Karl Rove & GOP Elite Not So Donald Trump Friendly.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Karl Rove & GOP Elite Not So Donald Trump Friendly.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) In 2005 I washed my hands of what the Republican Party had become. Do not misunderstand; I remain a card-carrying Republican, but I pledge my absolute best to see the progressive Republican elites defeated.

The final straw for me was George W. Bush lying to us to get re-elected in 2004. By 2004 Bush was spending like a drunken Democrat. He was increasing government and it appeared that he had forgotten why Christian conservative groups had supported him.

The late Paul Weyrich (co-founder of the Heritage Foundation), the late Phyllis Schlafly and a select group of others met with Bush, advising him that we were tired of his spending and growth of government. The then-proposed highway bill had been our breaking point. Bush was informed in no uncertain terms that if he signed the massive expenditure, he could forget our support in getting him re-elected. He assured us that he had heard our concerns and understood. That was early 2004.

I was personally informed in late summer that Bush had not tossed the highway bill, but had just pushed it to the corner of his desk until the Christian conservative groups got him re-elected. And as we saw, Bush not only signed the highway bill in August 2005, but its final price tag was $286.4 billion, an increase of nearly $30 billion from the original bill he promised not to sign. It wasn’t the first time or the last time that Bush betrayed those of us who had loyally carried the water to get him elected to two terms.

After my experience with the Karl Rove-George Bush White House, I had visceral contempt for Rove and the Bush family’s openly trying to sabotage the will of We the People vis-à-vis Machiavellian machinations against President Trump.

The number of years I spent on Capitol Hill gave me firsthand insight into how the game of politics is played and how the rewards for sabotaging the will of the people are meted out.

As early as 2003, I was urging people to stop donating to the Republican Party and the GOP’s ancillary groups/organizations. I encouraged people to donate directly to the conservative candidate(s) of their choice, because when we donate directly to the party apparatus, they take the money, thumb their noses at us and use our donations to fund whom they please.

The money the Republican Party finance arms – e.g., Republican National Committee (RNC), National Republican Senate Committee (NRSC) – withheld from Judge Roy Moore was money you had donated believing it would be used to elect true conservatives. Instead it was used to bankroll the opponents of Judge Moore. They were used to bankroll John McCain’s re-election bid and other despicably contumacious candidates who are openly antithetical to everything we want for America.

They see nothing wrong with taking our money and then sticking it to We the People by sabotaging conservative candidates. The Republican elites are doing everything they can to undermine President Trump’s agenda, and they’re using our money to bankroll candidates committed to doing same. Examine the very bottom of the emails you’re receiving that are supposedly from President Trump. You will see that it’s “paid for” and coming directly from the RNC. They are using President Trump as a cash cow, but the money is going to support those opposed to him.

I thank God for President Donald Trump. We the People have been lied to long enough by dishonest Republicans who are no better than Democrats. Shall we list the lies Republicans and the Republican leadership have told us over the years?

Let’s start with their lies about repealing Obamacare. Let’s go back to 2010 when Reince Priebus and Karl Rove sabotaged the then-RNC Chairman Michael Steele’s effort to be re-elected as party chairman. The treachery perpetrated against Steele surpassed any witnessed in Shakespeare’s “Macbeth.” Let’s look at the treachery perpetrated against former Rep. Allen West.

There was the sabotage of Herman Cain by Rove, et al. Most, myself included, firmly believe Karl Rove was responsible for sabotaging the tea party movement because the tea party movement was responsible for electing true conservatives Rove and company couldn’t control. However, they were able to corrupt many the movement was responsible for getting elected. I’ve argued for many years that Rove was responsible for the NAACP and other delinquent skin-color groups labeling the tea party movement as racist. And let’s not dismiss what Republican elites did to Sarah Palin.

I thank God that thanks to President Donald Trump, the public is now seeing what I and those like me have witnessed for many years. Thanks to President Trump, what I’ve been saying is now publicly displayed. President Trump is a threat because he cannot be bought, bribed, or persuaded to turn against you and me. He’s a man of his word, and that makes him a threat to progressive RINO Republicans.

John Wilkes Booth and Benedict Arnold could be Republican leaders today; and Rove could go on Fox News with his whiteboard, explaining why they were best for America.

Written by Mychal Massie

Official website; http://mychal-massie.com


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