Christianity is an adventure if you give it everything you’ve got…

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( If you’re looking for excitement, Christianity is an adventure that can’t be beat.

For singles, it can mean the greatest intellectual challenge, the greatest spiritual experience, and sometimes the greatest physical test a person can ever have.

The more you study this faith, the more you understand that it had to come from God.

Children, and even the simplest minds can grasp what it takes to be saved.  They can know the saving love of Jesus. They can be happy about talking directly to God in prayer.

Men and women who are geniuses can plumb the depths of Christianity’s complexity and find that one question leads to another. They can marvel at both the wisdom and divinity of Jesus Christ.

Sports is fine, careers and achievements have their place, but following Jesus just gets better as you get older.  Age is no barrier. In fact, the champion Christians are usually the oldest, those folks who’ve gone through a lifetime of watching God work. And when disease and aging and Alzheimer’s overtake a believer’s body, God draws closer than ever, holding on tighter, never letting go until that soul is home with him again.

Maybe your faith has grown tired. Maybe you’ve encountered some discouragement lately and you feel like giving up.

That’s exactly the time when God will do his most stunning work in your life.

If you don’t have the strength to jump back into the action right now, then it’s time to rest in God for a while and let him restore you. He’s always happy to do that for his followers.

Christianity is an adventure. Nonbelievers just don’t get it–but they can:

•We have wonderful heroes we can emulate–Abraham, Noah, Joseph, Joshua, Ruth, Mary, and Paul–among dozens. And, of course, Jesus.

•We have the world’s only completely reliable answer book: the Bible.

•We have a God who tells us to love other people, not hurt them.

The deeper you go into our faith, the more thrilling it becomes. Are you praying and expecting great things from a great God?

Christianity is an adventure. Give it all you’ve got!

Written By Jack Zavada

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