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The Trump Agenda: The Hidden Truth.

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( If you think Donald Trump is dumb, crazy or has lost his mind, you are missing the point. The strange actions and foolish statements by Donald Trump are, in part, a distraction. Yet at the same time they give us insightful clues that plug into and confirm his real agenda, an agenda actually stated and implied by those very statements. So I am going to take this time to somewhat decipher his code and expose his agenda. But know that Donald Trump is following orders – directly, indirectly and/or inadvertently. And the more dangerous people behind his agenda are shadows in the dark who you will never hear about.

To see what is really happening, you need to overstand Hitler, the master race, Darwin and survival of the fittest. You need to look up Eugenics, population control and their plans towards “undesirable” ethnic groups or races. You need to research the Illuminati agenda, even if you do not believe it exists. It will then become clear why Trump makes the racist comments that he does. It will also become clear why President Trump called Africa and Haiti a “shithole” or a “shithouse” and why he speaks so foul of Nigerians, Hispanics and Muslims. You will realize why he speaks ignorantly about a Hispanic judge and condescendingly to Indians by mentioning Pocahontas to them at a ceremony. It will become clear why Trump continued to pursue the “birther” issue by saying that Obama was not born in the United States. It will even become clear why Trump spoke as he did about the NFL Kapernick “take a knee” issue.

Donald Trump is sending coded messages to “his base” but you would be shocked about who makes up his base. No he is not racially ignorant. His comments are not racially charged. He is a racist.

After this article it will also become apparent why Trump treats his wife (an immigrant) like he does. In public Donald Trump treats Melania like an immigrant mail order bride from a poor country, bought and paid for as eye candy and put in place to give him a child. Simply watch the videos and you will see for yourself. I guess he thought of her as an immigrant who was better than those working in his businesses. So in his mind some immigrants are better than others.

It will become clear why Trump pardoned Sheriff Arpaio after a court found Arpaio guilty of racial discrimination. It will also become crystal clear why he employees immigrants in menial positions at his properties as well as why he was sued twice by the Justice Department for discrimination against African American at his properties. The true meaning of his Charlottsville comments will become clear. You will even overstand why Trump wants more Nordic, master race, Thor type people here from Norway – a socialist country and how that plays into the master race theory promoted by Hitler. None of this is coincidence.

One could argue strongly that the reason so many Republican politicians will not denounce the words and behavior of Donald Trump is because they agree with him. Are they part of his hidden base? And for those Republicans who speak softly against him, I wonder how many of them would smile if their daughters dated African Americans. The Trump base is bigger than you think and that’s dangerous.

Keep in mind that millions of people support and think link Donald Trump – no matter how twisted, sick, racist or devious. In sick irony the elitists of the United States did not think Africa was full of “shithole countries” when they raped Africa of its people during slavery then had slave women breast feed their children and made Africans build this country. Let’s see how they played this out. Apparently as long as they captured Africans, enslaved them and brought them here by force, it seemed to be ok. But when it comes to Africans coming to America freely, it suddenly becomes a problem. The elitists like Trump (who are also immigrants) also had no problem with Africa when they raped and ravaged Africa of its diamonds, other valuable jewels and resources. What a sick mindset of hypocritical irony.

Racism will infect and reflect in the policies, political agenda and appointments a President makes. And those things will directly impact you, your children, your taxes, your job, your income, your health, your insurance and even your safety.

I want Donald Trump to keep on talking because he is exposing how millions of backwards Americans feel – Americans who are staunch racists, separatists and segregationists. Sick and lowly people who wear suits, not just overalls. People who live in nice neighborhoods, not just trailer parks. People in power. People in Congress. People in law enforcement. People in the pulpit. People who run corporations. And yes even people who teach many of our children in schools around this nation. People you see every day. The rat is out of the bag (not the cat) and sits in the big chair.

As long as Haitians work at Donald Trump’s MaraLago Resort in Palm Beach.

Donald Trump is the grandson of a German immigrant and the son of a man who attended KKK rallies. His grandfather reportedly operated and owned a brothel (whorehouse) in Germany before coming to America as an immigrant and going into real estate. These things have influenced Trump’s thinking and how he perceives women. He has been programmed. He did not let his racist thoughts slip out by mistake. They were present when he was a presidential candidate, when Steve Bannon became his advisor and how he is pushing further and further to test the waters. He is making comments to locate and connect with “his base“, groups of racists ready to act and ready to turn back the clock on civil rights. If you pay close attention to Trump’s background and his rhetoric, you will see a shocking parallel with Adolph Hitler, yes Hitler. People simply are not saying this because either they do not want to admit it or they do not know or understand the rhetoric and strategy Hitler used.

The white racist elitist cannot afford to have African Americans identify with Africans nor adopt the independent mindset of Haitians because either will impact his agenda. One way to stop all of that is to limit interaction. And one way to limit interaction is to reduce or stop the Africans and Haitians from coming to America.

Donald Trump purposely did absolutely nothing about the police brutality targeted against African Americans. Instead he unequivocally and blanketly stood with ALL law enforcement and stated that African Americans need more police/policing in our neighborhoods and more jobs. That was code talk to say African Americans are undisciplined animals who don’t work and need policing. Yet nobody on TV deciphered and exposed the code talk.

Would you like to meet a Trump “Zombie” on a dark vacant road in Mississippi even in 2018?

So Donald Duck (I mean Donald Trump) wants to “make America great again” But when was that? And what does he mean? According to Michael Wolf’s book Steve Bannon stated during the Trump campaign that they would take the country “back to the 1930s” Yet if we look back to the 1930s, we see severe racism and practically no civil rights for African Americans. The 1930s was The Great Depression and a time of high unemployment for African Americans .

In the 1930s there were no marches on Washington or in Selma, Alabama. We see the systematic degradation and mistreatment of African Americans. Jim Crow laws against African Americans were going strong. So why would any person of color want to go back to the 1930s? If the standards of greatness are fairness, equality for women and “minorities“, decent wages, low rates of national incarceration, a fair justice system, low taxes and very affordable healthcare, I ask you when has America ever been great for African Americans? It hasn’t.

Representative Cedric Richmond of the Congressional Black Caucus on January 12, 2018 pointed to Trumps “ability to talk in code“. That is exactly what Trump is doing. His comments on women etc are ignorant but his racial comments are strategically targeted to reach those who hear and agree with him.

According to Fareed Zakara as stated on CNN on January 14, 2018, “The United States has one of the highest incarceration rates in the world with more than 20% of the world’s prisoners despite having less than 5% of its population”. So I ask you is America really proud of itself?

Only an uninformed, racist idiot with a Hitler-type agenda would stereotype 1.2 billion people within 50 countries who have contributed to Nobel Peace prizes in medicine in peace, physics and chemistry. They have highly developed cities and international commerce. As a whole, they have stronger work ethics. And even in the poorest areas, they overcome the most treacherous environmental conditions that would easily destroy the average American who can’t function well without a hot shower, a car, the transit system, fast food or the internet. It is no wonder that dozens of countries are demanding an apology from the President who shames this country even more than it has shamed itself in history.

Donald Trump knows Caucasian people are fastly becoming the minority in this country. Thus his statements, thoughts and actions reflect a “base” that wants to slow then stop then reverse that. If you realize this, it becomes obvious why he wants to both stop people of color from coming here and get rid of as many of those already here as he can through deportation. Some of this was done under Bush, Obama etc. as well because it is a hidden United States agenda now out of the bag. Why is it out of the bag? Because Trump was too shrewd to do it quietly, unlike his predecessors.

So why would President Donald Trump make comments specifically about Africa and Haiti? Because both Africa and Haiti represent a threat to the illusion of the white elitist superiority and supremacy mindset. Africa is full of tenacious people who have neither been brainwashed nor broken by slavery. It is full of extremely intelligent people of stamina, strong work ethics and family values. It is not simply a continent of huts, lions and tigers and bears, oh no! And Haiti encompasses a strong and independent people of color who uniquely forced out the invaders and kept their sovereignty. These two geographic areas represent independence, strength, unity, family, identity and a wealth of resources. They may struggle but they survive, they rebuild, the overcome, they work together and they achieve. African and Haiti are models of resiliency.

Donald Trump is pushing “merit-based” immigration. That from a man whose father handed him a million dollars to start a business – and Donald Trump took it and initially fell on his face. That from a man who chose much of his administration based on unqualified people for those positions The result proves the latter statement. Key people indicted, fired or resigning all in the first year. People with ancestors who were immigrants yet having no experience or merits for the positions they hold or held. Such hypocritical irony from President Trump does not surprise me at all. What “merits” did the immigrants fleeing England who came here and started this country have?

America says it wants countries to send their tired, their hungry and their poor. Their refugees and immigrants under siege and those who have the ideals to make a better life. That is what America says. But so many people are defending Donald Trump’s statements, outlook and attitude because they do not want these people to come here. Pure and simple. And as a conservative from Georgia, I am ashamed of the joke named David Purdue.

I am not going to turn this article into a statistical analysis. But I will say any person who believes, promotes, supports or defends Donald Trump’s statement about immigrants should research rates on educated Africans coming to America vs educated Caucasians. Then check the crime rates of crimes committed by Africans and Haitians vs crimes committed by native born Americans. I could go on, but you get the point.

More real facts? The American government’s own report shows that refuges are paying $6 billion more in taxes than they are receiving in benefits. Check out the book Rescue by David Miliband and get the real facts, not the Trump “alternative facts” better known as lies.

Donald Trump’s comments on Africa and Haiti were strategically timed to coincide with the anniversary of the devastating earthquake in Haiti and the Martin Luther King Jr. celebration. It was not coincidence. Look at his “African American over there” but don’t be one of his!

Finally, to the racist elitist there IS an economic element. They see productivity and the value of people only in dollars and cents. The greatest danger here is that such a warped and immoral mindset is a large part of what the slave traders and slave owners believed in this country. Hitler thought that way. Margaret Sanger who founded planned parenthood thought that way. And Charles Darwin can be seen as the promoter and pioneer of what I call the “theory of undesirables“. FYI, I am an African American conservative who votes for the most qualified person who connects closest to what I believe and stand for – not a Democrat and not a Republican.

I have given you enough to scratch the surface, to do your research, to read between the lines and to begin deciphering the code. So I end this article by encouraging you to research and study Eugenics and the efforts of those in power to move population control forward. Share this article with everyone you know and read between the lines. And once you remove emotion out of the equation, you can see what Donald Trump is doing a lot more clearly. Here is to you being awake and waking up others.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw


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  1. M Anthony says:

    Sheriff Arpaio admitted he was guilty when he accepted the pardon from Donald Trump.
    See Burdick vs United States

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