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Why Medical Doctors Can’t Make You Well.

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( So you go to the doctor, like most people, expecting to feel better, get well and return to a healthy life. And for many people, they eventually feel better. But it’s not that simple and feeling better does not mean you are healthy, healed or cured. Then imagine you, also like many people, are right back at the medical doctor’s office, in the hospital or stuck taking pill after pill in hopes that prescription medication will keep you healthy. But wait, when you stop taking the pills the condition that plagues you seems to come right back. What is going on? You were likely never well to begin with.


Your body was created to heal itself – unless the damage is too great for it to do so. Certainly matters of faith are key factors as well if you believe your Creator heals your body. Then there is the medical industry. But can the medical industry make you well? Can the medical industry heal you, cure you or neither? Are these the objectives of the medical industry in the first place – or is there another agenda?

Health, wellness and healing are all based on a complex set of variables and lifestyle choices, many of which are outside of the scope of the medical industry – medical doctors, pharmaceutical drugs and surgery. That being said, let’s take a hard look at why medical doctors cannot get you well, healthy and healed.

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First of all, there is motive. The medical doctor cannot get you well because it is not in the best interest of the medical industry and those who profit from you being sick. Thus treatments, cures and breakthroughs seem to come at a snail’s pace – a pace that seems intentional when your cell phone is “evolving” faster than a $50 million dollar diagnostic machine. A pace that seems intentional when doctors are using the same treatments to “fight” cancer they used 20 or 30 years ago. So I have to ask, while the band-aid approach makes you smile, does it get you well over the long term?

Second of all, to be fair, doctors cannot get many of you well because you will not stop doing the things that made you sick in the first place. They cannot make you stop doing the things that damage your body, hold your hand, make you exercise or go grocery shopping with you. If you want to smoke marijuana, drink alcohol, refuse to exercise, carry around your stress, eat late at night, lead a high risk lifestyle or avoid getting enough sleep then have the doctor give you a pill to fix the damage, it does not work that way.

Third of all, doctors cannot make you well because the medical industry is largely designed to do just the opposite. Have you ever wondered why anti-depressants cause depression? Why chemotherapy kills cancer but then causes new cancers? Why medications for anxiety cause thoughts of suicide? Why pharmaceutical drugs appear to fix one problem yet create several others with harmful and sometimes deadly side effects like strokes, heart attacks, cancer and weakened immune systems? Why prescription drugs recommended by doctors to help you sleep have patients sleep walking like zombies, driving to the store and cutting the grass – all while being asleep?

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The answer is simple. The medical industry is creating a cycle and a circle of repeat visits from patients. Patients who never got well. Patients who neither knew how to select a doctor nor how to tell when they were being deceived or uninformed. Patients who assumed their doctors could cure them, heal them or make them well. Patients who expect things doctors cannot an in some case will not do.

Fourth of all, the medical industry does not address the whole person. They can’t, they won’t or both. And even those who are a part of the medical industry who wish to are not allowed to due to the very nature of the industry and the allegiance it demands. When the medical industry is helpful, they are at best only a part of the cycle of health and wellness that you have to reach and maintain. You are a big part of it. A naturopathic doctor can be a big part of it too. And even though you may be hurting, make sure your team is assembled. A good medical doctor should be on that team – but not the head of it.

As you keep reading you will see what traditional medicine leaves out. Put simply, for you to get well and stay well, you will have to step outside of traditional medicine. You will also have to open your eyes and take an honest hard look at the damage the medical industry is doing. I submit to you that while nobody is perfect, the medical industry is IMPERFECT BY DESIGN. And while the medical industry does serve a purpose, not to the extent that most people think.


Real Nutrition – What to eat and what to stop eating.

Exercise and Fitness – Doctors are not personal trainers.

Rest, Sleep and Peace w/o Stress – They are not trained counselors.

Natural Remedies, Treatments and Cures – They are not Naturopathic Doctors.

Complete Healing instead of what appears to be cures.

Holistic plants, herbs etc. without dangerous pharmaceutical side effects.

Personal Faith, Miracles, Destiny and Your Creator

You have to likely go outside of traditional medicine to address the health of the whole person that you are. There is integrative medicine and there is alternative medicine. If you do not include what addresses the complete you, then you fail to realize that a medical treatment, pill or cure can never restore you, rebuild you and make you whole. Naturopathic doctors, counselors, ministers, physical therapists, homeopathic doctors, dietitians, nutritionists, positive family members, researchers, close friends and people who have been in your shoes all can be vital members of your team. Even so, you have to lead the team, keep your head on straight, keep your emotions in check, stay informed, fight for your life and set the tone for that team. Nobody will place emphasis on the importance of your life if you don’t. So lead the way.

There is much your medical doctor may not be telling you. Some things because he or she does not know. Some things because he or she is not allowed to. Some things he or she does not want to tell you because it is neither beneficial to the medical industry nor his practice to tell you. Sad but true. And some of what you may not be told might even place you at unnecessary risk of an even worse outcome than the one you started with. I know, it happened to me. I also know because the knowledge I have enabled me to prevent it from happening to family members.

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When you are not fully informed, it affects the decisions you make concerning your health and treatment. I have seen it a hundred times in a hundred cases with a hundred patients. Medical doctors know this. They also know that most people neither know to do the research nor the right questions to ask. Yet doctors keep right on prescribing, cutting, poisoning and saying they believe in their oaths to do no harm. It’s time for patients and the families of patients to wake up instead of drinking the Kool- Aid through a syringe, from an IV or in pill form.

With so many doctors, hospitals and well-funded labs and research centers, it appears to be more of a Eugenics conspiracy to keep people sick and treat them through a false sense of security than to cure us and make us well again. People are dying in America at epidemic rates from cancer and heart disease as if we lived in the days of the plagues of Europe. And what is the medical industry doing?

As I mentioned earlier, for example, medical doctors (Oncologists in particular) know that chemotherapy causes new cancers. But they keep right on using this toxic and former World War I biological weapon to flood the bodies of cancer patients fighting to live. And I am sorry to say either you or someone you know in your lifetime will have cancer. I know because I had it and both my wife and I lost loved ones to cancer. That is why I am still here to warn you to wake up so I suggest you listen.

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Now you understand why new diseases keep popping up but the same old treatments are used time after time after time. Now you understand a little better why you need to put the medical industry in perspective. Now you realize that a nice smile, a friendly staff and a reassuring medical doctor neither automatically he or she is automatically able to help you as much as you once thought nor that he or she is telling you everything you need to know.

I am not saying you should stop going to the doctor, hospital or treatment center and I am not a medical professional – thank God. Nor am I saying every medical doctor is intentionally out to get you. But I am saying you have to do your homework, double check what your doctor tells you, trust no one blindly and discover all of your options – even and especially those outside of traditional medicine and the medical industry. I am saying the medical industry is highly suspect and that your health and wellness are not its top priority.

Believe it or not, many people working in the medical industry are oblivious to the whole truth. And those who know the truth won’t say a word. Allegiance to the medical industry, almost as if it is a living, breathing being, is required. Are all doctors bad? No. Do we need the medical industry? Yes, but again, not for all the things you think. It’s time to wake up while you can.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw

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