Black Men: Sag and Crack.

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( Fashion: conventional usage in dress, manners, etc., esp. of polite society, or conformity to it: the dictates of fashion; to be out of fashion.

I understand that fashion statements come and go.   I am well aware that each generation has a way of expressing themselves and I definitely can appreciate everyone’s right to creative freedom and choice. However, I don’t understand why I am subjected to plaid boxers, thong strings and butt cracks, while others are conveying their so called fashion sense. 

I may appear to be a little wound up and some may think that I am going overboard.   Well, you are correct.  I am totally thrown off with this new band wagon that so many people have jumped on.  It’s sad to say that some have grown accustomed to seeing young men holding onto the waist of their pants  to prevent them from falling to the ground.   It’s even sadder to know that older men knocking on 30’s door or midway through are doing the same.

Some women have adopted another fashion choice.    Instead of the sag they are addicted to the crack and I don’t mean the drug.  I am speaking of the crack of the behind.  The high waist tops plus low cut jeans combined, equals “not cute”.

I recognize that this is not the first time a generation has upset or offended others with their choice of garb.  The dress of hippies and their peace sign necklaces, along with miniskirts, insulted some and those sporting Afros, shades and dashikis may have made a few folks a little uncomfortable I’m sure.   Once upon a time even the thought of women wearing pants was taboo and unacceptable.

But this new fashion sense, which makes no sense at all, is beyond me.  I am trying to figure out what’s cute about exposing your undergarments for all to see.   I have tried to ignore the trend of sag and crack.  However, this is pretty hard to do when it’s in my face all day, every day.  We are constantly bombarded with images of folks walking around showing their goods.

There is nothing cute or attractive with the sag and crack.  I’ve been told that this is no different than any other fad.  I am sorry but, I must disagree.   Showing undergarments and body parts is not cute.  When I was a teen the style was pressed Izod, Polo and Oxford shirts, penny loafers and nicely starched Levis and Lee jeans.  True it may have been corny in comparison to today at least it was tasteful. 

I still ask myself why you would want to wear your pants underneath your butt cheeks forcing you to walk gap legged.   Back in the day only plumbers supposedly showed the crack of their butts and now it’s our daughters, sisters and even some mothers doing so.  What purpose does this serve other than to “give you pneumonia in the ass” as my aunt so nicely puts it?”

One day while sitting at a light I noticed a young man running for the bus.  Normally this sight would not be out of the ordinary however, it left me rolling in tears.  He missed the bus because he began to trip over his own pants.  I could only laugh and shake my head as I sat in my car thinking to myself, how sad.

Obviously I’m not the only one frustrated with this nonsense.  Some areas in the country have taken things into their own hands and have introduced legislation outlawing clothes that shows off underwear of any kind.  Is this extreme? 

Answer me this.  Is seeing someone’s Fruit of the Looms or Victory Secrets extreme?  Maybe our legislators need to pass The No Show Ass Law Section IV and fine those breaking the law $100 per butt cheek.  Maybe then they will choose to buy a belt and decent fitting pants instead.  Or maybe they have the right to dress as they choose.

If I may have offended someone I apologize, but I am sure you will soon move on.  Now just as others have the right to expose their underwear, I also have the right to vent and now that I have I will move on. 

Staff Writer; Eleanie Campbell

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