it’s simply the reality.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve witnessed black children slight their fellow black children as “nerds” simply because they want to learn.  Many of the behaviors of black children in our classrooms tends to be excused as ADHD or ODD instead of the lack of patient and direct parenting in the homes.  And it’s sad to say, but the lower standardized testing school of young black children is what’s bringing down the collective scores of the nation compared to the performance of children from other countries. 

True, there are many institutional reasons why I see my fellow African-Americans as being out of control; the legacy of a colonized mind, racism, our history in this country, shifting cultural and demographic trends, etc.  However, I am forced to concede adopt the thinking that many conservative white assert when attempting to address the issue of dysfunction within the black community…that our being out of control is mostly a matter of bad individual choices and a lack of priorities of our leadership. 

Staff Writer; Jeffery Sims

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31 Responses to “Black People Are Out Of Control.”
  1. Mr. E Flame says:

    We are not “black” Black is the color of waste and evil in the bible
    Second of all “we” are not a monolithic centralized entity.

    You brainwashed negroes should be put down I swear

  2. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    To Tatianna: Your thoughts about the ugliness of black women are patently absurd because two thirds of the earths population is non-white skinned which is proof positive that most of the men on earth have chosen not to procreate with white women. The white woman’s genes are so weak until she cannot grow another white child in her womb without specifically copulating with a white man with equally weak genes. This is why the white men in America have made laws forbidding abortion in their attempts at forcing white women to have their children. If a white woman procreates with any other man on earth, her child will be non-white with red, yellow, brown or black skin. It is crystal clear to me that God has designated the white skinned woman as the ugliest woman on the planet who seeks tips, and copies ways on how to be beautiful from black women. After reading your comments, I believe that you are not a female at all, but are an ignorant, thwarted black or white man who cannot grammatically put together a simple subject predicate sentence. Keep trying fella, you may attract a black woman one day but trying to hurt them is not the way to do it.

  3. Tatiana says:

    You are clearly out of touch with current sociocultural theory, Black women are not attractive or viewed as sex objects by men of any race. I have travelled to 70 countries so far, this year I will visit five more and in all the countries, white skin was seen as so beautiful and bleaching creams were used to achieve it all over Asia, and Africa and in Europe no one uses self tanner. IN Latin America the porcelain skinned with black hair like myself are considered most beautiful most desirable because the darker skin tends to be coarser, rougher not as soft and delicate. People prefer white skin aesthetically it is prettier. I haven’t lived in the American South Thank God but perhaps they are seen as attractive there. I went to Orlando and needed to beat off the black men almost with a stock so I really think you should revise your statement about Black women being perceived as attractive. They aren’t. They have thick lips and noses and faces that are generally considered less pretty. Thank you!

  4. Brother Vicrewn says:

    Brother you can’t actively accept, yet, mostly ignore Slavery all the way to 1965 and the 1980’s Crack Epidemic.

    Speaking of which The Crack Epidemic showed that the black family was virtual, an illusion.

    Without constant separate-water-fountain type discrimination the black family didn’t really exist. More Tupac Hologram then Tupac. That much was obvious.

    We diss spiritual advisors on this, but science shows how stress can impact DNA (probably even IQ). Passed down to generations or even skipping a generation.

    I don’t blame the white man, but it is what it is as they say.

    I’m aware people don’t like this comment as it tends to violate the laws of Free Will. Then again both Science and Religion reveal that free will isn’t necessarily 100%. Otherwise we wouldn’t have extreme mental illnesses and permanent demon possession of ancient times.

    It’s time to disband the self critical (bordering on self hate) notion of a “black community”.

    What makes Asians or immigrants so profound and powerful is SELF. Not a community, it simply shows up like this. This self is polluted by what I’ve mentioned before. Only attenuation will solve the problem completely.

    Not Pro-Black Scammers who pimp race like a brothel
    Not a 2-parent household (The amount of MENTALLY absentee parents is INSANELY astonishing.)
    Not the two Abrahamic Religions that pillaged Africa and compared to ancient times are more unnatural then LGBT and Feminism added together and squared.

    Only attenuation of our poisonous past…..less baby mommas this generation, a good sign.

    Definitely and Certainly not Trevo Craw, part time Black Republican, part time Hotep..and religious inquisitor on the side.

    Definitely not the racist buffons either?

    Only time…and even that isn’t guaranteed.
    Nothing is…

  5. Trevo Craw says:

    Mr.Fox preference and racism are not the same thing. Sociologically we gravitate towards those like us. But before you inaccurately define that as racism, I suggest you learn how to spell R-A-C-I-S-M

    To Fat Daddy,

    Stop placing all people of the same color in the same box. What if i placed all of you in red neck pickup trucks, chewing tobacco, living in trailer parks and never graduating from elementary school?

  6. Mr Fox says:

    People are rascists whether they admit it or not, we are genetically programmed to stick to our own kind as it was this way that the human race stayed alive back throughout history. Only by understanding that you are fundamentally rascist can you begin to deal with it. Blacks hate whites, Asians hate blacks and so on and so forth, unfortunately it will always be this way. What I cannot understand is why black folks are turning on their own kind and doing it so consistently that most of the murders taking place are predominantly black victims. Yes you can blame poor economics in the black communities but that doesn’t hold water as there are many poor people throughout the world and they don’t all start murdering each other for very little reason.

  7. FatDaddyJack says:

    There was a time I wanted to try to get along with blacks. But those days are over. The truest thing I was ever told about race relations was this “blacks don’t like whites and we don’t like them. It’s always been that way it always will”. I worry about my kids being around them. I am teaching my kids to stay away from them. They are bad people. I wish I didn’t hate them , I really do, but my feelings are what they are. I don’t have problems with any other race on the planet. Please!!!!! If you blacks hate us so much, STOP wanting to move around us. Good God almighty please do something with them.

  8. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    Who’s control are black people out of ? Free men and women don’t act under the threat of being controlled. They either agree or dis-agree to cooperate with the suggestions of others. I am glad that black people are out of control maybe now some of us can think for ourselves about black situational ethics and what’s really best for us.

  9. Ed says:

    They are out of control all over the world, not just the USA. Cannot blame past prejudice in the US. It’s simply hard wired behavior for this phenotype.

  10. ralph says:

    its all about IQ people. the blacks are not ” just like us” dont believe The (((Lie)))

  11. Andrew says:

    Just got back from the mall n Virginia beach. Black youths were pissing everyone off and a few came up to me and asked if I change for a penny :/ I really don’t enjoy being around then for ANY REASON.

  12. Steve from Baltimore says:

    Interesting article. I am a 60-year-old white male. My parents were blue collar, uneducated, racists, but they loved me and encouraged me to get an education. I’m a successful attorney, and don’t want to be racist, but I know I have some negative stereotypes that I struggle to purge. Most of my interactions with black individuals have been very positive. But when I see thing like the riots in Baltimore and the way a drug-dealing thug like Freddy Gray or a person like Michael Brown shaking down a diminutive shop owner and held up as heroes, those racist tendencies bubble to the surface. This is a toxic situation that we as Americans need to get beyond. I wish I had a quick fix. I don’t, but I’ll keep trying to improve. Anyway, I’m old and irrelevant and hopefully time will make the difference. Peace.

  13. Darrell Bowles says:

    Ladies and gentlemen. I am white, I am from the great state of Tennessee, and yet, there is something else. I am also a minority. All of you who say that it’s white conservative thinking that holds you all back, I seriously beg to differ. I went to a school for the blind, whare I had black friends and white friends. I have seen both sets of those friends totally destroy there lives. It isn’t a race issue to me, and I’ll tell you why. This may sound simple, and some of you may get offended by it, but if you consider it, it may turn on a few lights. I wasn’t supposed to survive when I was born. I lost my sight due to detached retinas, and the choice was either no sight, or no life. The Good God above gave me life. Now, I’m going to get my BS degree in communication studies, and yet, what is it that I hear? the blacks are mistreated now because it’s all the white persons fault. Well, I take great offense to that. First of all, all whites do not hate blacks, yet we are constantly lectured in my classes not to have steriotypes. Well, by saying that “White people discriminate, are you not creating the very thing you seek to destroy? If equality is truly the goal, why not work with those who are sympethic to the cause, and for those countless faces, both black and white, who have no respect for them selvs, you will be amazed at what a little self respect will do.

  14. Carissa Rashea says:

    For hundreds of years, black people were maimed, branded, and killed for trying to learn how to read or write. It was extremely discouraged by the elite plantation owners who sought to exercise maximum control over slaves. Families were separated and sold at auctions and had to make new lives with other mates at times. The high blood pressure pre diabetic diet many black cherish which consists of fried chicken, cornbread, pig feet, hog mauls, and all that other garbage, is a result of the scraps black people were left to make due with. Many calories were burned working in the fields, but we don’t work the fields anymore so now we are fat. “It was so long ago” they say “give it up already”. Okay. Let us fast forward to reconstruction when slavery was “over”. This was around the time when things were utterly terrible for black people in this country. Black people were lynched for things like “being uppity” among other ridiculous accusations. Perhaps a lot of blacks unknowingly held on to the mentality of being killed for being too successful and proud. Then there was the bombing and destruction of Tulsa, Oklahoma….but that’s just one affluent black town destroyed, there were many more. Then we had the Jim Crow south and the girls bombed as they put on their choir robes to recite a song about forgiveness. We dressed well then, we weren’t “out of control” as some would say, and yet still, it did not matter. They killed King and Malcom X, and our leaders and hope were exiled and silenced. My mother remembers watching people get hosed down in the streets on television, their hair ripped out of their heads. The Black Panther movement tried, but failed tremendously…then crack and inflated prison sentences came, and the rest is history. In general, black people are out of control because all we have known is crisis. From the moment we arrived on those ships and set foot on American soil, our experience was bound to be dark and out of control. The plan changed, we were always meant to be slaves in the white elites eyes. Keisha, Shaniqua, Lavonda, Yolanda….are all attempts to get in touch with our African roots that we have lost. We are no longer connected to Africa, they don’t want us, and neither does the United States. We are an orphaned people, misplaced and mislead, deceived and ashamed of even our very skin. White Jesus hit the mark and met the goal. Self hate blossomed into what we have today. More than half of black women wear weaves and have been deemed as the least attractive of women of all races. That is why it is so easy for a black person to blow off another black persons head while King Kong saves white Jane. No hate here. This is a psychological issue and black people are in denial of the cultural PTSD we are coping with. Racial slavery wasn’t an institution created by terrorists, pirates, or fugitives. Even the forefathers whom are held so dear to many Americans owned slaves. Slavery, segregation and the disenfranchisement of black people were protected by legislation, voted on by Congress, upheld by the Supreme Court for hundreds of years. It many take hundreds or more to catch our frickin breath.

  15. frank says:

    The article had some very valid points except that “white privilage” dribble in the begining. White privlidge was a concept dreamed up by disingenous white liberals to help address black failure. I also noticed the article dosen’t get into low IQ levels of blacks. The average IQ of a black American is 85 as opposed to 100 for whites and even higher for Asians. IQ level is almost 100% genetic and a low IQ has been linked to poor impulse control as well as violence. Blacks will ultimatly digress to the Black mean=low IQ, poor impulse control and lack of future time orientation. Detroit is the Black mean and soon other once great American cities will be there too like Baltimore and St. Louis.

  16. Robert Bryan says:

    While the author states correctly the out of control situation, the one thing that has caused it the most is not emphasized enough: the disintegration of fatherhood in the black community. Remove the illegitimacy component and the imbalance in crime and incarceration evaporates.

  17. Apples says:

    Obama is the most DIVISIVE President & a monumental Failure in not helping the Black Youth.

  18. Apples says:

    Great article by an honest black man. Unfortunately, American Blacks really ARE out of control – its March 2015 & the news daily reports on Black youth getting violent – the latest story is at McDonald’s in NY teenage black girls kicking another black girl on the floor — in Ferguson Missouri, more blacks are shooting white police officers — this article was from 2 years ago, just stumbled on it & its terribly all true.

  19. Rameses says:

    Perfect assessment

  20. toomanygrandkids says:

    CORRECTION: f) should read Racially Scarred vs Racially Ambiguous.

    I was reading something about hair while commenting on this article. Guess I should concentrate on one thing at a time.

  21. toomanygrandkids says:

    Even though the effects of slavery could account for black ppl being out of control, there are other components that have overshadowed slavery(and racism) and the excuses.

    Black on black crime has been out of control since, well let’s just say that its been going on for too many go**amn years, with no end in sight. Black ppl having to bury family and friends at record numbers b/c of senseless acts of violence is commonplace, but its not suppose to be normal. It’s part self-hate and part how powerful ni**ers feel when they pull the trigger. Years ago a black male said that when a ni**er shot and/or killed anybody and he was able to sleep at nite and he had no guilty conscious, a ni**er could shoot/kill for the hell of it.

    2.) The 7 Layers Of Division Among Black People. Something I knew was happening, but it took me reading about it on another website that made me realize that I wasn’t just imagining things.
    a) Black men vs. Black women: It’s a battle out there.
    b) Dark skin vs. Light skin: Really?
    c) Bourgie(sp) vs. Ghetto or Educated vs. Uneducated
    d) American vs. Immigrant or African-American vs. Immigrant
    e) Church vs Cynics
    f) Riley vs. Uncle Ruckus
    g) Relaxed Hair vs. Natural Hair


  22. Mark Horton says:

    Unfortunately, this article begins to uncover or atleast begins to have an honest conversation about the reality of the black situation in this country. As many want to still blame others for our bad decisions and for our plight in this country we do so at our own destruction.

    While other ethnic groups the Asians, the Africans, the Spanish, the Arabs and many people of African descent from the Caribbeans all come to the country and strive and become financially independent. You can choose to continue to believe that white people like everyone else but they just don’t like Black Americans. In your common sense you know this is not the case.

    The reality is slavery had a tremendous impact of African Americans. From this generational curses were created, curses that continue to destroy us now. Things like pitting black man against black man which keeps us from forming productive business partnerships; Pitting Black women against Black men which has destroyed many families leaving black children to grow up without a strong discipline father figure. Which is why you see so many women disrespecting black men talking to them like they are low forms of human beings. This is why black women degrade themselves and the ones that have self respect are throwing themselves at white men.

    The absolute worse is how slavery taught us to crack the whip on our children at every instance. This taught both black men and black women alike to beat our kids into submission. This teaches our kids to fear and not trust their parents. Our kids don’t listen to us because they have a life time of mistrust and beatings from their parents. It is virtually impossible to honor and respect your parents under these conditions and when they become teenagers the deny everything you have to tell them. This fear, this mistrust from our children, this lack of male guidance has led to what you see in these videos, in our public places, in our schools and it has become the new normal in our culture.

    You can deny it, but if you are honest you will have to admit that you see it all around you. We laugh at the way white folks raise their children but I challenge you to go to your local juvenile detention center. What you will see everyday of the week is 200 hundred kids begging to stay out of jail. 96% Black boys and girls, 3% Hispanic and 1% white. The prison system is the new slavery, the slave trade created to make some people rich off of public tax money spent to keep our children jailed.

    Sure you can say white cops are harder on black kids then everyone else, but you are in denial and afraid to consider that there may be more to this problem then that. The fact, is you have to do something in order to get arrested in the first place.

    Black Men are the answer, especially older black men. Those men that are between the age of 25 and 55 plus. We have to stop begging the white man and the government for a job and do what every other ethnic group does. They learn how to be successful in business. They start their own businesses. By becoming successful in business they take control of their families finances and they provide much needed husband and father figures in their families. Checkout our organization crossover2business on the internet and find out how you can become involved.

  23. Papacool says:

    Always remember that one of the basic tools used to undermine our progress in these United States of America is the distortion of facts. Our history has been grossly misrepresented with the purpose of keeping us in a secondary status which on a global scale is totally false. We come from a long line of exceptional greatness endowed with God’s spirit and blessings. Our achievements if recognized correctly would leave the world as we know it astonished, breathless, and bowing down respectfully to each and every member of our race. The self-hatred concept is as old as the world itself and is sadly still being placed in effect each and every day. The color of a man’s skin is still a deciding factor of racism within our modern day society. With the advent of television, people just can not get away with doing some of the inhumane acts of their forefathers without suffering some degree of contempt from those of us that are wise to the gameplaying. People talk a good game when it comes to virtues, but the reality of the situation would blow a person’s mind if honesty was truly the policy and caring about the welfare of our fellowmen without regard to status. It is so hard to break the code of the past with this current mindset that is being displayed arounnd the world. Even so now, come Lord Jesus….Peace out Papacool.

  24. Gerald L. says:

    It tears me a apart that this problem can’t be solved by throwing money at it. It is going to an act of GOD to cleanse the souls and minds of entrenched self hating ideology. Our community has access to information and technology but refuse to empower itself. In closing, I read this article about all of the young folk in Chicago brainstorming a solution to the violence and one kid said killing is the solution. We truely have two modern black experiences where we are out of touch with one another. Salaam fam

  25. canon says:

    I think it’s very important to point out that socioeconomic factors play the biggest part in things, people who live in a way that have nothing to strive for always act a fool, white or black. They’re black affluent neighborhoods where Blacks do not have those issues. So I say it’s more of a opportunity problem than a black problemproblem

  26. The problem is that we know the puppeteers, we know who benefits from self-indulgent ignorance…and people STILL want to clown! Between the internet, books, free libraries, and access to information, it’s getting harder and harder to make an excuse for ignorance.

  27. Marcus Vessey says:

    Jefferey, I think it is important if you feel that you focus on clear thinking and pragmatism to also present a balanced argument.

    1st, a rule of logic is you don’t use the exception as a rule. You are guilty of using sensationalistic pieces as if they are the normative behavior of the whole group. That is like saying because Oprah is a billionaire and Barrack Obama is the president that ALL Black people can be billionaires and presidents. This is impossible. So the premise of your argument is based upon a logical fallacy.

    2nd, it is important to look at data as opposed to sensationalism (IE bus drivers getting disrespected going viral), because sensationalism is, again, is not reflective of normative behavior, but of behavior that is seen as ‘interesting’ to the masses. For example, 10% of all Black families earn more than $100,000 and 35% earn more than $50,000. There was a 134% increase in Black business growth between 1997 and 2007 and 9% more Black folks got a diploma in 2009 vs 2000 with a 3% growth in bachelors degrees, 1.5% in masters degrees leading to an increase in 9% for women who have some college (from 45 to 54%) and 6% for Black men (40 to 46%).

    My point is not that we don’t have significant issues, but that a truly clear minded and pragmatic perspective as you suggest you have has to include a rational view of both negative and positive trends.

    3rd, and finally, analysis with context is useless. It is functionally useless to say that ‘black people are out of control’ without providing, at least a minimal amount of, context as to why. Where is the locust of control for the actions of a collective group? How much of ‘out of controlness’ emanates from external environmental and sociological impacts, and how much of it is intrinsic to our culture and behavior.

    The reason I add this comment is because it is always dangerous when making a generalized assertion about any group because it leads to propaganda positive or negative if not done with accuracy, rationality, data and clarity.

  28. Linda says:

    As a former high school principal I can attest to the accuracy of everything you say about education, i.e., test scores, negative labeling of students who want to learn, and parenting. I sometimes wonder if there isn’t a concentrated effort to perpetuate the genocide of lives and customs that we are experiencing in our communities. When Rihanna’s and Minaj’s, and the like are paraded before the American public, even white children, it sends the message that it’s acceptable behavior. While at home, white parents are either not allowing their babies to watch it or they are immediately countering (disinfecting) the images with morality and good sense. Our parents are embracing these images and dressing our babies as Rihanna and Nicki for Halloween.

  29. So much of what is said in this article has been on my mind for most of my adult life. I am now 71, so that goes to show how long things have remained the same. But what can one do to remedy this situation? I now live in a small southern town where people of my race still think and behave with the slave mentality. Men who think their manhood is judged by how many babies they can make with how many different women. Women who feel that the only thing for a Black woman is to have a Black man lying down with her. They still use slave language, i.e., “I done et”, “He hope (helped) me”, “I retch (reached)” I try to correct by example, but it doesn’t work. I have been lied on, stabbed in the back, and people have even stopped speaking to me. Just a couple weeks ago, I was told that I try to be white, because I have nice things. As a result, I tend to keep to myself now. I work in my yard, read my books, do needlepoint, and socialize on my computer, and now I am “stuck up”. What is one to do?

  30. Furious, I beg to differ. As both the author and someone who grew up around public housing, having driven trucks around the country, college, law school, the military, and spent his amount of time attending classes at the Nation Of Islam temples, I can assure you that some of us are “short-sighted” as you might think (oh…and I double-majored in history and political science). However, I WILL say that your assumptions prove that “denial” is more than a river in Egypt. I don’t expect everyone who hasn’t seen what I have to agree with me. However, knee-jerk reactionary responses without weighing the merits of the arguments are something I expect of white conservatives, not African-Americans looking for a place to begin dialoging our shortcomings!

  31. Furious Styles says:

    Our so-called being out of control has nothing to do with ill informed writers with short sighted, pop culture infused un-researched historically ignorant and topically blind perceptions?

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