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President Obama: Does he owe Black America?

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( When our Founding Fathers wrote the Constitution, it was for all people. The Preamble reads:

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity…

The Constitution grants no preference to ethnicity or economic class. It’s a foundation for a rule of law applying equally to all Americans.

There is only one America—not a Black, White, Hispanic, Asian or any other separatist America.

Saying Obama owes special attention to Black America is contrary to the Constitution. “Black America” itself is a dysfunctional term that only promotes class warfare and ethnic unrest.

Black America” is a concept born from Black Nationalism, creating a means for Americans of African descent to eschew citizenship.

Obama owes Americans of African descent what he owes every other American. It’s not special or preferential treatment. It’s the truth—something he’s not delivered faithfully since taking office.

Instead of improving economic conditions, it would seem Obama has allowed things to get worse. For example:

•Reported unemployment last August was at 9.1 percent. In January of 2009, it was 7.6 percent. Long-term unemployment tripled during the Obama Administration.

•The average price of a gallon of gas in early September was over $3.50. When Obama took office, it was well under $2. This commodity affects the price of almost everything we buy.

•Food stamp use rose 70 percent over the past four years. There are more than 45 million Americans now on food stamps, as opposed to just over 30 million when Obama became president.

•The ranks of poverty-stricken children grew by 2 million over the past two years.

•The national debt is over 14.3 trillion dollars, up from nearly 10.7 trillion on Inauguration Day 2009.

•The federal government essentially borrowed $29,660 more dollars from every American household since Obama signed the first stimulus bill.

•In 2010, more than a million households suffered foreclosure—the first time it’s gone so high. The current pace of home sales could make 2011 the worst year for the industry in a half-century.

President Obama needs to set aside “race-baiting” politics and embrace real solutions to our nation’s problems. For instance:

•Repeal the Davis-Bacon Act that regulates federal labor agreements. This would save taxpayers over $10 billion per year and free up more money for more infrastructure projects that the Heritage Foundation estimates will create more than 150,000 jobs.

•Repeal the minimum wage law that discriminates against minorities and poor Americans—causing alarming hikes in unemployment in urban cities.

•Based on success in the states, a national “right-to-work” law could create more private sector jobs as well as more and faster personal income growth.

•The United States has the highest corporate tax rate in the developed world that punishes corporations for increasing profits and drives jobs overseas. Reform the tax code.

Americans need President Barack Obama to lead and support policies that put people back to work.

An American agenda is colorblind, for it is based upon the tenets of free enterprise, limited government and individual responsibility.

Enough of the rhetoric. Enough of the special interest politics. It’s time to follow a real plan.

Written By Stacy Swimp

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11 Responses to “President Obama: Does he owe Black America?”
  1. YaKol says:

    African American Nation State in Africa – under international law – the Right of Return – Visit site and sign petition to the United Nations and more.

  2. G Jackson says:

    I think the whole point is being missed here. I think by separating Black Americas from the rest of society in America is the plan. To understand Stacy’s point is to know the history of what Democrats did/do to Black Americans. They must separate them and keep them down in order to get their votes. If you look at Black Americans who prosper in America you would have to look at their environment now and their beliefs. I think you will see that they don’t look for hand outs from our government. Therefore they are not chained to a government check. You will see in their environment that they teach others to not look to government but to find it on your own. Therefore they are chastised by others. At every corner you will find people who are trying to take them down so that they are not positive examples to others. There are alot of Black Americans who are not Democrats and they do speak out. If you look at their families you will see the example of some Great Americans who say “it is not what your government can do for you…it’s what you can do for YOURSELF. It is very important to Democrats to keep Black Americans dependent on government. Therefore they can dictate to them where to live, and stay in the most horrible of circumstances (drug infested housing, horrible schools – where young black Americans are not getting a good education – therefore they fall in the same trap over and over) I think when Dr. King said he had a dream…taking into consideration he was NOT a Democrat and did not profess taking government handouts, his dream was for his children to live like everyone else…NOT BE DEPENDENT ON GOVERNMENT. As long as the Democrat Party has a choke hold on any minority not just Black Americans, there will be this mind set that the Government – not just the President – owes them special favors. AMERICA THE ENTIRE COUNTRY IS OWED MUCH BETTER THAN WHAT BARAK OBAMA IS OFFERING. MUCH MUCH BETTER.

  3. Lonnie Radcliffe says:

    I appreciate the writer tackling such a tough and dicey subject. But for starters, I must disagree with the writer’s naive position that blacks are not entitled to any special consideration. Obama owes the black community his presidency, and therefore, we are in fact entitled to special consideration, particularly given our dire circumstances. Don’t forget that we gave this man 96% of our votes in 2008.

    Meanwhile, I agree wholeheartedly that conditions have worsened under this president, particularly as related to the black community. Similarly, you can add the following to the writer’s list of horrors:

    1. lack of many black representation on “Team Obama”, the nine member committee that has been charged with the task of setting the course for Obama’s second term

    2. Obama’s decision to shut down the Minority Business Development offices.
    Black businesses only account for 3.5% of federal contracts, and now we stand to lose even this paltry amount of federal contracts, courtesy Obama

    3. the reduction of unemployment insurance benefits by 26 weeks under the Payroll Tax Cut. True to form, Obama sacrificed his most loyal supporters.

    Without question, this president has been a real disaster for black folks.

  4. hoodgirl says:

    Interesting Article…..I agree with alot of the points….despite the prevalent racism in America….one can still prevail if the WILL is there.

    YES….Obama is FOREVER indebted to BLACK America!

  5. DG says:

    Heather, if you have read my stuff in here you know my background, which includes an MBA, PHD work, and I am working on completing another master’s in finance. In addition I work for the Federal Reserve Bank. So I work with some of the top economist in the nation.

    Most recently I just wrote an economic indicator report that indicated that the economy is improving as indicated by many leading indicators.

    The economy IS NOT getting worse, although growth is slower than we would like.

    Here is the executive summary draft from the most recent report that I wrote:

    This report will provide an analysis of 16 economic indicators of a varying type. The purpose is to provide business owners and corporations a near term prospective of the United States economy based upon recent economic trends.

    The report will show that GDP and GNP is growing and unemployment is on the decline. However there are still troubling trends that limit the overall economic optimism. In general however, it is expected that the economy will continue to improve over the near term (3 to 6 months).

    Heather, the following indicators all showed positive trends:

    GDP, GNP, Industrial Production, Personal Income, Consumer Sentiment, Retail Sales, Consumer Price Index for Service, and the Unemployment Rate.

    We do still have a housing start problem even though it is flat, personal spending is still down, and the average weeks unemployed is still an issue, but the economy is turning around.

    Since you like to do you homework here are some additional resources you can pull data from and create your own charts if you like. It is my economic indicators stack on delicious.

    This chart shows the declining trend in jobless claims –

    This chart shows the declining unemployment rate –

    You can pull charts for other indicators on the side bar. If you would like additional resources to analyze economic indicators let me know.

  6. Dre says:

    @Heather B – so if you truly believe in your data, albiet a bit ambiguous (I would expect no less from a copy-paste debater), why doesn’t the idiot author of this piece lay the blame where it belongs? The reckless obstructionist GOP. And your data doesn’t even address the point which leads me to believe you either wrote this garbage article, don’t understand the data you’re posting or both.

  7. Heather B says:

    @DRE, I’m sorry but you are incorrect.
    This admins Department of Labor and calculation techniques/theories provides:
    2009 unemployment was up 20.33% form the prior year, 42.87% from 2002 and no longer includes part-timers
    2010 unemployment was reduced 3.89% from the prior year, but still up 39.97% from 2002 and no longer includes part-timers.
    2011 unemployment was up 8.39% from the prior year (including the 1.2 million unemployed who exhausted their unemployment insurance that the admin admits to and assumes) but still not including the part-timers, and also still up 39.57% from 2002
    2002, 2009 and 2010 data calculated using 2000 census data.
    2011 data calculated using 2010 data.
    2009, 2010, and 2011 (compared to 2002) are understated because part-timers were included in 2002 comparison but not in these years so the numbers are probably worse.
    POINT: Unemployment has NOT declined what so ever and continues to inch up farther.

  8. Heather B says:

    DG I’m sorry but you are incorrect.
    According to the admins own Department of Commerce and Bureau of Economic Analysis:
    Year 2009 GDP was -2.5 based on current dollars and net personal savings was -288.8 or -2.19%
    Year 2010 GDP was 4.2 based on current dollars however, net personal sabings was -54.5 or .43% (meaning perhaps GDP is up but government cost is still taking IT ALL = bad economy)
    Year 2011 GDP was 3.9 based on current dollars (down from 2010) and ask yourself… has the government or cost of goods gone down since last year or up? Duh, it’s gone up so the negative net savings (2011 not available yet) more assuredly has gone down.
    POINT? The economy is NOT IMPROVING.

  9. Heather B says:

    AMEN Stacy Swimp! The truth, simple and sweet no flare needed.
    Americans need to apply their unalienable God given rights and hold these truths to be self-evident!
    We must stand together to dissolve forms of government that have become destructive and institute new!
    These are our rights AND RESPONSIBILITIES! =)

  10. Dre says:

    Your bullet points are foolish and you are attempting to mislead people.

    January 2009 was the beginning of the downturn- before unemployment hit its peak. If you know the slightest thing about economics (doubtful) then you know that it hadn’t hit its peak yet because it was the start. Irrelevant anyway since now unemployment is dramatically dropping.

    The public sector has little to nothing to do with gas, oil or any other publicly traded commodity for that matter. The rise in oil you see is the result of speculators manipulating the market due to circumstances beyond our president’s control (the unrest in the mid-east as an example)

    My last point is for you “black man”-what kind of clowns do you have writing your articles? These two bullet points alone are the dumbest shit I have ever seen from a professional.

  11. DG says:

    First of all I would like to point out a few misleading things in your post. First of all things did get worse under Obama, but that is the nature of business cycles, if you study economics. The employment rate and the economy is improving, and I recently wrote a report on it if you care to read it.

    Now, I am not an Obama apologist, in fact I dislike him as a President, but I pride myself on at least making the attempt to be fair.

    That being said HE DOES owe Black Americans. I and I am not talking about owing them because he is Black, although I think a compelling argument could be made that he should pay it forward, based upon the historical legacy of Blacks who helped put him in this position.

    I am going to make the argument from the standpoint that he owes Blacks because they are a key voting Block. 91% of the vote, 13% of the population, extreme supporters. That is the nature of politics.

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