To Escape Self-persisted Captivity: Emphasis on Black History & Action is Essential…

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( On February 13, 2012, renowned actor Laurence Fishburne will narrate a PBS documentary, Slavery By Another Name. The documentary will show that slavery in America did not end in 1865 with the Emancipation Proclamation as the majority of people have been led to believe.  Rather, with the federal government’s quiet complicity, slavery actually ensued for almost another 100 years with all of the evil, horror, and brutal aspects of race-hate escalating to even greater heights.

To maintain the status quo in society, the South’s judicial system was wholly reconfigured, and one of its primary purposes was to coerce African Americans to comply with the social customs and labor demands of whites by any means necessary. As such, the spirit and ways of life under slavery, as well as the inferior mentalities, also continued; and now, even at the hand of the Black community.

Whatever “education” and deformed self-image the slave master imposed upon blacks during slavery has persisted, and been handed down—by Blacks—throughout the generations. The continued self-hatred and minute or unfound self awareness that permeates throughout the Black community is a direct  result of 400-plus years of mind control.

The mentality or beliefs that the majority of African Americans presently and voluntarily adhere to is the same unfortunate policy of inferiority and self-hatred Blacks were forced to subscribe to when enslaved: Anyone who is convinced his or her past is empty, backward, shameful or, indeed, totally negative, will normally resist any attempt to revisit that past. Such a person will have no true identity, despise self, and have no real awareness of his/her culture and heritage. This same person will refuse to consciously participate in or relate to any cultural customs, and will resist any attempt to validate any “facts” discovered. They remain in the darkness, helpless, and dependent. The doctrine hasn’t changed one bit.

In order to correct the problem, Blacks must consciously and sub-consciously realize that what they were taught was not for their liberation, but was and still is only in the best interest of the ruling class. History translates into “his-story”—the manner in which one understands or interprets history from his or her own perspective to his or her own benefit. Today, Blacks are living witnesses as to how real black history has been—by “his-story”—distorted, misleading, deceptive and mind controlling. 

American history teaches that slavery ended in 1865; this misinformation is a blatant example of how the truth can be and is tampered with to seemingly save face for America, “the dream country”. However, the obvious suppression of or disregard for such a critical piece of American history makes one question what other aspects of history, in general, have the people been lied to and deceived about.

Evidence all around the world suggests that Black civilizations were far more advanced than the images portrayed to the black community by the ruling class. The ruling class would have Black America believe that the Black race is limited to huts, spears and jungle life with no trace of civility, culture, organization, and self-sufficiency.  Research exposes this as a gross fabrication.

Further, Black America must confront and correct the lies that have destroyed the group as a people. With the exception of the Black man’s image as presented by academics, the average African American knows very little, if anything at all, about his or her African heritage, and has, more than likely, been misinformed. The American-born black man and black woman are completely brainwashed beings who only know, recognize and comprehend or experience what their slave master has decided for them. It’s incumbent upon Black America—as a group—to liberate their own minds.

Secular and non-secular people who have spent centuries strategically and heinously orchestrating the black community’s physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual enslavement are not going to just turn around and set Blacks free; Blacks must remove the shackles of mental enslavement themselves.

Consider a white hunter who sets out to capture a baby elephant. He approaches a baby elephant and its mother.  Sensing danger, the mother charges at the hunter who raises his rifle, pulls the trigger, and kills the charging elephant.  The baby elephant is captured, tranquilized, and with a cable wrapped around its neck, taken into captivity where it is tied to a post. For five years, it remained tied to that post even though it is now full grown and could have uprooted the post at any time. However, the elephant did not realize it possessed this strength as it had been trained to accept enslavement and that bondage was the norm. Finally, one day, it unintentionally broke free of the cable, and rather than scuffling off, the elephant chose to remain close to the post even though it was now free.

The elephant elected captivity, which is unnatural, because it was so accustomed to being tied down and stuck in one spot. This story is analogous to Black America’s predicament and its use of the n-word. Black Americans’ use of the n-word is a result of being conditioned, programmed and trained to carry out the bidding of a manipulative racist society.    

There are many Black African Americans who really do not want or know how to be free, for with freedom come accountability and responsibility. Just as White America continued promoting slavery well after the Emancipation Proclamation—a supposed hard and immediate stop to all forms of slavery, the Black community has [also] allowed the slave mentality to continue: Blacks have continued to promote and keep alive the demise of the Black community and stifled progression by use of the n-word, which was created to hold blacks in an inferior place in society.  As such, this has caused learned helplessness, docility and passivity in the black community, keeping many Blacks cerebrally anesthetized no matter the extent of education attained.

Many Blacks have chosen not to move away from the post, and, frankly, that’s quite bewildering. How is it that so many in the black community have chosen to remain captive and stationary?  The RIGHT mix of KNOWLEDGE, UNDERSTANDING, and WISDOM enables one to move away from that post and toward progress. These three essential components that are necessary for resurrection and empowerment are defined as:

1)     Knowledge: awareness of the facts, truth, and reality. Black America must undo fables, lies and fantasies.  Blacks as a people are more committed to fables, lies and fantasy than facts, truth and reality, which is a tremendous problem.

2)     Understanding: comprehending the “right” knowledge, and manifesting it into action. 

3)     Wisdom: the optimum combination of knowledge and understanding expressed in the ability to make things happen. 

Acquiring this enlightenment will automatically cause one to deviate from the norm and move away from that post or bondage. However, many remain captive because they have consciously chosen not to acknowledge and garner the elements needed for resurrection and empowerment.

Until African Americans as a group are ALL free, none are truly free. Need the name Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. be raised?  Or the 2004 political incident where the Black Caucus was virtually told to be quiet and sit down by a combined show of force from the Democrat and Republican parties?

Black America has taken non-black man made doctrines—rather, white man made doctrines—as the inflicting rule and guide over and above facts and reality.  Blacks have literally accepted that which does not even make sense as fact and truth.

The modern day equivalent of remaining tied to the post is to verbally acknowledge that you are a n**ger/n**ga.  The Whoopi Goldbergs, Sherri Shepherds, and Byron Pitts of television land could never publicly deny the n-word and keep their coveted positions. Embracing the word assures them of acceptance.  The irony of it all is that they are not feigning or doing it for show—they truly have accepted their so-called place as the n-word.

When listening to the lyrics of rap music, the n-word is used in the same context with violence, drugs, and misogyny. Rappers such as Jay Z, P. Diddy, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, and many others have all benefited exponentially by reassuring the systemic that they are doing their part of keeping Black America in its place and tied to the post. No longer is there a need for the hooded white sheets. Black ventriloquists have voluntarily replaced the KKK , and, to be perfectly honest, are doing a far more masterful job of maintaining the mental enslavement of the Black race. 

Black African Americans unhealthy willingness to self-sabotage serves as a testimony to the effectiveness of 400 years of mental abuse (mind control).  To overcome!  A process that never took place, must and needs to take place…DE-PROGRAMMING!

Staff Writer; H. Lewis Smith

This talented brother is the founder and president of UVCC, the United Voices for a Common Cause, Inc. ( );  and author of “Bury that Sucka: A Scandalous Love Affair with the N-Word“.

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