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Sandra Fluke No Free Sex For You.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) The Sandra Fluke contraception controversy is democrat inspired. It is yet another example of democrats promoting and trying to force all Americans to “fund” behavior many Americans would consider to be sinful. We taxpayers are minding our own business. We are, for the most part, passively ignoring America’s cultural rot. But our passiveness is not enough for the democrats. They demand that we “fund” behaviors which are in conflict with the principles,values and faith of many Americans. Forty million Americans are Christians.

Sandra Fluke, Americans do not care how many out-of-wedlock sexual encounters you may have. But, when you go before congress in an attempt to demonize us for not funding your activities, you are infringing on our freedom; forcing your values down our throats.

You guys on the left are “always” the aggressors. When we say “no”, your media machine attempts to portray us as the aggressive bad guys.

Also, am I weird or old-fashion for thinking it a bit shameful for a woman to go before congressional committee to basically say, I sleep around a lot and demand that taxpayers pay for my birth-control? Sandra Fluke is another prime example of how nothing is shameful any more, which is in-keeping with the Moral Moral Relativism philosophy taught in colleges. Moral Relativism in a nut shell says nothing is right or wrong and no one has a right to judge the morality of anything.

Think about this folks. We have TV talk shows themed on finding the father of a unmarried pregnant woman’s baby. The exploitative TV host tries to sound passionate. Today we have poor pregnant Sherri who has slept with 27 guys. We have brought all 27 of these scumbags on the show to discover through DNA testing who is the daddy.

Good Lord, remember when an unmarried woman was ashamed of being pregnant by her one boyfriend? Today, women who have fornicated with every male within a ten block radius of their home go on national TV and are celebrated as victims.

Sandra Fluke, sleep around with whomever you please. Christians and most Americans defend your right to do so. However, the line in the sand is when you and your democrat enablers demand that we taxpayers pay for your sexual encounters.

Staff Writer; Lloyd Marcus

Chairman of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama.

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Lloyd is singer/songwriter of the American Tea Party Anthem and author of Confessions of a Black Conservative, foreword by Michele Malkin.



14 Responses to “Sandra Fluke No Free Sex For You.”
  1. thomas says:

    Hello. Just like conciencious objectors wouldn’t have to fire a shot in anger during war even if they enlisted. Or scientologists don’t believe in psychology and its not forced upon them. The Catholic church shouldn’t have to go against its beliefs and fund contraception. My wife has worked in 2 catholic hospitals it was told upfront what was covered and what wasn’t. If you could get into Georgetown you should be able to get into an equally prestigous law program that would cover your health needs. Ms. Fluke says her friend is a lesbian which the church is against but still has her attend the school. In the testimony it breaks down to about 20 dollars a week for her personal pill..My dental plan doesn’t cover a lot my optical plan doesn’t cover it all my perscription glasses are high contacts are higher. Its my personal choice to get the contacts I don’t think my orgainization should pay for them. If medically necessary you only have 60 days in a nursing home with my insurance some other plans have 90 or 120 I opted to get the cheaper plan so I only have 60. Ok going to get a tooth pulled now for 200 bucks if I would have had the bridgework done etc would have been 1000. 20 bucks a week would be forgoing 5 movies..5 cups of starbucks…couple of pizzas….a minumum wage job working about 5 hours a week… If you are going to force one religous organization to break its code whats next No Burkas for the Muslims…Make the Amish drive cars…Make Kosher illeagle..really whats next


    This is EXACTLY the issue, Mr. Marcus. Well said! Ms. Fluke needs to grow up and take responsibility for her life, and its various needs. This is called ‘being an adult’.

  3. Whitney says:

    You people are unbelievable. Birth control is not only used for pregnancy prevention, you idiots. Do your research there are MANY other reasons for birth control pills. Most of you “Christians are going to rot in hell anyways because you are hypocritical EVIL people passing judgement on those you have no right to. ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE!!!! Isnt that right? Oh no, but you take it upon yourselves. Insurance pays for birth control, and that comes out of their own paychecks. If you arent paying for birth control you will be paying for welfare for those who can support their children. You choose, you dimwitted morons.

  4. jb says:

    Candy for the Kids for Votes……..rather contraception.

    This is so obvious on the part of the Democrats.

    Thank you Thy Black Man Staff.

    P.S. NPR pointed out that Fluke has been shopping for her contraception in the Wrong Place.

    Turns out she said she paid $3,000.00 a year. And if she went to the Target in her Georgetown area, it would have only cost her $9.00 a month.

    Of course, her local county health department and planned parenthood give it out for FREE.

  5. Henry Leunissen says:

    Rush should not have apologized. He should have told her to get with John Edwards. They could open a new Law office called “Slut ‘n Skunk AAL”.

  6. Noah says:

    > am I weird or old-fashion for thinking it a bit shameful for a woman to go before congressional committee to basically say, I sleep around a lot

    If she was married she would also be denied birth control. When my wife and I were first married she worked for a Catholic hospital and birth control was not covered under her insurance. This issue isn’t about promiscuity. You’re a fool if you fight that angle.

  7. Jmitsu says:

    Watch her testimony, then write a judgmental article about her.
    She never talked about her personal life and she only cited medical reasons for covering birth control. The examples were: someone who had recurring incidences of ovarian cysts and was able to get birth control because it was covered for insurance to treat cysts, someone who needed birth control to treat cancer and could not get insurance coverage because a concrete diagnosis required surgery, and someone who had recurring episodes of ovarian cysts, was denied coverage because insurance claimed she wanted birth control for recreational sex and later developed a tennis ball sized cyst that resulted in loss of an ovary and symptoms of early menopause.

  8. Russell Dee says:

    I’m a moderate democrat but I agree with the liberals on the issues of the Bush wars. I dissaprove of the Iraq war and I do not think we should have entered Iraq. I think we should have hunted down Al Aquaid leaders like John Kerry said during the Bush/Kerry face-off for president.

    I work and I pay taxes. My tax dollars went to fund the war in Iraq that I do not think should have been fought in the first place. Republicans are always the agressor. Republicans always make me fund things I don’t believe in.

  9. k says:

    I think that you are an intolerant, ignorant, idiot.

  10. A. Reginald says:

    It’s unfortunate Rush used the word “Slut.” He could have mentioned her self admitted promiscuity, for which the sord “slut” is quite appropriate.

  11. A. Reginald says:

    Too bad Rush Limbaugh used thee word “Slut.” There are many others that may be less well recognized that would also fit this situation. I suppose the word “slut” would, however, be quite adequate for a self admitted female fornicator!

  12. Kigol says:

    How narrow. Yeah, very narrow view you’ve got there my friend.

  13. Garth Patterson says:

    Mr. Marcus, tell you what. When you also show that selfsame self-righteous indignation to _all_ your Republican politicians/Christian ministers who screw around, and who also enjoy taxpayers support, directly AND/OR indirectly (for example, through churches/ministers being exempt from taxes), then you can talk. But ONLY then.

    To all: feel free to share this with your self-righteous religious friends. See what their response is. 😉

  14. Harry Kuheim says:

    Briiing,Briiing…Briiing, Briiing…”Hello, Fluke residence”…”Yeah, Hi, This is Bill Clinton…I was wondering if your Daughter needed a job?”