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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Dear Nike Burner.

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( Nike has caused a bit of an uproar using Colin Kaepernick as the face of their “Just Do It” campaign.  It seems that some of white America is BIG mad. They are angry enough to burn their clothes and put themselves and their families in danger with those actions. It looks as though someone in Rochester, NY has already burned their house trying to burn some Nike apparel. The magnitude of hatred is so blatant all I can say is thank you.

Thank you for showing the world that we were never lying about the racial divide in this country. Let’s be real none of this is about the flag, nor our veterans. Where was the outrages when the White House raised the flag before Senator, Veteran, and POW, John McCain was buried? Where is your outrage over the lack of proper care our veterans receive when they come back home from putting their life on the line for your freedom?

Do you care that some of those veterans are black? Do you care that they risk their life for YOUR freedoms and then have to come home and be called a ni**er, abused, and treated as led than? You say it’s about respecting the flag, but how many of you break the protocol regarding that flag? It’s not supposed to be on the back of your truck, on so much of your apparel nor is it supposed to be tattered. The truth of the matter is that none of the above-mentioned matters to you.

You do not live under a rock. We know this because you managed to use social media to display the burning of your Nike products. It is hard for any of us to believe you don’t know what’s going on around you. The bottom line is it doesn’t affect you so why should you be concerned. Furthermore, you have managed to make dead black bodies and police brutality about you. You don’t want to feel like the division in this country can be laid at the feet of white Americans, so you need it to be about some false sense of patriotism.

Please understand that in itself is white privilege. You can’t re-write history for your feeling, and we don’t excuse your silence. Your outrage over Nike means absolutely nothing to us. You are concerned with flags as the blood of our people is spilled at the hands of yours. You’d dare tell us about black on black crime…while saying nothing of white on white crime. Anything to help you sleep at night or act with your perception of righteous indignation.

Lastly, please understand dear apparel burner you already gave Nike your money so burning the items looks rather stupid. If you don’t want them why not give those items to charity…I’m sure there is a homeless vet somewhere that would appreciate it, but again this is not truly about them. What you fail to understand is you don’t want me to acknowledge my rights in this country.

No protest, which is my right in America one our men and women in uniform defend, will ever be okay with you. What we are fighting against reminds you of just how evil your ancestors might have been, and how conflicting your very existence is because you benefited from their evil actions whether you are ready to accept that or not. So thank you for revealing who you are so I can be sure to stay away from you, and never spend money in an establishment owned by you. Burn away.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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