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5 Tips for Your First Cross-Country Move.

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( A big move is an exciting time in your life! Whether you are packing up as a new home buyer or renting in a new city, the chance to remake your life in a fresh new space and city is always a fantastic experience. These five tips are sure to make your move even more thrilling.

1. Find a reliable storage unit.

Inevitably, you’ll find that you have more belongings than you thought you did during the packing process. Sentimental value drives many of us to keep more than we should as we pack away our lives, but we also just collect far more than we think we do. If you’re moving out west, a quick search for cheap storage units in Phoenix, AZ before arrival will help you organize your new space with great efficiency. Taking the pressure off by keeping your belongings in a storage unit for a week or month while you determine the best way to organize your new life is a good idea, especially if all the details of your move aren’t yet finalized. Moving is chaotic, but keeping your things in a storage space instead of the front room diffuses much of this stress.

2. Check your credit history.

Taking stock of your credit score is easy to do, and it doesn’t require the hard inquiry that will show up on your report later on. Banks, credit companies, and private firms now offer glimpses into your credit report for free as a standalone service or alongside your current accounts. Knowing where you fall before putting a down payment on a home could help you get preapproval or a preview of the interest rate you are likely to pay. Maintaining comprehensive knowledge of your finances is essential during any move. Keeping reserve cash, savings and a balanced checkbook are all important when seeking a mortgage loan, so the more you know, the better off you will be through the prequalification process.

3. Get your finances in order.

Virtually all new buyers wonder how to get pre-approved for a home loan. It can be complicated and involves great credit monitoring and a history of smart financial decisions. That being said, preapproval in the competitive housing market is about much more than your credit history. Loan options become abundant if you can show regular savings over the long term and healthy cash flow. Investment account statements and low credit card debt show that you are a serious homebuyer and not someone who might have trouble making payments during the lifetime of the loan. These take years to build, but making smart decisions with your money from an early age creates an easy home-buying process when you decide it’s time to dive into the real estate market. Thankfully, there are plenty of online resources that can help you understand the paperwork involved, how mortgage payments work and what your rights are as a borrower.

4. Learn about your new home.

Learning about the place where you will soon be living is a great first step to feeling comfortable in your new home. However, after closing the deal, it’s time for you to dig into more personal spaces in the next town on your list. Finding local hangouts that fit your style and look into social clubs that can make the move smoother. Every town has recreational sports teams, a plethora of themed pubs, and its own brand of natural beauty. Find the things that make you happy and get to know them.

5. Bring your car in to be serviced.

Keeping your car serviced is standard procedure, and it’s all the more important for those planning a long drive to a new home. This is an often overlooked part of a big move, but trouble on the road can really put a damper on your spirits. Checking tire pressure, getting an alignment or wheel rotation and changing the oil are all simple work that can usually be done in an afternoon. Good maintenance on your car will make for a memorable journey for all the right reasons!

Staff Writer; Paul Moore

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