Osama Bin Laden’s Legacy Will Always Live As Long As We Have TSA…

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Ding dong the witch is dead. Shot in the head and buried at sea so that he will not be enshrined in any living act or memorial. Some folks still have questions. Some folk say that we shot an unarmed man. My response to them is that no one on the planes or in the towers were armed either. Some folk say that we have removed him physically as well as his psychological presence. My response is that “we still have the TSA”.

Yes, the way I see it, Bin Laden’s main legacy is a beast of our own creation, the establishment to of the TSA. You see, I remember not only a time when  one could smoke on planes, but when you could take on toys, lighters, toothpaste, and was even served meals. Anything I could fit in my bags was acceptable and allowed on board as long as it was seen via X-ray. Plus I did not have to take off my shoes and no one was able to cop a free feel on my genitals under the false guise of “increased security;” as if my penis was going to come out and start smacking folks in the head, and choking them like one of Dr. Octopus’s robotic arms. I could even walk t9o the gate with my family.

In theory, the Secure Flight program operated by the Transportation Security Administration’s fulfills a key recommendation of the 9/11 Commission by assuming responsibility of watch list and providing aviation security. But I was never scared of emotions and this organization is the antithesis of respect and liberty.
The Transportation Security Administration uses full body scanner machines and also much more invasive pat-down searches. The say passengers have a right to opt out of the body scanners, but in some cases, TSA employees are not giving them this option. These machines use x-rays to create a naked outline of your body. If one does opt out, you may then be subjected to an invasive pat-down of your body at the hands of TSA screeners. These pat-downs are now much more invasive, allowing screeners to use the front of their hands and to touch areas around breasts and groins.
The TSA states that they are re-analyzing the radiation levels of X-ray body scanners installed in airports nationwide, after testing produced dramatically higher-than-expected results. The TSA, which has deployed at least 500 body scanners to at least 78 airports, originally said that these devices were safe. But new studies indicate that due to a prior “calculation error” in safety studies, results showed radiation levels 10 times higher than expected. Even Dr. Otis Brawley, chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society (ACS) expressed concern about radiation levels and refuses to enter the machines.
So the truth is Bin Laden will live forever via the TSA. So as long as they exist, six-year-old girls under TSA pat-downs will continue to be terrorized. As long as they remain, there will be more like the man from Detroit, who was humiliated and covered with his own urine after an enhanced pat-down by TSA officers recently happened at Detroit Metropolitan Airport.
Yes Osama bin Laden may be dead but the TSA will continue to keep him alive in each and every airport in America.
Written By Torrance Stephens