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(ThyBlackMan.com) How about an urban tea party?
Why not high profile, center right events where Black citizens and fellow Americans with urban concerns unite to discuss the Obama Administration thus far and community issues? Urban rallies need not be liberal led to Enzi100 authentically air views from this constituency. The ‘hood has been written off and its vacuum filled by folks who raise conservative blood pressure.
Blaming Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson ad naseum is a poor substitute for promoting a competing culture in urban America. Solutions and attitudes generally considered progressive in nature aren’t being met by a surge of songs; plays and initiatives to the contrary. Are urban conservatives hitting neighborhood associations with the same tempo as conferences in upscale hotels? Are they on the local airwaves denouncing the latest inner city shooting?
The playing field is wide open in the ‘hood because it has literally been written off. Having grown up in Forgotten America I made it my business to be forgotten no longer! I started promoting safety and success there. ” Charity begins at home ” so my Capt. Black role centers first upon urban quality of life as an indicator for national quality of life.
What about an urban tea party? What about Black folks and others with urban concerns uniting to address the impact of the first Black president on urban America? What about enlisting attendees to combat fatherlessness; single motherhood; crime and poverty? These seem logical items for an urban tea party agenda.
The existing tea party movement should be invited to join this latest expression of good citizens united for the good of America. The Left; concerned Black conservatives and moderates question whether the overall tea party movement is racially inclusive. Joining urban tea parties is one way to quiet these fears.
Supporting life, liberty and pursuit of happiness is a priority regardless of zip code or color.
So, what do you think about an urban tea party?

Written By Nadra Enzi

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