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Weed Smokers Beware: You Are Being Set Up and Used.

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( The legalization of recreational marijuana is a Trojan Horse which is being welcomed by people because they want to use it. Why? To feel good because they don’t otherwise. Why? To escape life, at least temporarily. But when the high is gone, the problems are not.

Click the link below then scroll down to read the memo issued by the United States Attorney General recently.

Note: Even if weed is legal in your State, the federal government can still prosecute you. Weed smokers are being set up for a fall on several fronts. Yet the desire to smoke weed, the denial of the facts and the acceptance of recreational marijuana use by so many states in this country will cause millions to be and stay deceived. Ironically, weed smokers they are in part using you against yourself and your head and judgment are both clouded on this issue even when you think they are not.

Conspiracy theory? Unfortunately not because a ton of hard medical evidence verifies the facts, the real facts, the rest of the facts, the hidden facts. The reason many of you cannot see what I am saying is because you have not been trained to see. As a former detective who graduated second in my class at the academy and who solved my first case in 24 hours, I have the training, the gift and the skill to spot what others often miss. That is what detectives do.

Does marijuana have benefits? Yes but that’s not the whole picture. And I have found that even the few medical, sociological and psychological studies in favor of recreational marijuana use are skewed or slanted studies and neither as strong nor as accurate as they appear to be. You can see this for yourself if you know how to analyze the basis of a study.

Weed has THC which is verifiably addictive. Weed kills brain cells. street weed is never pure and usually mixed with hundred of bad things in order to stretch it including embalming fluid (formaldehyde), rat poison (arsenic), feces and other ingredients.. When these chemicals burn and burn together they create even more deadly affects on the body and brain. You are being lied to and many of you are believing the lies because you want to smoke weed.

The CDC, any honest up-to-date doctor, the World Health Organization and the U.S. Health Department all know what I just said is true. They are silent or allowing recreational marijuana to become legal because it will help the following:

1. Increase incarceration rates in the states where it is illegal.

2. Increase incarceration rates as the federal government prosecutes users and dealers, even if it is legal in the states where it was used (see Jeff Session January, 2018 memo). More money as well through fines, probation etc.

3. Create an increased group of addicts and thereby creating a rehab population that must be treated. This builds the pharmaceutical industry and the medical industry and possibly the psychiatric industry.

4. Makes money for cities, states and school systems even as it damages the population and at the cost of that population’s physical and mental health.

In order to help you see the covert agenda more clearly you have to look at the facts and sit your desired behavior aside. I want you to grab a friend and do a role play session. One of you is a congressional legislature and the other one is the head of a large pharmaceutical company.

I am interested in the facts, especially the hidden ones. So for those of you who do not believe anything you just read, you will later when you see the rest of the curtain come down. I suggest you do your own research beyond what you want to do, beyond what those who are pro-weed are telling you and beyond and beyond what you want to believe. Share this article with everyone you know. I challenge you to find out the truth they are not telling you.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw



8 Responses to “Weed Smokers Beware: You Are Being Set Up and Used.”
  1. Zanda says:

    I’m interested in your view point, because as an educated gentleman with a medical case for cannabis, I have been raised to understand both sides of debate. Can you please share your resources that gave you these “facts”. Here’s one of mine from the WHO.
    While here is a second hand resource that points to the previous first hand documents.

    I look forward to seeing your information.

  2. Mike L says:

    Please take this down. Ignorant crap.

  3. Dr. Hernandez says:

    This article is VERY misleading. It’s completely false and downright negligent to claim any “honest and up-to-date” would agree. No, we don’t. You imply here that most doctors are either A) misleading you on purpose to do harm or B) completely uneducated on the subject–both of which are both presumptuous and misguided. Doctors are people, most of which don’t want to hurt people. And the studies you speak of, please cite them, because you can say whatever you want, but it’s meaningless without citations. There is a lack of Medical research DHT simply because of legal issues. The federal legal standard makes it near impossible to gain funding for research that’s legal. To make it sound like doctors are in on some crazy conspiracy where they work for “the man” to keep you unhealthy and against your best interest is complete bullshit. You should be ashamed for misleading people who read your uneducated, biased rants.

  4. Sunpack says:

    I am in Canada where weed has been legalized and this year will be sold in stores all over the country. Also, since it’s legalized, we are allowed to grow a few plants for our own personal consumption. Selling weed is still illegal since this is to deter undergeound weed dealers. However, the idea is that there will be no need to go to dealer since you can either grow it yourself or go to the store. What I find ridiculous about the U.S. is that a state can pass a law which makes weed legal but yet the federal government can still arrest and prosecute you for possession. I see the writing on the wall. Sessions, wants to enforce the law. Where do you think he will be targeting first? The low hanging fruit is in the low-income neighborhoods. Lastly, you will do a lot more time in federal prison than state.

  5. Brian says:

    Pretty brain washed and egoistical detective…

    Addicts? It’s not really addictive, and many We users cycle on and off with ease to get around drug testing. If you need a rehabilitation center to stop smoking pot, you’ve got other problems that need addressing.

    And of course it makes money for cities, but at the expense of our physical and mental health? Have you seen a drunk person? If you want to harp on the poison of society, let’s talk about alcohol.

  6. Steven Clark says:

    Your so full of shit. Listen people, nobody can tell you what you can and can not consume. The so called govt needs to go fuck off. If you don’t have a contract with me, you ain’t telling me shit that I can and cannot do. PERIOD!

  7. Rumi TG says:

    Thank you for saying it out loud, bro.
    But then, on second thought, what use is there? Because even if this drug wasn’t legalized, the devils would always find something else, which can pull people high and push them low. And as long as the folks still need a little “help” to pull them out of their daily lethargy and meaningless existence, so that they can feel a little more “alive”, many would be willing to believe the hyper

  8. Mike L says:

    This article is almost completely wrong and misleading. I can’t fathom why someone would write such BS.

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