Dr. Boyce Watkins; Roy Williams, Interracial Dating and the Beauty Queen Who Tried to Take His Money…

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(ThyBlackMan.com)  Dallas Cowboys star Roy Williams got the world’s attention when he sent a $75,000 engagement ring and videotaped proposal to former Miss Texas, Brooke Daniels.  Daniels had been Williams’ girlfriend for a year, but she turned down the player’s engagement request.   She did, however, decide to keep the ring.

A signed affidavit by Williams says that he asked for the ring back, but Daniels says that she lost it.  However, an insurance company investigated and found that she’d given the ring to her dad for “safe keeping.”   Williams then filed a lawsuit to reclaim the ring, and Daniels finally coughed it up.

One can only imagine the number of black women in the world who are having an “SMH moment” over this one. Not to say that we can’t love who we want, but  you can’t pretend that you don’t know why every black media outlet (including Your Black World) placed a picture of Williams next to the woman who embarrassed him.  Yes, my friends, the scandal of it all (for some) is probably because Daniels is white.

Although love can come to us in a variety of packages (and it’s always a beautiful thing), I admittedly wonder why so many black male professional athletes seem to hold white women at a premium.  I remember a consultant for an NFL team telling me that he once had a meeting with all the wives of the black athletes on the team, and there wasn’t one black woman in the room.  Now, this was way back in the late 1980s, but things haven’t changed much since then.

When I was at The University of Kentucky, I could have sworn that the basketball players thought that black women were part of another species with which they couldn’t mate.   Working at the desk in the dorm for basketball players, I would literally count five white women for every black girl on the continuous carousel of females hoping  to win some kind of really nasty sexual lottery ticket.  It’s not that dating white women is some kind of crime; the problem is when  you hold white women on a pedestal that is not accessible to nearly any black woman on earth.  Skin color should have nothing to do with the threshold of female attractiveness.

In the case of men like Williams, I see an easy connection to his apparent affinity for things non-black.  Roy was raised in Texas, where lighter skin is considered a premium in female beauty.  So, if Williams weren’t attempting to marry a white woman, it would be no surprise to see a man of his stature with a light-skinned (or “light skinned-ed,” depending on where you’re from) black woman.  In fact, a southern woman could have the face of Miss Piggy and still be considered attractive if her skin is light and she has “good hair” (you know, that long, straight or curly hair….anything other than the “disgusting” nappy stuff that reminds us that we’re from Africa).

From a Financial Lovemaking standpoint, I can say that Williams’ decision to take such a significant and public financial risk appears to be a bit illogical.  One would expect that a man who puts so much on the line would make sure that he was going to get the answer he expects.  We’d also hope that he’d be sure not to marry a woman conniving enough to lie about losing the ring.  A beautiful woman is attractive on both the inside AND the outside, but it appears that this woman may have been a thief.  When I was engaged to an amazing and conscientious woman at one point in my life, I wasn’t surprised in the least when she returned the ring once we decided not to marry.  Note to Roy:  That’s what decent women do.

So, while some of us may have our concerns about men like Roy chasing after the  deceptive beauty queen with blonde hair, we can at least fault him for being a little stupid.  But then again, the words “Cupid” and “stupid” often end up in the same sentence, and all of us have fallen victim to the drug of love.   Let’s hope Roy chooses a little better next time and that he also remembers that beauty is more than skin (color) deep.

Staff Writer; Dr. Boyce Watkins

Dr. Boyce Watkins is the founder of the Your Black World Coalition. For more information, please visit http://BoyceWatkins.com.