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How to Rid Shaving Bumps on Black Men…

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( To rid shaving bumps on black men is very easy and can be done with a shaving brush. Shaving bumps on black men generally occur because the hair curls back into the face itself. This is why a shaving brush is needed to brush over the curled hairs to straighten them. The following article will detail a few steps to rid shaving bumps on black men with one easy solution the shaving brush.

1 To use a shaving brush to get rid of shaving bumps you’ll first need to pick one up at the local beauty supply store. You can also do some research online for a shaving brush so you know what your looking for too. Choose a shaving brush that is not too soft, but coarse enough that it can be used on the hair on your head. The shaving brush should be in the style of a wave brush.

2 Right after you shave you should be using alcohol that says 90% not the usual 50%. This can be found near the pharmacy counter. When you use it  be careful not to hold it on your face to long because it will cause skin burns. Don’t use any type of after shave or cream, these will only clog your hair follicles which makes shaving bumps appear.

3 To use the shaving brush and have the best effect you can’t shave everyday. The shaving brush must be used when hair is present on your face. The shaving brush is mainly used to retrain the facial hair to lay instead of curl.

4 Before you start to use the shaving brush wait 2 days well past the 5 o’clock shadow phase. Now for the next 3 days use the shaving brush to brush the hairs on your face at least three times a day. The shaving brush will pull out any hairs that are starting or have curled over into the skin.

5 Remember I know it may be rough getting used to using the shaving brush and this routine but it works. You might not like looking a little ruff from not shaving but it will be worth it to not having shaving bumps everywhere.

6 A few other things to remember using the shaving brush is to wash your face everyday. Always change your pillow case every few days also. When you feel your face start to itch this is a single to grab your shaving brush because there is a hair that is curling into the skin.

7 Right before you do shave grab your shaving brush and go over your facial hair with it. Regardless to what you heard about prewetting the skin don’t do it. This is why you use the shaving brush prior to starting to shave. Wetting will soften and curl the hair and will void the effects of the shaving brush. Shaving cream can be used but not water and only shave one half of your face at a time.

8 Inclosing before you start shopping for your shaving brush there are a few other thing to understand about your skin. While the shaving brush is a great tool to use you should look into using different razors also. A little know fact is black men’s skin is it doesn’t mix well with shavers that have blades made of a metal called nickel. So do some searching for ones that have stainless steel blades in them while looking for a shaving brush also.


4 Responses to “How to Rid Shaving Bumps on Black Men…”
  1. Tony Lindsay says:

    Jupiter is right about the Andis Pro T outliner. And while it cuts kinda close, you will need to use a closer shaver for the super close “baby smooth” shave. The “WAHL Super Close Shaver Shaper” is the best product for Black men on the market. As barber, and a person with sensitive skin who suffered from razor bumps for YEARS, I FULLY endorse this product. It shaves SUPER close, and without any irritation to the skin. Just remember to clean it regularly via the removable head which provides easy access to the blades that can be easily brushed clean (with the provided brush in the box) and washed with blade wash (Oster Blad Wash is the BEST). These products have worked for countless black men that I know…oh, and one more thing….One of the major contributers to excessive razor bumps is our propensity to PICK at them. Most of us do it unwittingly, but our germ filled hands provide repeated irritation to the skin, and the constant picking at the razor bumps overstimulates the epidermus of our skin and causes additional inflamation of the skin…it’s like a never ending cyle…the more you pick…the more they appear…

  2. Staff says:

    Thanks for the tips Jupiter…


  3. Most Black men with tightly curled facial hair should not shave with razors. Nor should we use a double or triple blade razor which may cause ingrown hairs. We should also stay away from chemicals like Magic Shave to remove hair. Clippers should be used to remove facial hair, specifically clippers such as the Andis Pro T Outliner. It’s the closest we can get to a clean or smooth shave on a daily basis. I actually use it every other day. Purchase one for between $50 and $75 at any beauty supply store or online at You will never have to purchase a new one in your lifetime. Replace the blade every 2 years for $15 to 20 bucks. You also have to purchase blade lubricant for use after each shave. Best invest I ever made.

  4. Dee says:

    What would you suggest as a shaving cream for brothers? And what is your opinion in regards to using clippers?

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