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Donald Trump’s 71 Million are Far More Than a Bunch of Angry White Guys.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Ever since Trump first took the Oval Office this has been virtually written in political stone. The prototype Trump backer is a poorly educated, KKK or white nationalist loving, slob of a blue collar white male worker or farmer in the backwoods of the Deep South or Midwest who alternately fears and loathes Blacks, Hispanics, gays, liberals of all stripes, former President Obama, and big government. Donald Trump’s 71 million votes proved this was always a dangerous, and self-serving myth.

Even before the first vote was cast in any primary or caucus, in late 2015, Civic Analytics, a Democratic data firm, surveyed more than ten thousand Republican leaning voters. It found that far from the ignorant bumpkin who is the butt of much caricature and ridicule to explain away the Trump phenomena, the Trump backers defied popular conceptions and stereotypes with the huge numbers of college educated, suburbanite, business and professionals, young persons, and Hispanics and women who said they’d vote for him.

In the survey, Donald Trump got backing from nearly 30 percent of those under age 29, nearly one fourth of Hispanics, and a quarter of those who held bachelor’s degrees or higher. The demographic of Trump backers held up in the 2016 primaries. In the Northeast states and the Midwest, Trump scored just as big with well-to-do college educated voters in the suburbs as he did with blue collar voters everywhere else.

?Donald Trump Voters

2020 was a repeat of that with a few new wrinkles. He bumped up his Black vote total. And he radically bumped up his Hispanic vote total. The big over performance by Trump among Black voters and especially Hispanic voters. They played an outsized role in handing Florida and Texas to Trump again.

The brutal sobering fact is that Trump’s 71 million votes is the greatest number of votes that an openly racist, near authoritarian bent candidate has ever gotten in a free election. The vote cut across all gender, race, and ethnic lines.

The Trump vote pattern is not new. The George Wallace campaigns of the 1960’s blended the mix of blatantly racist appeals with thinly disguised racial code words that hammered big government, corrupt Washington bureaucrats, and liberal social programs. Wallace drew lots of applause and bushels of votes from college educated, suburbanites, and women. GOP presidents Nixon, Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush picked up on the gold mine of votes that were there for the taking among the disenchanted, fearful, suburbanites, and some ethnics, at all educational levels, and genders.

They played hard on what millions of voters think and that’s that government is too big, intrusive and costly and that the traditional family, conservative religious beliefs, patriotism, a strong military, and a sliced down government are still time tested and noble values that must be fought for and preserved. They are and will continue to push and prod the GOP not to cave into liberals, Hispanics and blacks and become a Democratic lite party.

The fool hardy notion that it’s only ignorant rednecks who wave and shout, act a fool at Trump rallies, and occasionally beat up protesters, gave smug comfort to many Trump loathers. They pointed a finger at them as the predictable racist rabble, and had a field day lampooning, caricaturing, and ridicule Trump as a racist, misogynist, homophobic uncouth boob. That made it easy to just as smugly assure that Trump didn’t have a prayer, and the election was practically in the bag for Hillary.

In 2020, something nearly akin to that almost happened again. For months polls showed that Biden consistently tabbed a double-digit lead over Donald Trump in a head to head match up. The double-digit poll gap was still widely cited days before the election. It was a myth.

A myth in part because many closet Trump supporters lied to pollsters to hide their benign feeling toward Trump. Their duplicity was impossible to detect in the polling samples of likely voters. In greater part it was a myth because the focus of much of the media remained locked on the stereotypical profile of the wingnut, poorly educated white male Trump voter. Nixon’s silent majority was indeed very much alive and well.

Presidential Election 2020 proved one more durable fact. The white males who have been the traditional bulwark of GOP support from the Reagan years on and were Trump’s core backers too, once more ranged from the less educated, blue collar worker to business and professional, university graduates. Many of whom were one-time Democrats. Despite much talk about their virtual disappearance as a political force, the truth is anything but that. They still comprise one in three American voters.

Donald Trump got where he is with a lot of help. And a lot of that help didn’t come from just a bunch of poorly educated angry white guys. It came from everywhere in America.

Written By Earl Ofari Hutchinson

One can find more info about Mr. Hutchinson over at the following site; TheHutchinson Report.

Also feel free to connect with him through twitter; http://twitter.com/earlhutchins

He is also an associate editor of New America Media. His forthcoming book is From King to Obama: Witness to a Turbulent History (Middle Passage Press).


One Response to “Donald Trump’s 71 Million are Far More Than a Bunch of Angry White Guys.”
  1. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    Existentialism is a philosophical theory or approach that emphasizes the existence of the individual person as a free and responsible agent determining their own development through acts of the will. Will is an appetite or desire determined by the sum total experiences of the being. Donald Trump’s vision for America is disgusting. There has only been a few times in America’s history when this kind of thought has interrupted America’s pragmatic consistency. One such time was the Revolutionary War when men thought to shake off Britain’s influences and control; another was the Civil War when Abraham Lincoln had to take a look at America and make a determination as to whether to act to remake it, or leave it as it is. Lincoln was the political artist then, as Trump is the political artist now. For Trump, America is a capitalistic “Tabula Rasa “, a blank page upon which he intends to write using the pen of capitalism. This is an astounding view of our total political structure. Trump intends to re-coin all coins. His presidency now forces the question which is shall we return to a nation boasting racial discrimination. Trump exploits the southern racist by declaring that good is now bad thereby laying the logical foundation to question the political status quo, which he does this at every turn. He declares to the southern racist people that the political system as it is, is crooked, and must be changed. Trump disputes several aspects of the Constitution of the United States of America relative to how its political figures are elected. However complicated the U.S. Constitution really is, Trump is succeeding because he has demonstrated a mastery of a kind of simplicity that enables him to communicate with the common man. His hypnotic, attention grabbing mantra is “We Will Make America Great Again “, and there has been a meeting of the minds despite any clear definition of any of the words. The phrase conjures up different things in different minds but is most assuredly related to how America once was. America’s history reflects that full greatness is in privation when it comes to its red, yellow, brown, and black citizens. So-called “Minorities “must assuredly read between the lines. Quid pro quo” will be the order of the day for our global allies. This kind of thinking now causes those nations existing under America’s protective umbrella to wonder. What does he want? Under a Trump Regime, America will protect its allies, but only after a deal more beneficial to America has been made.
    Mr. Trump doesn’t believe in contemporary America. He benefited financially from living in this kind of democracy, but he doesn’t believe in this kind of democracy himself. Trump believes in a dictatorship where he can benefit from his pivotal position as president. It’s ironic, that several years ago President Ronald Reagan asked that the wall be torn down separating East and West Germany only to see now a U.S. presidential candidate saying that he will build a wall separating Mexico from America. It is no mistake that Trump is sending off signals that are connecting with white supremacist, and white nationalist. Mr. Trump is acting as if he believes that the American experiment has failed, and he is presenting his new America. Trump’s new America leans more towards a dictatorship and has grabbed the White House seeking to exploit the political tail-spin that occurred as president Obama exited office. Ironic indeed, we could be witnessing the fall of the United States of America as we know it. Let’s fast forward to a Trump presidency where the majority of white nationalist, and white supremacist citizens, by mutual acts, and deeds, will all but have censured Congress, and the Supreme Court. The cyclops, ghouls, ghosts, and goblins, which were always there waiting just beneath the surface of a seeming civil society, will once again spring out as if from nowhere, put on their white sheets, and pointed hoods, and goose step proudly down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. like they once did. Beneath these sheets will be the scientist, politicians, teachers, preachers, police, judges, doctors, lawyers, social workers, store salespeople, and others of America whose mouths have watered at the prospect of an absolute rule of white supremacy again where college educated and non-college educated people of color will be relegated to the positions of neo- chattel property to be exploited for capitalist gains. Gone will be all vestiges of black elitism born of “Civil Rights “. The Trump followers’ new motto will be “They dared to dream, now let them serve with vigor.” Never has the vote been more important than now because America as we know it hangs in the balance.
    President Donald Trump’s political think tank found an opening for his campaigning, and election to the presidency when they discovered that the U.S. Constitution made it possible to elect an African American President which many citizens thought would never happen, and that there existed a large block of voters who, like Trump, were unhappy at Obama’s election, and would support Trump’s white supremacy, authoritarianism bid for election to the office of President of the United States of America.
    With the aid of the Republican Party, President Trump, a wealthy, political nihilist in the Friedrich Nietzsche classical European mode, put forth a western and eastern European existential political platform designed to reinterpret, and dismantle the contemporary legal interpretations of the U.S. Constitution. Trump found fault in nearly all of the contemporary federal, state, and local interpretations of our democracy, and of our capitalism. The Republican Party did all they could to make sure that President Barack Obama would be a one term president, but despite their powerful and very expensive efforts, Obama was elected, and re-elected as America’s titular head. To be sure, there is very little wrong with the U.S. Constitution which, as written, inspires to the ideals of a U.S. citizen.
    The U.S. Constitution puts forth in writing a belief in a pluralistic democracy that believes in an unequal distribution of available goods and services based on merit, but there are millions of citizens who do not believe in equal rights under the law for some minorities and immigrants. This is why the U.S. Constitution remains a political ideal, not a reality for all citizens. President Trump used some of the political tenants of western and eastern European existentialism relative to the individual citizen’s accumulation of wealth and property to arouse his supporters to vote him into office. Trump, in essence, promised his supporters less governmental interference into their affairs, more wealth and more political freedom if they would elect him.
    President Trump is now up for reelection, and is still challenging contemporary democracy with his own personal brand of nihilistic existentialism. The U.S. Constitution, as previously interpreted and re-interpreted for centuries by codified law has developed into a sameness of political theories that comprise the platform upon which stands candidates Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris who have firmly committed to representing a continuation of well-established Anglo-American jurisprudence developed out of America being declared a nation of laws, not a nation of men. I personally am voting the Democratic Joe Biden, Kamala Harris ticket because I think that they truly believe in the America that they have helped develop and are willing to continue their motivating of our citizens to show their commitment to the lawful building of the greatest nation on earth.

    Those American citizens, both Republican and Democrat, who have supported the Donald Trump presidential regime saw fit to aid in testing the inherent legal strength and ability of America’s constitution founded upon ancient Greek based political Ideology concerning the formulation of a democracy. Trump’s political think tank perceived a weakness in our constitution supported pluralistic democracy with its capitalist economic base that believes in an unequal distribution of available goods and services based on merit. Some in the Republican Party could not believe, nor fully sanction the fact that our constitution, which continues to evolve out of white supremacy and white nationalism colonial roots encompassing western European political ideologies dating back from presocratic Greek thought to this date, could produce an African American president which they, as a unified Republican political party, did not support. For some American citizens, the realization of the ideals put forth by our constitution are too magnanimous to tolerate politically, economically and socially.
    The head of the American Republican Party, President Donald Trump, a wealthy, political nihilist, utilized a Friedrich Nietzsche form of nihilistic existentialism thought to attack American constitutional pluralistic democratic political sameness. Trump’s kind of political thought answered growing political discontentment by many disgruntled white and black American citizens who disapproved of what was being perceived as excessive, and expensive governmental regulation of free trade, and the effects of pollution of our natural environment. Trump’s form of nihilistic existentialism also appealed greatly by degrees to all classes of Americans, many of which remain convinced that excessive taxation and social programs misinterpreted as socialism that benefit the elderly, the poor, and minorities are draining their profits thereby effecting their abilities to benefit financially through the ownership of property. Donald Trump, race baited thereby drawing political power off of age-old racism in America and created a vision of greater wealth in the minds of many classes of citizens, and these supporters, desirous of more wealth, voted Trump into office.
    While in office, President Trump proceeded to dismantle the American government as we knew it pushing around and firing seasoned skilled politicians, bureaucrats and military leadership. He sought to over-ride, and when possible, do away with centuries of Anglo-American jurisprudence. Trump sought to practice all elements of American government, and the citizenry to behaviors associated with authoritarianism which is a form of super idiosyncratic leadership. Trump frightened his regime and American citizens to “do what their leader told them to do or you will be punished.” America’s flirtation with Trump nihilistic existentialism was brief historically but was enough to convince many citizens and world leaders that they didn’t want to have anything to do with it. Trump’s promise of more wealth in the pockets of businessmen and women carried great weight with many citizens. Humanistic moral and ethical considerations were made subordinate to business profits. The COVID-19 Pandemic that killed thousands of citizens was virtually ignored. President Trump’s racist white supremacy, and white nationalism was very popular and many voters went to the polls in their attempts to use their votes to place Trump back into the presidency. Despite the greatest turnout of voters in American history, President Trump’s attempt at being reelected was defeated by the votes of the supporters of candidate Joe Biden who has committed to act within the rules of the U.S. Constitution.
    No one knows you better than your enemies. Your enemies study you up close and they note your weaknesses. Your enemies find ways to exploit your weaknesses. The American male is egoistic, puffed up by vanity, racist and practiced in being lauded. Americans are accustomed to conventional warfare, so the enemies fight unconventionally. Appeal to their racism so that they may not be easily unified to work as a team. Your enemies make jokes about our freedoms which they exploit as weaknesses and plan their overt and covert attacks on us based upon their observations of these weaknesses. The enemy note that the American has civil rules of war so remind him of these rules when you are captured and imprisoned so that your captivity may be made easier. The American loves children so strap the explosive device to the children and blow him up when he attempts to show affection for these children. The American male loves the company of your women so place the women conveniently among them so they may entice, tempt and extract important information, and also spread debilitating diseases. The American is conditioned to fixed daylight work hours so commence many of your serious attacks at night so that they can’t get enough comfortable sleep. Never make a stand against the American, hit him and run away. Work his nerves so that he is anxious in many kinds of ways. Always turn his liberties into his anguish. The Russians designed the AK47 rifle to also utilize the bullets of the American M16 rifle. These are a few of the war strategies of the communist and the socialist. The reading of the Communist Manifesto by Marx and Engels was required reading at both universities I attended because American leadership need to know and experience the thoughts of those who openly declare their hatred of our pluralistic democracy with its capitalist economic base that believes in an unequal distribution of available goods and services based on merit. The communist and the socialist despise our desired ownership and exploitation of property for profit. Were the acts and deeds of Past President Donald Trump those of a friend or an enemy?
    All American epistemology has its roots in Western European modes of thought, and these modes are rooted in ancient Greek thoughts. The great Greek philosopher Plato laid the intellectual foundation for Communism and Socialism in his work titled “The Republic.” Within the dominion of existing nihilistic autocracies, the Greek thinkers debated the strengths and weaknesses of autocracy and democracy long before there was a Donald Trump and a Joe Biden. Past President Donald Trump achieved to great wealth operating within a democratic government with a capitalist economic base that believed in an unequal distribution of available goods and services based on merit and yet his world view matured to that of a wealthy nihilist who had the political power to make America anything he wanted it to be. Expressing the will of the white majority, through proof of the vote, Trump sought to reinterpret and dismantle our existing democracy and replace it with his white supremacy nihilistic authoritarian political structure. Trump inferred to much of the voting white majority through his rhetoric and political alliances, his form of existential freedom for the people. Trump was successful in capturing the prevailing sentiments of a large majority of the people who believed that they needed to be free from religious ethics which extended care beyond that reserved for family alone, unnecessary taxation, and free of governmental regulation of their political, economic, and social activities. His devoted white and black supporters loved his offer to deliver this kind of freedom to them and they cast their votes for him by the millions. First there was the idea of existential freedom through exercising capitalism under the political leadership of a nihilistic autocracy, then there were Trump’s political acts and deeds towards that end. Trump was defeated by Joe Biden in his bid for reelection to the office of President of the United States of America but only by a comparatively few votes. It is not over.America remains a pluralistic democracy with a capitalist economic base that also believes in an unequal distribution of available goods and services based on merit.

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