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Rev. Al Sharpton; The True Election Fraud 2012…

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( While the media’s attention is embroiled in the seemingly endless Rep. Weiner scandal, the landscape of American democracy is changing in the most troubling and systematic ways imaginable. After years of suffering under the atrocious Jim Crow laws of ‘separate but equal,’ the people rallied behind those that were pushing for social change and progress in the nation. Although the struggle for justice remains in certain aspects of society, we have achieved great strides throughout the decades that cannot be ignored. But now, in an attempt to stifle our advancement and revert change, many conservative leaders are enacting new laws that make it just as difficult for the already disenfranchised to vote today as it was decades ago. It is James Crow Esq., Jim Crow’s son — better educated and polished — but just as detrimental.

During the 2008 election, Democrats altered the electoral map in a historic fashion by creating a virtual sea of blue from coast-to-coast. Turning several key Republican strongholds like Iowa, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina,  Florida, Nevada, Indiana and more into Democratic wins, they watched as a majority of voters in those states elected the first African American president despite their support for George W. Bush four years prior. Yes, in fact, change was possible. It was perhaps this dramatic reversal of voting practices and the sheer numbers at the polls that scared Republicans the most, and the reason why they are now doing everything in their power to once again suppress the vote.

In Maine, state lawmakers recently decided to end a 38-year-old election day voter registration law. As if it weren’t already difficult enough for everyday Americans to escape from work in order to exercise their right to vote, the state of Maine now expects people to take a separate day and register prior to election day. It is a clear attempt at discouraging and suppressing voters who already find the process too time consuming as they struggle to make ends meet. What better way to eliminate middle-class and poor voters that most likely vote Democratic? Make it all the more difficult for them to do so.

Wisconsin’s notorious Republican Governor Scott Walker recently signed a bill requiring residents in his state to present a photo ID before being able to vote in any election. Further marginalizing the poor, elderly and rural citizens who may not possess driver’s licenses or other identification, this outrageous maneuver is another attempt to silently eliminate a segment of the populace that the GOP doesn’t side with. In Texas, Republican Gov. Rick Perry also signed a voter ID bill into law after it was rushed through the legislative process. And sadly, similar disturbing bills are being debated in places like Ohio, Iowa, Missouri and more — all, not surprisingly, battleground states.

In the always hotly contested state of Florida, Republican Gov. Rick Scott signed into law legislation that cuts the days of early voting from 14 to just eight. Not only does such a regressive measure make it more difficult for third-party groups to register voters, but it once again seriously undercuts the amount of individuals able to reach the polls. The fewer options and less flexibility there is, the more difficult it will be for people to make it — especially those who do not have the luxury of making their own schedules.

In the past, people of color and the poor were methodically driven from voting by deceitful measures like a ‘poll tax.’ The calculated and dangerous tactics at play now are just as troubling, if not more, to our fundamental democratic principles and the notion of free and fair elections. It is a real threat to equality and justice in every sense of the word. If voters are secretly silenced before 2012, and new rules and regulations are altering the process all together, then we have all lost — and that’s the real election fraud.

Written By Rev. Al Sharpton

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9 Responses to “Rev. Al Sharpton; The True Election Fraud 2012…”
  1. bkisses says:

    But Obama cant just wave a magic wand and make things better, this mess takes time to clean, but Obama has to start being stronger in dealing with the republicans. He has to concentrate on jobs and the economy. Living under the republican regime wont be easy they will cut all ss and medicare and medicaid to help the poor. I just hope when americans vote they remember the bush days where this originated from.

  2. bkisses says:

    I have my id, but imagine many who cant afford to pay for a state id card. Thats the problem right there. Many seniors can afford it. Yes Romney did vote in Mass while residing in California wheres the out cry.

  3. Charlie you think those things happening under Obama were bad, I dread even more the policies republicans want to give us. NO matter how bad things look now, if the stupid uninformed voters have their way, and elect a republican you ‘ll wishing for Obama!!!!!!

  4. stellans says:

    By requiring a photo ID to vote, which in many states is not free, the Republicans have put into effect another poll tax, just as Rev. Sharpton says. If the Republicans were truly as patriotic as they keep shouting, they would make it easier to vote rather than harder. Funny how it’s only minorities, the poor, the elderly, and college students they make it hard on, isn’t it? Oh wait — those demographics skew Democratic in voting, don’t they?

  5. charlie says:

    Racisim aside…What will I get for my white vote for black Obama? Lets review what I got for my last vote for Obama…More war, more torture, more surveillence, less rights, more bailouts, less jobs, more illegal immigration, more redistribution of wealth from labor to the rich, more destruction of the economy, less regulation, more taxcuts for the rich, more corporate welfare, less unemployment insurance, more attacks on unions, less rights for gays…I do recognize that there is a lot of racisim coming from conservatives toward Obama but that does not negate the fact that Obama has given the conservatives everything they have wanted all the while leaving democrats and a black preident to take the blame.

  6. Palli says:

    For several elections Romney voted with an address where he did not live. And he wants to be president!

    But people who do not have a permanent address or have moved within 38 days cannot vote? There is no innate sense of fairness.

  7. sirald66 says:

    Registration to qualify to vote is very reasonable; just taking you on your word that you are is not good enough.

    There are many things we have to take some time for to get ready for an event. Food shopping so we can cook, filling up gas so we can drive, visiting pharmacy so we can live — and registering so you can vote.

    That the poor may not have photo identification is understandable, but there are other combinations that are accepted. In Utah for example, if you don’t have photo id, you can bring two different documents with your current name and address as recognized by a 3rd party. Its not as difficult and disenfranchising as Al declares.

  8. joseph brulenski says:

    The handful of people that are committing the kind of fraud that Derrill is describing is nothing compared to the disenfranchisement that is well documented in Texas, Florida and who knows where else.

    The Republicons systemtically hire consultants to purge people from the roles and to challenge voters on election day. They send notices saying you may be arrested for outstanding parking tickets if you go to vote. In Ohio, they limit the number of voting machines to two or three in urban (democratic) districts, thus causing interminable waits to vote which lowers turnout. In suburban (republicon) districts they have many machines and virtually no wait.

    Voting should be easy. Republicons systematically throw every possible obstacle in the way.

    Sharpton is right.

  9. Derrill says:

    Uhmm……. Are you kidding???? Those measures should have been taken years ago, to stop voter fraud…….. I turned 18 a week before the ’84 election. I was still in high school and I went down, as a 17 year old kid, and registered, in Sept., to be able to vote on election day. I’ve even voted from oversees while in the Navy. The San Francisco voter registration office sent me the proper forms and told me when to have it in to be counted. It’s not that hard. Truly, Elijah Muhammed, hit it right on the head when he said, “Black man, do for thyself.” Why do we always have to be helpless victims?? SMH

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