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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

I’m Glad Terry Crews Took a Stand.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Black people in this country have had to deal with the same of sexual assault that dates back to slavery. It was understood that our women were raped, and beaten by slave owners. The abuse they were forced to endure had a lasting effect on our sisters. They deserved to be treated as human beings of value precious in our eyes. Women have been speaking up about sexual abuse, and demanding that those who commit such vile acts be brought to justice.

Safe spaces whereby women can speak up about, and receive healing for, sexual assault is very necessary. We must take a strong stand to protect the women and girls of our community. With that being acknowledge it is also time, as men, we admit that many of us have experienced sexual assault, and it has a lasting effect on how we view ourselves and how we interact with women.

Terry Crews decided to speak out as he “filed a sexual assault and battery lawsuit against agent Adam Venit and Venit’s employer, William Morris Endeavor Entertainment (WME).” Crew claimed at an event that Venit grabbed him by the genitals when Crews went to shake his hand. There are some that question when Crews choose to speak up about an incident that happened in 2016. However, he is the victim here, and has a right to speak again the person that assaulted him.

There is a double standard about sexual assault that says men aren’t assaulted because they like being touched in a sexual way. It has become what is deemed a part of our manhood that we enjoy sexual advances, and real men don’t get sexually assaulted or raped. In this sense we are not teaching our sons to own and demand their sexuality be respected; this leads to them not respecting that of others.

On plantations black men were raped by both the slave masters, and mistresses. In many cases with mistresses she didn’t admit to raping the black male slave, and if it was discovered she simply accused him of rape and he was brutally killed. As with our women, we were not seen as human beings as our sexuality was exploited. It is unmanly, in a sense, to say a woman assaulted you because you should want her, and if the sexual assault comes from a man your manhood is questions if you don’t handle the situation in a violent manner.

Some have wondered why Terry Crews didn’t physically assault the man that had touched him inappropriately. However, if Crews has have taken that route that muscular black man would have gone to jail for hitting that slender little white man. He would have been possibly black-balled from his profession, and the fact that he was initially the victim would have been lost in the media’s attempt to portray him as violent and out of control.

No one deserves to be grabbed, and groped against their will. We are teaching our daughters this, but we must not neglect to teach the same understanding to our sons. It is not a badge of shame to take a stand against those that would sexually assault another human being. Black men must begin to have a serious discussion about sexual assault amongst men. Terry Crews suing for damages may show other men that it is their right to be protected from said behavior. We must recognize the humanity in each other and create spaces where men can come together and help each other heal as we face the truth that many of us, as boys, and men have been raped and assaulted. Its not just a prison discussion. Facing the pain of sexual abuse will help us become stronger men, husbands, fathers, and protectors of our community. Brothers we must all take a stand against sexual assault for all who have suffered, and this includes black men.

Staff Writer; Larry Jackson

LJ is an old school poet, new school writer… Also the “Web Admin” for the following blogs; ThyBlackMan, ThySistas, and BlackFitness101


One Response to “I’m Glad Terry Crews Took a Stand.”
  1. Derrick Jacobs says:

    I feel the brother pain. We as black men are more then sex objects.
    I salute Terry Crews for taking a stand.

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