From Crisis to Ruin…

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( On the surface it may be hard to tell just how close that not only America, but also the entire globe had come to utter socio-economic disaster back in October 2008, but if no one digs any deeper of course, how could anyone know? Fact is, not only while within the eye of the storm but even in effect today, no one has answered a few simple questions such as; ‘how did things get that bad’ or, ‘what really almost happened’ or, ‘who is really responsible for this?’

No one has yet spoken to the American public….’like a man.’

Think maybe that there is a reason? I do too. Because from the ignorance (or sometimes even direct participation) of a few mealy-mouthed media peddlers, to the arrogant and criminally open defiance of corporate types that believe that the stock market alone will ‘save the world’ and of course,  nothing is more important than profits, to the greedy ‘it’s easier to turn a deaf ear’  politicians of whom also ultimately drive the final nail into the coffin of transparency and justice, it is yet again the American people that are intentionally kept in the dark.

Intentionally? Definitely. Sound like a pattern? It should. One need not look any further than of course, the epicenter of this crisis as caused by deregulation, or to also find out it’s destructive implications.

Where is the epicenter? You decide. What are some of the implications? We’ll discuss those shortly. 

From the outset, deregulation had long since been the ‘ultimate acquisition’ of many an ambitious business hopeful and long before the prospects of it’s actual manifestation had ever been uttered by Richard M. Nixon or, Gerald R. Ford. However, in the interest of time we’ll cut straight to the point. Because after all, it was former president Jimmy Carter who gave the breath of life to the beast of  deregulation and in the interest of literally-peanuts.

Peanuts? Well, you tell me.

Through president Carter’s desire to pay less in shipping fees for his family business, Ronald Reagan succeeded in opening the final seal on a Pandora’s box rife with the economic disaster(s) that we see today. Could Jimmy Carters action’s have been characterized as that feeble? Or, are the democrats and the republicans of American politics after all, working in concert? I suppose  history will judge.

One thing is for sure, the actions of then president Ronald Reagan ushered in the birth of a ‘laissez faire’ capitalism that the world had never before known….nor most would even comprehend. You see, the temptation of deregulation alone provides many, too many, ‘windfall’ opportunities for perverted business practices and/or deprived institutional structures which are now proven to be at the very heart of the new destabilization in American society. That’s right, anything goes–and in October 2008, it did.

Now, after the desires of corporate America, it’s agents (including even those utilized in American government,) had almost obtained it’s ultimate objective of global financial autonomy through trade agreements and outsourcing, how is it that the American public had been charged with bailing out all of it’s misgivings? Why did it not have a back-up plan? No. Corporate America isn’t as smart as it thinks it is, still it isn’t done (by a long-shot) yet.

Where is the fundamental respect, that the people of America deserve?

The corporate types having already taken the money and run, where do the American people turn to for ‘big ticket’ protection such as transportation, mortgages or retirement ect? The market? The market failed! Who in their right mind would trust ‘the market?’ Not even the market–trusted the market! The government? The government ruled in favor of the market remember? So in fact, who is running the ship? That’s another question that should’ve been asked promptly, back in October 2008.

Politicians have helped the money peddlers to dissolve the very structure of the American experiment, as set forth by the original framers of it’s own Constitution. As it is, the cry of economic Armageddon heard in 2008 is but a preview of the anguish to come, especially if members of the newly formed ‘tea’ party are allowed in office.

Make no mistake about this: the corporate asset grubbers are hell-bent on selling even the American dream up the river for a few peanuts and through their relentless quest of existential invincibility, America will go with it…….from crisis to ruin.            

Written By Mwinyee Obiajulu