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Under The Colonial Education System, Public School Is Really A Prelude For Prison For Urban Students.

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( Under this vicious and oppressive colonial education system, our kids are deliberately the victims of verbal and psychological abuse at the hands of white nationalist administrators and teachers as well as being intimidated, harassed, tazed, pepper sprayed, assaulted, and arrested by the pig squad aka the police on a daily basis.

Thanks to my ability to better sum up things and learning from real intellectual people in our community whom I respect, the school system works as a vicious and destructive arm of the bigger instrument of coercion called The State and whatever The State wants the school system to do, it will do the one objective of The State: uphold the status quo by any means necessary.

Here in Alabama, the school-to-prison pipeline is very horrendous and destructive towards urban students and many of them come from genocidal conditions like poverty, food deserts, gentrification, police containment, police terrorism, horizontal violence, illegal parasitic capitalist drug economy that were imposed on their communities by the colonial social system.

While urban students make up 32 percent of enrollment in Alabama, they disproportionately make up 62 percent of suspensions from public schools in the state. Let’s not forget the fact that because of the colonial social system, many of their mothers are often forced to be away from their children to slave for the corporate plantation and many of their fathers are systemically removed from the home mostly because of the mass incarceration epidemic that has greatly obliterated our family structure over the past few decades.

Some of the legitimate reasons why urban students are disproportionately criminalized and suspended at higher rates than their white counterparts in the colonial education system

1. White Nationalist Biases Towards Urban Children – It’s well known by now that all the white nationalist teachers that are teaching at predominantly urban elementary, middle, and high schools have very negative white nationalist biases towards urban students, especially young urban male students in particular.

These white nationalist administrators and teachers get their negative biases about urban students from their media that often depicts urban youth in this country as criminals, thugs, gangsters, and all other negative stereotypes that come from colonial white media that pertains specifically to our youth”. When they see those images of our youth, it goes deep into their mind that manifests itself into how they view our kids that come into to their vicious and horrible school system everyday.

2. Low Expectations For Urban Students – White nationalist teachers have extremely low expectations for our children to be academically successful in the classroom. They constantly demoralize our children by calling them “apes, monkeys, n****s, b*****s, t***s, thugs, etc. They deliberately give them work that’s not very challenging at all including deflating their grades to zeros when they’re absent from their classroom.

An example of their low academic expectations of us was when I was a kid in my first few years of public school, I was told by a white nationalist female teacher that I “wasn’t as smart” as the kids who looked like her and this not only negatively affected by self-esteem, but it greatly pissed me off and I wanted to prove to them that I was capable and by my 4th grade school year, my grades had gotten better so much that made my 1st A-B Honor roll 20 years ago and it’s still to this day one of my proudest moments.

3. The Lack Of Representation Of Urban Teachers In Predominant Urban Classrooms – One of the biggest reasons why urban kids greatly struggle with being taught by white nationalist teachers who clearly can’t relate let alone don’t wanna understand them is because urban teachers are not being hired more often by the school system because of negative biases about them as being “incapable and unqualified” to teach urban kids who look just like them which is why they deliberately pass over them for nasty, hostile white nationalist teachers who have no understanding nor respect towards urban kids.

4. The Militarization And Police Occupation Inside Predominantly Urban Elementary, Middle, & High Schools – Police containment of urban communities is the #1 priority for city governments across the country and nowadays whenever you go visit a predominant urban elementary, middle, and high school, the heavy police presence is there, especially when you see them walking up and down the hallway in very intimidating stances armed with guns, tazers, and pepper spray just very eagerly awaiting the moment to use them against our kids.

The police function also as an arm of The State whose job is to protect the interests of the colonial ruling class at the expense of the poor, working class urban community.

In Alabama, urban kids are five times more likely to be arrested and suspended for minor offenses than their suburban counterparts. Like I wrote in an previous article: Criminalization + Suspension = Incarceration.

5. Dress Code Policies – One of the main tactics that the colonial education system likes to use against urban kids is the dress code policies that systemically target and criminalize urban kids specifically based on what they wear and how they wear their hair. I’m not a big fan of these vicious, oppressive, and discriminatory dress code policies because I remember getting a letter a month before the start of my 8th grade school year that said, “Starting this upcoming school year, the students will start wearing uniforms” and upon reading that letter, I was so pissed off and angry at the school system for restricting our freedom to express ourselves in an unapologetically and cultural way.

The Conclusion – The best solution to countering this vicious attack on our kids by the colonial education system is to take control over the education over our own kids so that we can teach them what it means to be self-determined, not teaching them counterproductive things like being a happy negro in the colonial social system.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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  1. M Anthony says:

    Wow Author. I am a writer and published author. Yet I find your language and verbage to be strong but probably accurate. Offer more solutions and please keep speaking on this topic.

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