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5 Important Questions to Ask Yourself before Accepting a Job Offer.

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Tweet ( What questions should you ask yourself before accepting a job offer when you already know about your job title, salary, office timing? Well, there are many things other than the basic information that you should know about. First of all, congratulations! The new employer knows that they deserve the best candidate and that’s... [Read more...]

Important Things to Consider Before You Start Investing.

Tweet ( Are you thinking of becoming an investor? Don’t believe the idea that putting your money in the stock market or bonds would make you a millionaire in a matter of weeks. Here are several important factors to consider before you start investing: Be Aware of Familiar Warning Signs This section relates mainly to investing in stocks.... [Read more...]

U.S. vs Canada vs Politics Of Trade Tariffs.

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Tweet ( The Canadian government, lining the pockets of its dairy producers, imposes high tariffs on American dairy imports. That forces Canadians to pay higher prices for dairy products. For example, Canadians pay $5.24 for a 10.5-ounce block of cheddar. In Washington, D.C., that same amount of cheddar sells for $3.64. Canadians pay... [Read more...]

Thinking Outside Of The Box When It Comes To Your Career.

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Tweet ( We can all find it hard to know what direction we want to take when it comes to our careers. At the time we are expected to know the future at an age where we are still working out some of other lfes mysteries and navigating the world of teenagers and young adulthood. So it is understandable that the decisions made then, may... [Read more...]

Why It’s Better to Buy Your Insurance Policy Online

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Tweet ( When you are in your 20s and stepping into the corporate world, ‘insurance’ is the world that you every year. Why? It is considered to be best to invest at the earliest stage for averting the future financial risks. And if you are still unsure why you should buy life insurance, you need to go through the points mentioned... [Read more...]

How Your Occupation Affects Your Car Insurance Rate.

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Tweet ( The average cost of car insurance purchased in the US is at around $800 per year, with averages well over $1,000 for comprehensive coverage. And at a price like that, it’s only natural you would want to know how the premiums are being calculated. Age and gender, make and model of car, driving record, claims record, credit... [Read more...]

Jay-Z Is The Prototype For How Rappers Should Move Throughout Their Career.

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Tweet ( Can you believe that Jay-Z is still occupying a space in rap at the age of 48? A couple of Friday’s ago, Jay-Z, paired with his wife Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, released a duet album titled EVERYTHING IS LOVE. The nine-track album completed the trilogy released over the past two years on how the power couple have dealt with the... [Read more...]

Why You Should Consider the Digital IRA in Your 20s.

Tweet ( They say that time is money and it is true. If you are in your 20s now and you start making the most of your money, think about how much it would be worth when you reach retirement! But, if you are in your early 20s, it is likely that this is the first time you will have to manage your money yourself, and that can be quite scary.... [Read more...]

The Man in the Mirror.

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Tweet ( Every time you think you’ve seen the worst of it, some new outrage or scandal arises. Whether it’s the lying, the stealing or general moral corruption, there seems to be no bottom to the depths that this administration will sink. Writer Jared Yates Sexton called it “the inevitability of the inconceivable”: the worst... [Read more...]

The Growing Influence of Software in Modern Business.

Tweet ( There can be no doubt about it, we are firmly entrenched in what is known as ‘the information age’. Any enterprise seeking sustainable profits and operational longevity should be acclimated to the impact of software in modern business. More than this, they should anticipate and implement forms of digital infrastructure well... [Read more...]

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