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The New Jim Crow…

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( First came slavery. When it ended there was a brief period in the sun called Reconstruction, followed by the long dark night of the Jim Crow Laws and legalized segregation in which we were forced into  second class status, and now comes the New Jim Crow Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, which is also the title of Michelle Alexander’s excellent new book.

Yes, we have a Black president. Yes, we have Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry leading the pack in Hollywood. Yes, we have Herman Cain ahead in the race for the Republican nomination. Yes, we have a host of first Black this and  first  Black that. Nonetheless, we have yet to move beyond race. In fact, under the cover of a set of supposedly race neutral laws and procedures, the police are rounding up Black men in droves, going over them with a fine tooth comb, and for the slightest infraction pulling them into the criminal justice system. Many of them, fearing long prison terms, quickly make a plea deal without benefit of counsel and are thereby branded felons (whether they are given jail time or not), and their ability to get a decent job forever disappears.

There are more African Americans under the supervision of the criminal justice system today than were slaves in 1860. Even during slavery there were free Blacks, many of whom accomplished great things, but they all ran the constant risk of being kidnapped and sold into slavery. Likewise, after the Civil War and Reconstruction free Black men and women could be arrested for vagrancy, that is not having a job, and those working as sharecroppers could be sent to prison for “not paying their debts” to the white men whose land they tilled.  

Today, in New York, a city with eight million people, each year nearly 10% of the populace is stopped and frisked by the police without any probable cause. More than 80% of that 10% are young Black and Latino men, which works out to virtually every one of them.  

Meanwhile, the courts have turned a blind eye to these shenanigans. All the protections against unlawful search and seizure, the very things that led the Americans to rebel against their British overlords, are being ignored. Why? The excuse given is that we are in a permanent War On Drugs. However, whites produce, distribute and consume more illegal drugs than Blacks, but they are largely given a pass. But, many are quick to point out, the Black community itself wants to stamp out the drug plague. Yes, but the methods being used are designed to not only perpetuate the drug scourge, but actually destroy the Black community itself.

We see endless negative images emerging from elements of the hip hop culture. And we can decry them if we want, but they are, in fact, the defiant affirmations of the culture foisted upon many our young. Just as the Gay community, took their stigma and turned it into “Gay Pride,” and we took the branding of race in the sixties and proclaimed “Black is Beautiful,” likewise many of our youth today, their own parents victims of the Drug War, embrace the role of gangster that society has laid out for them.

Yes, being a gangster is not like being Black or being Gay. Glorifying crime is certainly not the way to go. However, when brutal police tactics and methods are unleashed upon one community and not another, when the courts punish one race far more harshly than the other and millions of young lives are systematically shattered, we have to realize that this New Jim Crow, that is, mass incarceration in the age of supposed colorblindness, that is anything but, must be stopped. The New Jim Crow fosters and promotes the very dysfunction it purports to eradicate. This sad state of affairs must somehow be brought to an end. We are in a fight for our very existence, but few of us seem to realize it.


Please take a look at this video of Michelle Alexander.

[youtube IgM5NAq6cGI]

And come to hear Attorney Roger Wareham speak on these issues at Baruch College on Mon. Dec 5, 6:00-9:00, 25th St. and Lexington Ave in NYC. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Staff Writer; Arthur Lewin

This talented writer has also self published a book which is entitled; Africa Is Not A Country: It’s A Continent



5 Responses to “The New Jim Crow…”
  1. Joe Johnson says:

    Excellent points. Although I do not believe that some of the incarcerated are beyond redemption I do go along with Dr. Lewin and Ms. Alexander’s points. I have worked in that system for quite a while. As far as the “color/cultural” aspect is concerned, anyone that has worked in that system is well aware of the “color/cultural” divide that exists among the inmates and the staff. It is institutional – especially in the South where the educational system has only recently been making meager efforts at desegregation, and where there are few opportunities for young black men to feel good about themselves.
    Again, very good essay.

  2. Arthur Lewin says:

    Patricia McNutt, that is an all too common. If you are in the New York area, and can come to the event, people will be there who can help. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

  3. Patricia McNutt says:

    I really enjoyed reading this article. After having witnessing and gone through the injustice on my 20 year old son just last week. I felt helpless as the judges and the state attorney without a blink forced my son to agree to something he did not do and scared him into thinking that if he went to trial and lost he would go to prison. As he plead guilt to a higher crime that a blind man could see was embelished,they slaped false charged on his records. It was clear he did know what long term impact this will affect him the rest of his life. It now gives the police/probation officers free gain to put him in prison for other small infractions. Yes, he as guilty of a minor crime but to force him to agree to something he would have gotten off on if he went to trail…”Is just plain wrong”. I may not be able right now to reverse what happen to my son, but it is clear to me we need help in this areana. I am now seeking in my community to see what service I can do help fight the injustice of minorities in the criminal justice system.

  4. Arthur Lewin says:

    jim, we certainly do need to stop looking at people in terms of color. And this society is priding itself on looking beyond race, on being post racial. But apparently the police and the courts have yet to get the message. They are consistently stopping and frisking people and arresting them and sentencing them in a highly racial manner. Under the guise of colorblindness the criminal justice system is operating in a very race conscious manner. Please look at this video.

  5. jim says:

    you do realize that even thinking in those terms, you separate blacks from everyone else. we need to stop thinking in terms of different cultures (colors).

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