Friday, June 5, 2020

15 Charity Organizations To Support Black Lives Matter.

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Tweet ( On May 25th, George Floyd was killed by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, sparking outrage across America and the rest of the world.  To support Black Lives Matter, thousands have chosen to protest in both the US and the UK. Unfortunately, the ill-judged and violent handling of these protests, by the US government, has... [Read more...]

Poverty; Some Facts Worth Knowing.

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Tweet ( Imagine that you are an unborn spirit in heaven. God condemns you to a life of poverty but will permit you to choose the country in which you will spend your life. Which country would you choose? I would choose the United States of America. A recent study by Just Facts, an excellent source of factual information, shows that after... [Read more...]

2020: Suspending the Payroll Tax Really Would Stimulate the Economy.

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Tweet ( The recovery stage for our economy is finally here, and now the policy priority has to shift to getting people back on the job and getting businesses up and running. The best incentive to get businesses hiring again and get workers off unemployment is to suspend the payroll tax for the rest of the year. So far, Congress’... [Read more...]

The Democrats’ Chickens Come Home to Roost.

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Tweet ( There’s something I say all the time, only because it’s true: Frankenstein’s monster always returns to the castle to destroy it.” There are many other ways to put it: chickens coming home to roost, you reap what you sow, etc., – and it’s all true. That adage came true again this weekend as left-wing mobs turned on... [Read more...]

Commercial Lawyers: Ask Yourself These Five Questions When Hiring a Lawyer.

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Tweet ( Building a business requires a rock-solid foundation to ensure success. Whether you have a small business or a large corporation, there are contracts, policies, and procedures that must be in place in any organization. If you hire a commercial lawyer before you get into trouble, you’re investing in the success of your business,... [Read more...]

8 Reasons Why You Should Have A Backup Power Source.

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Tweet ( If you live in areas that are prone to natural disasters like hurricanes, thunderstorms, or even earthquakes, the chances of experiencing power cuts are high. Power outages can be frustrating since they can last for extended periods and this can affect almost everything at home or even your business. However, by considering investing... [Read more...]

The Burning Of America – Again.

May 30, 2020 by  
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Tweet ( I do not advocate violence, but apparently those police officers and racists who kill black people every week don’t agree. Yet when we African-Americans give back what is dished out to us, we are not only the victims but we are also labeled as the villains. And while people continue to blame and shame the victims, if you... [Read more...]

COVID-19 Update: Technology Proves “Game-Changer” for Black Urban Youth.

Tweet ( The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic has hit inner-city urban kids disproportionately and has led K-12 educators and administrators to direct many elementary and secondary schools to remain closed indefinitely. To ensure children are not deprived of important knowledge, the classes and assessments have been switched to an online... [Read more...]

Regular Exercise Can Lead to Better Rates on No Exam Life Insurance.

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Tweet ( One of the great benefits of no exam life insurance is that you don’t have to undergo a medical exam in order to get quick coverage. However, just because you don’t need a medical exam doesn’t mean that your health isn’t taken into consideration when determining your monthly premiums. With term no exam life insurance,... [Read more...]

Former United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions Failed His Biggest Test.

May 26, 2020 by  
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Tweet ( During his 20 years in the U.S. Senate, Jeff Sessions was a solid conservative who was right on issues such as stopping illegal immigration. He was the first U.S. senator to endorse Donald Trump for president and was rewarded with one of the most coveted appointments in the new administration. Trump appointed Sessions to be U.S.... [Read more...]

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