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Grow Your Wealth By Reducing Spend On: Transportation, Housing & Food.

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Tweet ( Regardless if you are a Doctor, Physical Therapist, Landscaper, etc., the average American spends almost 70% of after tax dollars on just three items: Housing, Transportation and Food. We save on average, four percent. This lack of savings is a recipe for future Titanic size disaster.  You will struggle to help your kids attend... [Read more...]

Adam M Smith on What A Grand Jury is All About.

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Tweet ( Last June I had a very in-depth conversation with the great legal mind Adam M Smith, a man who certainly knows his way around a courtroom. During our conversation one of the key things which I wanted him to explain to me was how a Grand Jury worked. Grand Juries are not something which we have back in the UK so I was very keen... [Read more...]

Why Your Small Business Must Always Monitor Online Reviews And Check People Who Write Them.

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Tweet ( As a small business you really are like a small fish in a huge ocean and you must avoid a great many obstacles which have the ability to swallow you whole. It is exactly for this reason that so many new companies fail to make it past the 3 year mark, especially worrying when you consider that most companies won’t make a profit... [Read more...]

What Makes Arnon Dror The Success That He Has Become?

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Tweet ( If you don’t know who Arnon Dror is then you really should, especially if you have any dreams of being successful in business. Dror is one of the best VPs in the business and used to work for industry giant Xerox as VP in Portland, Oregon, where he helped the company become a global giant. I have followed Arnon Dror’s career... [Read more...]

Contractors: Here’s How to Make Your Business Look More Trustworthy.

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Tweet ( Depending on the background of the prospective customer and their previous experience with other contractors, your business may have an uphill battle to get them to trust you. Reaching that point is often necessary to secure the first order – whether a trial order for a smaller task or a large job. Whatever you can do to help... [Read more...]

Still Stuck in the Paycheck to Paycheck Cycle? It’s Time to Break Free.

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Tweet ( Sick of living paycheck to paycheck? If you’re sick of struggling through the month until payday over and over it’s time to break the cycle, it can be incredibly difficult getting your money under control but one of the best things you can do in your adult life. Whether you earn a little or a lot, knowing how to manage this... [Read more...]

The Blues is Green.

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Tweet ( If you think the blues is dead, you are dead wrong. Sure, Muddy has been gone since I was a fetus. B.B. recorded his last track several years ago. Buddy Guy is still touring, holding the genre together as an elder—-at 82 years young. Giants and icons aside, the roots music that is American blues, is growing in green profits,... [Read more...]

Hood/Ghetto? Suburbs? City? Country Living? Is There An UnSpoken Tension Within Black America?

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Tweet ( An examination of American Reconstruction reveals that southern plantation owners foremost fears revolved around the erosion of a biased and opportunistic Southern culture that supported their wealth and political interests. Southern aristocrats understood that it was their oppressive culture that was more important than their... [Read more...]

Wealth Builder Interview; Dr. C Shares Her Savings/Investment Successes.

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Tweet ( I interviewed one of my readers who is a California physician.  Let’s call her Dr. C.  She is blessed with two very bright and beautiful children and kind enough to share her money management journey and lessons learned. I share this interview as an opportunity for my readers to learn about other’s earnings, saving, and... [Read more...]

Should You Keep Money Secrets from Your Spouse?

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Tweet ( Financial infidelity or keeping money secrets from your spouse can be dangerous for your marriage. It’s true that making significant moves without informing your partner can damage the communication and trust between you two. But what if you still want to keep money secrets? Find the answer here. The Bible says NO Financial... [Read more...]

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