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Beyonce The Copycat queen…

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( They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, but has Beyoncé gone too far? The pop diva is being accused of stealing choreography in the new music video for her single “Countdown” — and the troubling thing is, this isn’t the first time Beyoncé’s been accused of being a copycat.

Beyoncé’s been known to borrow heavily from other artists and communities, but her most recent album, 4, has been particularly plagued by rumors of plagiarism.

First there was her performance at the 2011 Billboard Awards. Beyoncé’s phenomenal performance of her lead single “Who Run the World (Girls) featured the pop diva interacting with black and white images on a video screen behind her. However days after her performance savvy pop culture experts pointed out her performance was less than original — Italian singer/actress Lorella Cuccarini utilized the same imagery and gave a similar performance a year earlier.

Then there was the actual music video for the “Who Run the World (Girls).” It’s believed that the imagery used (specifically a shot of Beyoncé with two large chained Hyenas) copied that of South African photographer Pieter Hugo.

Now, Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker is claiming that Beyoncé blatantly ripped off choreography from two of her works, “Rosa danst Rosas” and “Achterland.”

“I’m not mad, but this is plagiarism. This is stealing,” Keersmaeker told a Belgian radio station. “What’s rude about it is that they don’t even bother about hiding it. They seem to think they could do it because it’s a famous work.”

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8 Responses to “Beyonce The Copycat queen…”
  1. Beyonce has entertained us throughout the years with good music and great concerts. Big up. The world has for the most part embraced her. Thats alot of pressure. She’s performed all her life and may find it extremely difficult to produce completly true original art. Honestly I dont believe she has the time to do that. Its easier and less time consuming to redo/copy other people work. I mean lets face it, many artist do the same thing. Its becoming the new “norm”…sad but I think true. Copycat or not she’s the best at what she does.

  2. FLOP NOT ON TOP says:


  3. OverIt says:

    Yes choreography can be stolen…it is considered intellectual property…that being said I think Beyonce is a great singer, ok dancer but more importantly the girl knows how to put on a show. Here is the thing with choreography much like written work, music, and photography….you can’t just see something you like and then copy it and not give credit where credit is due. It doesn’t work like that. You can’t steal an idea. So while I have nothing nasty to say about Beyonce, I think she needs to do a better job of crediting those that she is “inspired by”. I absolutely love that Beyonce has some of the most devoted fans out there but I am the same way about Michael Jackson, in my mind there will never be anyone greater than him EVER but even Micheal would reference seeing kids do this slide which later he perfected into the moonwalk. Beyonce or her handlers should know better, she doesn’t get a pass just because she’s BEYONCE b/c trust you me that if someone were to steal anything from her they would for sure hear about it.

  4. DG says:

    Folks, chill…this site is a diverse site that features a variety of perspectives. Hang around awhile and read through the diversity of opinions on a wide variety of topics before having a heart attack on one article.

  5. Amazed says:

    Wow! For a site that boasts of being founded by a scholar,this is a STUPID uninformed article!

    The fact is,the Belgian Choreographer has herself borrowed EXTENSIVELY from others and never acknowledged that she did so! She stole from Nijinksy like the other poster said,but also stole from Yvonne Rainier,Lucinda Childs, Martha Graham,Merce Cunningham and many others! She also stole the costume for the work in question from Edgar Degas,and from the movie Flashdance,and took the setting and her hairdo from Flashdance as well. So she needs to shut up about Beyonce,because Beyonce acknowledges her influenxes WAY more than this woman herself has done. It is RIDICULOUS to criticize Beyonce on this woman’s behalf as she appears to have stolen whole segments of choreography from others in Modern dance…

    And frankly,this site should support Beyonce for trying to add some culture to her videos,since it is OBVIOUS from the article that the writer needs some!!

  6. CreoleKingLouisiana says:

    This is some bullshit!!! Yall need to respect the greatness of Mrs.beyonce and stop trying to insult,diss,and degrade her because black folks are good for doing stuff like that against their own!!! Theyblackman or whatever the fuck you call yourselves, if you’re goignt ocall out an artists then make sure you call the others out too!!

  7. Sam says:

    Funny Anne didn’t have a problem when little kids performing this did it. She had a problem when The Queen decided to do it. Not to mention she’s not even original. But you wouldn’t know that. In her ballet D’un soir un jour De Keersmaeker includes part of the Vaslav Nijinsky choreography of L’Après Midi d’un Faune and a snatch of the Antonioni film Blow-Up.

  8. Jack mj says:

    I have one problem with this story. Can choreography even be stolen? If so then all those who performed the thriller dance on video should pay royalties to the Jackson family.

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