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UFOs; The Only SpaceShip In the Universe.

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( What if? What if all the tales of UFOs turn out to be false? What if, after all, there is only one  spaceship in the entire universe?

The stupendous vessel raced swiftly, silently through sparkling Black Infinity.  Many different crews manned its vast, intricate, multi-faceted expanse. They knew not where they were headed, where they hailed from, or even how they came to be on the gigantic soaring vessel.  Some believed they were mere  emanations from the belly of the gigantic beast upon which they  rode.

They were prone, from time to time, to fall to fighting amongst themselves. The question of their  origins, itself, was oft a bone of deadly contention.

Any engineer will tell you never to locate two vital functions side-by-side in any mechanism. Here, though, two very critical operations occupied the same exact space. A number of fuel crews and morale boosting crews actually worked cheek-by-jowl. Conflicts amongst the crews flared occasionally, but here especially the fighting was fierce and nearly constant. Thus the entire ship was often faced with the most serious of consequences!

Nonetheless, the majestic, beautifully blue and white, voluminous vessel lumbered on in its mysterious journey through the endless sea of time and space. And so a curious question comes to mind. If the only spaceship in the universe were to be destroyed, would the stars still shine?    

Staff Writer; Arthur Lewin

This talented author has just published a NEW book which is entitled; AFRICA is not A COUNTRY!.


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