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How Donald Trump Clinches Reelection.

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( The latest Emerson College poll is out. The Democratic impeachment witch hunt is officially a huge failure that has blown up in the Democrats’ faces. Overall, 45% oppose impeachment versus 43% who support impeachment. That’s a 6-point swing — in President Donald Trump’s favor — since impeachment hearings began. Quite amazing.

But much more importantly, independents (the only voters who really matter at this point — everyone else has made up their mind) overwhelmingly oppose impeachment. Forty-nine percent oppose impeachment versus 34% who support it. That’s not just a landslide 15-point margin in favor of Trump. It’s a 24-point swing in Trump’s direction since the hearings started. That’s what you call a disaster for Democrats.

The same Emerson poll found Trump’s job approval up to 48%. That’s a 5-point jump since October. Trump is more popular since the impeachment witch hunt/hearings began.

And don’t forget, Emerson poll results are based on “registered voters,” not the “likely voters,” who are far more friendly to Trump.

But I’m going to switch gears. Smart minds understand impeachment is dead. Trump won. To paraphrase the late O.J. Simpson attorney Johnnie Cochran, “If the glove doesn’t fit, the Senate will acquit.”

Trump is sitting pretty. Now he needs to make one simple announcement to guarantee reelection by an electoral landslide. He needs to announce a massive middle-class tax cut.

All Democrats offer to voters are bribes, bribes and more bribes: free health care, free college, free child care, free everything. Democratic candidates are now even offering free health care and full welfare benefits to illegal aliens. It’s all about votes. Offer free money and free bribes and voters will come. Why not? Who doesn’t like something “free”?

To compete, Republicans have to play the same game. Consider two ice cream trucks parked at the same intersection. One offers free ice cream. The other offers ice cream for $5 a pop. Who will attract the bigger crowd? That’s not hard to figure out.

How does Trump compete with free everything? President Trump needs to announce a gigantic middle-class personal income tax cut to start his second term.

Trump already saved the U.S. economy once with his corporate tax cut. That led to record-setting corporate profits, a record-setting stock market (which is great for anyone with an individual retirement account or a pension) and millions of new jobs, raises and bonuses.

Trump’s first tax cut also lowered individual rates just a bit. Nothing wrong with that. Almost every American taxpayer got to keep a little more money.

But what if average American taxpayers were able to keep $750 more per month, instead of $200? If they were happy with $200, how happy would they be with $750? If the economy and businesses and stocks soared because of $200 per month in tax cuts for the average American, think what it will do when consumers get $750 per month extra.

This is the Trump economic miracle: part deux. Stop talking about impeachment, Mr. President. It’s a dead issue. You won.

Announce a gigantic Trump tax cut for the middle class. Then, talk about it all day from now until Election Day. Stick to the script. It makes you unbeatable.

You already made America great again — and made Americans more prosperous again. Now make sure Americans understand you’re going to supercharge their prosperity in your second term.

That’s how Trump clinches a reelection electoral landslide.

Written by Wayne Allyn Root

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