Arthur Lewin; Is There Everlasting Life…

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( Do you believe that there is everlasting life? Not just on Sunday, but everyday? Do you believe that “matter” is more real than spirit, or vice versa? However, isn’t everything you believe you know, just that, a belief? And what is yours?
Is there life everlasting? Is there? You say you’re not sure. Well, let’s put it   this way: which is more “real,” the material world or the spirit realm? The material is the real, you say, and the spirit is but a shadow, if even that.

However, if we but live for a span of time, and that which comes after is an infinity, then is that not the real, and this the illusion? “If,” you say, and that is a big IF, if there is something after this. “A bird in the hand’s worth two in the bush,” you declare; and you know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you are in the here and now, while the spirit world is but a promised land. Wait, though. Is not everything belief? Are not all perceptions impressions, electronic impressions on our senses from things we cannot, ever, directly know, only BELIEVE? Life could well be a dream of the spirit. In fact, is that not what it has to be?
You laugh. You scoff, so strong is your absolute belief in the material world. But note it is a BELIEF. And from whence did it come? Not from us. Not from our people. Our spirituality always shines through, in whatever land we are found, unless we’ve accepted the beliefs of others. And even these others traditionally believed in spirit, and its pre-eminence.
This so-called “rational,” material world is but a thing their mathematicians and scientists, over the centuries, meticulously constructed. With its fruits, they armed their warriors, equipped their traders and distorted their religion and spread all three over the face of the earth, enthralling us with displays of their material mastery. And so now we bow before the Trinity that is Money, Mathematics and Materialism.
And so again the question, “Is there life everlasting?” You may still say no. And you are free to choose that as your BELIEF. But is it REAL-ly yours? And can we resurrect those truths, that Spirit, that was bequeathed to us all?

Staff Writer; Arthur Lewin

This talented writer has also self published a book which is entitled; Read Like Your Life Depends On It.