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Rant Against The Extra-Average Black Woman.

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( OK, I need to rant for a minute. I just need to get this off my chest.

Sisters, I love you. God knows I do. But sometimes love includes criticism.

Personal pet peeve of mines: I’m tired of these extra-average, baggage-laden sisters complaining about the supposed lack of good black men. If I hear that old tired line ONE more time, I swear…

First off: sisters need to come back down to earth and lose that haughty spirit they carry. What about you is so special that good black men should even want to get at you? What things do you bring to the table that will enhance his life by him getting with you?

Sisters who are usually asked this question never can give a clear answer other than the usual: “well he’s getting a down female who’ll have his back.”

Really? You can’t even stand by black men and have our backs in the public eye. How do we know you’ll honor him if you do manage to catch one?

And stop thinking that you are above criticism. You’re not.

For many years I watched black women dog out the brothers in every possible public forum known to man. They did it in songs, on radio shows, in TV interviews on ABC, CNN and even on Russian TV, in the movies, in the streets.  Hell, they even dog us out at church! So guess what? Now it’s YOUR time under the spotlight of examination. Let’s really get at the root to why so many of you supposed ‘good’ sisters are without a mate.

Most of you don’t have a good black man yet because you’re not worthy of one. There, I said it. Hate me if you want, I really don’t give a damn, because this needs to be said.

What makes you worthy of a ‘good’ man? Because you have a nice butt… a sexy body…? Or is it because you were born a diva? What qualities as a woman do you possess that men should find valuable enough to entice them to marry you? I’m really curious!

Many of you are uncle Toms and sellouts, quick to go in front of white folks and throw brothers under the bus. You’ll air your dirty laundry in front of the whole world, just to gain support in your hatred and disdain for black men. Which really is just a disdain for yourselves.

You’re not even aware of how sick this makes you look in the eyes of women of other races and nationalities. For example, I talk to sisters from Africa and the Caribbean all the time. And guess what? These women think you are highly disloyal, impossible to get along with and greatly deluded. They totally don’t understand your way of thinking.

You’re quick to throw in our faces how successful you are, when most of you work average jobs just like we do. There’s nothing extra special about working an average job in an average industry. From the way many of you make it sound, one would think you worked as CEO’s of billion dollar companies or something!

Stop thinking you are above the average black man when you’re not.You work ordinary jobs, just like we do; pay taxes just like we do; pay bills just like we do. At best you’re equal. Nothing less. Nothing more.

You’re quick to mention how independent you are, as if being independent is some badge of honor to wear. Maybe for an emancipated teenager it is. But it spells nothing but trouble for a brother who’s in the know. Because relationships are a team sport. And nobody wants a ball-hogging player on their team always trying to steal the spotlight.

Ever heard this one before: I can do bad all by myself. Really? And why would you want to?! How silly is that line of reasoning? If two people were trapped in a ditch together, wouldn’t it be easier to get out if the two worked together, than if one person was trying to get out on their own?

Statements like this just helps to point out the nonsensical views many sisters have about relationships.

Maybe the reason you can’t find a good black man is because you’re so used to dating down.

Perhaps if sisters were to stop dating the lowest common denominator type of brothers, they could actually position themselves to meet the decent ones.

Now there’s a thought!

Hasn’t anyone ever told you that in relationships you attract what you are. So if you’re not attracting good brothers, what does that really say about you?

And don’t give me nothing about how educated you are. Because there’s plenty of highly educated brothers that most of y’all just ain’t checking for. In many of your eyes they’re either too soft, or too corny, or not man enough to handle you. Don’t you know that the only things in life that get ‘handled’ are usually problems?

Why is it that all these educated brothers keep slipping under your radar? Because a well put together brother who’s on his game will require you to step your game up to his level. And when it comes to relationships, many of you ladies are just plain lazy and comfortable with dealing with ratchet brothers. Real good brothers intimidate you.

Trust me when I say: if you were such a hot item, even dudes from other races would be snatching you off the market faster than you could blink. Because that’s exactly what happens to the sisters who are on top of their game in every way: body, mind, career and spirit. They get snatched and wifed up quick.

But aha! Other races of men aren’t really getting at you like that either. Why is this? After all: by your own admission you’re ‘successful’ and ‘beautiful’ and soooo independent. Either the world is blind to your value and worth or maybe, just maybe, you’re not actually the hot catch you imagine yourself to be…

Funny thing though: the ‘successful’ black men (who are successful according to your low standard of success) aren’t having this problem. When you don’t recognize them quick enough, women of other races move in swiftly to take a good brother off the market. While you’re wasting precious time and years fooling with Tyrone from the block, Marquez from IBM just got married to an Asian chick. A fine one too.

And I’m in no way advocating that black men should date outside their race or avoid sisters altogether. Its up to each person to decide individually who they want to date and interact with. But I am advocating putting some of these sisters out there on time out for a while until they get their minds right.From the experience of me and my circle of homeys, it’s not that there aren’t enough good brothers to go around: the reality is there’s not a lot of good sisters to go around for the good brothers! Numerical wise there are more black women than black men. But the pickings are very slim by the time you subtract the number of sisters who are: carrying relationship baggage, those who hate their fathers and project it onto the next guy, those who occasionally ‘lick the clit’ or who are juggling multiple dingalings, those who are too ghetto for even the hood to deal with, those who are too religious for even Jesus to deal with, those who are outright unsightly or morbidly obese, and those already in committed relationships…It’s time sisters turned off the TV set, put down those ghetto love books, and did some serious self-reflection. Step your damn game up! Or ten years from now, when someone refers to a lonely old cat-lady, the image they have in mind might be you…

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233 Responses to “Rant Against The Extra-Average Black Woman.”
  1. GoldenAE says:

    Truth is, a lot of women live in a fantasy world. Married or single, they are always fantasizing about another life. They may have a good husband, but he is not buffed or hood enough. Life has to be full of some sort of risky excitement like the women on reality tv have. Problem is, the whole story is rarely told that when you live a certain way, there is generally a particular outcome that is not so fun. Its cool now for women to sneak around and cheat. I understand that guys have always been this way, but if women become just like guys(or worse), where does that leave future generations. I have re-branded sexy. What’s sexy to me involves more than looks, but what kind a person a female is. Too many women today are proud to be jump-offs.

  2. white guys are too funny says:

    Lol. I knew that sooner or later some retarded, cracker-minded mutt reject was gonna turn up with their confusion.

    Riddle me this, Kat. If you’re not Black, what the hell are you doing on here, you vapid lost soul? For your information, Black people are the only human species of zero Neanderthal extraction, you fucking imbecile.

  3. sankofa says:

    If I was Spike Lee, I would do a remake of Quest for fire and cast Kat in the Rae Dawn Chung role…Rae Dawn Chung, another half something!
    Look if you are not going to get therapy, go smoke some weed, hash or snort some cocaine. Better still since the denizens of the Brutish empire lead the world in alcoholism, go have a pint for queen Elizabitch!

  4. Ramses says:

    @Kat you must have never seen porn online….there are the lightest of the lightest black chicks and Becky’s getting served on a constant basis. I remember when black women (dark ones) would not give men oral sex. They would tell you “better go get a white girl.” And this was in the nineties. Being a hoe is not race specific i will tell you that. I mean you got white girls who have fucked mules and donkeys. What’s their excuse? Lol. And just to let you know, there are more white people, in the states, on welfare than blacks. Check the numbers. And in terms of poverty, where would jolly old Britain be without dark skin moors? I do recall before we came along the so-called supremacy of anglo saxons prevented them from constructing sewer systems forcing caucasians to throw excrement out of the window. But I guess this was much more effective. Lol. Listen to what Cicero, the Roman orator said about Britonsas well as Caesar:

    Caesar, in writing home, said of the Britons, “They are the most ignorant people I have ever conquered. They cannot be taught music.” Cicero, in writing to his friend Atticus, advised him not to buy slaves in England, “because,” said he, “they cannot be taught to read, and are the ugliest and most stupid race I ever saw.”

    In America, Romans and Britons would both be considered white. So you have one group of whites calling another group of whites stupid. Hmmm. proves how race is not real. Stupid people are stupid people period. That’s why I don’t defend the morons on my side and why anyone with sense wouldn’t defend the moron that is you on your side. Damn if you’re not fit enough to be a slave, then what else could you possibly be? Lol. I didn’t make the quote up either. These are Cicero’s own words. Before you denounce dark skin people you better learn about some Moorish history and see that your architecture in your homeland was either built, or heavily influenced by Moorish science. Why do you think in O’Thello, the masterpiece by Shakespeare, the Moor was celebrated in Venice? Hmmmmm. Seems like some Europeans are still going through a dark age which proves Cicero’s point. Because if you can have all that Moorish history and still be this stupid then it tends to make his point valid. And last time I checked, it sure are a lot of jolly old British chaps running to a Africa getting that dark vagina. If mixed is so revered, why is mixed being passed up in Britain for Dark in Africa? I laugh at people’s stupidity. I really do. Emotional wrecks but not spiritually, or scientifically based. And oh by the way, European scientists have proven that humanity came through the black woman’s portal. So for all of those grandiose notions the past 500 years of white supremacy, whitey is the child of the darky!!! Don’t you just love the way science drives the nail in the coffin of the mentally dead? We digging up the grave pf the mentally dead on this site, whether light, dark, or white. Plenty of so-called whites in Europe thought they were white, only to delve into their lineage and saw it was Dark ass Moors sitting back their smiling at their dumb ass. Man if it wasn’t for the Moors, your asses would still be buying indulgences from the Catholic trying to get into Heaven!!! Who gave you Aristotle back and all of your Greek philosophers? Moors. grow up please. Everywhere you go on this planet you will see the original Man and his features. India, China, Egypt, North and South America. Australia. We are an ancient people. Europe is new to the scene in terms of power and by the way things looking in terms of your money crisis, seems they are inept at holding the power of civilization (Libor scandal). Europe didn’t shine until ROme collapsed and was reinvigorated after Moors took over in Spain following the Visigoths reign. The difference between the caucasian and the Moor is the Moor never tried to hide the caucasian’s history from him to be great. In order for the caucasian to be great, he had to hide the Moor (black man’s) history from him. We civilized you, yet you uncivilized us, wiht some of our help of course. We did more for whites than they did for us. That’s a fact. Let you come to our schools from Egypt to Timbuktu. While your kind was trying to keep us out of yours (racist whites). There are nothing but whites running Europe but looks like your reign is coming to an end with your banking scandals in Greece, Portugal, Spain, and Ireland. No blacks controlling things there. What’s your excuse? Just goes to show you how stupid racism is, on both sides. Whites can see other whites screw them, yet give them a free pass based on their race and somehow make it about people of color. Blacks over here do the same thing. See black people screwing them (like their clergy) yet keep making excuses for them and when you criticize them say you’re wrong for that.

  5. Kat says:

    Look, you can be dismissive and call me a troll. My views have derived from frustration, observations and facts. There may be a few outliers but as a whole, darker blacks are responsible for the majority of the bad within your race. There are more violence in darker blacks in both genders. Dark blacks are more aggressive and are typically not capable of not resorting to violence. Dark blacks are a plague in today’s world. It is time that the one drop rule be undone. All “blacks” should not be grouped together. When you add another race to black, it lessens the tendency to these behavior traits. While many complain about lighter shades of women being stuck up, no one is considering them ratchet, trashy, ghetto whores. It is the dark women that exhibit these traits. Dark black males suffer from hyper-sexualization. The sex drive of all very dark people is damn near savage. You can be upset but the truth is the truth. It is time that mixed blacks stand up and acknowledge the problems within the extra average dark people. These traits are much more dominant in darker blacks and it is time to distinguish the differences. Don’t be emotional, just think about these issues. The only hope for brown people in America is that more of the mixing take place and the darker blacks diminish. Darker blacks are not fit for todays world, they are like neanderthals in the since that they are not equipped to thrive in a world with advanced humans.

  6. Mack says:

    @ Sankofa: I peeped it out too bruh. Coming on here with that bullisht, trying to deflect the tone of the conversation into a different direction. You know you’re onto something by the amount of opposition you’re faced with.

    @ Kat: Trolls belong under bridges…

  7. sankofa says:

    I am sorry but Kat sounds like an agent of the devil who is using her pigmentation or lack of such to shit on African people. yeah we got issues as discussed here, but my spider senses is tingling too damn much to get past some if the shit her/she is saying. For the record I don’t desire anything lighter than me, but I speak for myself.
    She/he starts the post thusly…”I’m mixed…not black (what the fuck)…..Black people are so doomed. Look, you all had a good run. Centuries of rule to slavery. `

    What an entrance! You go further by saying…

    `…Many dynasties have fallen since the beginning of man. It is time for blacks (not the dysfunction, blacks)to cease. Any country that you all populate is burdened with the same issues. You blacks make babies that both of you can’t or wont take care of and burden the welfare systems, even in London. So I agree with your sentiment, black women are worthless. You men should have children with other races that are foolish enough to have you to slowly but surely, wipe out the existence of black people. Aren’t you the product of mongrel existence as you so succinctly put it? Mixed people are the futures (smdh)

    …..Dark men always are the most violent (says a child of a dark person, probably a male). They are the ones on the news all of the time and prisons are filled with dark black males. It is not fair that mixed people have to wear the Scarlet letter of the dark blacks. The good news is that between black men and white women, their will be a die-off of dark blacks. White women and black males are the least selective of all of the races and genders.

    Now my Incredible Hulk anger is stirring! You are confusing Mack`s and Ramses’ corrective criticism with your wish for African extermination…fuck that and fuck you on that! If this is your position, then that`s your position, but don`t come up in here and defecate here with that nonsense. Of all the stupid shit that some people come up in here with, this is the most dangerous, because it advocates the extermination of African people. Go see a therapist for your issues and don’t try to take it out on us here. We are trying to figure out our own mess.

  8. Ramses says:

    @Kat i feel ya….i don’t know if you’re male or female but damn I can feel your frustration from London here in the Atl….i wouldn’t agree with the notion that darker skinned people have a higher propensity for violence and reprehensible behavior but what i will say is that black people globally have serious issues no matter how they look. I mean there has not been a more whiter institution than the catholic church in the last 2000 years yet they have been responsible for some of the worse atrocities on the planet (child molestation, spanish inquisition, countless wars, slavery, etc.) I think what is emanating from your side is maybe dark skinned blacks made you feel bad in some kind of way. Don’t get me wrong, not here trying to psychoanalyze you, but it just seems that way. Or you can genuinely hate darkies! Lol hell i don’t know. But I think it’s valid if this is true and you feel this way because black people, whether they are light skin or darks skin, can make you feel like shit. We can be some cruel mofos. We don’t want to admit it as people. I don’t know the experience of having a caucasian parent and Moor parent as well, but I’m sure it wasn’t easy. Kids can be cruel, no matter what culture and I’m sure you were probably picked on at some point. I don’t think it’s an either or thing when it comes to embracing your lineage. For example, if your background is Moor and Irish, then embrace both, the good and bad. Use the good and discard the bad. I have a profound respect for the Irish as a Moor. The way they fought the British and how they fought for their existence is inspiring for any group of people to research and I can understand why drinking is a very big part of the culture. hell they went through some shit. But they persevered. Are they perfect? No. But it’s just one way of looking at things. The ugliness that I see in black people, no matter the hue, is on a curse level to me. I never knew hate until I really analyzed black people, especially here in Atlanta, GA. I don’t hate black people, just what I see them being right now but I guess that’s balance. You have to see bad to really appreciate good. This is why I embrace all cultures because I don’t think a Man should be limited when he’s looking to be respected. If you can’t get respect at home, then leave home and make your own home I say. Keep your head up. Don’t let the hatee consume you. Peace.

  9. Kat says:

    I’m mixed…not black. I found this article on facebook. I read it and then read several pages of comments. Black people are so doomed. Look, you all had a good run. Centuries of rule to slavery. As you point out in the article and numerous comments, black women are the worst! They are loud, ghetto and the loosest women on the planet. What I don’t get for the life of me is how black men are thinking that they are any better. You black men are as trashy, loud and ghetto as black women. You article should have been about all of you blacks. You talk about how the world views black women, ha. The whole word and every race is afraid of you black men. You all are so violent and are often criminals.

    Why any woman or man would look to blacks to marry or have children is beyond me. No one but other blacks finds your features as attractive. No one like big noses, really dark skin or nappy/short hair. Black women are always bragging about their backsides but lots of other races have nice backsides and actually have real, soft and pretty hair. Black men are always bragging about?? You guessed it, their “huge” penises. All penises average 6 inches. Black men just talk about their penises more than other races of men. Other races of men still believe their women to be worth fighting for, supporting and protecting. Black men complained about black women needing them to take care of the kids that they made and now complain that the black women are too independent. Many dynasties have fallen since the beginning of man. It is time for blacks to cease. Any country that you all populate is burdened with the same issues. You blacks make babies that both of you can’t or wont take care of and burden the welfare systems, even in London. So I agree with your sentiment, black women are worthless. You men should have children with other races that are foolish enough to have you to slowly but surely, wipe out the existence of black people. Mixed people are the future.

    There are lots of studies about how mixed breeds are the most desirable people. There was an article published in the UK that polled whites and blacks and they in large majorities found mixed people to be the most attractive. I no longer consider myself black because I am tired of being grouped with the likes of blacks. Dark women are the most ghetto and the biggest sluts. They are so slutty because no race, even other dark men want them. They have to be hoes to even get any attention. Dark men always are the most violent. They are the ones on the news all of the time and prisons are filled with dark black males. It is not fair that mixed people have to wear the Scarlet letter of the dark blacks. The good news is that between black men and white women, their will be a die-off of dark blacks. White women and black males are the least selective of all of the races and genders.

    Black men can be found impregnating women of every race on the planet. The same can be said about white women. You will find white women with Asian men, black men, Mexican men and the list goes on and on. I fully understand the disgust of the author of this article. It is the same disgust that I feel towards all of the dark blacks.

  10. Clueless says:


    You have the nerve to go on that pointless rant on Black men, whom you were admittedly silly enough to be programmed to despise, and yet expect anyone to take you seriously. Please pray tell us what Black man was responsible
    for a non-black guy leaving you with a fatherless child? Now you’re left to raise a confused kid in a world that will no doubt treat him like your very nemesis.

    Karma is poetic like that.

    You seem to know an overwhelming lot about a demographic that you claim to have shunned. Why are you so angry and bitter if you did not deal with Black men when it mattered? Do you have any idea how crazy that makes you look? I suggest you debate the damn points like an intelligent adult and leave the emotional garbage at the door, because you’re the one looking like you need a little therapy right now.

    In every culture in the world, a woman with multiple kids from different men is looked down upon; not the men than got her pregnant. You know why? Because the obvious consensus is that women have more control over the variables, and ultimately have more to lose. This is common sense to everyone but delusional degenerates devoid of accountability.

    Your seething and unqualified lack of respect for half of your own race has orchestrated your own downfall but you are too haughty to comprehend divine order. You come here talking reckless about Black men while completely oblivious to the reality of how your profile is viewed — as utter damaged goods. Yet somehow, you magically “have chosen to wait for the quality Black man that you deserve.” Exactly what aspect of your profile makes you think you DESERVE one? Classic delusion. The bloated sense of entitlement is astounding. Let me clue you in: You are not what YOU think you are worth, you are what the MARKET thinks you are worth. Marinate on that with a dose of reality check, and maybe you can begin to understand the miserable condition that you have relegated yourself to.

    In short, quit making a fool of yourself because you sound like a brain-dead self-hater.

  11. Ramses says:

    @Mack “dripping between the buttcheeks dudes” lol!!! that’s classic….they think it’s hate but it’s disappointment. They just don’t get it…..they don’t realize ho small their numbers are in terms of not having a lot of time to make a change as a collective. There is a small window now that the media has opened up, shedding light on their foolishsness, and if they decide to reject it, then it’s flatline. This window is extremely small. It’s small because globalization has made competition difficult on all levels, including relationships. How will your kids compete in the future with Asians (Chines, Indians, Japanese)? They think this shit about just looking cute. You worried about white folks, shit you look up your boss gonna be Chinese in a minute. Keep playing. Kids will have some Chinese slave masters if you don’t get your shit straight, but I won’t be in them chains with you. My company will be manufacturing them. I got my mind on my money money on my mind. The easiest thing on the planet to get is vagina, the hardest thing to get is money. You figure that one out, the quality women come with the shit. No more arguments needed. I’m thankful for this site. My responses will dwindle from this point on. Said what I needed to say. They don’t like it, I could care less. It’s their future, not mine. My future will not be riddled with poverty and bitterness. let them have that. They want to stay on welfare, let them. Let’s see what will happen when they take away these programs, and they will be taken away. let’s see how arrogant they will be then.

  12. Mack says:

    @ Queen: Thanks for commenting. Much appreciated.

    Maybe you find the article and comments somewhat demeaning because they hit close to home. When I was in military bootcamp, I thought the drill sergeants were very demeaning. That is, until I graduated and started serving in dangerous territories. Thats when I realized: they weren’t actually demeaning me as I thought. They knew what I was up against once I stepped into active duty. And they wanted to prepare me as quickly as possible. Thats when I began to appreciate the harsh way I formerly viewed their training.

    Can you imagine a scenario where the drill sergeants say: “Hello guys. I know for many of you this is going to be an uneasy experience. But we love you guys. We only want whats best and comfortable for you. Now, who wants to take part in our training today? Oh Private Johnson, what’s wrong? Need a hug today? Okay buddy, here I come…”

    Would you want dudes like this fighting against a dedicated enemy on your behalf? My article wasn’t designed to tickle your fancy; it was designed to be a harsh yet sound wake up call. Any black woman over the age of 25 who reads this article, sees herself in it and yet argues against it is in danger of missing out on being able to have a harmonious relationship with someone she can grow old with. Plus she’s in danger of not resolving the issues our generation faces, and passing the problem off to her children. If she’s already in her 30’s and 40’s, the clock is damn near ticked out! You don’t have time to waste arguing. Unless you’re just so inoculated against the truth it really doesn’t matter.

    Black men and women have been in a state of relationship civil war since the 70’s. Brothers played their part. But the majority of us never jumped on the hate the black woman bandwagon. You know why? Because most black men were raised by black women. Either their mothers or a grandmother. We were taught to honor black womanhood from the time we were babies. We’re taught from our youth in the black community that a black woman is only one step below God! So honoring black women has never been an issue with black men. The real issue is: most black women have never been taught to honor black men!

    Ahhhhh…now we’re getting somewhere!

    That’s why whenever these conversations happen, the first thing so many sisters do is personally attack the character and masculinity of the black males in opposition of her own views. He must be too weak, not man enough, pining after white girls, doesn’t love his mother, hates his own daughters…. But as soon as a brother speaks firmly to a sister, black women and some men jump on him with a fury. ‘How dare you speak so disrespectfully about black women?! Your momma didn’t raise you right!’ Which being translated means: ‘Your momma failed to brow beat and guilt trip the illogical loyalty to black womanhood you are supposed to have in you by now.’ He hasn’t been emasculated yet.

    But no such arguments are had on behalf of the black man when his masculinity is being questioned. Don’t you find this disparity troubling? I do. It just goes to underscore the fact that most black women and even some men have not been raised to honor black manhood. But they honor WHITE manhood. Hence why so many claim to eschew dating black men for the fantasy of dating white ones; because we all know white dudes aren’t really checking for the sisters in large numbers like that.

    They’ll go to work and respect the white men they work around at the office. Then go home and give that black man hell. A brother walks by them and says Hi, and they’ll ignore him without so much as a smile. White man says Hi a second later, they’ll cheese and grin until their jaw muscles hurt. This is some deeply ingrained psychosis here.

    And I know this doesn’t apply to ALL my sisters; just the overwhelming masses who now speak the loudest on their behalf.

    What you see happening with all these low marriageability sisters is called ‘The Reckoning’. Black women are reaping what past generations of sisters have sown. Its a law of God that cannot be altered. Not even for black women. This is why its so important that you cleanse your hearts and minds of this bitterness ladies: you’re sowing the future seeds for you own daughters unhappiness.

    When you sow strife, bitterness and hatred, you will reap loneliness, unhappiness and shame in return. When you sow promiscuity, you will reap ‘baby momma syndrome’. By sowing bitterness and disrespect for the black man, many sisters are starting to reap lesbianism, bisexuality,loneliness, HIV, STD’s, jump-off status and a skewed spirituality that mouths devotion to God but denies Him by your actions.

    On the surface its made to look like the black man just doesn’t have his ish together. But that’s an optical illusion. Truth is: too many of my sisters have dropped the ball. And no one is excusing black men for the part we have played. Anyone who knows me will tell you: I’m HELL on a dusty, sorryass negro! But I’m equally as hard on sisters who claim to be so educated, but exist in a state of constant deflection and denial.

    Its all love at the end of the day. But its a MAN’S love; not the false love of some metrosexual, girly, dripping between the buttcheeks type of dude!

  13. Ramses says:

    @Queen….your attributes as a Woman are just that: yours. Whether they be positive or negative. As a Woman, when you carry yourself in the public, people are going to judge you on how you carry yourself right? Now what we don’t like to admit as black people is the fact that there are some stereotypes that have some truth ingrained in them, just like myths. However, we have a hard time coming to grips with these realities on the ground. See our history is always told that it began in slavery and this is the reason why we act the way we act and this gives a free pass cause nobody has gone through what we have as a people. Really. Take a look at what happened to the Japanese in 1945 getting hit with a nuke. Take a look at British controlled China during the opium wars in the 1800’s. Look at violence experienced by the Koreans at the hands of the Japanese. Look at the Irish, who were forced to ride on the same boats with the same commodities produces in their country like bacon and other goods that they could have used, but instead were forced to come to America during the potato famine at the hands of the British. Slavery, in my eyes tends to be over-exaggerated to justify sorry behavior by black people, including black women. If I throw money on a chick in a strip club, you think she is thinking about slavery? No. What is she thinking about? Currency. But when I get on a site like this, and ‘air dirty laundry” all of a sudden history matters. Why doesn’t history matter to the point that the niggerish behavior wouldn’t happen to begin with? Why does history only matter when Ramses chooses to wax the ass of black women? Year ago when I brought the hammer down on brothers, I didn’t hear black women say anything. And someone put a link up on here concerning Malcolm and his stance concerning black women. Well when he spoke up in defense of them concerning some of the behavior of Elijah Muhammad, we saw what happened to him. And even though I love the brother, I have to disagree with the Master Teacher on this one. Black women who choose a slutty existence are responsible for their existence. Government tells you it’s not your fault, but I don’t. If brothers have to be responsible all the time, then so do you as well. Everyday I study. My life is about my devotion to studying first, Woman second. If Man is knowledge and Woman is supposed to be Wisdom Body, how can she be that if she doesn’t follow a certain script? How can she hold the future if she is polluted? Can you grow good seeds in fertile soil? No you can not. See your response is typical: emotionally based. But even you said “to some degree I’m right.” This is not about praising the white woman or asian, but damn if they fit the profile of the type of woman I want, what’s wrong with giving them respect? Damn we are so emotionally immature that when we see civilized people, we reject it on some racial paradigm, the same paradigm we hate each other off of. We accept the “coons” and reject the lions. The female lion is the one who primarily hunts for food. Why? Because she is faster than the male, which makes it difficult for him to chase faster prey. What is the job of the male lion? To protect the cubs. The legacy is the seeds. So for all these black women who don’t show support for their men, they would do themselves a big favor to analyze this dynamic between the male and female lion. She couldn’t survive without his protection. When these hyenas know a lion is around, they move a little bit differently. These are the dynamics we speak of. I get on weak dudes but I look at women with much more scorn cause I can’t over-stand a woman who would lay down with a Man who is weaker than her. So again I lay the blame at weak-minded females feet not the weak dude. A Man does not do to a Woman what she doesn’t allow. If she accepts a clown, it’s because she’s a clown herself. criticizing black women is not disrespecting them! Let me say it again. Criticizing black women is not disrespecting them. Stop making it about asian women and white women. This is about you all. Plain and simple. Now you said you had a georgia education, which means you had one inside the school and outside the school as well. If you were a Man, would you look at these females in Atlanta (the black ones) as viable options for future wives in a large scale? I mean lets be real here. You got a Man. You have no reason to lie. I don’t either when I am the one saying men like myself seek marriage. And don’t say brother’s don’t like dark skin women either because that’s false too. No matter what shade of woman you are, you will not be every dudes cup of tea. Some men like dark, some men like light. There’s room for every shade, especially if you’re attractive. Hell there’ even room if you fat and ugly. There are plenty of fat ugly women married. If a Man tells you he’s not interested in you because you’re dark, will that be the end o the world for you? I hope not. Because another man right after him would love you. But because you’re spending som much time thinking about being rejected by the first man, you can’t appreciate the appreciation being thrown your way from the second guy and a lot of women spend their time trying to make men who make them feel rejected trying to get them to love them which is dumb as hell and those women fault. He show you in his actions and yet you still don’t get the message? Hell a chick show me one time she’s not interested I’m good. Don’t have to beat it into me. This oh woe is me from black women is fake. It’s not real. Only when your behavior (eye rolling, talking to men disrespectfully, emasculating, uncaring) has been brought to the light do you’ll want to act like lambs when even you said what I’m saying is true, at least to a certain degree. What degree is that? If you give me at least 50% that’s a lot! i know it’s more than that. You hear black women saying they want a black man but why? Black women are only claiming they want a black man because they see other women seeing the value in them. When black women were beating down brothers along with the media, you didn’t hear black women wanting brothers like that. Chris Rock said it best on one of his comedy tapes. He said “the number one reason why black women hate black men getting with white men is because they’re not really interested in white men. If black women were interested in white men like they like to claim they are, then there would be no problem with brothers getting with white girls.” That is 100% truth there. If the grass was greener on the other side for you’ll, then why are so many females on this bashing me and my dude mack for what we say? It’s because we are touching a nerve. Outside of black men, who will deal with black women and their behavior? Seriously? Black women like black men, in the states for one reason and one reason only, to abuse them. Simple. If they had a bad day and they come home, they got a weak black man they can use for a punching bag. I didn’t tell black women 50-60 years ago to embrace feminism in this country. They chose to do it and now it has gotten so bad that your men are not looking at you as their first option as potential life partners. And it’s only gonna get worse because it has too. You all have to learn this valuable lesson. Yeah you can get Tyrone (Erykah Badu) but can you get Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods would rather deal with a plain jane white girl than deal with a black woman. Damn black women can’t hold on to a billionaire? Michael Jordan fiancee is Spanish (Cuban I think). Countless others have jumped off the black woman ship and they tend to have a common theme: they’re all successful in varying degrees. The broke ones hold on because they don’t see a way out. Damn all the hoes Tiger woods fucked with and he still didn’t even fuck with any black ones!!! Damns that says it all. I know it’s tough pill to swallow. But like the Pac song say “that’s just he way it is. things will never be the same.” I do not see black women rebounding from this phenomenon and quite frankly they shouldn’t. You do not kick your men like this when they down. You never treat your men like this. If some KKK armies came swarming through your hoods you would expect brothers to lay down their lives for you. well we expect the same type of support and love and because you’ll chose an ideology (feminism) you lost your men. While you’ll were in the clubs, partying to Jay-Z songs, some brothers were on the internet linking up with women locally at first. Then they graduated to foreign sites with foreign women and when that happened, the game changed forever. That was Pandora’s box. Why sit and argue with a Woman whne you can get with a Woman who only wants to please you. When my brethren studied abroad in Spain in 2007, the Brazilian girl he met cried because she wanted to cook breakfast for him and wasn’t able to before he left. A Woman, from a foreign land, revered my friend who she just met so much, that she felt bad that she couldn’t treat him like a Man before he left. Now juxtapose that with women here who think not knowing how to cook is a badge of honor. The average black woman cannot compete with that and is so arrogant that with all these technological innovations (internet, skype) that she doesn’t have to step her game up to keep the black man. Lol!!!! That’s what I call funny. I had a friend who met an ethiopian chick in 2006 on yahoo personals, and in 24 hours he was on a flight to Finland!!! They didn’t get married but he enjoyed himself I’ll tell you that and still stays in touch with her. If the black woman think she doesn’t have to compete then she doesn’t understand survival of the fittest and she will be wiped out like she’s being wiped out now (Diabtes, obesity, hypertension, HIV, etc). This website says, brotherhood at its best. it doesn’t say anything about sisterhood on here. Sisterhood does not exist. Black women do not look at each other as sisters. Only when you bitter and that’s false. Let one of you get a Man and be happy, that sister you thought you had would be trying to fuck your man just to break up your happiness just because she’s miserable. I mean this is one of the reason, over the years, black women would say they couldn’t be friends with each other, because of how shady a lot of you are. After seeing enough data I agree. Black men, in this present state, for the most part can not be happy with black women because they don’t know how to be happy. You can be a millionaire, give them a good life, not happy. Sex them good. Not happy. marry them. still not happy. Black women and their issues are their issues. Over the years they have shown that they don’t want to work through issues like normal humans. They rather stay mired in them and make everyone around them (Men, fathers, children, co-workers etc.) miserable. I don’t have a lifetime to waste to see if they will ever get it together. That’s asinine. I let them deal with the issues the only way they know how to: by getting their hair done and nails done every other week. This is black women’s way of dealing with personal issues. Getting themselves pampered by Koreans. I’m in Atlanta and their are extremely attractive females physically, but with this same mentality. Which is why I call Atlanta loserville.

  14. Queen says:

    A lot of grammer issues , but I’m trying to answer emails and comment lol

  15. Queen says:

    It was funny that my friend sent this article to me because we constantly have conversations regarding the fate of black families and black love. There are so many things wrong, but where do I start…. I am married with two children and one of my kids are from a previous relationship, just thougt I would put that out there. I understand your point of holding black women accountable for their actions and to some degree you’re right… However, black women are not the only ones that publicaly air the “dirty laundry” It’s so heart breaking to see the break down and self- hate of our culture. Black men are this, black women are that… Can’t we see the big picture here??? The demolishment (don’t know if this is a word lol, blame it on the Georgia educational system lol) of a important species. Spike Lee explained it best in Jungle Fever during the dinner scene. It’s so easy to see that white woman or asian woman as the angelic creature that will come and save the day, whereas the black woman is nothing more than an aggressive, oversexed, savage… pretty much what they thought of African women when they touched the shores of Africa. It’s amazing that everyone and their momma can disrespect a black woman and nothing is said… If it is done to any other race (white woman), there will be hell to pay… even our First Lady is disrespected… I looooooove black men!!! I admire the strength of those who made it despite the odds, I love me an intelligent brother, I love a black man’s swagger (I digress lol) For the most part I hear black women speak of their love for black men, but it’s the opposite for black women. Being a black woman is like having the plague…. let’s not start with being a woman of darker skin. We see it all the time in the media… I just want to hear a black man that recognize what’s going and defend us… It just sounds like the comments here are just like the outsiders that constantly demean black women. I know that there was a lot of ramnbling but I don’t usually comment on blogs

  16. Ramses says:

    @Mack you already know I agree with everything you just said. My sign in Scorpio and loyalty is very important to me. Loyalty is something I don’t see from this group of females. Sorry just don’t see it. Don’t try to slide my way when you’re 35 and ran through. Where were you at at 20 or 25? In the streets acting a fool more than likely. Then it’s funny how they “find God” in their mid thirties and come to the temple looking for husbands. I’m not lying to you. In the nineties, I didn’t hear black women talking about marriage at all. When their husband bill clinton was in office, boy the black man was invisible. Marriage? Please. Talk about arrogance. It was a trip. However, when bush burst your economic bubble then all of a sudden your men mattered at least the successful ones. When these successful ones, sick of taking your rejections decided to seek love elsewhere, then you tried to make them feel guilty on some racial crap that we all know does not exist. If it did, we would not be having this discussion. See I can forgive. But one thing I will not forgive is betrayal. Black women, in this generation betrayed the good men in our grip. I’ve experienced it, seen it happened to my brethren. So when I write on here, I don’t write for black women cause it’s clear that this generation will not get the message and are too far gone to get it. I do this for the brothers who have had their manhood taken away and didn’t even realize it. Who are resigned to taking an ass whipping from them. I remember back in the day when if you were ugly or fat, you didn’t talk shit. Now even these females are arrogant. If a black man is fat or ugly, black women have no problem making him feel it in terms of rejection. i feel the same as well. The difference in the man however is that if the man gets money, or opens up his horizons to other groups of women, he still can get a quality woman. If you a fat and ugly as a woman, especially on my side, you don’t get a second look. Take it how you want it. You’ll got standards we do as well and mines are not superficial at all. We’ve been too nice bruh and to a certain degree I see why they been clowning dudes because the shit brothers have let them get away with in just the pass 20 years is atrocious. Like I said before a brother speak to a black woman, she will outright ignore him. 15 minutes later, this same brother will approach a white woman as the black woman looks and get her number. This same brawd who went out her way to ignore him will actually have the nerve to be mad at this dude because he didn’t allow her rejection and disrespect affect his confidence as a Man and as we know black women cannot deal with a confident black man because it shatters their notion of “The Strong Black Woman.” And that’s all it is: a notion. Out of all the women I have seen operate out here, black women by far have shown themselves to be the weakest. When J-Lo made the booty popular, things changed for the worse. When they put the black woman booty on tv, the whole dynamics changed. i remember when some black females used to be ashamed of their butts. They used to wrap jackets around it not wanting to show it. Now you got females like Kim Kardashian wearing see through dresses showing the cracks of their behind in public but got the nerve to say they want to arrest brothers for sagging their pants. Arrest both, but don’t give the hoes a free pass. This is why these chick hate us oon here cause when we start calling out that hoe shit, most of them can’t make an argument because they are hoes. See they assume that all men want is vagina. Well ladies. I don’t want just that. I want love and affection, reverence, family structure. And they still got a problem with what me and you say. That’s how I know they sick. They fighting human decency because they are inhumanely indecent. Most of them have a inner hoe, not an inner glow. I like a woman who you can just tell the way she moves exhibits a certain type of class. You know what type of woman who always demonstrated that to me: Angela Bassett. It was always something graceful about her, yet fierce at the same time but not fierce in a bad way but just in a way that demanded that you respect her. And to top it off she is finer than a mofo!!!! Lol. Holler at you Courtney B. Vance. Do your thing fam!! lol. This used to be the epitome of the black woman I wanted. Chocolate and confident. That just does not exist here and don’t tell me it’s because the media because I’m not the media and I have always told black women, especially dark ones who were attractive to me, they were pretty. So because you value what the media says over your black man whose fault is that? Get your mofo face out the media and learn how to focus on a Man for once, you might learn something. But the only learning black women care about is in school settings because I forgot they don’t have time for a Man they trying to get they shit together. Lol. Buffoons. And @TxSoulNorthernState, sorry you experienced the abuse in your marriage. However, the fact that we have black mothers is irrelevant. Black mothers are not above reproach either. This is the problem, we have so much to say about fathers, the very same ones a lot of demonic mothers drive away, but have nothing to say about the mothers behavior. This site has proven to me beyond a doubt how scared the black community is of criticizing black women. This is probably the most single most important issue facing black people: the behavior of its women and people just want to sweep it under the rug. Now I know it’s painful for some people to check their past and see that damn your moms was/is a loose cannon. However, we have to value values over gender. I value Woman don’t get me wrong, but I value the values in a Woman I know she should exhibit more. That’s the difference. Black women wan to say “i know I have issues, but look past them and just love me.” Without addressing the sickness inside her. And as a collective there is no doubt she is sick. If black women can’t admit this obvious truth, then we need not say anything further because you can peruse online and just see the sickness on these porn websites. These are beautiful women. Why are they choosing to be hoes instead of wives? And not just choosing to be but love doing it too. Contrary to popular belief, black women are not above criticism. White folks can give you whatever free program they want. I’m giving you the verbal kick in your ass that is sorely needed cause I love you. But I don’t love you enough to be abused by ya though. That’s where i draw the line. Black women get on here and criticize us because we love ourselves enough to not take abuse from them. Shouldn’t you all be doing the same? I mean isn’t that what these self-help books teach you? To love yourself and all the other rhetoric that should be basic common sense. If I got to love a black woman more than I love myself then no thanks. I’ll make other arrangements. Like I said, my comments are mainly for the brothers, for those Men who didn’t have a father who couldn’t or weren’t allowed to put them up on game about women. Who were so naive that they couldn’t see the abuse they were receiving. This commentary was for them. I am not trying to save black women who look like they love abuse. That’s why they fight so hard cause they are comfortable in the hoe roles they play. Matter fact it’s not a role. For most of them in this generation, around my age, this is who they are. So the only thing we can do with that is stay out of their way, and move forward on this quest to find a virtuous woman. You’ll can have your color purples, toni morrisons alice walkers, terry mcmillans ghetto gaggers. stay over there. but don’t come my way when you finally get tired of being abused…nothing on my plate for you to eat. that’s just the way it is because you’ll made it this way. i see men of other groups in their SUVs planning road trips with their family and i admire it with just a twinge of envy, but not out of hate. i want that….but when most of the hoes in your age bracket in the club and are not into camping and hiking and nature in general, it kind of pisses you off. when these females can’t even go swimming with you because they’re too worried about messing up their hair. lol…but see it’s the little things like that that just drive the point home even further home. i like shit like that. but the average black woman does not. that’s what you call a clash of civilizations. black women think to macro sometimes instead of micro, the small things that really stand out to a man….if i suggested something more nature oriented to a black woman, she would shoot that shit down without a second thought. But if I proposed it to Becky, or Maricela, it would be on and popping. Why would I want to hitch my wagon to a woman who is afraid to live life? That would be taking away from my existence. My friend in cali, a brother, posted up some pics of him and his chick (philipina) helicopter riding in cali. The look on his face was priceless. The Sex In The City script black women live by is boring and most black females you have conversations with tend to be dry and boring. Who the hell wants to talk about what Jay Z and beyonce doing. Hell you would think that Jay Z and the first lady. Black women limit themselves and in the process try to get black men to do the same. Forget that. Brothers you better live your live to the fullest and learn the world. It’s bigger than you block, your hood, your city. @Mack we put our time in. We’re not getting younger. I will not spend my 30’s miserable for no one. It will not happen.

  17. TxSoulNorthernState says:

    I find myself revisiting this thread because the dialogue is so… interesting. Again I cant identify with half of what you’re saying because its not me. NO weave, no fake nails, no delusions of grandeur.. just a simple educated sister.. As a recent divorcee(domestic violence.. let me clarify before you guys hop on some kind of shenanigans)from a well educated, white man with strong delusions of grandeur… thought his job made him invincible, then became insecure as his infidelities came to light via pregnancy (by a hoodrat… ironic isnt it) who’s whole life was to be a FB hottie.. but I think the brothers need to re-evaluate what they think is important in a woman.. Because you know what.. while men of other cultures flock to me.. the black man is too busy snatching up ‘tamika’ with the 24 inch remy, tight jeans, 2 baby daddys and no morals. Despite my simple appearance.. I’m constantly told Im beautiful.. so I harbor no ill will towards women who ‘need’ these things to feel that way.. however I think women act like this because enough men find it ‘attractive’ for them to continue in this manor. MY favorite article was ‘the glorified hoodrat’ because it spoke to what I see in the dating world daily… but again.. my only problem with the author of the article and some of the comments.. is they sound as if their mothers arent black women.

  18. Mack says:

    Exactly. I noticed something about a lot of so-called ‘black’ feminists: they are some of the most unsightly looking females out there. And gay. So the good-looking straight sisters are allowing a bunch of gay ugly females to convince THEM to hate black men too. They don’t realize the feminists just want all the coochy for themselves! LOL! This mess is insane bruh.

    Thats the same as black men allowing homosexual men to establish the standards of feminine beauty. But wait…black men don’t do that; black WOMEN do! More pathology…

    But it just goes to show the level of mental and spiritual illness we’re dealing with here. Why do people ‘get on’ the sisters so much? Easy: because black American born and bred women behave the most unsightly. And they embody the most destructive mindsets among all other groups of women. And I challenge anyone to prove me wrong on this.

    One of the worst things that ever happened to the African American community was the book and movie The Color Purple. Alice Walker, an avowed lesbian/feminist, wrote that work of FICTION as skillfully as George Lucas created Star Wars and wookies. Which is what most of the men in that movie acted like: a bunch of savages. There wasn’t ONE decent, honorable depiction of black manhood in the entire picture! And lets not even talk about the female characters. One of the principle characters who was lauded in the movie was Sug’s character: a wild, disgraceful, bisexual black woman who was the shame of her righteous father, and made to seem like some care-free spirit that all sisters should emulate. She was faithful to no particular man, and slept around at will. Sounds familiar ladies?

    Another favorite movie of sisters is ‘Whats Love Got to Do With It’. The Tina Turner story. Again; they over exaggerated the part of Ike Turner, making him into a monster; something he vehemently argued against until the day he died. And what most people don’t know is that Tina had a child by one of Ike Turner’s bandmates…while she was still WITH Ike! They conveniently left that part out of the movie…

    No wonder so many black women site The Color Purple and What’s Love Got to Do With it as their all time favorite movies. No accountability was required on the part of any of the female characters in either story. Think about that sort of pathology bruh!

    This has contributed in large part to not all but a majority of sisters having absolutely NO sense of accountability for their own lives.

    Whatever bad choices she makes, its never her fault. Its the black man’s fault. If she gets pregnant by a dusty nigga, she didn’t get pregnant; he got her pregnant. If she cheats on her man: HE wasn’t handling his business properly so its still HIS fault. If she gets locked up for committing a crime: its not her fault: its her father’s fault for not being there when she was growing up. Notice the mother is rarely ever blamed even though SHE most likely raised the criminal.

    When brothers speak up about this foolishness in an attempt to open the dialogue, he’s bitching and complaining; way too critical; needs to get more on the brothers; or my favorite gripe: he could’ve said it nicer, maybe put a cherry on top for good measure. They’re so use to emasculating men, they even attempt to girlify the way a man should present his statements in writing.

    Not here homie. I’m not the one for all that pandering, ass-kissing, going along to get along stuff. No metrosexuality going on over this way. I would rather jump out a closed window first!

    And I’m not doing this because I want any of the females who might read this article for myself. I don’t even want their approval. I’m COOL on that. I already got my breezy. I’m genuinely trying to help some, educate others. Simply doing my part to reopen a dialogue that doesn’t need to close until real change takes place on a massive scale.

    I’m already working with the brothers. They get it! They can take hard criticism; the ones who haven’t been completely de-balled yet. They listen, get their lives in order, and genuinely personify the true wisdom of the Creator’s design for their lives. Its the sisters who appear to need the most work.

  19. Ramses says:

    @Mack wow….12 years old sneaking them through the window…Let me tell you something…Black women will pay for the shit they have done…mark my words….hell looks like they’re paying now….do you know that they have mercy killings in Africa and the middle east for women who are raped? Their logic is is that you’re not pure anymore and no Man would want you. And this is for a female who was raped. They actually assume the Woman tempted the Man because, unless you’re married, you’re not supposed to be with a Man by yourself. So imagine what they think about a loose woman. See this is where Feminism miscalculated. They thought that by putting Woman at the head, and letting her rear the Men, and make them in her image, that this would make all men weak. Now don’t get me wrong. A lot of black dudes are weak as hell and I feel for them cause they really don’t know any better. However, they didn’t anticipate Men waking up from this slumber or didn’t calculate that there were Men who never fell for the shit in the first place. We’re the few that are left are fighting like Gladiators out here on this madness. Just to give you an example of how full of shit these females are let me tell you about this chick who was a professor at my old college. This particular had a big booty and you know how cats talk. They would talk about if only they had chance with her. She had a PH.D in African American studies. Bruh let me tell you chick was married too with kids. Do you realize she was fucking everything moving? She was fucking students left and right. She had her husband looking retarded and so emasculated it was ridiculous. When I called the chick out for her behavior and this one particular dude on facebook, do you know mofos in the department were trying to get me to shut up cause they were scared they would lose their jobs? They weren’t worried about setting a good example for the students at all. They then attacked me for “airing daughter laundry.” Said I put her business in the street and that she had kids on facebook too. I said “first of all if you have sex with an 18 year old boy, chances are your business will be in the street.” Secondly, “it’s not that her business was in the street, it was the fact that for the first time men judged her for her behavior.” Thirdly, I was like “If you’re so worried about your daughters, why do it in the i=first place and what the hell they doing on facebook?” Now this is what was so hypocritical to me. If there was a male professor, having sex with 18 year old female students, like she was, then he would have been vilified. But because it was a “black woman” she could do what she wanted. I sat down with an elder, who tried to get me and my brethren to get off the social media. In the end this is what I told him. “I said for all this rhetoric about the black community and family, I said your protege helped destroy a black family.” Ultimately it was her responsibility but he had a part in the destruction of that unit. When I said that, he couldn’t do anything but be silent for a moment. later on I found out the chick was on some gay stuff as well. Now this woman traveled to Africa all the time and did work over there and made money too. You think she wasn’t get down like that over there too? I can’t tell you how much my level of respect for her fell. When I saw the level of her depravity, I didn’t even look at her as even attractive anymore. I looked at the type of dudes she slept with and was like she isn’t much to look at after all. However, when I called her out, a female reached out to me on my facebook page. She told me she was proud of me for standing up to this woman and that this woman was the reason she left and she also stated to me that the Dept. of African American studies was corrupt. I realized from that situation that black people, as a collective, let black women get away with the most reprehensible behavior imaginable. In America, black women try to blur the lines of being a whore and a respectable woman by saying its feminism. But our radar won’t allow us to be deceived. And this is what they get mad over: we figured out that the real pimps out here are black women, not men. I put it to you like this: if a woman cannot account for her actions then as far as marrying them is concerned, you never entertain the notion of putting a ring on their finger. If you’re between the ages of 20-28 and you have never been married, or been asked to be married, and are extremely attractive, then chances you are not worthy to be married. Always exceptions but will be small percentage. If a Woman tells me at the age of 28 or 32 there are no good men out here and this is the reason why she’s not married I’m like cool. But if that’s really the case then why aren’t you a virgin? If the Men are really no good, then why are you laying down with them and sleeping with them? Because if you can recognize when a Man is no good, then you should at least have the sense to know not to give up your womb to him as well. I don’t buy their line of reasoning whatsoever. A woman is not laying down with a man she has no attraction for. It doesn’t work like that. So I’m not buying the argument there are no good black men out here. I wouldn’t marry a white whore, an arab whore, colombian whore, ukranian whore, russian whore etc. So what makes the ‘strong black woman” think i would marry her if she’s one as well? See they have opened up a can of worms in this media assault against black men. They thought they could bully us into staying with black women with their steve harvey panel discussions about so-called successful black being unable ti find husbands and abc special reports about this same phenomenon. Instead what they got was a firestorm of criticism leveled at the black woman, whose not used to feeling the barrage coming her way. It’s been one-sided far too long. Now the Universe is balancing itself and she will either correct herself, or the black women will destroy herself, and it’s looking like the latter at this point. The media had steve harvey going around like a relationship expert (although he did make some good points but ultimately is a black woman apologist) trying to tell black women how to be successful with their men with his book. Like I said before, if you got to read a book on the new york times bestseller list, to learn how to coexist with a Man, then they need to make you work on the corner because you are a waste (and I mean a waste) of a woman. Women have gotten so weak that they have to buy books on how to relate to men? Damn brawd it’s simple: nachos, a beer and the superbowl. Lol. Your degrees teach you how to argue with your Man which is impractical. How many of you women have won arguments, but lost your man in the process? Countless I’m sure. The bullseye should be placed directly on the black woman because her transgressions, as far as her so-called “community” is concerned is great. To me the number one issue facing the black community is what are we gonna do about the behavior of the black woman? If nationhood is what it’s all about, like John Henrik Clarke said (Live In Peace), then the fundamental aspect of nation building is how are Men and Women coming together and coexisting. At this present time, the black woman, for the most part, does not want to coexist. She wants to control men instead of being in harmony with them. You know you live in a corrupt land when whores feel insulted for being deemed whores. These hoes so wrong, they don’t even realize they’re whores. But let a chick take a man they feel should be theirs. What do they say Mack? “Look at that hoe trying to take my man.” Lol. Dude has not even given the hateful chick the notion he wants her, but somehow some way she feels entitled to him just because and hates the sister for being appealing to the brother. Lol. Have you ever noticed how most feminists, who have some power, are usually ugly and unattractive? I mean you have attractive ones who practice, and don’t even realize they are, but the more powerful ones would ever be on my menu if they were straight. Attractive black women are allowing themselves to lose because they have allowed ugly ones convince them that men are the problem. Now that is some fuckery!!! Lol. Hey but they made their choices. After seeing those photos of the black women allowing the white boys slut them out, my resolve is even deeper. I am not budging from my position one inch. You’re not a virgin, you can’t be my wife. Simple. Now if you were married and your husband died or the marriage didn’t work out but since you divorced, you’ve maintained yourself, that’s different but since I can’t give black women the benefit of the doubt, I still don’t trust that. The only thing I can trust is the pure flesh. I don’t have to have in the back of my mind any doubt concerning my woman. The worse thing to have around you as a Man is a woman you can’t trust. And the black woman, in the modern era, has proven herself to be untrustworthy. And for all these brawds who try to deflect with “well other women do it too.” I say shut up. We’re not talking about other women, we’re talking about you. And those other women in those other groups have to deal with the same thing from their men as well. Still doesn’t make your dumb shit better just because other women might do it in their groups. They got Men so confused out here mack these dudes are dressing like women at Morehouse!!!! You think I will let these heathens remake me into some docile ass Man just so they can try to get me in some heels? And just for those who didn’t know. The greeks made boys they initiated into their homosexual rites of passage wear heels. it got so bad that the women started to wear them because they felt the men were more interested in boys than them. Hence why women wear heels. These hoes can wear heels all they want, I see through that facade. Like you said mack, when a woman goes out her way to make herself be seen (tight jeans, tights, heels, etc) then it raises a red flag. matter fact, i’m taking it back little house on the prairie style. I don’t even want my woman in pants at all. There’s a science behind that as well. Men wear pants, women wear dresses. I never saw my great grandmother in some damn jeans. These black women will be accountable one way or the other. Either they will straighten up and get with strong men and procreate a good lineage, or they will continue their present path of having babies with ‘weak ass black men” as they like to call them and their offspring will will get weaker and wipe themselves out of the gene pool, thus eliminating them in the process (homosexuality, high rates of homicide as well as suicide). Can’t serve two masters however. If your woman doesn’t serve you, then she serves somebody.

  20. Mack says:

    @ Ramses: “What Man wouldn’t want that, instead of fighting the thirty penis’s a females has had in her life by the time she gets to thirty…”

    Try multiplying that number by 4 or 5! These females be off the chain for real! And the first thing 9 outta 10 resort to when called out for this is: “What about the guys? Y’all are male whores!”

    SMH. Its sad my dude. One of my Philly homies just took possession of his 12 year old daughter. Notice I didn’t say ‘custody’. It was emergency time; he just bumrushed the system and got his seed. You know why? While living with her mom, his daughter was caught sneaking boys out her window. Already having sex. At 12!!!

    Now you tell me: what man in his right mind is going to wife up a chick who’s already ran through before she reached the age of 13?! What nation on planet earth has a marriage market for such females? Like Don King says: ‘Only in America.’ Whoredom gets a pass, while concepts like virginity and abstinence are seen as unrealistic. And this even by some so-called Christian women!

    I’ve even known females who ALLOWED their daughters to invite boyfriends to sleep over the house with their teenage daughters. The reasoning: At least they knew their daughters weren’t doing it in the backseat of some guy’s car.

    But guys like us are the misogynists and jerkasses for calling out the insanity of this madness!

    I’m not the only guy who has ranted agasinst these extra-average basic females. Nor am I the only one who’s ever called out their errant behavior. Others have done it long before me. I predict that the vast majority of the sisters of this generation are already a wash. Its basically a wrap for them. Some will stop arguing for their dysfunctions and see the light. But only a remnant will make it to renew the dignity of the Afr-Amer sister. The rest will become more and more irrelevant as time moves on.

    I’ve done my part by making this a topic that won’t go away. As it shouldn’t.

    I want to leave them with this thought: If you only surround yourself with others who think just like you, you’re no longer growing. You can’t grow unless there are opposing thoughts and points of view that challenge you and your thinking process. You’re basically stagnating. And whenever you stagnate, you’ve basically already started dying.

    To all my sisters who get it: God bless you, and much success to you. I’m certain of it. To the rest…

  21. Ramses says:

    What how trifling black women have become? I agree

  22. Kat says:

    This shit is sad!

  23. Ramses says:

    Powerful insight @Mack. A friend of mine told me this when he was working security at this bank. Mexican guy said, after noticing my friend looking at a fine black chick “you wanna have sex or do you want a wife?” My friend replied “both.” The Mexican guy, who was a janitor, replied “if you want to get married, you need to come to Mexico.” The Mexican said he had dated women in the states from black women to white women. He said however, he wasn’t impressed with either one. He stated that he went back to Mexico and found his wife. At the time he was like 40 and his wife was 29. The Woman still stayed at home with her parents, and was a virgin!!!!!! Now think about that Family. A 29 year old virgin compared to girls who give it up at ten!!! By the time she twenty she drowning dudes. What Man wants a Woman walking down the aisle, in a white dress, as if she’s pure even though she’s ran through to be his wife? Seriously Family. I got a second one for you and this will knock you back. This same friend of mine was talking to this chick from his church (notice the word church) about anal sex. Now mind you it’s very nasty for a Woman to talk about her sexual encounters with another Man because a Man would like to think he was your only one. However, the chick proceeds to tell him that she did it once, but she wouldn’t do it again unless she was married because something like that is sacred and should only be for my husband. Now marinate on that shit Family. I mean really feel me on this shit for real. Anal sex is sacred? Damn what happened to the womb? Yet even though it’s sacred, she did it anyway before she got married!!!! So she even went against her screwed up logic. Family I couldn’t make this shit up. Shakespeare couldn’t. And what she didn’t realize, she was continuing to dig herself in a deeper grave, in terms of having a chance with my friend. If a chick can tell you about multiple partners, in detail like that, then you have your answer. No other Men accept women like this for marriage. This chick was actually looking at my dude as a potential marriage partner!!! She calls him an he refuses to answer because just the thought of the hoe, and I don’t care what these mofos on here say (the chick is a hoe), disgusts my homie. And this is the same chixk that be in church crying on the altar like a damn clown!!! These are some clowns. God probably looking at us like damn sons, you can’t be this naive. No matter how much we try to be with them, on that type of level, we’re not success. You think it’s an accident? Nah man, too many good dudes I know having the same trouble. We can’t honor them. Not on that level. I mean imagine kissing these chicks who had another man’s cum in their mouths blowing bubbles with it!!!! I hate to have to be so visual but cats need to get that visual to see how silly they have been in terms of their choice in woman for committed relationships. Anal sex is sacred!!! I can never forget that. The chick so worn out that she has to go back door to get the tightness again. Bruh I don’t need to see anything else. These beasts are beneath me Family. My values suggest this. Not the money I make, my degree, but my values Sun. That’s why I call them demons because the light is the truth. What chick can argue on here against a Man wanting a virgin? Let them try. I’ll laugh at their dumb ass. Like I’m laughing now!!!! Lol… I saw something on youtube where a black chick said black chicks don’t respect nice dudes. She said what woman wants to fuck a teddy bear? That’s some shit. You treat them with kindness they think you a teddy bear. I bring that brolic shit Sun. That gorilla shit. I’m shutting they shit down before they even get started. You know the beautiful thing about being a Man. We can deal with these chicks how they present themselves and it’s cool. However, when we want a wife, we choose the complete opposite of that. Now of course these hoes will argue “that’s a double standard.” So the hell what. As man I hold the scepter and I decide if I choose you or not. That’s my Ace card. You can be fine as you want to be but if men don’t approach you, your ass will be by yourself. Simple. In Atlanta, there are plenty of fine females with no ring on the finger. I practice class warfare too. My class warfare deals with your nature as a woman while theirs deals with the degrees and jobs. However, when they lose their job, where does that leave them. Trying to live off their kid they had at 15 perhaps. That’s about their best chance cause they weak ass will not eat or live off of me. Better off finding you a girlfriend than thinking you getting a Real Man. Nobody wants soggy twat. A degree can’t cover that up. Now of course there are those who think this is harsh. To hell with you yo. I stand up and speak on this trifling shit while you stay stuck in a corner and let the shit continue. maybe this will shame some of these mofos to change their ways or prevent them from straying in the first place. I doubt it but at least the Universe will know that I was one of the few who spoke up while others were excusing the decadence. Once again, 29 year old virgins in Mexico. Damn when I heard that that shit made me feel alive again. The beauty in having a virgin as your wife is the fact you don’t have to compete with the previous Man she had in her life. She conforms to you physically and spiritually. You actually get to mold her. See we try to mold them but how can we. They have already taken form. A virgin is like clay to a sculptor. What Man wouldn’t want that, instead of fighting the thirty penis’s a females has had in her life by the time she gets to thirty or even worse. I remember a chick who was 19 in 2007 at school said she had had 16 partners up to that point in her life. And she said that wasn’t including females. Man one dude said out loud as a reflex “Damn you a hoe” shocked. From that point, she didn’t come around for while. At first she was thought she was gonna be praised for being a hoe only to see she felt the backlash. I bring the backlash Family and I don’t care how they take it. If they don;t like it, they can go sign up for ghetto gaggers. That’s more of their speed anyway.

  24. Mack says:

    @ Ramsey: I love dissecting game on this issue too. Its needed man. And I think its somewhat cathartic for both sides.

    What I’m seeing here is that basically we’re dealing with two types of sisters: those who have transcended the bull and know what time it is. And those who secretly desire to control black men by pulling the wool over our eyes. The transcendent sisters are the ones winning in life right now. The others are straight up losing; and they know it. That’s why they get so frantic and belligerent about articles that tell the truth about their present state.

    Demons run away from the light. Angels run to it…

    The funniest ones to me are the so-called “edumacated” sisters. They spit the most vitriol and seethe with the most rage at being found out.

    I’ll tell you something else to: the ones arguing that hardest against us are the very same ones quick to throw on something tight and revealing, just to gain a sense of power by getting average dudes to gawk at them. They’re the same ones constantly getting lumped into the jump-off category by men, which only feeds their seething hatred of black men. And they never take the time to understand why this is happening to them.

    I’m funny when it comes to women who are always wearing skin tight clothes and elaborate hairdo’s and makeup. I know they’re hiding something. Its like you’re trying to run a scam right out the gate. The discerning mind knows that when you try to get me to focus more on your body, you’re hiding something about your SELF you probably don’t want me to know about. So I’m automatically gonna look past your form and check out your soul.

    An extra-average woman’s worst nightmare…

    And really, any woman who desires to silence a man’s critique or to control him in any way is really just an insecure woman. Only an insecure woman would want a man she can control. Which amounts to a whole lot of sisters. But its a catch 22: once she’s satisfied her insecurities by controlling a guy, she loses interest in him because her femininity is not being satisfied. What lady wants a man she can control?!

    They play like theres a world of men from other races just waiting to snatch them off the market. Survey says: BUZZ! Until you resolve your insecurities as a woman, you’ll only take them with you wherever you go. And those men won’t want to deal with all the baggage you bring either.

    When I did the infamous ‘rant’, I was simply trying to bring some sisters back down to reality. You’re not superior. At BEST you are simply equal. And that’s all you should look or ask for. The reason so many took that as an insult is because sisters have been trained to look DOWN on black men. So by calling you equal with us, it seems like a tremendous insult. Can you imagine if I had said black women are equal to white men? It would have read entirely differently in most of their minds. They wouldn’t have said anything. They would be walking around gloating, praising my name. But I equate you with black men, and all hell breaks loose.

  25. Sabrina says:



    I’m glad you liked it, Jennifer. In case you’re interested, there are many more videos of Brother Malcolm’s speeches on YouTube that are worth perusing if you have spare time. Watching him reminds me of the men of my father’s era.

  26. Ramses says:

    @Mack no doubt Mack. Yeah they get on here and make emotional arguments then vilify us for being emotional! Lol. So idiotic. The same females on here who defend black women wouldn’t trust their own mother around their man! Lol. But like I said, because the American Black Man has been totally stripped from his position of authority, those who actually have the balls to exercise authority as looked at as niggas who are not following the program (to accept abuse). They have no idea how low they are perceived, even by their own men. It’s mind boggling. And I will be honest, I will not go through 100 black women to find one good one in the US. That is a waste of time. Black women, for the most part, have become an annoyance to me. An older black woman a few years back told this one black chick what we said concerning black women and their level of disrespect for black men and the chick replied “I know a lot of black women show black men disrespect, but it still doesn’t give them the right to go outside the group.” Lol. Can you believe this mentality? She willingly admits this disrespect by black women and says it happens a lot, yet she says that brothers can’t go elsewhere to find happiness! A Man has the right to go wherever he pleases if he chooses to go if his heart so desires. We refer to Woman as Earth (soil). When earth becomes polluted what must one do? One must leave that part of the earth and seek suitable soil so seeds can grow. It’s that simple. Who wants to put their seed in polluted soil? See what upsets these black females out here is the fact that they know they can’t compete globally. Black women will take the most rinky dink white boy in the US and feel like she has “made it” because she knows globally she is in a bad position. You have white men from Europe going to places like Africa looking for wives. Men in the world are not coming to the US looking for black women as potential wives. That’s how you know the women are not up to par. When men leave their homes for women of other cultures, then the proof is in the pudding. I remember I was reading some commentary online from some white boys from Alabama. These white boys were telling other Men what were the best places in Colombia to find wives. You know if white men, who are the most privileged in America, are unhappy with their women, then it gives you an indication of how bad it is for black men and their women being that black women come with a whole different type of baggage mentally. And that’s why I love this issue. There is no issue other than marriage that reveals what type of women we are dealing with. We can try to be loyal based on race but that only goes but so far. When we are forced to look at you’ll as potential wives, unfortunately for you all, that becomes a scary prospect for Men like us. To me black women come off more masculine than feminine to me. That’s real talk. We can argue back and forth but let’s be real. Do black women consider themselves, as a collective, feminine? I mean there is a difference between feminine and a Feminist. Black women are feminists, but they are not feminine. Hell I remember a time when a woman would meet a man and she would curtsy. And for those who don’t know what that is, look it up. That was an art form. Black women in this generation are not trying to be successful with their men. They are trying to reestablish their perceived control over the men they thought was theirs. This is why they get on these sites and still fight us. And this is why they will continue to lose us in droves. It’s in the media already that black men are more interested in other groups of women so that let’s you know it’s bigger than what you all think it is. Once the media gets a hold to it, then it means it’s entrenched. And we all know this generation of black women will not change either. So Men have to make a choice. The black man and black woman have a sadomasochist type of relationship in which the black woman (sadist) dishes out the pain and abuse to the black man (masochist). Only when men try to come out of this interaction then criticisms come his way. But as long as he takes the abuse, then black women feel like he does what he’s told. Well sorry to tell you’ll so-called sistas. Those days are over. You have some clowns who will take your abuse no doubt. But the ones with sense, who are the leaders, you will lose out on these. And believe me there are black women in a whole bunch of other places of the earth. You have brazilian women who are dark as midnight, green eyes, and jet black curly hair and Goddess shapes who are the epitome of beauty. So black men are not running from black women: just american black women who have morphed into a beast we don’t recognize anymore. Why sit here trying to change you all when we can meet women who fit the profile already? Hell water takes the path of least resistance and water is a very powerful element but even water doesn’t make it hard on itself. So as men why should we. Why should we fight through your baggage to try to love you when you won’t do it for us. And the Creator knows I have fought on black women side trying to help them get through baggage. And have lost valuable time in the process. The fact that we write these articles, in our thirties sometimes 40’s and 50’s let you know how bad it is. We should be raising families with a wife in this age range. Not arguing with how bad women are.

  27. Mack says:

    Also interesting, for those who got upset that I referenced what Africans and people from the Caribbean had to say on this matter: I’ve been tracking many of the FB likes. And a GRIP of them come from… Africans: particularly Ethiopians.

    Hmmm…interesting indeed.

  28. Mack says:

    @ Shamika:


  29. Ramses says:

    @Shamika…..this is the problem that you’re not seeing unfortunately. When we point out the negative behavior, why is it considered being negative? And furthermore, why is it trivial when Black Men express their view points, no matter how hurtful it might seem to black women. I mean you all have had media, education, welfare, and all types of government policy on your side. Where has the assistance been for brothers? Do you know that in Morocco, that if a Woman went out here and had a child (burden) out of wedlock, that she would get no public assistance. Let me say that again. She would get no public assistance. Why? Because females are not as helpless as they like to think they are. They say Helen of Troy was the face that launched a thousand ships. Why? because she screwed around on her husband with the enemy. Think of all the death that ensued from just one woman not following protocol. This is why you should have basic rules in society concerning the behavior of women because women w/o rules has clearly shown us in this society has disastrous results. We are putting women’s rights over the needs of their own children by fighting against the fathers. Show me one child out here, who has never had a relationship with their father, who if given the chance, would not jump at the chance to do so. And if they wouldn’t it’s because the mother, if you can call her that, has dogged him out so bad, they really assume that what the mother has said about him is true. It’s not trivial BS when children have no clue where there father is. Sorry to tell you dear but sorry black women is not a stereotype, it is a reality. See we are not debating you on this because we know it to be true. And let’s say for the sake of argument that you’re right and Mack does need a therapy session. So what? You say that in a mocking tone as if that would make him weak. Once again showing the contempt a lot of black women have for black men expressing how they feel towards them and their behavior. I was dealing with this one particular black chick in 2008 and we were having an argument. So because I made a point she couldn’t refute, instead of her just accepting it, she replied “ok you made your point shut up damn.” She didn’t tell me that I made my point because she really respected it number, but only she recognized how silly it was for her to keep arguing because she made no sense. However, she didn’t respect the logic of it. Then when I blew up on her in the car (to the point I lost my breath) she later couldn’t understand why I got so heated. I said to her “I’m a Man, no woman should ever tell me to shut up. You will respect me. Period.” You know what her response was to me? She replied “I tell my sister to shut up all the time. And I didn’t know Men wanted respect.” Think about that for minute. She thought that the way she talked and dealt with her sister was the way she could deal with me. Problem one. Number two, she didn’t know Men wanted respect? Do you realize how self-absorbed you have to be to say something like that? Even when you call yourself offering “help” with the statement “hell that’s my career, feel free to hit me up, and your first session is on me “pro bono” you show that black woman BS we are talking about on this here topic. Since I’ve been making statements on topics on here, I’ve yet to see any women come from this angle from an initial standpoint. WOmen don’t come on here saying “brothers, what’s going on? What are we doing that’s making you’ll feel this way? What can we do on our part to get a place where we can co-exist with you all? If that’s really what you want since so many come on here claiming they want a black man. But you don’t do that. Your response as a Man is insulting because if your job is to counsel patients, then you must be horrible at it because I don’t see how mocking the patient can be seen as helpful to their healing process and I don’t suggest that black Men out here don’t need some healing (not sexual either) too at all because plenty are hurt. Show me a Man that doesn’t hurt or who hasn’t been hurt in any way and you are showing me a boy. You’re saying we have to put in the work to achieve finding a mate. Is that really real? With all these so-called remarkable sisters, you mean I have to put in an exorbitant amount of time to find a good one? Seriously? Why do you think there is a mail order bride industry? You think that’s just an accident? Why do you think the Adult Entertainment Industry is at such an all time high in terms of popularity? Why is porn so lucrative? Because it is clear that most of the females in this society are not good women. Hugh Hefner gets rewarded for selling pussy in a magazine, yet Men who would like to honor you’ll can’t because you’ll are not giving us shit to honor and then get vilified for speaking on it. So can you see why we are frustrated. But maybe I should fall in like the rest and just start going to the clubs and running through chicks. Maybe I would be happy then right? Because the brothers who do this damn sure seem happy to me. I remember when I got married at 22 and I used to come across black women. They would look at me weird because I was married. Some would even say “why you get married. You’re young. You got plenty of time. Why don’t you go and have fun.” These chicks were telling me to go out there and run through chicks. Are you kidding me? Hell it comes a point in time where even Men get tired of easy sex, although women can do it better than we can (see prostitution). I really doubt you have a clue as to what’s going on. Most people that tend to major in psychology tend to be crazy themselves and the industry itself to me is a sham within itself. We point fingers at black women because a lot of them are guilty of what we speak of. My arguments are always well-reasoned and not childish at all. I give historical evidence to back up what I say and from what I have seen on here brothers and sisters have confirmed what my eyes have shown me the past twenty years. You think loving our people is about some new york times best seller giving us the answer about how we can improve our lives (see purpose driven life). All of these books, that people are reading and buying and, making these people rich from, are not doing any good for people out here whatsoever. But you know what used to work in my great grandparents generation? Shame. Being a baby mama in their time was an abomination and this type of girl was the type who was the example for all of the other younger females as a warning to not allow themselves to be like her. Now women wear the term single mother as a badge of honor. As a WOman, you should be embarrassed to be a single mother. You should be embarrassed to have children without a husband. Our standards are sol low, in terms of women, we just like whatever. Who cares. But boy if you a Man, you got to be responsible, make all the money, be strong, sex you good, be your counselor, make up for your Dad not being there and a whole host of issues. I used to joke that women want Men to be their Oprah and Doctor Phil. This is how I know many of our people will not make it because it’s one thing for people on the outside to criticize. Then like most black people do make it a racial thing. However, when it comes from your own, the one who has went to school with you, the one who has lived in the projects with you, the one who has worked on your jobs with you calls you out for your behavior, then these things cannot be refuted. Hence the saying we “airing our dirty laundry.” I see children out here acting a fool. At my old school the other day, I saw a girl with metallic blue hari. A black chick on some ponk rock shit. Now mind you this is not high school but college. When I first started college in 99, it was a little bit more serious. This girl was in a higher education setting with metallic blue hair. Now, for all those individualists out here who wanna say “she has the right to do what she wants. Who are you to tell her she can’t dye her hair” let me make two points. First of all, you don’t have any rights that you don’t fight for. If someone gave you rights, then it means that you have been given a privilege or benefit, which is totally different than right. Secondly, technically she can dye the hair that’s cool. However, I have the choice of not wanting her apart of anything that concerns me. If a son of mine wanted to be with a piece of scum like that, I would not hesitate to disown him because there is no way in hell that I would let him inherit hard earn mine of mine to give to a troll like that. Why? Because I care about my legacy. Most of these females are so out of touch with basic values, legacy does not even cross their minds. Shamika your response is the typical response we get from black women out here who don’t care to see the mirror image reflection of themselves. It’s mighty funny how when people are seeing brothers fed up out here with these females who are well beneath the average, and speak on it, now we are supposed to calm down. Give peace a chance. Don’t point fingers at each other! Lol. Who else is supposed to get the criticism? And please don’t say whitey because that’s played out. Self-reflection can be painful, but it is necessary. This statement attributed to Socrates is powerful:

    The Unexamined Life is not worth living.”

    Even though he was Greek, I can agree with him. You’ll are gonna keep pushing the black man and keep pushing him and keep pushing him and one day you’re gonna look up and he will not be there to be pushed anymore. And if he does that, who will defend you all? You think you’re gonna run to white men? It’s interesting to note that when black women see that black men are looking at other ethnic groups as possible wives, the first one black women think they are gonna run too is white men. I have seen countless sites where black women are trying to get other black women to run to white dudes. I don’t see them with any sites exalting arab men, or chinese men, or hispanic men. Why are white men your first option? Because deep down a lot of you all want to be here. I mean brothers are exploring all other possibilities. Contrary to popular belief, brothers are not running to the arms of white girls. This is not undercover brother. Lol. Brothers are going to Philipines, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Africa, Europe, Colombia, Japan and a whole host of other places in the world. So who is more color struck: black men or women? And then to top it off, black women are doing it strictly to hurt brothers as well. I’m not saying that black women in some cases don’t find white men not to love and genuinely care for them. But I’m talking about the ones on these sites like this who talk about running in to the arms of a white man just because, in their minds, black men appreciate other ethnic women. Well we embrace all groups of women, and black women are only singling out white men, and not even dealing with the issue as to why we give up on them in the first place!!! I mean if a 250 pound white girl can get your man and you are a fine black chick with all the nice features, don’t you think it might be something that you’re doing? I mean we all agree with men it’s about the aesthetics with men, but some black men forego even the aesthetics and get with someone who is not pleasing to eye as some black women are. It’s real easy to chalk it to black men having secret desires to want to be with white women, and no doubt some do and that’s their choice. But it’s not true in every case and to me is just another way to deflect from you all the blame that you carry in driving your men away in the first place, and I mean the good ones too. The ones who run through you all are not complaining, it’s the ones who have to deal with the baggage after you have been ran through who are complaining. Just out of curiosity are you married yourself Shamika? And if not have you ever been and has any man ever asked you?

  30. Shamika says:

    When will we as black / African American descendants stop pointing fingers at each other, like some grade school kids duking it out over who is football captain at recess. When will we learn that as long as we are focused on such trivial BS, we miss the big picture? WHICH IS …? We need to start loving each other, and it begins with you. How do you switch the script? You start by avoiding stereotypes and lies created to cause more division. Haven’t we as a people experienced enough division and foolishness to last many lifetimes. This division continues to rear its ugly head in the form of such trivial debates as this article. Not one to undermine other’s feelings, as it is very important for each of us to express our feelings to avoid pent up anger, resentment and so forth, which often manifest itself into cancer diabetes, high blood pressure and so forth. However, the author sounds as though he needs a couch and therapist, hell that’s my career, feel free to hit me up, and your first session is on me “pro bono”. The problem is that many of us are hurting from past traumas, and our emotions are often more powerful than our common sense. If you as a man or woman find yourself continuously in dead end relationships, meaningless jobs, negative life choices and such, that has nothing to do with any opposite sex, your momma / daddy issues, or the like…. Hint*** It is time to look at you! Whatever it is you desire, regardless of mate, career, life etc., you must put the work in to achieve it. So, if you expect your mate to be healthy/fit, well rounded, funny, articulate and creative and whatever else you want on the list, please check yourself first to see if you match your criteria.

  31. This shit is funny as hell because it’s TRUE! Each and every word is the truth about the majority of black females. I think ALL the bases were covered in this post. As an AA myself, growing up wondering WTF is wrong with these females? Realizing now that it’s simply because they put themselves out there like that.

    I am also truly enjoying reading the reactions of the very females you describe who are clamoring to justify their position on this topic. Trying their best to sound intellectual and educated as fuck putting their hard-earned college degrees to work with kind explanations on how wrong your point of view is. Painful truth is that these big-butt-fine-ass “educated” and (un-educated) under the cover hoes are only really good for is a good fantasy f@*k and like my Grandmother use to say “And that’s the truth, Ruth!”

    Oh but one question though? Why does the those already in committed relationships have to be bagged in the group with the sisters who are: carrying relationship baggage, those who hate their fathers and project it onto the next guy, those who occasionally ‘lick the clit’ or who are juggling multiple dingalings, those who are too ghetto for even the hood to deal with, those who are too religious for even Jesus to deal with, those who are outright unsightly or morbidly obese? Can the rare minority doing their jobs get an award?!LOLOLOLOL! Holla!


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